That Asshole

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: While doing my so-called friend Doug the favor of watching his dog while he is a way on vacation I find that he video taped my wife having sex. And that is only the beginning of the problems cause by 'That Asshole.'

I was sitting at the bar in a restaurant called Marty's in one of the many suburbs of Chicago waiting for my date, actually a blind date set up for me by a friend at work. I got there forty-five minutes early because it would have been too far to drive home to my apartment and be able to get back in time to meet my date. Another reason I was so early was that it had been years since I had been on a regular date let alone a blind date and I was a bit nervous. I wanted to have a couple of drinks to settle my nerves before my date showed up. Carla, my friend from work, gave me a brief description of my date and said I shouldn't have any trouble recognizing her. All I really got from the description was her name Mary and that she is supposed to be very attractive.

I really hated the idea of a blind date but Carla would not be talked out of fixing me up and I knew that it would probably be a long time before I got up the nerve to start asking women for dates again. It had been two months since my wife and I split up and Carla insisted it was time for me to get back in the game and I finally gave in to her.

As I sat sipping my second scotch of the evening I saw Pam come into the restaurant and sit on one of the benches in the waiting area. Her being there was going to be a problem. You see, Pam is my wife. Although we have been separated for the last two months we are still married.

Pam and I had been married for twelve years when we separated. During most of that time we had a great marriage. Our problems started about two years ago, when for some reason we just suddenly stopped talking to each other. At the time I didn't know why and I didn't know which of us started it. After a while the silence when we were together got so uncomfortable that we started avoiding each other around the house. This situation lasted for about two months and ended one night after we had been to a party. At the party I had had quite a bit to drink and as it turned out so did Pam. We were both feeling pretty good when we got home and we ended up making love. The next morning the tension was gone and we began talking to each other again.

After that things nearly got back to normal. The only thing that didn't seem to fully recover from that rough period was our sex life. We went from having sex at least twice a week to only two or three times a month. Our life continued like this for the next two years. That's when my friend Doug asked me to watch his dog for him.

Doug and I had been friends since high school and I was probably his only good friend. Doug was a very difficult person to like. He is so full of himself. Ever since I've know him he has bragged about the women he has dated and bedded, which was okay when he was twenty, but he is 36 now. He believes that most women are attracted to him when in fact most women I know think he is obnoxious.

The guys all think he is just an asshole. I guess the one character flaw that turned people off the most was the fact that Doug bragged about being a voyeur. This started in high school when Doug would sneak out behind the girl's sorority houses and peek in windows. We loved to hear his stories then but he didn't stop that kind of behavior after high school. I remember when we were about 22 years old, a bunch of us were out drinking and Doug told us that he had a collection of pictures he had taken of unsuspecting women in compromising positions. He said, "If you always have your camera with you and are ready you can get some great pictures."

Nobody really believed him but they resented him for thinking that this of behavior would be acceptable. Gradually most people started to avoid him and began to refer to him as "That Asshole."

I remained his friend, not by choice but because I didn't have the heart to turn my back on him. He had always been there for me and had helped me on many occasions. When Pam and I first got married Doug helped us move into our first apartment and then when I bought our house from a guy who was building it himself and ran out of money, Doug helped me finish the house. The exterior of the house had been finished and the plumbing and electrical had been done but the interior walls were not finished. They needed sanding and painting and the trim work had to be done as well as hanging the kitchen cabinets. Doug helped me do all of that work and asked only that I have a cooler of cold beer handy while we worked. I would go over to the house every night after work for three or four hours and often would find Doug already there working. When we finished the house Doug helped us move in. I just couldn't turn your back on him even if he was an asshole.

Doug and I would go out drinking together whenever Pam had a committee meeting for one of the charities she for which she did volunteered work. About five years ago Doug suggested that we go out, pick up a couple of girls and get laid. I told him no. I wasn't going to cheat on Pam. After that night he would bring this up almost every time we went out. I began to think it was just a joke to him. Then about two years ago as we were sitting in a bar when Doug said, "Look what just came in the door."

