Helping Hand
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sarah asks Ed for information. She and Ed are both running away from failed marriages. Ed helps her get a new start ad they fall in love.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Slow  

Ed Sensa slowed his Porsche, pulled into the convenience store parking lot and maneuvered into a space close to the front door. Ed loved his car. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche really outdid himself when he started the Porsche Company. He sat for a few seconds listening to the quiet hum of the engine before shutting it off. After shutting off the engine he went inside to pick up a cup of coffee. His day had started at 4:30 A.M. and this was his first cup of coffee. Walking to the coffee island he noticed several construction workers milling about complaining about the lack of coffee in the pots. One of the men noticed Ed's inquiring look and volunteered that one phase of the electricity was out. "All of the power to the back of the store is out", the construction worker said. Ed smiled and thanked the man and walked to the counter, picked up a newspaper and waited behind one other customer to pay for the paper. The manager was fuming about the electricity being out. Ed knew that this was going to hurt; he realized that coffee and fountain sodas were the high profit items in the store.

A woman in front of Ed was asking one of the other clerks if the store had any rental guides. When the clerk asked what a rental guide was she explained that it was a magazine type listing of the rental complexes in the area. "The only rentals would be listed in the newspaper", the clerk answered haughtily, obviously not wanting to be bothered with customers, especially one who asked questions. This seemed to perplex the woman who Ed guessed to be about 33 to 35 years old and very pretty. Ed paid for the paper and left the store. On the way to his car he heard someone say, "Excuse me Sir, could I ask you something". Ed turned and saw the woman who had been asking about apartment rentals approaching him. "Yes. Can I help you", he replied. "I was wondering if you knew of any nice apartment complexes in the area", she said. "I've just taken a job in the area and I'm from out of town and don't know anything about this area." "I'm an architect and I have worked for several of the complexes in town," Ed answered. "I think I might be able to help you". A look of relief came over the woman's face and she started to ask another question. Ed cut her off, "Please, I have been up since four o'clock and haven't had the first cup of coffee yet." They're out of coffee here and I need my caffeine fix, he said. "There's a diner about three blocks South of here." "Can we go have a coffee or two and I will fill you in on some of the better complexes in the area." She smiled and shook her head yes. Ed told her she could follow him in her car. Her face clouded for a second, "I haven't had time to look for a vehicle yet." Ed smiled and said, "Hop in." She hesitated for a few seconds and then walked with Ed to his car. Her eyes grew wider when she saw the Porsche. "Some car," she smiled. He grinned, "My baby". They got in the car and pulled out of the lot.

Ed made some small talk on the short drive to the diner. He pulled into the closest available parking spot near the front door. The parking lot was less that half full so he knew that it would not be hard getting a table. They got out of the car and went into the diner. A hostess sat them in a booth, took their drink order and left menus. The coffee arrived within a minute. Ed noticed that she drank her coffee black as he did. He put out his hand and said," My name is Ed Sensa, I haven't even asked what yours is yet." She shook Ed's hand and replied, "Sarah Lashely". "You say you are an architect", she asked. "Yes," he replied, "Look I think I am going to get breakfast. "Will you please join me? " She hesitated a few seconds before nodding her head yes. The waitress came to take the order and both ordered bacon, eggs and toast. "I forgot that I haven't eaten since last night", she said. "I didn't think about eating." " I don't want to hold you up." "Don't you have to get back to work?" Ed smiled, "I'm self-employed." "I work from home." I built a wing on the house for an office and have an architectural student working for me part-time." "I started on the job this morning at 4:30 so I think I can spare a few minutes for breakfast." "Why so early?" she asked. " I found that I can get a good look around, solve problems and make sure that the job is being finished according to my plans if I am there when the workers get on the job." " I like to look around before anyone gets there and starts asking questions." The breakfast arrived and both of them started to eat. Ed ordered orange juice for both of them and asked the waitress to keep the coffee cups filled.

Ed started talking to Sarah about his business. He told her about how most of his business was high-end residential although he did do some commercial. He told her that the high-end residential was very profitable while the commercial was cutthroat, took a lot of time and was constant headaches. Sarah listened to him go on about how he went about getting business, finding out what a customer wants, hiring the right contractors and making sure the job is completed on-time and within budget. It was obvious to Sarah that he enjoyed what he did for a living. He explained that the college student that worked part-time did most of his AutoCAD drawing for him. When Sarah asked what AutoCAD was, he explained how most drawings these days are done on the computer and that they are much more accurate. He told her how complex the software program is and that it took a long time to master. How the mouse right and left click buttons controlled many different functions. Ed suddenly stopped. "I'm sorry." "I've been going on and on and not giving you a chance to say anything." "I forgot that the reason we are here is to try and find you an apartment complex." "First, tell me about your life style and maybe I can match you up with the appropriate place."

