Casebook of Wilma Jenkins

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Science Fiction, Historical, MaleDom, Light Bond,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - This is a 5 part story - using time travel as a backdrop. the main Character is Wilma Jenkins - Temporal Investigator, the villian is a mystery.

My head was spinning, the mechanism was working fine, but I didn't feel right, the blow to my head had affected me more than I knew.

I remember that I had a prisoner; she was securely tied up, that was certain. I took a couple of painkillers to stop the ache. I looked in the mirror - the face was almost mine, but I didn't really recognise it. I thought I remembered an old entertainment program about some do-gooder that travelled through time and changed his identity, but I wasn't him. Of that I was certain.

My head was clearing, but I still couldn't remember who I really was, the names Leader, Controller and, Oh yes, Sir! But none of them really told me anything about myself.

I found a note in my pocket - 'You must stop T.I. Wilma Jenkins - she will try to kill you' Jenkins! That was the name of the prisoner! I managed to knock her unconscious just before that black bastard assistant of hers fired that gun at me. I think I killed him, I'm sure I did, so he won't be after me.

She'd followed me to my latest hideout; I didn't think they find me after all that time, time - there was something about time I knew it. The ship I was in was only a short-range model, good for a couple of hundred years, and then it would have to recharge. Taking a couple of weeks for each re-charge, not the thing to use for any serious travelling.

To get anywhere I'd need to have a fully working model - but the only ones available were held in museums so I'd have to steal one, but that wouldn't be good enough, I'd need a hiding place, where the Time Investigators wouldn't think to look for me.

I would need help with this, someone who would be able to tell me the best way to hide, but where would I... of course that blasted prisoner, I knew there was a reason why I kept her.

I went to the small room, this machine had 4 rooms in all, main control, sleeping cabin 1 and 2 and cargo area, I'd placed my captive in sleeping cabin 2, securely tied to the bunk, I remembered doing that at least. She was still there eyes glaring at me, she had a gag in her mouth, but only wearing a bikini style bra and panties set - they were all the rage for her home time.

I smiled at her, "Comfortable?" I asked, she still glared, I added. "Not so comfortable then, oh well, lets see what you have to say!" I removed her gag.

"You fucking bastard! What did you do to Michael?"

"Michael? Michael." I tried to think, and then said, "I do remember a John and a Paul, I think there was once a Susan, I believed I liked Susan a lot, a really good time I had with her I seem to remember, if you know what I mean." I gave her a slap on her thigh.

She drew in a sharp breath, "Don't touch me again, you're in a lot of trouble you know that!"

I smiled, "Of course I know, little flower," I liked that name, and it fitted her at this time. "I think there was some black turd who fired a shot at me. But I tried to ensure that he won't be doing that to me any more!"

She struggled in her bonds, but without success, she glared at me, I smiled, she snarled, "Once I get out of these dammed ties, your fucking life is mine, you bastard!"

I grinned at the words. Little flower wasn't her name anymore - Wildflower was more like it! "Now, now Wildflower, don't try to start something you can't finish, especially since you're in no position to stop me. Now Wildflower I need information."

She struggled in the ties, "My name is Time Investigator Wilma Jenkins, serial number 423887, I'm based in London, England. Earth. Time year 2501. No further details allowed under Temporal Codes." She tried to sound as if she was in control, "My supervisors will know of my abduction and will be closing in on you, it would be wise to... " She stopped at the sound of my laughter.

I shook my head, "Oh Wildflower, if you only knew - all you thought existed, has never been, even your superiors are just a memory, you're only alive because you're in a time craft, once I let you out - phssst, you're gone, just like a candle flame when it's snuffed out!"

Her eyes widened at my words, I wasn't really certain about that, but it served to dent her spirit, I didn't know where the words had come from, some part of me remembering? What? I couldn't remember. But it didn't matter - I was in full control.

"Now Wildflower, I want to hide myself and you, somewhere that nobody would think to look for some time." I smiled as I said that; 'time' I would live in time and time would save me!

She spat at me, "You monster, do you think I'd help you? You can stew in your own juice for all I care."

