First Time with Luther

by Demon

Copyright© 2002 by Demon

Sex Story: First time with a dog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story   Bestiality   .

It seems so long ago to be honest, and it has been ten whole years to the day almost. It was just before Christmas 1987 when I was 20 and dating David, but he went by Dave. He was nice enough and all, the family liked him. I was in love with him for sure. Our relationship was going well I thought but not everything was perfect. He would get into moods from time to time that made me question his commitment to me. As Christmas neared that year I was wondering why, during the month of December, he just didn't seem to call very often.

I got a call from Dave on the 23rd that year. Just two days before Christmas. He was wondering if I could meet him downtown. Sure I said where and when, no problem. We met at the appointed spot and time and went to dinner. It was a nice place, but that is all I recall now, as very shortly afterward the meal arrived at the table, Dave dropped the bombshell. He really didn't have feelings for me as I did for him, and he made that very clear. I cried, he got a bit weepy but was not all choked up. The final blow was about to be thrown up, that he was seeing someone else. I was mortified.

I do not recall much of the trip home on the bus. Stepping off the bus was tough as I was in deep thought about what had happened and was trying to figure out how and or what and when to say something to the family, as they liked him. Does my face show too much?

Later that evening I was in the kitchen and mom came in for some reason and she would be the one to notice the face I was wearing "Something wrong dear?"

"Yeah Dave and I are no more long, a couple. He broke it off with me, and I feel terrible Mom."

"Oh well dear it happens, You will get over it".

I forgot to mention that one family member who I did not pay much attention to was interested in how I felt though. His name was Luther, yes "Luther", he was the family dog and he seemed to know the moment I came home that day, there was something up, he wagged his tail at me when I arrived home but I was not paying attention. It was only later that I put the sequence of events with Luther together so that they could be recounted to you.

My relationship with Luther, who was three at the time, was not good. He seemed to ignore me and I him.

The week between Christmas and New years was tough on me as people were in and out of the house, family and friends and business associated of my parents and a few neighbors and some complete strangers. It seemed like an endless parade of the two-legged type. Since I was not interested in retelling the story, the kitchen and gatherings of girls I avoided like the Titanic.

Luther seemed to be around me more and more, I noticed as I did some things about the house. I had calmed down somewhat, and 1988 was going to be here in a day. I finally, really noticed Luther. I was in the basement "the games room". He was there that day watching me and most of you know the look a dog can give you. With those eyes, which tells you, pat me or come here and say hi or I love you take me outside or who knows what all goes on in a dog's mind.

Early into the New Year Luther slowly, over a week or so, started to come to my room and visit whenever I was home. He would stare at me looking for the pat on the head and a bit of chitchat. This guy was starting to really understand what it was a girl needed. I talked to him more and more.

One evening he started to come to my room and slept on the floor beside my bed. He was, as a rule, not allowed into the house. He was older now and no one seemed to care. He didn't mess all over the place, except when it was muddy outside and his feet needed to be wiped off.

A few weeks went by with me noticing that Luther was not missing any night now without sleeping in my room. No problem I thought, as long as he doesn't mess things up, all would be OK with me.

One night, about two in the morning, I heard him rustling about. He had put his head on the bed and was looking at me. I gave him the friendly pat on the head. "What do you want boy, I asked". He just looked sad and a bit more whimper came out of his mouth. Maybe he was finding the floor too hard and wanted up on the bed. I helped him up onto the bed. He was quiet after that, and we both fell fast to sleep.

Getting on the bed seemed to become the norm. One night I had finished having my shower and dashed down the hall to my room with only my pink housecoat. I was trying to get to the room before someone saw me. While running down the hall, I gave Luther a very quick pat on the head and said hi boy. He followed me to the bedroom. I shut the door behind us both and lay down on the bed. Luther was at the side wanting up again, which was now the routine.

Up I helped him and he lay down beside me. We both dosed off for a bit but I woke up suddenly because he shook the bed while repositioning himself. I gave him a friendly pat again on his rump, the first thing my hand touched was his cock in the mostly dark room. I was not under the covers and he had his head now down on my belly. I could hear him sniffing something. It was my hot pussy he was sniffing at.

It was right then, that some thoughts crossed my mind that had never even been considered before, until that exact moment. Was he sniffing me because he was thinking I was a female dog or because it was just different. My mind was racing so fast I just could not get hold of it. What was wrong with me, I thought. This is not good thinking material. I shushed him to the floor. What was I going to do now? I am going nuts, I can not be thinking this sort of thing. I was a virgin and here I was thinking about having a dog as my first sex partner.

A few days passed but I could not stop thinking about the whole idea of it. You must understand that I was getting ready to have sex some time soon with Dave but he did not know that. I was committed enough in my own mind to get that far with the thinking of sex and possible marriage and the life we would have together when wham it was gone.

I was thinking about sex more and more, probably because I had these hormones that was telling me something, and Dave was it, but since that was out now, well maybe Luther. Well I thought about it more and finally said to myself that I could possibly explore it just a bit further.

"OK boy get up here on the bed"? I looked at his hair-covered penis. It was not that big. Stop this girl I said to myself. No you can not do this. Luther lay down tight to my body. My mind raced as I thought about it all. Well take off your pajamas, I said to myself, and see how that feels. He was warmer than with the pajamas on. I was starting to get a bit wet. How was that possible. My mind was racing on its own. I could feel that we were going to do something.

Luther made the first move. He smelled me under one of my arms and a bit of tongue licked me there. That felt good. I moved so he could get a better lick in, and he did. I liked it and that was great. I was beginning to think of him in a different way now, and the chemicals in my head were allowing this to take place, and all was in full motion and obviously had me high.

Yes I was flying somewhat now. I now wanted to take some control and did by flipping myself around. My head was now at the foot of the bed with a pillow to rest it on and Luther stayed where he was with this funny, questioning look on his face as if to say, what happened? I said to him that all was OK, he seemed content. I wanted him to see my pussy now. I was becoming intoxicated with the mind chemistry going on. I was telling myself to let him have a look at my brown furry patch. He did and he got close as, there was more smell now. I had not had a bath or cleaned myself down there in the past twenty-four hours. He smelled and the first sign of a lick. I just about went off into never-never land. I was twitching and I wanted more now. To hell with the part about if I should be doing this or not. I was going to be doing something and who knew how much or what exactly but I was for sure too far into this now to stop. I did start thinking about how perverted I was becoming, but that was so easy to dismiss, even I was amazed.

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