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Desc: Brother/Sister Incest Story: Brother and sister's dates fall through

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This is an expansion of a short story that I found on the 'net' a while ago. It always upset me that it seemed to be the bare bones of a really good idea. Note that I haven't changed the intent or the way the story tracked, just filled in a lot of blanks. I have absolutely no idea who wrote the initial story but if the initial story line is yours, first - I apologize for messing with your story and, secondly - let me know your name and I'll revise to include same.

I didn't start fucking my sister until after I joined the service.

During the time we were growing up together, Shelley and I were never extremely close to each other. We each had our own circle of friends, but we liked and respected each other and had far fewer arguments than is usual between a brother and his younger sister. Even the few arguments we did have were way milder and less heated than those, sometimes spiteful, arguments and fights I saw between my friends and their sisters. In spite of our lack of closeness we had always loved each other.

I admit that, as we physically matured, I had a brother's usual erotic thoughts about his sister, and jerked off many a time to thoughts of her developing body. To be honest, at that stage in my development it wouldn't have been unusual for me to jerk off while looking at a wallpaper pattern which my imagination was able to twist into a female shape. Although I would go out my way to sneak peaks at my sisters body at every chance I got throughout my teen years, things had never progressed beyond that point. These voyeuristic escapades had enabled me to catch the occasional glimpse of a bare, growing tit, but, to my aggravation, I'd never managed to see my sister totally naked. We'd never even once played at 'show me yours and I'll show you mine'.

It finally happened five months ago, shortly after I finished boot camp. The occasion was my first night home, on a 72-hour pass, in the middle of an unusually warm fall season. My sister and I had arranged, a couple of weeks before my leave, that we would go out on a double date, but at the last minute my date fell through and, coincidentally, so did hers.

We were now stuck, because Shelley's date had been the one who was going to provide our transportation for the evening. We'd both really wanted to get together to play at catch-up, and also to see the much advertised movie playing at the drive-in, but it was now too late to make other arrangements for dates.

I hadn't seen my sister for seven months and, surprisingly to me, had really missed her, so I decided to phone her at her new apartment in the nearby town. Knowing my sister and her affinity for phones, I felt that it was likely to be a long conversation so, before calling, I made myself comfortable in the recliner with a couple of beers beside me.

Sis must have been right beside the phone when I dialed because she answered my call on the first ring. Not far into our conversation, she said that she had been on the point of calling me when the phone rang. She then went on to tell me that she was disappointed we would not be seeing each other, and admitted that, like myself, she didn't really have anything else she wanted to do that evening. On the spur of the moment we decided that, in spite of our lack of dates, we should still get together to catch up on things and see a movie, even if it wasn't the one at the drive-in. This decision meant that I would have to use the public transportation system, if I could remember how it worked.

It will puzzle some people why I didn't just immediately ask Dad for the use of his car, but this is something that Dad very seldom ever allowed. He loves that car more than anything else, always keeping it under cover when he is not cleaning, polishing or otherwise maintaining it. In spite of our extreme doubt that I would be successful, Sis pleaded that I should ask Dad for permission to borrow his car. "After all," she said, "it is a special occasion. What with it being your first night home in months." She then pointed out that, if I were successful, the two of us could make a 'date' with each other and go to the drive-in to see the movie together as originally planned.

With very little hope of success, I went into the living room to check with Mom and Dad. We were lucky, they didn't have any plans for the evening. They must have missed me during my absence, because Dad not only agreed that we could borrow his big, beloved, boat of a car, he even offered to help with the cost of the evening.

As they both felt that she had been studying way too hard, our parents were really enthusiastic about the idea of my taking my sister to the movies. As a condition of borrowing the car, they both insisted that, as it would be really late before the movie finished, I should spend the night on my sister's couch rather than try to drive dad's car home on the now-unfamiliar roads at night.

After I told Shelley that we were, surprisingly, in business, Shelley agreed that I could spend the night at her place, and we went on to arrange a time for me to pick her up. After all the arrangements were made we hung up the phones to get ready for our date. It all happened so fast that I hadn't even had time to finish one of the beers I had put out, ready for my use during the phone call.

Later that evening, with Dad's instructions for the care of his 'baby' (the car, not Shelley!) still fresh in my mind, I was back behind a steering wheel for the first time in months. Feeling like an adolescent on his first date, I drove the 30 miles to pick up my sister at her apartment, located close to the local university she is now attending. I have to admit that, as I drove to meet her, my sick mind kept thinking that, while spending the night at her place, maybe I would be lucky enough to get to see Shelley less than completely dressed.

When I arrived, I didn't even get the chance to open the car door for her and play at being a Sir Galahad. Shelley was already waiting on the pavement outside her apartment building. As I drew to a halt beside her, in dad's familiar car, she quickly opened the passenger door for herself and slid onto the front seat beside me.

Shelley's always been a sexy little thing, and this evening, as she eased across the seat towards me, I couldn't help but think that she looked good enough to eat.

As it was a beautiful, warm evening, she was wearing a short, loose skirt and a light blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to reveal some interesting cleavage. I noticed, with pleasure, that she had matured a lot since the last time we were together. Even though she is my sister, I once again got a half hard-on just from looking at her.

Upon meeting the pair of us for the first time, nearly everybody expresses amazement that Shelley and I are related at all, never mind being brother and sister. As I was now noticing all over again, Shelley, at 5'2", is a solid bundle of feminine muscle and curves, with not an ounce of baby fat remaining. To put it in a nutshell, she is a compact, dark-haired beauty. I, on the other hand, am 6'1" tall and tip the scales at 180 pounds. Even our fascial features bear little resemblance to each other, topped off by the fact that my military-length hair is a dirty-blond colour, in contrast to the almost-black mane which reaches to the middle of my sister's back.

Shelley is extremely outgoing, whereas I am very much on the quiet side. The one area where we do take after each other is in our athleticism. I have always taken pride in my body strength, speed and endurance, and boot camp has honed my muscle tone even further. Shelley excels at gymnastics and is currently taking a business course at the local university on a gymnastic scholarship.

To get back to the point of this story... as she finally came to rest, way over towards me on the seat, Shelley gave me one of those big wonderful smiles that seem to light up her whole face from within. Leaning across the remaining small distance between us she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. When we had finished saying 'hello' and 'good to see you again' we set off for the drive-in, with Shelley acting as navigator.

We arrived at the drive-in about a half-hour before the movie was due to start, but the lot was already almost full to capacity, causing us to park in the last row. After going through the usual drive-in ritual of getting the squeaky speaker attached to the window, we climbed into the back seat, with the front seats folded down so we could stretch out in comfort.

As we made our preparations, and then as we sat waiting for the movie, we talked about what we had both been doing for the past half-year, and where we each wanted to go with the remainder of our lives.

When it finally turned dark, the movie started, so we put our conversation on hold and settled down to enjoy the show. Unfortunately, as is so often the case - in spite of what the ads had been saying, the movie turned out to be a boring rehash of shows we'd both seen before. One unforeseen aspect of the movie was that it contained many scenes of a much more highly erotic nature than I had been expecting.

Since settling-in at the drive-in, Shelley had been half leaning back against my chest and I'd been sitting with my right arm draped across her shoulders. As it was Fall and the weather could turn cold without warning, we had come prepared with a big blanket which was loosely wrapped around the pair of us like a cocoon.

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