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Desc: Sex Story: Jessie copes with her husbands absence

Jessie Gets The Big One

Opening her mail one evening Jessie saw that she had an invitation to visit Mimi Echols a friend she had met at Ft. Belvoir. One night Jessie and Marshal had engaged in group sex with Mimi and her husband another Colonel who was since gone missing in Viet Nam. Mimi was at her home in Vermont and wanted Jessie to come up for some fun, and she hinted at a big surprise.

Driving up on Saturday she was impressed by the beauty of the fields and farms. Finding her turn off from the highway she traveled 4 miles west and saw Mimi's name on the mailbox at the end of the road. Turning in the driveway she saw Mimi in front of the house waving to her. The two women hugged and kissed as only intimite friends would do. A young woman who Mimi introduced as Anna came forth and helped with Jessie's luggage.This was an impressive woman 6 ft 6 and 240 lbs there was no excess fat on this example of female perfection. Mimi explained that Anna was her good right hand,running the household as well as the grounds, the kennels and the stables. In Jesse's room Anna set down her burden and returned to whatever task she had been involved in when Jesse arrived.

The two women visited while Jesse hung her clothes. At one point Mimi Put her arms around Jesse and asked if she remembered the night they had lain in the same bed being fucked by each others husband. Oh yes and they were trying to out soldier one another,my pussy was so sore the next day but god it was good.At this point they moved to the bed where Mimi began removing Jessies clothes and caressing her breasts and buttocks. with their open mouths locked together they lay side by side and Mimi began to caress Jessie's pussy. Oooooh honey love me, Ive been a good girl for a week, oh fuck me please I need it so bad.moving between her thighs Mimi began licking Jessie's cunt. Agh ah oh oh god that's so good oh honey I'm going to cum,ohoooooooh oh oh. Jessie then turned her attention to Mimi's needs she put her mouth to Mimi's cunt and beganto swipe her tongue up through the slit to her prominent clitoris which continued to grow as Jessie ministered to it. Hearing someone enter the room she raised her head to see Anna accompanied by a small Oriental woman who was leading an immaculately groomed Old English Sheepdog. Mimi said, hello Kim are you ready. Yes I ready and she disrobed. Getting on all fours she approached the dog who Mimi said was called Sam she let him lick her face before turning away from him and spread her legs as the dog smelled her anus and started licking her pussy. Jessie became very excited as the dog tongued deeply into this womans pussy.Ugh-- ugh-- ugh-- ugh she intoned as the slit licking continued. ooh-- ooh-- oh-- oh -- ugh-- ugh-- ugh.

At this point Anna took the leash and pulled the dogs head up. Now the big beast reared up and riding up on this womans back he began hunching his cock toward her pussy. Anna reached down and guided this swollen member to Kim's cunt and stood as this animal drove 8 inches of beet red cock into this womans guts. Ugh-- ugh-- ugh-- uh-- uh-- uh-- uh-- oh-- oh-- good-- good oh-- fuck Kim-- fuck-- fuck oooh ooh this woman moaned as this dog fucked her with massive thrusts of his haunches. Anna in the meantime disrobed and joined Mimi and Jesse on the bed and putting 2 fingers in Jessie's pussy as she in turn rode her mound into Mimi's cunt. Aaaah-- ah-- oh-- oh fuck me oh-- ooooooh-- ooh. down on the floor Sam quickened his pace preparatory to cumming in Kim's cunt. Anna went to the beast and straddling him she stroked his back as he shot his cum into a writhing Kim. Mimi said she needs to calm him after they tie so he doesn't pull her guts out. Jessie was amazed to see the knot at the base of his cock had Kim's cunt swelled as large as a grapefruit. Kim continued to orgasm as this big dog tried to pull free.Easy boy Anna said as she calmed him in order to limit the trauma to Kim's cunt.

After the two had parted Anna strapped on a magnificent 14 inch dildo and moving Jessie ahead of her she placed her on all fours on the bed and began to insert this magnificent surrogate into Jessie. Having large amounts of foreign material forced into her cunt was nothing new to Jessie,however the girth of this thing was larger than she had thus far been subjected to. Gugh-- ugh-- ugh she grunted as this Amazon invaded her treasure. Ooooh-- ugh-- gh-- ugh in tempo with the thrusting of this mighty cock into her pussy. Oooooooooooh-- oooooooooh-- aaaaaaaaagh-- agh -agh as this missile slid into her stretching her cuntal opening beyond its previous limit. Big brother of a base ball bat she told herself.Looking back between her tits she could see the head of this thing pushing and pulling ripples in her lower belly. Nnnnnnngh-- nnnnnnnnnnngh-- ugh-- ugh oh god thats so goddam fuckin big oh god fuck me with it oh god fuck me fuck me oooooooooooo-- oooooooooooooo-- oooooooooooooo oh oh oh ugh ugh ugh. She could feel the bud of her asshole pumping in and out as the mass of this giant cock plunged in and out. Uuuuuugh-- uuuugh-- ugh-- uuuuuung-- uuuuuuuuung uh uh uh. The orgasm that had started early during insertion continued as this woman settled in for the long haul. For 20 minutes she plundered Jessie's cunt hole wringing one orgasm after the other from this attractive woman with the PHD in International Affairs and who was a department head in the state department. In the end it was Anna who ran out of steam and had to terminate this brutal fucking.

