by Spiller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman is taken hostage by two not so bright drug smugglers

Chapter one

The old airstrip behind our neighbourhood was such a lovely place to exercise. I always loved skating on my in-liners, but after moving here it has become almost an obsession. The asphalt of the strip has held up nicely since it was closed down for airtraffic, giving me a very smooth surface - which by incident I have all to myself. The strip runs smoothly uphill from where I go onto it, and setting a hard speed uphill for a mile and a half gives me a nice sweat. Going downhill is sheer pleasure. The wind in my hair, the smells and colours of all the weeds lining the strip, the occational rabbit or fox crossing it - it all adds up to a wonderful and relaxing trip home. I do the airstrip every day, but three times a week I take the round twice, making me quite exhausted when I get back home.

And now a few words about myself: 38 years old, divorced for the last 2 years, a socalled 'happy divorce', since no one was really hurt. We were always a bit unhappy that we never had kids, but when we came to the divorce it was a Godsend. It was nothing dramatic, we just grew apart, and neither of us had the will or energy to do something about it. The sale of our house brought in a hefty profit, and with a bit of support from hubby for the first year, I was able to buy this small house in a new neighbourhood, get established in the business I'm in now: Translating from Japanese and Chineese. Not a job to make you rich, but still enough to enjoy a reasonably comfortable life, and you do 95 % of your work from home.

I found the airstrip by coincidence. In my new back garden there was a fence, separating my old garden from an uncultivated field overgrown with high weeds, running uphill towards a distant forest. Clearing up a bit - though I'm not really a gardenperson - I found a small rusty gate behind a cluster of bushes. Of course I had to pry it open, and of course I had to walk that beautiful little piece of wild nature - and that's when I came upon the strip.

I went straight back to my house to pick up my inliners, and the next hour was spent exploring this wonderful playground.

I woke up very early, on a lovely day the first week of July, and I really felt like taking my daily run before breakfast. All the way uphill to the forest, and a lazy glide downhill, enjoying the wind in my hair. In a fit of sensuality I lifted my sweaty T-shirt over my head and enjoyed the wind playing with my breasts, too. I had just considered putting it on again, as I was nearing the houses, when I saw a car, parked on the side of the strip. I braked quickly and pulled on my T-shirt, but I'm afraid it was just a bit too late. In the grass beside the car two young men were lounging with a flask of coffee and a couple of sandwiches.

- That was really a sight out of a fairy-tale, the tallest of them volunteered as I approached.

- Well, I can't really say that I had planned on being watched, I said with a smile. - You two are the first persons I've seen here for more than 5 months.

- Seems to be our luck, the tall one answered. - Can we offer you a cup of coffee and half a sandwich?

- I'm sure the lady wants to get home to her own coffee, the youngest and smallest of them replied, obviously more interested in getting rid of me. And of course I fell for the challenge.

- Well, as it isn't every morning an old lady is offered a cup of coffee by two young men, I think I'll accept that, but I'll leave the sandwich to you. I turned into the grass and sat down beside them. Actually the tall one was really handsome, and the smaller one was too, but more in a sort of pretty way.

- Better introduce ourselves. We are Tom and Carl, the tall one said, while he poured me some coffee in a plastic cup.

- And I'm Henny.

- Here you are, pretty lady, though I have to say that you were even prettier without the T-shirt. Any chance of a replay?

This guy certainly didn't waste his time! Silly me fell for it, and I could feel my nipples react to the situation.

- I mean, I can do without mine. And quickly he pulled his own T-shirt off and bared a well sculptured chest with not a single hair on it. Yummy. Of course I should have stayed cool, but it just jumped out of my mouth:

- Well, you have seen them before, haven't you? Might as well scare you off with a closer look. And off my T-shirt went! I sure was a fast one, that morning. I felt highly erotic with my breasts hanging free in the presence of two younger men, and pretty soon it was not only sweat that was making my panties feel damp.

I have to admit that the two young guys were quite polite, and for a while I basked in their stares at my breasts. They are not that impressive, my breasts, but with age I have come to like their smallness, as it prevents them from giving in to age and gravity. Still firm and with upturned nipples they are my pride. In my mind I was vaguely contemplating making a real pass at them, when suddenly everything changed. A small Piper Cup circled the field once and then came in, as if to land.

- Damn you and your obsession with pussy. We're in for trouble now, the younger growled.

- Quick, lady. Get into the car and hide on the floor, the tall one ordered.

- Hey, I'll just slip home through the tall weeds, I volunteered.

- Doesn't work, lady. In you get. And NOW !

Chapter two.

Suddenly the two guys seemed not so kind and polite, and all the flirting and charm went out of that cup of coffee. I damned myself for not just rushing past them, and reluctantly I jumped into the car and hid on the floor. A minute later I heard the Piper Cup taxi up close to the car. The trunk was opened, and I heard several soft bundles be loaded into it.

- The collector will be at your place tomorrow. Better have the money ready at 11 pm. He'll be dressed as a TV-repairman.

I heard the trunk close, and then Tom and Carl talked a while in muffled voices, soon to be drowned by the noise as the Piper Cup took off. I thought everything was in the clear now, so I got up from the floor and opened the door to get out.

- Get back in, Tom shouted.

- You're in for a lot of trouble, lady, Carl growled. - You were not supposed to see this, but sometimes I think Tom has got all his brains in his dick.

- Yeah, it was a bit stupid, wasn't it? Here, lady, put on your T-shirt. He threw it to me.

- What the hell are we going to do? I don't want to waste her, but we can't let her go.

- Let's take her along. Tomorrow by midnight we'll be out of that rented dump. We can tie her up for the two days, and leave her there when the deal is over. There is no way we can be connected to the shed and to this car, and we'll be far gone by the time somebody finds her.