I looked over to see two women standing in the entrance to the bar. One was blonde the other a redhead. Doug said, "How would you like to get a piece of that?"

I admitted that they were attractive and that it might be fun to get them into bed. Then before I could say another word Doug was waving to the two women and they started coming over to our table. I said, "What are you doing?"

Doug said, "I am doing you a favor. Getting into a redhead every once in a while is good for you."

I didn't have a chance to say anything more because the women had already arrived at our table. The blonde kissed Doug then Doug said, "Ken meet Kim and Brenda." Kim was the blonde and Brenda the redhead.

I was uncomfortable for a little while but Brenda was easy to talk to and after a couple more drinks I relaxed. After a couple rounds of drinks Kim suggested that we all go over to her place. It turned out that Kim and Brenda were roommates and they shared a very nice two bedroom apartment. When we got there Kim and Brenda fixed drinks for everyone and we settled in front of the television. After a while I was talking to Brenda about something and suddenly realized that Doug and Kim were gone. When I looked around for them Brenda said, "If you're looking for Doug, he and Kim went into the bedroom."

When I turned to look at Brenda she kissed me. I knew I should leave right then but I didn't move. Then Brenda said, "Would you like to see my room?"

I knew it was definitely time to leave as Brenda led me by the hand into her room. I was searching for the words to explain that I had to go home as Brenda kissed me again and flicked her tongue across my lips. I immediately felt myself becoming aroused and when she kissed me again it was all over. I kissed her back and we dropped down onto the bed. Part of my mind kept telling me to get out of there and go home but the powerful little brain in my little head told me I needed a redhead.

I pulled Brenda's top off and soon had her soft breasts in my hands and mouth. As I sucked on her nipples, Brenda made little mewing sounds in her throat. As her breathing intensified I started to open her pants. Brenda helped me get her pants off leaving her on the bed in just her black panties. I kissed my way up her inner thighs until I reached her panties then I pulled the gusset aside to discover that Brenda was a natural redhead. She had a large triangle of soft fluffy red hair. I pressed my face into her hair and inhaled her scent. I ran my tongue over her vulva causing Brenda's hips to jump just a little. As I began to probe Brenda's pussy with my tongue she took my head in her hands and pulled me tighter against her. I wasn't sure if she was having an orgasm or not because Brenda didn't make any noises but she was humping my mouth and her juices seemed to be flowing heavily.

I work her pussy over so hard that my mouth actually got tired, and then I got up and removed my clothes. As I came back to the bed, Brenda took my cock in her hand and pulled it toward her face. I move in the direction she was pulling, like I had a choice, and Brenda took me into her mouth. I stood there looking down on her red hair as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth and I momentarily thought of Pam and felt a pang of guilt but then I look at the downy red hair between Brenda's legs and all I wanted to do was get my cock inside her.

I climbed onto the bed and began kissing Brenda as my cock searched for her opening. It didn't take long for me to find her warm wet hole and slid my cock deep inside her. We bounced around the bed, slowing and then speeding up, trying to prolong the pleasure as long as we could until I finally exploded inside Brenda's pussy, spewing my seed deep inside her.

Afterward I felt great for about five minutes, and then the guilt started. I didn't want to be an asshole and just get up and leave but all I wanted to do was get out of there. I stay for half an hour then said that I had to leave. Brenda didn't seem to be upset. She walked me to the door and said, "Let me know if you want to get together again." Then she kissed me and I left. Apparently Doug and Kim were still going at it in the other room when I left.

Looking back on it now, I suppose that my guilt from that affair was one of the reasons that I found it difficult to talk to Pam during that two-month period of time because that is about the time the problem started.

After that Doug would occasionally bring up my night with Brenda and ask if I wanted to do it again. I gave him an emphatic no. I told him I wasn't going to cheat on Pam again.

