Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Slut Wife, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My boss lends me his slave/wife while he goes on a business trip.

I had been working with Alan for about five years. He was a great boss, and his wife was the most beautiful, and the sexiest woman I knew. Every time I saw her I developed a major boner. She often noticed and smiled. I worried that Susanna would tell Alan and I would lose my job.

Alan had often told me how he was into S& M... I envied him for some of my hottest fantasies involved this. I had never been lucky enough to be able to experiment with it. But all of that was about to change. Alan came into my office with his lovely wife following behind him. I thought she had told him of my horny stares and he was going to fire me. I was to find out that I was not even close to this visit.

As he came in, he greeted me with a smile and a wave.

"Hi Steven."

"I am going to Europe for a month on business and I need you to do me a favor."

I answered. "Sure, anything."

"I need you to take care of my things while I'm away."

"This is my wife Susanna. She is my slave Sue and needs care, and attention."

" I am loaning Sue to you for while I am away."

"She is yours to do with as you wish, any way you wish."

"When she is called Susanna, she is a lady in all manner. When she is called Sue, she is a slut slave."

I said. "You are joking."

Alan looked at me and said. "Try it, I'm loaning her to you for this month. She is a wonderful slut-slave."

I thought what the hell. "Sue, show me your tits."

Susanna lowered her wonderful blue yes and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. One button at a time, slowly, to tease and excite me... The lovely blonde pulled her blouse from her skirt, and removed it from her shoulders. She slowly folded the blouse and put it on the chair. Sue reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She let it drop and bared her 36C breasts with their dark nipples to me. Sue walked closer to me and cupped them in her hands as she presented them to me. I reached over and pinched her nipple hard. The beautiful woman stood there without moving as a good slave should.

Alan said "I'm leaving for Europe right now, enjoy your slave."

Then he left.

"Strip!" I ordered.

As son as I said that Sue reaches for the zipper of her skirt. MY office door opened. Kathy, my secretary, entered. Sue did not stop undressing. The beautiful blonde did nothing to hide herself, or spare her humiliation, as she continued to undress.

"I see, Alan has lent you Sue."

"I guess, I should give you the note he gave me for you."

She handed me a note as Sue continued to undress. I began to read. Kathy has and often does use Sue for her and my pleasure. She will be glad to help you, and show you my equipment. At my house where you will stay this month if you are smart, is a completely equipped dungeon and everything you might want to use on Sue.

Sue continued to undress, She removed her panties which were obviously damp at the crotch. Then reached for her thigh high stockings.

"Stop, leave the stockings, and heels on." I commanded.

"Now play with your pussy but don't cum."

Kathy asked. "May I use her?"


Kathy approached her, and commanded. "Kneel and eat my pussy slut"

While still masturbating Sue dropped to her knees, and with her free hand began to remove Kathy's panties. Kathy lifted her skirt so that I could see and Sue could get at her pussy easier. Kathy then forced the slaves' face into her pussy hard. She wrapped her hands in the blonde tresses, and guided the slave by pulling none too gently on her hair. Before long Kathy orgasmed depositing her juices allover Sue's face.

As she moved from the slaves cum covered face, she said. "I gotta go potty" "May I Use your washroom back there?" As she pointed to my private washroom.

"Why use the bathroom?"

"Piss in the bitches mouth."

Kathy laughed, smiled, and beckoned to sue with her finger.

"Come here, my little toilet."

Forcing Sue's mouth against her vulva. "You had better not miss a drop."

Sue seemed to shudder as she realized how she was to be humiliated now. Her mouth opened to cover the other woman's vulva. As she kneeled, waiting to be used as a toilet her hands moved more rapidly in her crotch. After warning her she better not cum her hands slowed. Kathy began to pee. Sue's throat could be seen working rapidly to swallow the yellow liquid. When Kathy had finished, she licked her clean. By this time I had a major hard on, and needed relief.

"Come here, slut."I ordered.

"Take your hand out of your cunt and lick it clean. Then crawl to me."

With Kathy and I both watching, She removed her wet hands from her vagina, and slowly licked them clean. She then crawled to me until she was facing my hard cock under my pants.

"Do you want it bitch?"

"Yes master"

"What do you want it for cunt?"

"I want to fuck it. I want it in my pussy please master."

"You haven't earned it yet."

"Please master may I suck it?"


"Because I'm your cock sucking bitch master."

"O.K. come here and get it.".

She reached out with her hand to undo my zipper.

"Not with your hand. Use your teeth."

Her head immediately dropped to my lap. Sue rooted around in my lap, open mouthed until she got my zipper between her teeth. Then she slowly pulled it down. The working from her knees she removed my jockey shorts with her teeth.

After baring the lower part of my body she kissed and licked my navel. Then my slave ran her tongue through my pubic hair. She licked down my thigh and under my balls to the perineum. That area between the balls and ass. After licking there Sue tongued and licked my scrotum until it was soaking wet. Opening her mouth wide she took each testicle in separately and caressed it in her mouth. Then filling her mouth with saliva she allowed it to soak in her mouth as she slowly moved her head around. First the right and then the left she bathed in pleasure. Now she was ready for the main course. Kathy came and kissed me on the lips. She watched as Sue licked the my cock from top to bottom. Sue paused to gather the pre-cum at the tip of my cock with her tongue. Then She swallowed me whole. Her head bobbed slowly up and down. Using her mouth like a hot wet vagina, she twisted and swivelled her neck. Moving it up and down as she did so. Before long I came in her mouth. I emptied three or four large spurts of cum into her face. Then watched as she licked me clean.

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