Baby Night

by Martina2023

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BDSM, Bestiality, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young couple settle down to try and conceive their first child, but then the doorbell rings...

Carol giggled with excitement at the thought of the night ahead. Her husband had just phoned to say he would be home in 2 minutes and that she should 'dress' for the occasion. What he meant by 'dress' was for her to don her most sexy black lingerie and 6 inch high heels. Carol had already dressed before he had rung, in anticipation of the long sex filled evening ahead of them. With the full black set including the black seamed stockings she was dressed to kill...

The happily married pair often had 'theme' nights like this and each one was usually more outrageous than the last. She smiled as she remembered the 'doctors and nurses' evening when her husband had 'examined' her and had ended up giving her an enema before fucking her rigid 3 or was it 4 times?

Tonight was even more special because Tom (her husband) had won a promotion at work which meant enough salary for her to give up her poorly paid job and start the family they both longed for. Yes, tonight was 'baby' night. Her temperature chart had showed that today she had ovulated and Tom was coming home with the contents of his sac just for her...

Carol pulled up her shiny wet look black panties and stretched them provocatively across her aching vulva. She had shaved her vagina completely so as to give Tom the 'full unimpeded view' when he took her. She stroked a finger across her mound and shivered, she could hardly wait...

Then she heard Tom putting the key in the front door lock and letting himself in.

"Hiya sexy", she shouted to welcome him.

Tom ran up the stairs two at a time and stood at the bedroom door.

"WOW!" he whistled when he saw the sight his wife presented to him. "You are gonna make a man cum, dressed like that!"

"That's the general idea, honey." She cooed, "I want the contents of your testicles to become resident inside me tonight and nothings gonna stop me..."

"OK, hon." Tom replied, "but first you need to adopt the position..."

"Position?" Carol queried as a thrill ran up her backbone. What had he got in mind?

"Yes, position... You are to be strapped firmly across that coffee table. Tonight I'm taking you from behind, doggy fashion and you ain't getting up until I'm spunkless... "

Carol gasped as he led her across to their large low coffee table and made her lie belly down on top of it. Tom spread-eagled her long stocking clad legs and tied them with cord so that each foot was clamped to a leg leaving her wide open and helpless...

Carol put her face in her arms and smiled. She knew what tonight's theme was now...BONDAGE.

Quickly Tom pulled her arms down and tied them to the other table legs in a similar fashion to her feet. She was totally helpless and at his mercy... He took a cushion and ordered her to lift her belly from the table while he pushed it under her, raising her pretty backside to point provocatively at his face.

Now she was ready, he could fuck her as often as he liked... Tom knelt down and started to lick her crotch through the thin silky material of her panties. She groaned and twitched as he tasted her feminine juices, the smell and the heat making his dick harden like a steel bar... He slowly pulled her panties down to her knees, noting the white cream that Carol's body had expelled into the gusset.

"Tom..." She moaned, "Put it in...screw me now, I can't stand the wait any more..."

But Tom hadn't finished with the bondage plot yet. He took a pair of pink panties from her underwear drawer and ordered her to open her mouth. She did as required and he pushed them completely inside. She tried to murmur in surprise but could hardly make a squeak. Then he tied a silk stocking around her face, locking the panties in place to prevent her pushing them out. NOW she was ready...

Reaching for his belt he started to remove his trousers. Then the front doorbell rang... "SHIT!" he shouted in frustration,. "Who the fuck can that be?"

He replaced his belt and went to the top of the stairs, saying "Don't worry, Hon, I'll get rid of whoever it is straightaway."

Carol was relieved to hear that. She didn't fancy any of the neighbours catching her like this!

At the door, Tom could see it was Nigel, the educationally sub-normal kid from over the street. He often called over to see Tom because he was one of the few adults that had time to talk with him. Tom never called him names or hit him and called him "Dimwit" and things like that.

Reaching to open the door, Tom realised that he would have to be quite cruel and get rid of him quickly tonight.

As he opened the door, he saw that Nigel had also brought his pet Labrador. In an instant the dog leapt passed him and into the house. Tom belatedly tried to shut the door but the animal was inside.

"Hey, I'm sorry Nigel," he started to blurt, "but tonight's not a good night for it."

As he said it, tears formed in Nigel's eyes and ran down his face. Always a sensitive child, he cried if he felt the people who loved him were trying to reject him.

"Oh, Nigel, don't cry. It's just that it's not a good time to talk. Why don't you come back in an hour?" Tom soothed.

But Nigel simply cried more and sat down on the step sobbing.

Tom realised he couldn't invite him in and getting rid of him was going to be tough. He sat down with him and put his arm around his shoulders trying to console him.

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