Now we get back to Doug asking me to watch his dog. About a week before that sexual encounter with Brenda two years ago Doug had bought a dog. He had gotten a small poodle because he thought it would help him pick up girls. Two months ago Doug told me that he was taking his current girlfriend on a island cruise and would be gone for a week and asked me if I would watch his dog while they were gone. I liked Nero but he was a very hyper dog and I told Doug that I knew Pam wouldn't want him running around in our house. Doug said, "You don't have to take Nero to your house, he'll be fine staying alone. All I need you to do is stop by in the morning and give him fresh water and let him out in the back yard to relieve himself then stop by in the evening to feed him, give him fresh water again and let him outside again."

I agreed to do it and Doug gave me his spare keys. Doug said, "I leave Saturday afternoon so you need to feed Nero Saturday night, and I'll be home the following Saturday afternoon. "

I talked this over with Pam and she agreed to help. Saturday and Sunday I would take care of Nero but during the week Pam agreed to take care of Nero in the mornings, because she passed within a block of Doug's house on her way to work, and I would handle the evenings.

Monday evening when I went into Doug's house Nero wasn't jumping at the door waiting for me like he usually is. When I called him I heard him upstairs. When I looked up the stairs Nero was looking down at me and pacing behind the gate that Doug put up to keep Nero form going upstairs in the first place. It looked as thought Nero had knocked the gate part way over and was able to get past it but he couldn't figure out how to get back down the stairs. I went up and got Nero and fixed the gate. Then I looked to see if Nero left any messes and found that he had peed in Doug's study. I went down stairs and got a sponge and the spray cleaner for cleaning up pet stains and took them upstairs. As I was cleaning up Nero's mess it occurred to me that I had never been on the second floor in Doug's house before. When I finished my task I snooped around a bit.

Doug's study was actually a bedroom that he converted to a study. He had a large roll top desk with his computer on it and a small file cabinet next to the desk. I peeked into his closet and found that he had another file cabinet. This was a four-drawer cabinet, which was locked. On top of the cabinet were three shoe boxes. I opened one of the boxes and saw that it was nearly full of photographs. White cards that were marked with year and month on them divided the photos.

I pulled out the pictures from January of 1999. There where five of them. The first looked like it was taken in a restaurant and the photo was of woman sitting at a table with a small child.

What struck me about this picture was that under the table you could see that the woman's legs were spread just enough that you could see up her skirt all the way to the crotch of her pantyhose and you could see her panties through them. The next picture was taken at a basketball game and the woman in the picture was sitting on the opposite side of the arena from whoever took the picture. The photographer must have used a powerful telephoto lens because the picture very clearly showed the woman's panties. The other three pictures were all shots of women in similar situations that didn't seem to know that they were exposing themselves or that they were being photographed.

I took the box over to Doug's desk, sat down and began looking through his collection. The photographs were of excellent quality. Someone who knew what they were doing took these pictures. I wondered if Doug these were Doug's work. As I said, the pictures were divided into months. Some months had only one or two pictures and some had a dozen or more. The summer months seemed to have the most. I was about half way through the box when I noticed a label on top of the box. It read "Up Skirts 1999 - 2000." That made me curious about the other two boxes, so I went back and got those boxes from closet. They had similar labels. One box said "Up Skirts 2001 -" and the other said "Down Blouse 1999- " Neither of these boxes was full. I sat down and began to look through the pictures in the box marked "Down Blouse." The photographs were just what I expected. They were of women's breasts captured when the woman was bending over and her breasts were visible through the top of her blouse or dress or were shots where the breast was visible through the arm hole of the woman's blouse or dress. These photographs must have been much harder to get because there weren't nearly as many and they weren't as clear as the up skirt photographs.

When I had looked through all of the down blouse pictures I went back to the first box of up skirt pictures. I had only gotten as far as August of 1999 when I stopped to get the other boxes out so I started back in September. When I got to October I was shocked to see a picture of Pam. She was sitting on the sofa in Doug's living room talking to Carla, my friend from work. Pam was facing Carla and her legs were spread far enough apart that the white of her panties was visible.

