Glory-Hole Alternative
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Gay, Orgy, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When a bathroom stall door jiggles loose, a bi-curious young man experiences his first gay triste.

Today was the most unbelievable experience of my life. For a long time now I have known that I have some homosexual desires. By far I am bisexual, attracted equally to women and men, but I've never really acted upon my later inclinations.

Until yesterday.

I go to a rather large university just north of Dixie and have been aware of the "conversations" that exist on bathroom stalls for quite some time. Yesterday, was just another day, until I went into one of the smaller restrooms located on campus, a small little restroom with two stalls and one urinal. One of the stalls is a handicapped version, with the stall divider and door enclosing the entire far wall of the room. Then the regular stall sits next to it, basically with low enough "walls" that no one can see anything more than your feet and that's if they're looking.

So there I was, sitting in the wide open space of the handicapped stall. Having just finished "my business" I noticed a note on the wall to my right. Reading the pornographic note I noticed my cock spring to life as I sat there, straddling the cold porcelain throne. Slowly I started stroking the shaft as I imagined what it would be like to have someone walk in on me.

Then I heard the door to the restroom and I stopped stroking. The guy came in and sat down in the stall next to me, and complete silence filled the bathroom. Slowly I tested the noise level of my activity by gently stroking my cock some more. A slight slurping sound was created but I decided to chance it. I continued this for a few minutes, having to stop and start repeatedly as more guys came in. Then I heard the bell for classes ring and the volume of traffic completely died off. By now I had my cock to a nice, thick hardness, when suddenly the guy in the stall next to me got up and pulled up his pants. Holding the head of my cock in my hand I slowly massaged the pre-cum around it, wishing that he would hurry up and quit taking his good ole time. Stepping out of his stall I heard his stall door slam back against his stall and suddenly the door to my stall bounced and the latch barely slid free of the catch. My door swung free slightly and my heart immediately jumped to my throat.

Silence stretched on as I just sat there, holding my dick in my hand. Slowly the door crept inward as I saw a tall, skinny dude with a blonde crew cut stroll into my stall as if he was coming over for tea and crumpets.

My mouth opened and my eyes bulged out as he re-latched the door and came over to me. Slowly he dropped to his knees, leaning against the far wall and turned my hips towards him. Looking at the lay of the shadows coming beneath the door I realized that the only way anyone could see him would be if they were activity crouching on the ground.

Slowly I took my hand from my cock and watched it bounce in front of his face. Gently he breathed on the tip and a small droplet of pre-cum oozed from the slit. Instantly his tongue slithered up the center of my head, digging into the slit as he lapped up the tasteful droplet. My body shivered a little as his tongue slowly began to roam around my head, teasing the edges and penetrating the slit. My mind was going wild with the warm wetness of his tongue.

Gently he reached forward with one of his hands and took my balls into it, playfully rolling them around. Then, holding them firmly, my cock standing out to rigid attention he opened his mouth wide and slid his head forward until his chin rested against his fingers.

The sensation was weird because his mouth was still open. I could feel the heat from his mouth upon my dick. And everyone once in a while he or I would fidget a little and my dick would touch the side of his mouth. Then suddenly his lips closed and my cock was enveloped in silky, moist heat.

Slowly he withdrew his head, his tongue roaming freely along the underside of my cock. He withdrew his head completely until his lips were barely covering my head and slowly he began to suckle. I was in heaven.

Then while I was dealing with that he slid his mouth down again and touched nose to my pubic hairs. I felt something tight constricting around my head and I realized that he was fucking my cock with his throat.

Again he removed his head until he was in position to gently suck on my head, before he returned to the base of my throbbing manhood. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. Placing my hand behind his head I forced him to deep throat me repeatedly, his throat clenching tightly against my head with each thrust until I finally couldn't stand the waves of pleasure anymore and I felt the familiar pressure inside my balls. Immediately he pulled his head away from my hand and gently sucked on my head. Bitter tendrils of pleasure intertwined with the smooth pleasure of my orgasm and I shot load after load into his tightly sealed lips. I felt the vibration of his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed every single drop of salty, white cum that I could give.

He continued to suckle until the last drizzle of my cum stopped trailing out and then he removed his lips with a loud smacking sound. My dick was like a lightning rod, pulsing with tiny aftershocks as it bobbed left and right with small shudders of delight.

"You ever fucked a man in the ass?"

"um... no" I answered.

"Good." he smiled as he stood and unbuckled his belt. And my heart stopped as his pants fell to his ankles exposing his tight shaven ass.

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