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Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Slow, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Moonshadow exposed.

Turning over in bed, I slowly opened my eyes to find myself looking into the smiling face of the one person with whom I have been secretly in love for more years than I care to think about. Reaching out, I gently cupped a naked, exposed breast and carefully ran my thumb over and around a suddenly erect nipple.

Still surprised at how firm her middle-age tits remain, my mind went back over the life-changing events of the past twenty-four hours. A day in which the orderly progression of my life has been stood on end and violently shaken

With a sigh of exasperation, I flicked my computer cursor to the bottom left corner of the screen, starting the automatic procession of Playboy centerfolds parading across my computer screen in chronological order.

My name is Ken Robins and I have recently started to write erotica which I post to the Internet on 'Stories on Line' under the pseudonym "Moonshadow". Unfortunately I am currently suffering from a minor idea blockage in completing the second half of my latest offering, "Abducted". The story is 95% complete and I know where I want the story line to go but I am unsuccessfully searching for one believable scenario which will enable me to complete this tale.

Leaning back in my chair I laced my fingers behind my head and stared up at the ceiling as I started to mentally trace where the story had gone up until now. Reaching the point of my mental blockage I silently cursed, still no great breakthrough, I'm well and truly stuck.

Just then my sister, Pat, called up to me asking if I would go to the store to pick up a couple of items she needed to finish preparing supper.

Due to a chain of events which I won't go into here, other than to state that the chain involves both of us breaking up long-term relationships, my sister and I have found ourselves as late-middle-aged house-mates for the past five years. This arrangement has worked out well for me as she and I have always got along well with each other. This and the fact that she loves to cook and keep house means that I find myself living a far more comfortable and organised existence than would otherwise be the case.

"Sure Pat," I called as I headed downstairs, "I'm having problems with the wording in that report for the office, so a break might do me good and straighten out my thinking."

After collecting her short list of required items I decided that rather than getting a car out of the garage, a ten-minute walk to the local supermarket might be just the thing I needed. Zipping my jacket as protection against a chill wind, I set off - my head still buzzing with alternates that I hoped would get me past my blockage.

Half-an-hour later, I let myself back into the house and deposited the groceries onto the kitchen counter. Not seeing my sister I made my way back up to my 'den' to try out a rather weak scenario I had come up with on my walk. I didn't really expect it to work right but my brain was still reviewing previous alternates to see if they would work with this latest idea.

Walking into the den I was stunned to see Pat sitting at my computer deep into reading my current story. 'Oh shit,' I thought. 'I forgot to clear the memory to hide my story behind its password protection.'

"Some report, brother! I came up here to see if I could give you any ideas that would help with your report. Guess what I found."

"Oh, that's just something I inadvertently downloaded from the 'net." I stammered, with a red face. "I was looking for a recipe for you and some clown had hidden that behind a false heading."

"Right! Of course you did," she said with a smirk. "I suppose that is why you've already saved it to your hard-drive."

Standing up from my desk, she asked me if I had managed to get everything she needed from the store. Thankful for the change in subject I assured her that I had and that everything was in the kitchen. With one last grin at my obvious embarrassment my sister left the room and headed downstairs.

Somehow or other, despite my discomfiture, I managed to get through supper that evening and thankfully headed back upstairs to my computer - One of the very few occasions I can think of when I didn't wish to be in my sister's company.

After logging on to the Internet I started to catch up on answering some e-mails that had started to accumulate in my in-box. About a half-hour later, I had made quite a dent in the backlog when a chime announced that I had new mail. Glancing at the heading, I was pleased to see it was from 'Lady Luck', one of the few fans with whom I have a continuing dialogue.

Reading her message, I found that 'Lady Luck' was mildly berating me for the fact that I was taking so long to post the second half of "Abducted". Thinking that everything happening recently seemed to revolve around this story, I quickly dashed off a return e-mail explaining my problem and expressing my hope that the completed finale would be posted shortly.

Logging off from the 'net, I re-loaded Part 2 of "Abducted" and started to see how my new idea would fit in with the plot. As expected, it was another no-go. Silently cursing, I consigned my changes to the void and booted a game of patience, something I am currently running very short on.

Just after I started the game, Pat knocked on the door and came into the room.

"Have you got a couple of minutes to spare, Ken?" she asked with a grin playing across her face.

"Sure, Sis. Something wrong?" I asked, turning away from my desk.

"Not if you can explain this to me," she replied as she handed me a page of computer paper.

As I glanced down at the paper, I felt all the blood drain from my face. I found I was holding a print-out of an e-mail from 'Moonshadow' to 'Lady Luck' explaining the delay in posting Part 2 of "Abducted."

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