It pissed me off to think that Doug would take a picture of Pam that way. I looked at the next picture which was the same scene only he had zoomed in much closer. Now you couldn't see the faces of the women in the picture and you could only see a little of Carla's body, but it was a great shot up between Pam's legs. This was such a sexy and I guess erotic photo that I was getting an erection from it. I couldn't take my eyes off that picture. I thought about Doug looking at this picture of my wife's exposed panties and it bothered me but I still couldn't put it down. Finally I glanced at the next picture and it was an extreme close up of Pam's panties. In this picture you could see the dark shadow of Pam's pubic hair and the outline of her vulva through her panties. This picture almost made my mouth water. Doug must have taken these three photographs in rapid succession only zooming in closer for each shot. I remembered that night. Doug had invited several people over for a party and he walked around all night taking photographs. I didn't think anything of it at the time because he was always taking photographs.

I set the three photos of Pam aside and looked through the rest of his collection. When I had seen them all I looked at Pam's pictures again. When I got ready to go home I put the pictures of Pam in my pocket and put the rest back where I had found them.

When I got home Pam asked what took me so long. I told her about Nero getting upstairs and the mess he left for me to clean up. I didn't mention the photographs.

That evening after dinner as Pam was upstairs reading so I got the photographs of Pam out and looked at them again. While I was doing this I happened to notice that something was written on the back of the extreme close photo of Pam's panty covered pussy. I looked at the writing but Doug's penmanship wasn't very good so it took me a minute to figure out that it said, "I'll bet that's one delicious pussy."

It bothered me that Doug would have thoughts like that about my wife but rather than getting angry with Doug I got horny for Pam. I looked at the photos again and knew that I had to get my between those legs. I locked the photos in my brief case and headed up stairs. Pam was coming out of the back bedroom where she goes when she wants to read. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her. She jumped at first then said, "What do you want? As if I need to ask when I call already feel the answer."

It occurred to me then that this was the first time in a long time that I had an erection before we even started to make love. I pushed my hard cock against Pam and kissed her on the neck. Then I whispered in her ear, "Hey baby how about showing a sailor a good time?'

She said, "What did you have in mind sailor?"

I ran my hands down over her breasts, across her belly and down to her thighs. Then I pulled my hands up between her legs and pressed against her pussy. I said, "I need something sweet and juicy in my mouth and I think you have what I need right here." I pressed my hands tighter against her pussy as I spoke.

Pam turned around to face me and said, "It's been so long I don't know if I am still sweet and juicy." Then she kissed me. We continued kissing as I opened her pants and pushed then down her legs. When they fell to her ankles, Pam stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Then I picked Pam up sat her on the edge of the bed and knelt down between her knees. I was looking directly at the gusset of her panties. What I wanted was behind that white cotton strip. With both hands I began to pull Pam's panties off. She lifted herself off the bed to help. As I ran my tongue over her labia I realized that Pam was already aroused because her pussy was already starting to self lubricate in preparation for penetration. When I pushed my tongue inside Pam's pussy her juices began to run down my chin. It wasn't more than two minutes later that Pam was tensing up as her orgasm began to wash over her. After her orgasm Pam said, "That felt fantastic. I guess I needed that more than I realized."

I stood up in front of Pam and she unbuckled my belt, opened my zipper and helped me out of my pants. As I removed my shirt Pam freed my cock from my shorts and took it into her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head sever times then took me deep into her throat. I was soon building toward climax so I pulled my cock from her mouth, removed my shorts and got on the bed with her. Pam spread her legs as I climbed between them. I bent down and kissed her pussy lips once then moved my rock hard member into place at the entrance to Pam's tunnel of love. When I pushed inside her the combination of her natural lubrication and her body heat made me want to spend the rest of my life inside her. Pam rolled us onto our sides so that she could move her hips in time to my movements. We soon had a rhythm going that was giving a great deal of pleasure to both of us. When I climaxed it was the best I had had in a long time. As we lay together in the after glow I said, "We need to do this more often."

