People are Strange

by Bradley Stoke

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Fiction, Anal Sex, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Behind the doors, there is much happening at a European hard core film shoot. There's some wild love for the back door man who's been down so long, and loving her so madly.

People are strange, thought Moss as he watched Laura and Sylvia on the divan, kissing each other's naked bodies, wearing only their high stiletto heels. All around them were other people, mostly men, two with videocameras, one carrying the lighting rig, and the producer who was gesturing meaningfully at his colleagues as the filming went on. Only moments before, after ad-libbed dialogue which would have shamed most actresses but was more than adequate for the film that was being made, the two girls had eased off their blouses and skirts, then after some preparatory kissing and stroking, their bras and finally their knickers. And now here they were, two bodies entangled, mouths together as they lovingly ran their tongues over each other's faces and back again into the mouth.

And then, after directions by the producer, and breathing with an excitement that was partly real and partly because it was expected of them, the two girls took positions for the sequence of actions that was not only to fulfil the requirements of a day's shooting, but also to prepare themselves for the action to come. Action in which Moss was to have a starring role. Laura lay back, her hands gripping the back of the chair in which she was now sitting, while on her knees and between Laura's open legs, Sylvia's head was bobbing up and down as her tongue busied itself on her crotch. Occasionally a licked finger would stroke the outside lips, and then getting bolder, they penetrated her vagina: one finger, two fingers, three fingers. And then her whole fist inside Laura while Sylvia smiled lasciviously at the camera.

After that, roles were reversed and it was Sylvia whose vagina took all of Laura's fist, her arse being probed by a purple peppermint spangled dildo which caused her to arc up her body and gasp and gasp, as each of her sensitive buttons were pressed in turn. Laura gently kissed the lips of the bruised vagina and then turned to face the camera. And then an awkward moment as the dildo fell out and Laura's fist retracted, but the cameras continued filming, focusing on Sylvia's gasping ecstatic face.

There was a small pause in the proceedings, and Moss relaxed. He lowered his head, his eyes still intent on all that was going on. The director said some words to his cast and his colleagues. He then wandered over to Miguel, who like Moss had been sitting by the side waiting for his part.

"You think you can do it, Mig?" the director asked sympathetically.

"You fucking bet. They don't call me Big Mig for nothing!"

"That I know. That I know. Just let the girls recover a bit. Their fannies have taken a bit of a beating. Wanna beer?"

The director handed Miguel a chilled can of lager. "Not on the job. I've got a reputation to keep, man. But you got any more snow?"

"Yeah right. Whatever."

Like Miguel, Moss was a veteran of the sex industry. He had featured in countless movies, sold openly throughout Europe and rather less openly in the New World. He was a professional. Or, at least, insofar as this was his living. And he was good at what he did. He'd watched and participated in fuck scenes like this again and again. He knew the routine. He didn't need the bandages any more, either. He could be trusted. Not every porn star of his kind could be. And unlike Miguel he didn't need drugs. He was able to do his job without any extra stimulation. Although an appreciative audience helped.

Sylvia and Laura came over to chat with him, stroking and cuddling him, making him even more eager to get into the action. But he knew better than to get too excited too soon. He tenderly licked Sylvia's cheek, while Laura ran her fingers seductively around his ears.

"You be gentle on me, Moss, you hear," said Sylvia.

"Not too fucking gentle though," laughed Laura. "We want you good and stiff right from the start. And don't slobber too much."

Moss knew what was expected of him, and he glanced at the director who smiled at him reassuringly. "We're expecting good things from you, man. You do the business and it's all in the can."

Finally, Miguel came back, wiping his nose with the back of his hand. Unlike Moss, who was already stripped for action, Miguel was dressed in a suit and tie which looked faintly ridiculous on him, his porn star long hair over the shoulders, and the crotch of the pants already looking as if they were about to swell.

"You ready for action, Mig," asked the director.

"Yeah, I'll give the girls what they're wanting before the real star gets his claws into them." He winked at Moss. "Hey, man. I'm only kidding. But I'm glad this ain't no fucking homo thing. No offence meant. You do good. You do fucking good."

The girls were positioned as if there had been no pause in their lovemaking, arms around each other and dildos scattered carelessly about, while Miguel made his entrance. Like the girls he would never have won any of his many awards for his method acting. Nor for his execrable ability to remember his few lines and what was left after he mangled them up into anything like a convincing delivery. But he was a woodman. His skills lay in other departments, mostly currently tucked away in his Calvin Kleins under his trousers. Not that the trousers stayed on very long. He was soon freed of encumbrances. His shoes, socks, trousers and jacket carefully removed by his co-stars, his white shirt slightly unbuttoned and his tie carelessly pulled to one side. Sylvia was pulling his CKs down to his ankles while massaging the long meat to a willing erection, while his rough hairy hands fumbled on Laura's breast, his moustachioed mouth against her face, as she made the obligatory moans that signalled her apparent pleasure.

Sylvia took his prick in her hands. Even semi-erect, it was a handful, flopping slightly to one side as Sylvia stroked his massive balls, and ran her tongue seductively up its length. Then she paused to brush her dyed-blonde hair from her face so that the camera could get an uninterrupted shot, as she took the whole length of it into her red-lipped mouth, fingers aiding tongue and teeth in bringing Miguel's asset to its full glory. Moss was always impressed by the size of his co-stars pricks. Where did they get to find men with pricks like that? And if they'd not been able to use them the way they were used in the film industry, how much of an asset would they be otherwise? How many women out there had the capacity to take that much meat? Clearly Sylvia and Laura had, but then they could take a full fist. And that was no mean feat!

And then, under the director's gestures, the two girls took new positions, the effort of changing roles likely to be edited away. The two of them took turns on Miguel's prick, his shirt and tie now discarded, revealing a torso of compacted muscle, their mouths taking turns on sucking and licking his penis and exchanging kisses and tongues with each other. Miguel's erect penis gamely took the punishment, while out of shot of the camera, a finger was positioned to ensure that although his prick remained rock hard it didn't prematurely release its payload.

And then the action where the mouth, anus and vagina made up three orifices each on two women and one prick shared between all six possibilities. Then in addition each girl had the choice of the three orifices of the other girl and a massive big prick. However, you looked at it, the prick was the centre of attention, as it moved from arse to mouth to vagina, from one girl to another, always thrusting in and out, or more leisurely when a tongue joined in the fun. All through the changes of fuck shots, the director and the cameramen moved around to shoot the same penetration from different angles or to vary the repository of shots from arse to mouth to ecstatic humping, breasts jiggling up and down whilst Miguel took the unnatural position this demanded of him so that Laura or Sylvia was in the best position for a shot of apparent ecstasy. Every now and then, the director would indicate to his cast, mostly by hand movements, a position he would want a head or a vagina so that the camera could share in all the intimacy, not missing one thrust, or one ecstatic gasp, or one shot of penetration.

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