I shook my head. "No Wildflower," I started.

She yelled at me, "My name is Wilma Jenkins, not Wildflower - WILMA JENKINS."

I grabbed hold of her hair, "Wrong, your name is whatever I tell you it is, Wilma Jenkins is dead, lost in the streams of time. There is no Wilma Jenkins just Wildflower. Now if I was trying to hide in time, where would be the last place any of your people would have looked?"

She kept her mouth shut. That didn't matter, I had plenty of - time - to play with, I smiled into her face. "You've gone quiet, Wildflower, does that mean there is a place?"

She shook her head, "No you bastard, you can't hide. We're always monitoring the time lines, and any changes in the past are noticed and fixed before you can make them Permanent."

I smiled, "So the past is out then, the present is full of your people, that leaves the future, for us undefined and so malleable, just like you Wildflower."

I looked at her body lying on the bed, there were a few blemishes on her body, but she seemed quite lovely, I couldn't remember the last time I had spent with a woman, I kissed her mouth, she tried to bite me, but couldn't raise her head far enough, I moved my hands over her body.

"Stop that you pervert. I'll make you regret you were ever born." She said, I just smiled and then started to undress, her face dropped. "You can't, you wouldn't."

I said nothing, actions speaking louder than words. I found a knife and approached the cot, she watched me as I came nearer. "Please don't," She said as I sat on the cot, I ignored her pleas.

I slid the knife under the bra tearing at the wiring holding the two cups, she tried to rise up with the garment, but the knife was sharp, the material gave way, releasing her breasts, they weren't large, but just right to my way of thinking, I started to rub my hand over them feeling the firmness of her tits, she started calling me a bastard, I just kept on smiling.

I moved my hand away from her breasts and followed her skin down her stomach to her navel, she had a flat stomach probably due to all the exercise she did as an investigator, I must remember to ensure that she keeps up with the routine she's established, but with a few extra ones of my making.

After making circles on her skin with my fingers I decided that she deserved more of my attention, I moved my hand beneath the fabric of her panties, she drew in a deep breath as she felt my hand on places only her boyfriends had touched before.

"You know Wildflower," I said, "We are going to be together for a long time, I really think we should get to know each other well, very well indeed. I take it you've got the standard implant," she just glared at me, silent, denying me any information. "Don't worry about it, I mean once you start your monthly periods I'll know it stopped working." Her eyes widened at that, the contraceptive implant is designed to work for 3 years before needing a recharge. Not only does it protect against sperm it also provided a source of antibodies to attack all known diseases, it also had the added advantage of 'infecting' the 'partner' with the antibodies and clears up any problems that they might have.

"You're a monster," She said, I nodded at that - it was a good description for me now, but that was what they made me into. At least I think it was them - it doesn't matter anyway.

I cut away at the sides of her panties, carefully unfolding the fabric away from her. Her mons was not overlarge, I wouldn't say it was prominent, the pubic mound covered with a light sprinkling of hair, it matched her blonde mane, I placed my hand directly on her cunt, tickling the slit with my middle finger, feeling her sharp intake of breath as she tried to ignore my probing.

"Oh yes Wildflower," I said as I positioned myself above her, and slowing sinking into her body, "I think you and I are going to learn a lot about ourselves."

It seems like ages since I'd last taken a woman, so I relished the act, placing my hands on her tits and mauling them as I drove myself deep inside her, hearing her gasp as I flattened myself against her cunt, I tried to move slowly to gradually build myself up to the final release.

I could hear her moan, her eyes rolling up as I pushed her body to enjoy the sensation of her rape, I started to imagine all the things I will do with her, and she wouldn't be able to stop me.

While I was pounding on top of her I felt her come, her body shaking in the orgasm. When her eyes opened they seemed slightly blank, as if she'd given up completely to my advances, in a way that really turned me on, and I really started to let her have it until I could feel myself spurting inside her. I shouted as I came, "Here I come Wildflower, you are mine, and mine forever."

(One hour previously)

Time Investigator Wilma Jenkins woke to find herself tied to a cot/bed, she was dizzy, it was a side affect of time travel, a thing she recognised. She tried to think how did she get here.