All Pam said was, "Yes we should. What got into you tonight?"

"I got a look at your legs and just had to have you."

She said, "But I was wearing pants."


"So, Thanks for still getting turned on by my legs." Soon after that Pam fell asleep.

Tuesday is one of Pam's committee meeting nights and she doesn't get home till around 11:30 PM. So that Tuesday night I figured I would stay at Doug's for a while and keep Nero company.

After I fed Nero and let him run around the back yard for a while then I got a beer from the refrigerator and sat on the sofa with him. As I sat there I started wondering about the photos of Pam. Were there other pictures Doug might have around. He had often bragged about his collection. I had thought it was all BS but now I wasn't so sure. I guessed that if there were more pictures that he might have them locked in one of the file cabinets in his study.

I went up to Doug's study being sure to leave the gate in place so that Nero couldn't follow. Both the file cabinet next to his desk and the one in his closet were locked, so I looked through his desk drawers and found nothing. No pictures and no keys. Then I remember looking at a roll top desk similar to Doug's in a furniture store and the salesman had shown me a secret hiding place behind the small drawers in the top of the desk. I pulled the small drawers out of Doug's desk and sure enough there was a small compartment behind them. I reached my hand inside and found an envelope. Inside the envelope I found two sets of keys.

I tried the keys on the file cabinet next to the desk and one of the sets worked. Inside the top drawer of the file cabinet where Doug's personal files. His taxes, insurance papers, that sort of thing, in the bottom drawer were his cameras. There was a 35-millimeter with three different lenses. The biggest lens had to be the one he used at that basketball game. There was also a small digital camera and two video cameras, one of which had a bigger lens than I had seen on any of the cameras I looked at in the stores. It looked more like a camera that would be used by a professional.

There were a couple of photographs lying loose in the bottom of the drawer. Both of a middle aged woman. She was standing in her bathroom in the nude. The picture was obviously taken from outside. So Doug was a Peeping Tom. The thought of him creeping around behind people's houses with his camera made me a little sick, but it didn't stop me from wanting to see his photo collection.

Finding nothing else in the first file cabinet I went to the four-drawer file in the closet. The second set of keys opened the cabinet. The first two drawers contained boxes of photos of woman in various states of undress, mostly shot looking in through bathroom or bedroom windows. Rather than spending a lot of time looking through his photos right them I wanted to see what was in the bottom two drawers. When I opened the third drawer it was full of videotapes. I grabbed a half dozen tapes and took them downstairs. I loaded a tape into Doug's VCR and turned on his television. When I hit the play button the screen flickered white then dark until the camera adjusted to the amount of light. Then I saw that the picture was of a woman's panties. It took me a moment to realize that the video was being shot from the ground looking up under the woman's skirt. As I watched more of the tape it was more of the same. Somehow Doug had managed to position his camera to look up women's skirts. I scanned through the rest of that tape and the other five I had brought down and they were all about the same. They turned out to be very much like the photos I had looked at the day before. There were a lot of shots looking up women's skirts from the ground but there were also shots of women sitting in parks, in restaurants and even of women at a party at Doug's house only this time he didn't catch Pam with his camera.

I took the six videos back upstairs and looked through the rest of that drawer. In the back of the drawer I found a couple of tapes that said Misc. Nudes. I took those down stairs and loaded one into the VCR. These videos were all women that Doug had somehow managed to catch in the nude. Again it looked like these were shot through windows. I thought, "This guy is really sick, but he is good at what he does."

These tapes didn't do anything for me so I took them back and put them away. Then I opened the bottom drawer. There were only ten tapes in the drawer so I took them all and went downstairs.

