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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Brother and sister driving cross-country back to school. Unfortunately (?) the car breaks down

Author note: This is only my second attempt at writing erotica, or indeed any kind of short (or long) story - see "Studying" posted earlier this week. Is there any point in my continuing? Let me know and we'll see where things go. I have ideas and rough plots for a couple of longer stories. Tell me your thoughts of what I've done so far and give any suggestions. Maybe I'll put my ideas down on paper.

Moonshadow 2002-03-21.

With one more yell of "Goodbye," answered with calls of "Drive Safely" and "Enjoy the trip" my brother, Mike, and I finally managed to pull away from our parent's house, an hour later than we had planned, and start the 2,000 Km drive back to the University we attend.

We were nearing the end of our Summer Break, which we had spent with our parents, and had finally reached the point where we couldn't wait to be by ourselves again. Don't misunderstand me, we both love our parents dearly, but after four months under their roof we were both feeling more than a little stifled.

As we turned the first corner and our parents disappeared from view my young brother wound down the window of his 'new' car to catch as much breeze as possible, stuck his head out of the window and gave a mighty cry of "Yahoo". It was a beautiful late summer day, bright and sunny with the temperature in the high twenties and we both felt glad to be alive.

Copying my brother's actions, it was then my turn to wind down the window on my side of the car. I didn't cry out as he had done, but I did reach under my tee-shirt to undo my bra and, with a little difficulty as the hook snagged, pulled it free and threw it into the back of the car on top of our luggage. "Oh, am I ever glad to get rid of that damned thing," I said.

As I straightened out my rather tight tee-shirt and turned back to face the front of the car I thought I saw my brother paying rather more attention to my tits than he was giving to the road. 'Hmm... got to remember he's not such a small boy any longer,' I thought as I rather blatantly looked him over.

My brother is two years my junior and I was surprised to note that he is rapidly turning into a hunk. He must stand about 6'-2" and weigh in at about 195 lbs, with well defined muscles and a rather handsome but craggy face. While I'm on the subject of looks I suppose I may as well describe myself. I'm 5'-4", 125 lbs with a 36C-24-37 figure. I have good legs but I think my hips and butt are a bit too large for my build. My hair is dark brown, reaching half-way down my back and framing a face which at least doesn't give nightmares to young kids on Halloween.

Anyway, back to what I was writing. We are finally on our way on what should turn out to be a two day trip, but first we have to make a dog-leg detour to say goodbye to our aunt who lives about 100 Km from the parental abode. "Remind me to put on a light jacket when we get to Mary's place," I said, "I wouldn't want her reporting back that I turned up at her door only half-dressed."

"What do you mean, sis? You look fully dressed to me."

"The bra, dummy."

"Oh. Didn't you wear one today? How did you get that past Mom?" asked my brother, innocently trying to make out that he hadn't caught the flash of bare tit that I 'accidentally' gave him while the hook was tangled up in my tee-shirt.

"Butter wouldn't melt in your mouth, would it? Pervert."

He turned and gave me a grin that I'm sure is going to have girls fighting each other for the privilege of spreading their legs for him in the near future.

Even if he is my brother I felt a flash of heat in my pussy and my panties became more than a little damp. 'Wow. Now who's the pervert? He's your younger brother,' I thought, 'It could be interesting to keep an eye on his progress this year.'

"Come on, Sue. Two hours we've been waiting outside Aunt Mary's place, and still she hasn't shown up. We're way behind on our schedule. I vote we leave. Now!" My brother was not amused. He never has had much patience for people being late or slow.

"OK. Go leave a note under her door and we'll get back on our way."

Almost before I finished speaking, my brother was half way up the front path and just as quickly was back in his seat and starting up the car. "Yeah. Let's go," he said.

Five hours later we were barreling down the highway, making up some of the time lost at Aunt Mary's, when, just as we were entering the outskirts of a city, there was a loud bang, the car shuddered and a big cloud of bluish smoke came out from under the hood.

"Am I right in assuming it's not supposed to do that?" I asked, in a rather weak effort of getting my pulse rate to settle down.

"Good guess, sis." retorted Mike. "Now what do we do? None of the garages that are still open around here will have a mechanic on hand at this time of the evening."

"Well, I suppose that, to be practical, we should find somewhere to eat and sleep for the night. We'd better also let the folks know what the situation is."

"I can see a Howard Johnson's sign up ahead a ways. I'll jog up there and see if they have a room we can take for the night." With that, my brother got out of the car and started an easy lope up the road.

It seemed that I'd barely had time to start looking around to take stock of our location when I noticed my big, little brother on his way back. I noticed when he arrived back at the car that he wasn't even breathing heavily.

As he settled back into his car seat he told me that he had taken the only room the hotel had vacant, but luckily it had two double beds. The hotel had also called what they classed as a reliable garage and had requested that they send out a tow-truck for the car.

A little while later, with the car up on the tow-truck's hoist, the driver gave us a lift to the front door of the hotel. As we were getting enough of our luggage out of the car to last us for the night, my brother arranged with the driver that he would call for a report on the car at 9:00 am the next day.

Three-quarters of an hour later, after grabbing a quick bite in the restaurant and with the collect call to our parents out of the way, we started to look around and take stock of our surroundings. Typical road-side hotel, catering to the harried businessman and not big on luxury, I thought, until I looked out of the window. "Hey this window faces into an indoor courtyard with a pool," I said, "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

With that I peeled my tee-shirt over my head and shucked my jeans down my legs. It was then that I realised my brother was just standing there, still fully clothed, with a rather fixed grin on his face.

"What's wrong with you? I'm your sister, for crying out loud. Anyone would think that you'd never seen me naked before," I said as I faced him.

"You know I have, but that was at least twelve years ago, and you've changed a little since then," he replied.

Honestly, I couldn't help it, I thrust my chest out and said "Only a little?"

"A whole hell of a lot. My God, sis, you're gorgeous."

"Well thank you, kind sir. Now get into your swim suit and lets go take advantage of that nice big pool."

"Err... I have a bit of a problem with that at the moment, sis."

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