Sarah told him how she had recently left a large insurance company in Pennsylvania and had taken a new position in this town in the Human Relations Department. She had contacted a headhunter to search for the position. The new position was a step down for her but she felt that she could work her way back up in no time. Ed thought that he could detect a catch in her voice when she mentioned that the new position was a step down. When Ed inquired about the town in Pennsylvania she told him that it was a little town with a funny name. "I come from Elmer, Pennsylvania," she said with a laugh. "I knew you never heard of it", she laughed when she saw the quizzical look on his face. "What about Mr. Lashely, any children?" Ed asked. Sarah's face clouded over and Ed immediately wished he had not said anything. "There is no Mr. Lashely, I am divorced, about three years ago, and we never had children," Sarah said quietly. "I'm sorry I pried", Ed sheepishly whispered. "That's alright," Sarah said with a forced smile, "That's why I am in this town looking for an apartment." "We both worked for his family's insurance business, met there and got married." "My husband, Carson, decided that he liked younger women so we divorced, sold the house and I got this job." She quietly added, "I could not continue working there in his family's business after the divorce." "There was not much left over after selling the house." "Carson had very expensive tastes but his family did not pay well enough to support his spending or drinking habits." "We only owned the house for ten years and you don't pay too much on the principle in the first ten years." "Luckily the house did increase in value or we would have had to file bankruptcy," she added. "His family blames me for being the big spender." Sarah gave a huge sigh and said, "Well, I took the $5000 that was left over and I am going to start a new life here."

Ed thought about what had just been said. Sarah could tell that something was bothering him. "Sarah, what kind of money do you have budgeted for an apartment," Ed asked. Quickly he added, "I'm sorry to have to ask this but most of the apartment complexes ask for one month rent as security deposit and naturally the first month in advance." "Some complexes ask for first month, last month and one month security deposit," he added. "Have you ever rented from an apartment complex before?" he asked. She shook her head no. "That means that you can furnish no references?" he asked. Again, she shook her head no. "When will you get paid in your new job?" Ed inquired. Sarah remembered her interview, "The first and the fifteenth." "You know that is going to be tight for you, don't you," he injected. She shook her head yes. Ed could see that she was worried but that she was determined to fight her way through this. "Most complexes pull a credit check also, do you have a credit history in your own name," Ed asked. This time Sarah's eyes filled with tears. "The credit cards were all in Mr. and Mrs. Lashely," Sarah cried. She could see where this line of questioning was going. "How was your credit card history when you were married?" Ed asked. Sarah hesitated, "The bank said "always late but always there". Sarah tried a small grin to show how brave she wanted him to think she was. Actually, she didn't feel brave at all; she just did not want Ed to know that she was falling apart inside. "Sarah, you're going to have trouble getting into a complex," Ed said. Rents in this area for a one bedroom apartment are from $700 to $900 a month and a two bedroom apartment is $1200 and up. Sarah suddenly felt that she had died inside. She did not have much experience being on her own, having lived with her parents until she married Carson. Carson had managed the money in the house, although she now knew that that was a big mistake. Sarah's thoughts were going through her brain a mile a minute. What would she do?

Sarah noticed the Ed was smiling. At first she thought that he was laughing at her. "Sarah, I think I may have a temporary solution to your predicament," he said with a grin. "Hear me out," he added. "I have a large 4 bedroom house with just me in it, I work till all hours of the night, I have a maid come in on Fridays to clean and it would be great having someone to talk to once in a while." "You will have your privacy and when you are able you can find a suitable apartment for yourself." Sarah started shaking her head no. Tears were starting down her cheeks. Ed said quietly, "Sarah, think about it." "This will give you a chance to break out on your own and will also take some of the pressure off of you." "What would your wife say?" Sarah asked. Now Ed's face clouded over, "There is no Mrs. Sensa." "She decided about three years ago that she liked women better than me." "I guess I was not man enough for her." Sarah could feel her heart crack in two for this man. She could tell that this was a decent man. "As I said, there is just me in the house." "I think it would be great for you and for me also." "God knows, I do nothing but work anymore," Ed confessed.