I began viewing the tapes in the order I found them. The first video opened with Kim, the blonde that Doug had been with the night I was with Brenda, sitting on a bed. The bedroom wasn't Doug's but it look familiar then I realized that it must be Kim's room because it looked like Brenda's bedroom. A man came into the room but I couldn't see his face because he had his back to the camera. I could hear that he was talking to Kim but couldn't hear what he said. Then I heard Kim say, "We can do that if you want."

Kim stood up and started taking her clothes off and the guy started to remove his clothes. When Kim was naked she sat on the bed and the guy walked over and stood in front of her. I could see the guys face now but had no idea who he was. Kim started to suck his cock. As soon as he was hard they got on the bed and he pushed his cock inside her. They bounced around the bed for quite a while then he obviously had his orgasm. He lay on top of Kim for a while afterward until she said, "Okay, that's enough."

The guy got up and started dressing. He was blocking the camera again and I was still having trouble hearing what he was saying to Kim. It sounded like he said, "Same time next week?"

Then Kim said, "I'll mark it on my calendar." When the guy was fully dressed he left. The rest of the tape was made up of shots of Kim walking around in her room either getting undressed or getting dressed.

The next tape was in Brenda's room. The beautiful redhead was sitting on her bed in her bra and panties talking to a guy. I couldn't make out anything they were saying because the microphone was to far away from them. Suddenly the conversation seemed to end and the guy pulled out his wallet and it looked like he took a few twenty-dollar bills out and set them on the bedside table. Then he got undressed. When naked he got on the bed and Brenda started giving him a blowjob. After a while she removed her bra and panties and climbed on top of the guy and sat down on his cock. She then bounced up and down on him till he shot his load inside her. When he pulled out you could see the cum running out of Brenda's pussy. She just sat on the bed while he dressed. When he left the video jumped to another seen. Brenda was sitting on the bed again only this time she was full dressed. There was a man in the room with her and they talked for a few minutes then the man got his wallet out and gave her a hand full of bills. Then the two of them stripped and Brenda started the guy off with a blowjob. I was sitting there trying not to accept the obvious. Brenda and Kim were prostitutes. I began to wonder if Doug had paid Brenda to have sex with me that night. And how he managed to videotape the girls in action was a bigger puzzlement. I scanned the rest of the video but it was just some scenes of Brenda in the nude.

The next tape had a small label that said, "Sandy" and in small print under the name was an address. It opened with a group of people having a picnic. It quickly became evident that Doug was watching one particular woman in the group. She was an attractive brunette and only one of two women in the group that were wearing skirts. The other woman was pregnant. Everywhere this brunette, I guess her name was Sandy, went Doug followed with his camera. Eventually he got a good shot up he skirt while she sat at the picnic table and he got another shot up her skirt as she got in her car to leave. The video flashed and when the picture appeared it was Sandy walking toward the camera but it looked like she wasn't aware of the camera. It wasn't the same day because Sandy was wearing different clothes. As she passed the camera I could see that they were in the mall. The camera followed her as she started up the escalator catching several good up skirt shots. The next scene was of Sandy in her bathroom putting on makeup in front of the mirror. She was only wearing panties. It appeared that Doug was stalking this woman. I was beginning to think I would have to do something to stop him. There was nothing more on Sandy's tape.

The next tape was labeled Bobbie and again there was an address under the name. This was similar to Sandy's tape. It looked like Doug had chosen because she was attractive and was wearing a skirt. He kept after her till he got some panty shots then he began to follow her around. This one however had no peeping shots around her house.

I looked at a couple more tapes that were pretty much the same thing. The seventh tape I picked up had a star drawn on it.

I loaded the tape in the VCR and hit the play button. The first scene to appeared was an extreme close up between a woman's legs showing the gusset of her panties. This lasted a few seconds then the camera began to zoom out and as it did I discovered that the scene was Pam sitting on Doug's sofa again. This video was from the same party where Doug had taken the photos of Pam. Again she was sitting on the sofa talking to Carla as she was in the photos but now he was using his video camera. Even with the camera zoomed all of the way back you could see the white of her panties. Then Doug slowly zoomed in again, adjusting his focus as he went.

