by Sweethotcoco

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Desc: Sex Story: I had thought I was going to play tennis with Tom, but I ended up playing with another woman.

When I was in college I was a top star on the women tennis team. I never turn pro since I broke my foot while trying to ride my boyfriend's motorcycle. I nevertheless still loved the game and play when I can.

Once out of school however my playing time was limited because of work, but Tom (a sale's rep in the office next door) and I would play three times a week. We found a small private club near our offices. We both liked it since there were few weekday players there. Most of the time we had the club to just ourselves. Of course we sometime "played" more than just tennis but that is another story.

I was in the club getting ready for our game when this woman walked in and asked if I was Samantha. I said yes I was and she said that she was Sandy and worked in Tom's office; seems a client had just dropped in to fire the company and Tom had to try to save the account and couldn't make it today. I was disappointed and I think she could see it.

"Can we play?" she asked. "I was good in college and Tom said that you are pretty good yourself," she said.

I looked her up and down. She was tall, about five foot six, a hundred and and twenty pounds of firm muscles with a set of 38's. But what set her apart was the red hair against her tan skin. " Well since I'm dressed, why not?" I said.

Sandy was well built (firm and musclular) yet she was all woman. We started by warming up with a few lobs. She was good and soon we had a good game going. It had been some time since a woman had played me this tough. Lately most of my opponents were men and I beat them easily.

I was amazed with the graced of her movements on the court. She looked like a gazelle as she ran from one end to the other. The game was tied when our buzzer went off. We had to have time to shower and dress and return to work.

We went into the empty locker room and began to remove out outfits. Sandy was even firmer then I first thought. She had little to no fat on her frame. Her breasts were natural firm...what was I thinking! I had never looked or thought of another woman like this before.

I must have blushed. I quickly got up and went in to the shower. I turned the water on first cold then hot. The water felt good as it ran over my body. I had to get rid of these thoughts from out of my head. I liked guys not girls. I heard the other shower come on and I knew that Sandy was in the next stall. The thought of her there showering made me wetter. I took the bar of soap and worked up a thick rich lather and began to rub it over my body. I loved the way I looked wet. My skin seem to glow. I have always enjoyed the feeling I got when I showered. I began rubbing my breasts then down my belly. I started to rub my clit. My god I was so hot and it felt so good!

"Would you like me to scrub your back?"

The voice quickly broke into my chain of thought. I was thankful that my back was turned. I looked around and there was Sandy completely nude. I saw that she was a natural red-head. She had was even hotter looking then I had believed possible. What was I thinking? I liked men, not women I repeated to myself. I mean in my whole life I had never even thought of having sex with another woman.

"I've always enjoyed having my back rubbed after a game," she said. "And thought we could wash each other's back," said replied.

Easy girl, I thought to myself. She only wants a back rub.

"Sure," I said hoping that she didn't hear the quiver in my voice. I took the bar of soap and began rubbing her back.

For being as firm as she was her skin was so soft. I had never washed another woman and I had to admit that it gave me a thrill. My body felt as if it was on fire. Oh my god what was I thinking of???

As I was thinking this Sandy turned and my hand was suddenly on her breast!

"Oh I'm sorry," I said as I started to remove my hand.

Sandy however grabbed my hand and held it firmly in place. I looked into her blue eyes and my mind went blank. Our lips met in the most passionate kiss I had ever had. Never had I dreamed of this. Her body felt so incredible! It was so wet and slippery; then I realized that I was rubbing her round soft breast, just like she was rubbing mine. Both of our nipples were hard as they pressed into each other.

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