Then she remembered - she had been captured by Him. 'The leader' as she first knew him, he was a time criminal - he'd disrupted the history of the world several times, the corps had to work hard to repair his damage, she had been ordered to finally remove him from time.

It's normally a simple thing, just go back to the time of conception, and make sure that it didn't occur. But this one was different. - They couldn't find out anything about him! Apart from his obvious existence and problems he caused, he had no history!

She remembered the first case when she had got involved in a simple case of a stolen time machine - she met up with. With. HER.

The plan had been implanted then, it was a risk, but the powers that be had decided that for the sake of the time-lines it had to be followed. So before the last battle she was prepared, following the plan.

Her implant had been augmented special nano-probes (small machines, designed to replicate themselves and to follow a set of instructions) were now installed; they would not hurt the carriers until a command was sent by her. And she could only do that when certain conditions were met.

This was going to be a long assignment - both objective and subjectively, she knew what was going to happen, but she was 'blocked' from telling anyone else, even her partner Michael couldn't be told. As far as he knew it was just a simple case of a stolen temporal transport system.

They'd been assigned to the late eighteenth century, where the last incursion had been traced to, He'd been there for 10 years, fully established, it was going to take a lot of work to sort that one out, but no matter, that's what the clean up brigade was for!

She tried her bonds; there was no give in them. She found that the large skirt and bodice she'd been wearing had been removed, leaving her in just her underwear. They weren't time issued; she couldn't face all those laces. She'd been checking around as a lady with her slave. Michael could really play the part, especially at night - he'd been given the antidote to the nano-probes of course, except he was told it was for any exotic diseases that they might have encountered, the corps thought of everything.

In the midst of her thoughts 'he' arrived, she followed the script burned into her mind, he must never know - never suspect, she would have to play her part. She knew any damage done would/will eventually be repaired; her training had prepared her mind for this.

As he entered her she switched her mind off, leaving the body to react as it would, she left a part of her still active, but the main part she placed into dormancy, to be reactivated in a few years time, she would remember what happened to her, but that didn't matter, it would all be fine in the end.

I got up from the now unresisting form, in a way she wasn't very satisfying, still I'd train her to enjoy it. I looked down at her she was shaking, I hoped it was in fear, I'd teach her!

Then I realised what I should do, the plan seemed to form itself in my mind, the past and present was out of bounds, the future was open, but I couldn't stay in the near future, oh no! It had to be the far future.

I'd read some papers about that time, savages fighting amongst themselves, back to a new dawn of civilisation, it didn't sound right, but then the future never does. So far forward that all the known things are forgotten, that's where I'd set myself up.

Preparation - that's nine-tenth's of the work. I started my plans.

The cargo area would soon be filled - I'd have to get a supply of the anti-aging drugs, some were still experimental but they worked.

And once I'd conquered the future. Yes I said conquered the Future, the path would be open to the past, and from there to the present.

I smiled at the form on the cot, yes the future would be mine, then the past but first I would attend to the Present and Wildflower.

She cried as I entered her once more.

The museum was dark when I went to the doors; I'd already programmed the capsule to arrive in the chamber just after the staff had left. The machines were lined up, different models for different uses, I wanted the last one built, it had the range I needed, and more importantly the space to hold my capsule.

It was simple to load the capsule inside the machine, the two started to feed each other in a symbiotic relationship, reading data, increasing the size of the master system, which also increased the range. Something I hadn't really thought of but then the further I could go the better!

But I had a bit more to do, I took a blaster/phaser from the armoury I had installed and went to the doors of the room, I knew where the cameras were, I opened the doors slightly, aimed in the direction I had studied, and fired. Now to get a few more goodies.

With the load complete I re-entered the room - Wildflower was now sitting in the control room, tied to a chair, I'd found her a loose robe, she still didn't react as I thought she should! But then I suppose the lost of her colleague had unhinged her, it didn't matter, the main part of her was still working.

I started the system, entered the date I wanted to arrive in and pressed the button, after a slight dizzy spell, I realised that we were now under way, to my future and MY VICTORY!

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