It was amazing that he could pull the picture in so close. He was able to get closer than in the photograph. I could actually see pubic hairs sticking out from the leg openings in her panties.

The camera zoomed back a little and just stayed locked on Pam's thighs and panties. That lasted for about two minutes; I timed it later, but seemed a lot longer while I was watching it.

Next were a couple of short scenes where Doug had managed to get a shot of Pam's panties as she was getting in or out of her car. Was he stalking her? Then there was a scene from a cookout at our house. Doug had managed to get a shot of Pam's nipple showing as she bent over to pick something up.

I was getting angrier with Doug by the minute but I was fascinated by the video shots of my wife. How could he have stalked her to get these shots and I never noticed. The next scene was a shot underneath a table. The camera wasn't very steady and all I could see was the lower half of a woman's body. I had to assume it was Pam, but I couldn't say for sure from what I could see. She was wearing a short skirt and black stockings. Her legs were moving a lot like she was nervous about something. At one point her legs moved far enough apart that I could see all the way up to her panties. The surprising thing about this was Pam was not wearing panty hose but thigh highs and black panties. She usually only dressed like that when we were going out for a romantic night on the town. I was trying to remember when and where this might have been and how could Doug have been there to get video shots under the table. I was very puzzled by the whole thing but the view of her legs and panties was giving me a major erection.

I was still looking at those beautiful legs wondering if possibly they belonged to someone other than Pam when suddenly a little white dog appeared next to the chair the woman was sitting in. It took just a moment to realize the dog was Nero when he was a puppy. That was two years ago. Now I knew where this was taking place and how long ago. Then a hand appeared in the picture and began petting the dog. It was Pam's hand. I recognized her rings. This scene lasted a full twenty minutes. During that time Pam kept crossing and uncrossing her legs and occasionally reaching down I kept trying to figure out what Pam would be doing at Doug's house sitting at what now appeared to be the kitchen table. No one else was sitting at the table with the possible exception of Doug who was probably holding the camera between his knees. I didn't know what to think until the next scene started.

The video flickered as the scene changed. Now I was looking at the inside of Doug's bedroom. No one was in there at the moment but the microphone was picking up voices that seemed to be getting louder and clearer. Suddenly Doug came through the door and he was leading Pam by the hand. He turned her so that her back was to the camera then he put his arms around her and kissed her. I nearly yelled out loud, "You fucking cunt!" My heart was pounding and I was starting to sweat even though it wasn't warm in the house. I hated what I was seeing but I couldn't look away. My wife was in Doug's bedroom and she was kissing him. I just knew this was going to get much worse.

As Doug continued to kiss Pam he pulled her skirt up in back until her full round black satin covered ass was in view. Then Doug put his hands on Pam's ass and squeezed her cheeks and pulled her against him. Next Doug let Pam's skirt fall back into place and he sat down on the bed. He told Pam to undress for him. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it then she removed her bra. Doug got up and pulled Pam to him and sucked on her nipples one at a time for a couple of minutes then he sat down again. Pam reached around to the back of her skirt and unsnapped then unzipped it and let it drop to the floor. Seeing Pam standing in front of Doug wearing only her panties and stockings was making me crazy. I suddenly heard myself saying "Don't you dare take those panties off you slut." Then she hooked her thumbs in the waste band of her panties and pulled them off. I was yelling again, "You fucking slut."

Doug told her to come sit next to him on the bed. When she sat down Doug opened his pants and pulled his cock out. Then he put his arm around Pam and guided or more like pushed her head down toward his cock. I kept yelling, "Don't do it." Doug held her head just above his cock then with his other hand he pick his cock up and slapped the head against Pam's lips. Then he rubbed the head over her lips and finally told her to open her mouth. When she did he stuffed about half of his cock into her mouth. Pam began to bob her head up and down on Doug's cock. He kept his hand on the back of Pam's head the whole time. When the first pulses of his climax hit, Pam lifted her head off his cock and the rest of his load splashed all over her face. Doug began stroking his cock to make sure he got the whole load out and he was rubbing it all over Pam's face. When he was done he told her that she was a fantastic cocksucker. Then he told Pam she could clean her face in the bathroom.

