Slave's First Day

by Birdman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Lesbian, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Torture, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman wake up inside a cage she is confused. She is about to begin her first day as a sex slave.

Her eyes opened to the darkness. Her head hurt, like a hangover but she hadn't been drinking. Slowly her senses began to return to her. She had been on her way home, then a noise behind her, a handkerchief covered her mouth and nose, then the darkness came. She tried to sit up but she couldn't move; she realized that she was chained from the wrist to her ankles.

The door opened suddenly and the light filled the room. It was small maybe four foot squared. Two men grabbed her and pulled her out. Why had they taken her, she had no family nor wealth.

Her hands were cuffed and there was a chain connecting them to ankle cuffs. Both of the men were dressed in yellow, blue, and red balloon pants and shirts. She had never seen such outfits before.

"Who are you? Where am I? Why do you kidnap me?" she asked.

Neither man spoke, they grabbed her by the arms lifted her off the floor and took her down the hall.

She was taken to a set of double doors. On each side were two large black guards both wearing the same color outfits. As they approached the doors the guards wordlessly open them. She was taken in, the room was full of pillows and curtains.

She was stood onto the floor in front of a man setting on a pile of pillows. He was dressed in blue and red robes, like something out of the Arabian Knights. His garments were fasten by gold clasps. He looked tall with long flowing blonde hair.

Behind him was a simi-nude woman. She was clothed in a sheer yellow toga. She was of Asian heritage. Her hair was long and dark. She stood with her hand on his shoulders.

"I demand to know why I have been brought here," she said.

The man raised his hand and from behind a guard dressed the same as the one from the outside came over to her and slapped her across the face.

She fell to the floor.

"A slave speaks only when told to do so," the man on the pillows said.

"Slave, you're mad," she screamed at him. The man just looked at her and waved to the guard once again. This time two sets of hands grab her. One of the guards unhooked the chain while the other one hooked her still cuffed hands to a overhead hook. The one who had unhooked the chain reached up and ripped her top off. Her eyes widen when he raised a knife and placed it to her chest.

With one quick cut her bra flew open. The man wordlessly cut her straps exposing her breasts. He now pulled down her skirt leaving only her panties on. The man on the pillows held up three fingers.

The pain of the whip as it bit into her flesh caused her eyes to bug out. Never in her life had she been struck. Tears filled her eyes. The second crack bit into her, it felt as if her back was on fire. When the third kiss struck she felt as if she would pass out. Then she was lowed to the floor.

"That was only a taste of the whip. The next time it shall be five lashes. You shall speak only when told to. Do you understand?" he said.

"Yes," she said between sobs.

"That is not good enough you shall look at me and answer properly," he commanded her.

Crying she held up her hands to brush away her tears and then looking at the man she said, "yes, I understand, master." "Good," he said, "now stand up. You are about to get the second lesson on being a slave. From now on you are nothing You shall come when I call and do as I say. For now your name is Betty. This name I put upon you, if I wish I can take it away. " Again he signal the guard. This time the knife found her panties.

"Betty you have a lot of hair between your legs, how can I see your pussy?" he asked her.

"I do not know, master," she said.

"June," he said to the other woman, "show her how I can see my new pussy."

"Yes master," she said as she approached Betty.

"Betty you will stand there while June prepares you."

"Yes master," she said.

Betty noticed that June had a small bag in her hands.

June went to her knees in front of her. She took out some scissors and began to clip Betty's pubic hair. June's hands were quick and soon there was only stubble on Betty's mound.

One of the large guard came over with a large bowl of water. June took some soap from the bag and worked up a rich lather.

She then covered Betty's pussy rubbing the rich lather on to the other girl's mound. Betty was humiliated but she did dare resisted. June next took a straight razor and began to shave the now short hair around Betty's pussy. Betty had only trimmed her pubic area for her swim suit. But now another woman was removing the hair that covered her sex.

The Asian woman hands had touched her most private areas, now they were rubbing and caressing her and Betty couldn't help but be turned on by it.

Once Betty was freshly shaven the man said, "June how smooth is she?"

The Asian woman took her tongue and began to lick where moments ago she had hair. Betty felt faint. A woman was licking her pussy.

"She is smooth master," June said.

Betty bit her lip to keep from crying out. But the thoughts raced through her head, I don't want to be a lesbian.