After this huge Intruder had been extracted from Jessie, Kim strapped this device on her hips and proceeded to plunder Mimi's pussy.Poor Kim was only able to bring Mimi off a couple of times before this heavy Dildo sapped her strength. Mimi pushed her off and rolling her onto her back, she mounted this Mighty cock and commenced fucking herself. Ungh ugh ugh she moaned as she worked up and down.Uh -- uh-- uh-- uh -- ough-- ough-ough.

Anna had now taken Jessies hand and holding it by the wrist began to work it into herself. Getting into this bit of perversion Jessie streamlined her hand to glide easily into Anna's vaginal cavity. Ooooogh ogh-- ow-ow-- oh god she cried out as Jessie fistfucked her. Uuuuuuuuugh-- ugh-- ugh-uh uh as she had 1 then a second orgasm oh-oh-oh oh.

Far into the night these four women continued to fuck one another. Jessie thought, be hard to top this night of debauchery.

Jessie Gets A Makeover

Jesse Jenkins sat at her desk in the State Department Her husband had departed for an overseas assignment two weeks ago and her resolve to behave while he was gone was fading fast. Several times she picked up the phone and then put it back down.Finally she dialed and waited for someone to answer.

"Greta's beauty salon "she heard someone say. I need an appointment with Maxine as soon as possible. I can get you in from 2 to 3 she heard the receptionist say. Oh good I'll take it. What's you're name honey? Uh, I'm Jennifer. OK I've got you down.

Promptly at @ 2 Jessie was escorted into suite B. There in the center of the room was "Maxine". Maxine was a fucking machine.Looking like an oversized saw horse with a padded top, it had a pair of stirrups at one end. The attendant a young college girl named Iris helped Jesse out of her clothes and and directed her to to step into the stirrups and lay face down on the padded portion of the trestle. This left her bottom end hanging out past the end of the padded area. Electrodes were taped to her skin, one on either side of her pubic mound and one on each cheek of her butt. Ready Hon, Iris asked? Go for it Jessie said.

Iris turned on the switch and Jessie felt her flesh and muscles in the area of her thighs and pussy began to oscillate in the most pleasant manner. Iris left it at low power for a few minutes to allow Jessie a chance to acclimate herself to the pleasant sensation. Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmm Jessie sighed as the rapturous feeling invaded her from her navel to her knees. Uuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuuuuuuu her moans resonated as the vibration became more extreme and she started her first orgasm... uuuuuu uuuuuuuh ooooooo oh god oh god its so gggggooood she shuddered as the power level was increased to 7. At level 10 her flesh was rippling from the ultrasonic stimulation Oh god its so intense oh oh oh ooooh she moaned as the orgasmic sensation became continuous oooooooooh o o o ooooooo aaah. Oh fuck fuck fuck me oh my god fuck me.

At this point 10 minutes into level 10 an electromechanical stud swung out from the bottom of the trestle and the cock mounted on this device aligned itself with Jessie's cunt hole and began to feel it's way toward her pussy. Today this machine sported a Monster,12 inches long it began with a pointed head that tapered up to the diameter of a vacuum cleaner pipe, at 4 inches back it increased to beer can size,at the 8 inch mark it tapered to the base where it was the size of 1 lb coffee can. As the tip entered Jessie's pussy an Industrial strength vibrator began to stroke this missile back and forth. The oscillation of this intruder was of a different speed than the sonic pulse that had brought her to this level of orgasmic delight. This caused the level of stimulation to become unbelieveable as these conflicting forces caused rapid and everchanging sensations to her flesh. On a closed circuit TV screen she could watch with vision blurred by the mechanical and ultrasonic attack as the device penetrated 4, 5, 6 inches and her ultra stimulated system continued to deliver one wrenching orgasm after another... ohhhhohhohohoohhoho ahhaahahhahahhahaahhh oo oooooo oooooogh god almighty what a fucking oh god oooooooh oh.

Stepping back Iris now watched as the automatic control took over and gradually advanced this robotic lover to 10 inches depth. At this point the rapid pulsing of the stud was jiggling Jessie's entire body back and forth on the trestle. Ooooooooh ooo hoooooh oooooo uuuuuuh huh huh huh oo o oh. Ten minutes later the cycle ended by gradually slowing down and withdrawing the giant cock from Jessies cunt.

15 minutes later Jessie stumbled out the door, 200 dollars poorer and feeling a million dollars richer

Jesse Meets Bonus Jack

One Saturday Jessie went to the Mall. As she was entering a department store she saw an attractive brunette ahead of her on the escalator. Moving back several steps she found her self looking at this Woman's panty clad ass and the bare skin above her stockings. As they exited the escalator Jessie followed this Woman to see what might develop. When the Woman stopped abruptly Jessie used that for an excuse to bump into her. Ooops sorry, she said as she caught this woman around the waist as she stumbled forward. Oh it's my fault and thanks for catching me. She noticed that Jessie didn't release her right away and she became aware of two hands on her stomach. She turned to see a lovely Woman about her own age holding her. Thank you she said as Jessie let her go. Oh I'm so glad you didn't fall.

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