While she was gone Doug undressed himself and sat on the bed playing with his cock and smiling at the camera. When Pam came back into the room Doug told her that he needed help getting another erection. He pointed at his cock and Pam got on the bed and went down on him again.

Once Doug started to recover He told Pam to get up and sit on his face. As Pam positioned herself over Doug he said, "I'm finally going to taste that pussy I have been dreaming of."

Pam lowered her self down until Doug's mouth was locked over her pussy. I guess Doug did a good job here because Pam had a shuddering orgasm. Seeing Pam have an orgasm with Doug was the most painful thing yet. The only thing worst came ten minutes later when I saw her have her second orgasm while Doug was pounding his cock into her pussy. When Doug finally climaxed they both collapsed on the bed. They both lay there for a while then Pam got up and dressed. The video ended as Pam left the room.

I sat staring at the blank screen in a rage. I don't know why but I rewound the whole tape and watched it again almost as though I was hoping something different would happen. After that I debated with myself on what I should. There was no doubt that I would have to confront Pam about this, it was just a mater of how. And what was I going to do about Doug. I sat there in Doug's house until nearly 10:00 PM before I decided how I was going to handle things.

First I got some of Doug's blank videotapes and made copies of the tapes of Sandy, Bobbie and the other girls and wrote down their addresses. Then I put all of the tapes except for Pam's back in the file cabinet and locked everything up and put the keys back were I found them.

Then I put Pam's tape in the VCR and cued it up to just before Pam and Doug entered the bedroom. I wrote two notes to Pam. One I put on the VCR which said, "Pam, I watched this last night and found it very interesting. Just turn on the TV and hit play. You'll probably want to take the tape with you to watch the rest of it later. I would like to discuss the tape with you when we get home tonight." The second note said, "Pam I left you a note on Doug's VCR. Make sure you look at it before you leave for work." I put the second note on the front door where Pam couldn't miss it when she came over in the morning.

When I finally got home it was about twenty minutes past eleven. I went upstairs and quickly got undressed and into bed. I didn't want to deal with the confrontation that night, so my intention was to pretend I was asleep so that I wouldn't have to act like nothing was wrong. I had been in bed only five minute when I heard the garage door open. Shortly after that Pam came into the bedroom. She came over to my side of the bed and kissed me on the ear and whispered, "Are you awake?"

When she kissed me it made my skin crawl I was so angry. I kept it under control and pretended she woke me up. I said, "I just fell asleep a few minutes ago."

Pam said, "I'm sorry. I've been thinking about last night all day today and wondered if you wanted to make love again tonight."

I had to take a deep breath so that I would not respond with too much angry in my voice. I said, "I can't tonight. I've had a splitting heading all day and I all I want is go to sleep. Why don't you try to get home early from work tomorrow and we'll see what comes up then."

"I'm sorry you have a headache honey. Do you want me to massage you head."

I said, "No. Please just let me sleep."

It was almost funny that fifteen minutes later Pam was the one asleep. I didn't sleep for another two hours. I just kept thinking of all the rotten nasty things I wanted to say to her when she comes home after seeing the videotape.

The next morning after Pam left to go take care of Nero I called me office and said that I wouldn't be in that day. I waited half expecting that Pam would come home after seeing the tape but she didn't. I waited a couple of hours and then drove over to Doug's house. Pam wasn't there. I went back home and called Pam's office. Pam didn't answer her phone but a department secretary picked it up. I asked if Pam was in and she said that she was but apparently had pushed the do not disturb button on her phone and was not taking any calls. The secretary asked if there was a message and I said no.

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