Sarah looked at Ed trying to see into his soul. She already liked what she knew about the man. "You know way more about me than I would ever want you to know, tell me about Ed Sensa," Sarah said. Ed started to tell Sarah about Ed Sensa. Sarah was very easy to talk to. Once Ed started talking about himself he just kept going. "Well, as I told you, I am an architect." "I am self employed, fairly successful, my parents are both dead and I am divorced." "I don't have to advertise for clients, most of my business is referrals." "I turn down much more business than I contract for." "I turned forty this year and do not intend to grow any older." "I was married for eight years and found out after the divorce that my wife always had either a man or woman on the side." "Luckily my father talked us both into having a pre-nuptial agreement drawn up." "Her family had money, so she agreed so that I couldn't touch her money if we split." "What she did not know was that my father was rather wealthy from stocks and real estate and that I stood to inherit a considerable sum after my parents death." "Midway through the divorce my parents were killed in a boating accident." "I must admit that I am nowhere as good at the stock market as my father." "I do not have a girlfriend, mistress, lover or even a sometime thing." "Since the divorce, about all that I want to do is work." "I know that is unhealthy but that is the way I want it now." "Now, is there anything else that you would like to know?" he asked. Sarah looked into his eyes and suddenly realized that his hurt was deeper than anything she had ever known. He was also very good at hiding his feelings from the world.

"What about your offer of a place to stay for a while?" Sarah asked. " I am like you, I just got out of a bad situation and I am not ready to jump into anything temporary or permanent." Ed smiled, "My offer is as stated, nothing more is inferred or intended." "The house was built with two master bedrooms, so you will have your own bedroom and bath." "You will have the run of the house and grounds and I hope that you will consider the house to be your home while you are there." "Sarah, my offer is made because I see a person who needs a hand for a while." "I think that you have been hurt as deeply as I have and that you are a good person." "How much rent would you want per month?" Sarah asked. A smile quickly lit up his face. "I see I am going to have trouble with you, you don't listen," he said. "I told you that my father was a wiz at the stock market." "I sure won't have to worry about money for quite a while." "Now are you going to accept my offer or not?" "Only if I can pay at least a part of the mortgage," Sarah said. Sarah smiled a weak smile; "I think you have a new house mate for a while." Ed left money for the check and a tip. Ed and Sarah walked out of the restaurant and walked to Ed's car.

"If you don't have a car, how did you get here?" Ed asked. "Greyhound bus," she sheepishly replied. "Where are your clothes," he asked. Again Sarah sheepishly replied, "In four lockers at the bus station." "Well let's take you to your new residence and I will come back with my Explorer and pick them up," he said. "Dr. Porsche did not make provisions for cargo." Sarah smiled at his remark even though she did not know who Dr. Porsche was.

Ed's house was about fifteen miles from the diner. Sarah made an attempt at conversation but Ed did most of the talking. Sarah was hoping that she wasn't making a mistake by moving into the house of a man she had only known for about three hours. She knew that if she had to, she could call her mother to bail her out. Sarah did not want to involve her parents in this as they still felt that Sarah had a lot to do with the breakup of her marriage. Sarah refused to discuss her marriage problems with her parents as they always felt that the Lashely family was the upper crust and that Sarah was fortunate to be let into the Lashely family. They had made it clear that they felt that Sarah had not done enough to save her marriage. Ed turned onto a tree-lined tree is an outer suburb of the city. He slowed down and pulled into a long driveway and up to a beautiful house. "My God, this is an estate," Sarah gasped. "It's only four acres, most of the homes in this neighborhood are five to fifteen acres," Ed replied. Ed pulled to the front of the house and shut off the engine. "Well this is your home for a while," he said.

