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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Brother and sister start off studying together but things soon heat up.

With an explosively uttered "Shit!", my twin sister, Pat, slammed her Physics text book closed and hurled it across our living room onto the couch.

"What's wrong, Sis? Having problems getting today's lesson into that beautiful skull of yours?

"No, it's not that. Well, in a way, I suppose it is."

"Come on, no riddles. Tell your big brother all about it," I said.

"Not so much of the 'Big' brother bit. You're only a half hour older than I am," she replied with a grin.

"OK. Now we've got that straightened out, are you going to tell me what your problem is today? You've been as jumpy as a Kangaroo on hot tarmac all evening."

"O Hell! I suppose I may as well tell you. It's just that I'm so horny I can't even think straight. Sex is all I've had on my mind all day."

Laughingly, I said, "Well if it's as bad as that, why don't you just go out and get yourself laid. It's a lot easier for a single female to cure that problem than it is for a single guy when he feels the same way."

"The way my emotions are acting today, that is exactly what I feel like doing, but I can't!" This last was uttered almost as a wail.

"Why on earth not? I know it's not 'that time of the month' for you. So what's holding you back?"

"Just use that supposedly superior brain of yours for a few minutes and think, Ken. When we moved in here we painted ourselves into a corner as regards sex. Didn't we?"

I sat there for a minute or so with a blank look on my face as I tried to figure out what my sister was talking about, and then it struck me. "Oh... I see what you mean."

"Right, now you know why I've... correction, we've got a problem..."

As my sister carried on talking my mind slipped back a year to the time when we had been packing our things to move to this small University town to each start our new courses.

Our belongings were scattered all around the house we had both been born and raised in, but now they were all in cardboard boxes and three big guys were rapidly ferrying them out to a large van in the driveway. Soon this house, and all it meant to us, would just be fond memories. Somewhere across town another family was going through the same process, but they were about to move into 'our' house.

Just six months ago, the thought of selling this big old house and moving out of town had not even crossed our minds. Then came that sickening time when the doorbell summoned my sister and I to the news that both our parents had died, all because some idiot had wanted to unwind with one more drink before driving home after a busy day at work.

Once all the formalities of the funeral and will were settled, and we started to surface from our grief, my sister and I had started to consider what we were going to do with our future. Having absolutely no remaining relatives and being twenty years-old there was no reason we couldn't do as we wanted. We each now had more than sufficient funds for money to not cause any problems for a good number of years, unless we got a taste for owning yachts and race horses.

For a couple of weeks we just thought, in a rather aimless fashion, about what we would like to do with the remainder of our lives. Eventually, realizing that this method was not going to work for us, we had a meeting of the 'Board of Directors' as our family had always called it. It hit us hard and broke both of us up when we took our accustomed seats and we saw that the 'Board' was now only two members strong, instead of the four it had always been.

As we recovered control of our emotions, we faced each other across the large, polished dining-room table and started to discuss our future. One thing we agreed upon almost immediately, we both wished to remain within easy connecting distance from each other. The thought that my sister might end up living on the other side of the country from me was almost more than I could bear, and she in turn let me know that she felt the same way.

Gradually we narrowed down our options until we arrived at a decision we finally agreed to act upon. We decided to start afresh, with the first step being to sell the family house and move to a smaller house in a university town across the other side of the country. Once there, we would continue with our education - exactly as our parent's had wished for us to do. The only difference was that they had always planned on being back at 'home base' as a backup for us in the event of problems.

We were both determined that, partly out of respect to our parents, maximum effort was going into our education, so we set about anticipating any possible stumbling blocks and working out how we could avoid them. Both of us had heard many tales about how the social aspect of university could screw-up high hopes and plans, so we set about turning ourselves into 'loners' with no social lives outside ourselves.

Up to this time, my sister and I both had pretty active and healthy social lives, with no shortage of partners of the opposite sex. We often had discussions about our respective partners in which we would help each other with any problems or fears we may have had. Even though we had enjoyed ourselves, in my mind I was pretty sure that my sister was still a virgin, and I knew for damn sure that I still was.

Although we are twins, in looks we are poles apart from each other, but both of us are attractive to our respective opposite sex. My sister has a great body, with curves in all the right places and a very pretty face - generally, very easy on the eyes.

We decided that, in order to keep potential party-goers at bay, we would purchase a small house, just large enough for the two of us to share in comfort, and far enough outside the town center to make it awkward to get to if, as is the case with most students, transportation was non-existent.

This left the potentially awkward problem of my sister being hit-upon by students, in many cases away from parental control for the first time in their life. Finally my sister arrived at a suggestion which I at first rejected, but which she finally talked me into - she's always been able to talk me into anything. Her idea was that we would pose as a newly married couple, very easy to do as we already have the same name, with documents to back it up. We decided that this should work because even a sex-crazed student isn't likely to put too much pressure on a female fellow-student when her 'husband' is sitting in the next seat.

"... so I can't just go into a bar in town and start trolling for a sex partner. Everybody we know thinks we are happily married. In fact, just today, one of the professors made some remark about the benefits of husband and wife studying together."

"I'm sorry sis. I must be getting blind. I didn't realise you are having a problem until you told me about it. But, just a thought, you could always take the car and go spend a night in the city."

"Ken, I know you are trying to help, but that would just make me feel like a slut or a whore."

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