"Betty bend over and place your hands onto your knees," the man ordered her.

With the memory of the whip still fresh in her mind she quickly obeyed.

"Now June, go to her backside and taste my new pussy, I want to see it dripping," he said while still sitting on the pillow.

"Yes master," June said.

June walked behind Betty and again fell to her knees. Betty braced herself for what was about to come. June took her fingers and started to rub the puffy lips.

"Betty has a woman ever licked you before?" the man asked.

"No master, no one has, I'm a virgin," Betty said.

"Well Betty, we will take care of that today. You will experience a great deal more today," he said.

June was rubbing the lips, then she move her head and ran her tongue across the woman's pussy lips. Betty began to breath harder. June was biting the lips with her own lips. June's thumb was rubbing Betty's asshole as her index finger teased her pussy hole. Betty's knees felt as if they buckle. She wanted to run but knew that she couldn't escape.

June's face was buried in a woman hole. She had first tasted a pussy just two weeks earlier. Then she had stood here after her first whipping. Now she was teaching a new girl. My time here is just about over, she thought. Soon I will be sold and this one will began her training.

Betty's body was betraying her. She was feeling every flick of the other woman's tongue on her pussy. Tears had returned to her eyes. Her first time and it was a woman. June now went from soft tongue flicks to more pressure on the lips. Her fingers had now found the soft, wet, and hot hole. A moan escape Betty's lips.

June watch her slim finger went in to Betty's wet hole. Her tongue began to flick on her clit. June was rubbing her left hand across Betty's butt. She now placed another finger into the slit. Betty's hole was now wet so the fingers were slipping in and out easier.

June took her fingers out and rubbed her hand over the dripping pussy. Now she began to work all four fingers into the pussy. Slowly digit by digit she worked her hand into the other woman hole.

Betty screamed out in pain as the hand was forced into her. She felt herself being stretched. Then a new pain entered her world. Something was entering her rectum. Oh god, this lez-bitch is sticking her finger into my asshole she thought.

Now the Asian woman was fucking her two holes and sucking on her clit at the same time. The feeling while painful was also thrilling.

"June, remove your clothes," the man ordered. June stood up and dropped her clothes. Her silky black hair fell about her shoulders. Her small tits were crown with dark nipples and her private area was clean shaven as Betty was. "Betty, June was nice enough to lick your pussy I think that you return the favor," the man said.

She could not believe her ears. He was telling her to go down on another woman.

She felt sick and wanted to run away. However the fear of punishment held her feet to the ground. Betty stood up and she heard her own voice say, "Yes master."

She walked over to the other woman. She placed her hands onto her hips and she leaned over to give her a kiss. As their lips meet the Asian woman stuck her tongue into Betty's mouth. Their tongues met and intertwine. Betty left hand ran up the smaller woman's back, and her right hand went up to her tit. It was the first time in her life that she had ever felt another woman's naked breast.

Betty broke the kiss and trailed her lips across her cheeks. Betty went to June's ear and ran her tongue over the outer edges.

June whole body reacted to the ear kiss. Betty felt her quiver in her arms.

Now she ran her tongue down June's neck. She tried to denial it to herself, but she was beginning to enjoy herself. Her tongue now went to the pear shape tits. She looked at the long nipples that poked up from them. Betty ran her tongue up the tit and placed her mouth on the sweet fruit. Her tit had a sweet and salty taste to it. Betty was becoming excited by what she was doing. She sucked hard on the digit sized nipple, then she bit it.

June grabbed her head, and gasped out, "oh, yes suck on my tits bite them."

During this time the man sit on the pillows watching.

He neither moved nor touched himself. But he could see that his new slave was coming along nicely. But her lessons were just beginning.

Betty left June's lovely tits. She began to kiss down the woman's stomach. As she approached her pubic area she got a strong whiff of female musk. She turned her body around and lifted up her head up and ran her tongue up June's hairless pussy.

This was the first real pussy that she had ever seen. It had a salty but not all unpleasant taste. Betty tongue explored the strange pussy lips. She knew what felt good when she touched herself but would it feel good to someone else, she wondered? Her tongue learned the cravers of the pussy's swollen lips. She mouth fucked the hole and kissed the clit. June responded by releasing her sweet juices. Betty licked her dry.

"Very good Betty, now come stand before me," the man ordered.

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