Ed unlocked the front door and held the door open for Sarah. Sarah walked into the house and was shocked at what she saw. She had been expecting a bachelor pad. This place was very tastefully furnished and had a decorator's touch. "Who was your decorator?" Sarah asked. Ed laughed out loud, "Please, give me a little credit." "I did tell you I was an architect, they teach this stuff in school." Ed started walking through the house, "Take a look around the house, your bedroom is going to be on that side," he said pointing to the left side of the house. When your finished looking around, come into the office wing and I will introduce you to my assistant," Ed said just before he went out of sight. Sarah walked through the house starting on the first floor. The house was well thought out, the rooms were large but not huge. The kitchen was a thing of beauty, Sarah knew at least fifty women who would kill for a kitchen like that. Just off of the living room was a solarium. Ed had many plants thriving in the solarium. There was a large patio off of the back of the house. From the patio Sarah could see the office wing that Ed had talked about. The office wing was almost invisible from the street side of the house. Sarah walked upstairs. She quickly found the master bedroom that Ed used. She walked down the hall to the opposite end of the house and found the other master bedroom as Ed had said. It obviously had never been used. Sarah walked to the bedroom window. The view of the grounds from the bedroom window was fabulous. Sarah lay back on the bed. As with the rest of the house the bed was first class. A quick tour of the bathroom off of the bedroom and Sarah started downstairs.

Sarah walked into the office wing as Ed and his assistant were working on plans on the computer. Ed nodded to her and continued talking to his assistant. Sarah guessed that the assistant was about 20 years old. When she turned to glance at Sarah, Sarah could see that she was very pretty. Sarah caught a glint of something in the girl's eye. Sarah could not figure what the glint in the girl's eye meant, and then she figured it out. The girl was jealous of Sarah! Sarah smiled to herself. She wondered if Ed knew that his assistant was in love with him. Ed and the girl continued to work on the computer. Ed would feed the girl instructions and she would turn his thoughts into lines on the computer. Sarah was amazed at the size and layout of the office wing. The footprint of the wing was as large as some homes. Both long walls had windows the full length. There were several skylights letting light into work areas that required additional light. Sarah noticed that some of the skylights were open for ventilation but could see no way to operate them. She then noticed a remote control on a print table and picked it up. A few quick pushes of the buttons proved that it was the skylight remote control. Sarah heard Ed call her. As she went up to Ed he introduced her to his assistant. "Sarah, this is Eve Simpson, my assistant," Ed said with a smile. "Eve is still in college and works with me part-time. "Eve, Sarah is going to be staying here for a while until she can find a place," Ed said. Eve got up and picked up a backpack and turned to Ed. "I'm going to have to go Ed, I have a late class." Eve turned to Sarah, "Pleased to meet you." With that she turned and walked out of the office wing. Ed apparently hard not noticed the frosty greeting Sarah had received. " Eve's been a God-send to me," Ed intoned. "I can't believe how quickly she is picking up the business." "She does much more than I pay her for." Sarah immediately broke out into a grin. "What's wrong?" he asked noticing the grin. "Oh, nothing," Sarah replied. "Come on, give." Ed prodded. Sarah hesitated before answering, "It's obvious, the girl is in love with her boss." Ed got a shocked look on his face, "Come on I'm twice her age." Sarah did not reply, only kept grinning at Ed. Ed began to get embarrassed. "Come on and let's get your living quarters set up," he said.

Ed and Sarah went up to the master bedroom that she was to use. Ed hurried around the room stocking the suite with linens and the bath with towels and washcloths. "I don't get many visitors here so the room isn't set up yet," he said. "In fact, I don't think anyone has ever slept in this room." "Didn't your wife or any friends ever stay over?" Sarah asked. "No, I built the place right after the divorce," he replied. "It was some sort of therapy for me." "I think I went overboard." "It is much more house than I will ever need." "It's beautiful, did you design it yourself?" Sarah asked, although she knew he did, his personality was all over the house. "Yes, it gave me something to do." "Something to keep my mind off of things," Ed replied. "Actually my marriage had been on shaky ground for a couple of years before the divorce," he said, "and I had drawn the plans and purchased the land before the split-up." Sarah had noticed that all of the work was top quality and had surely cost a pretty penny. The floor plan was well thought out and although the house was not pretentious, it was top-drawer and one-of-a-kind. "Did you do any of the work yourself?" Sarah asked. Ed smiled, " The builder is an old school chum and would have broken my fingers if I picked up a tool." "His workers are the best in the business and he pays them accordingly." "He turns down a lot of work because he can't handle any more work." Ed smiled, "He's a hard man to work with." "If you try to cut corners, he'll walk off of the job." "As I said, he's also a very good friend," Ed added. Ed started to leave the room. "How about I give you a couple of hours to relax and I will get some things done in the office the have to be completed by tomorrow," he said. "Later we can go get your clothes and get you set up in here." Ed smiled and left the room.

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