- Yes. But she'll be able to identify us.

- Of no use to her or the cops, 'cause no one is going to find us. They wouldn't search all 50 states because of this. If it's murder it may very well be different.

- OK for now. Let's get out of here. We can talk about it when we're home safe.

- Right. Henny, get down on the floor, and don't you move until you're told. Carl, get in the back and make sure she stays down. Better stuff her mouth with something so she doesn't scream for help.

As the car started rolling Carl took off his shirt and then his sweaty T-shirt, which he bundled up a bit and stuffed into my mouth. He kept stuffing till my jaws hurt, and with the rest of the smelly cotton hanging down from my mouth I was effectively gagged. From the gloveshelf Tom took a gun which he handed back to Carl.

- If she tries anything, knock her out for good. You got that, Henny? Just try to lift your head, and he'll bash your skull with that gun. Might do you harm, you know.

For the next fifteen minutes I felt the car turn several times, then a long ride on a highway, I think, and then again it slowed down, apparantly because we were nearing their place. Tom turned halfway round and talked to me.

- We'll be there in a minute or so. Now listen. Carl is going to pull out that gag, and then he'll guide you into the house. I'll keep the engine running until he comes out again. If you try to attract attention in ANY way, he'll shoot to kill. You'll be one dead lady, and we'll be off before anyone knows what has happened. Got it?

I shook my head yes, as I had already decided that the safest for me would be to do exactly as they told me. I had a feeling, that they didn't really want to kill me, so maybe I could get out of this alive.

- OK, Henny. Get up on the seat now. Carl pulled out the gag, and I opened and closed my mouth a few times to ease the pain.

- Get off your skates. When we go from the car to the house you just hold them in your hand. And don't look around, just walk beside me and follow me into the house.

Five minutes later I was in the house. He placed me with my back to a wooden post supporting the ceiling, and a little later my wrists were tied together behind the poster.

- This is real shit, Henny. We sure don't want to kill you. We're not killers, and we don't intend to be. But trust me, we will, if you try to jeopardize this operation. This is what we'll do: You stay here with us until we leave. We'll tie you up in the basement and gag you, and we promise, that we'll call for help to you, 6 hours after we have left. Do you think you can obey us, knowing you don't have to die?

For the first time I had a chance to speak. - I'll do whatever you say, but, please don't kill me.

- We won't. And for your information this old farmhouse is about a mile away from the nearest neighbour, so any noise you can make, won't be heard.

- Do I have to be tied up all the time?

During this conversation Tom had entered the house, listening to the last part of what we had said.

- For a while yet. I have to get rid of some stuff, and I'll be gone for about an hour. Can't leave you alone with Carl while you're untied. But when I come back we can talk about it.

I heard the car start and roll off, while Carl took up position at a big bay window, overlooking the fields and the road. Carl did not make any attempts at a conversation. I guess about an hour passed before I heard the car stop outside the house. When Tom came back in he said:

- Carl, give me a hand with the barn-gate, it's very heavy. And you, lady, stay put.

Chapter three.

When both of them were back in the livingroom, I tried again:

- Do I have to be tied up, now you're both here?

- I guess it's all right to untie you for now. Will you release her, Carl?

- Yeah, I might. But... look at those small tits, they are very nice. Having her arms tied behind her back makes them really stand out. I think I'll have a touch.

Carl stepped up close to me, and I felt his hands lift my T-shirt. He looked quite feminine, but there was nothing feminine about the way he played with my tits. They fit perfectly into his hands, and when he started to play with my nipples and pinch them, quite expertly, I felt to my horror that they rose to the occation. I cursed myself inwardly for reacting so positively to his caress. Perhaps it was partly the relief from my fear of getting killed, and partly my tied up position. With my former husband I sometimes played the 'slave'-part, and often it would make me terribly horny.

- Hey, Tom. We might as well get a bit of fun out of this lady. We're stuck with her for a couple of days, and we hardly have anything to do but to wait.

- You have your fun. But keep her tied up. I'll go and get our things out of the car. Maybe I'll join you.

That was all the encouragement Carl needed. It didn't take him more than a minute to pull down my shorts and panties, and I felt utterly embarrassed to be naked in front of a stranger. I had comtemplated kicking his groin, but I realized it wouldn't do me any good. In a rush he lifted my T-shirt up to show my tits. He tried to find a way to get it off me.

- Not easy to get it off with my hands tied.

- I'll get it off, lady.

He pulled out a knife, opened it and cut my expensive T-shirt to pieces. With my tits out in the open, and the rest of my body naked, I felt very vulnerable, to say the least, and I could only hope that he would contain himself to the sex thing, without harming me permanently. But this was definitely not the way I had imagined my first sex since the divorce.

It hit me that this was no role-playing game. This was the real thing. I was tied up, I was going to be raped by a stranger, and there was no secret stop-word, if he went too far to my taste! And still I could not prevent myself from reacting far too well to the situation. Guess I've been away from pheromones for too long. At least I felt my pussy fill up with blood, swelling, and moistening. I felt heavy down there, and with my nipples standing at attention, there was nothing I could hide when Carl slipped his finger to my pussy and turned towards Tom, who had returned and was now busy at the fireplace.

- Tom, come here, Tom. Have a feel at this pussy, she's damn well getting wet.

- Well, it's not your beauty doing it, mate. Tom came over, and without any ceremony or foreplay, he pushed away Carl's hand and replaced it with his own. He rubbed up and down a few times with the palm of his hand, before he slipped a finger into my crack. I felt it penetrate my vagina and when it was sufficiently wet he brought it up to my clit. Wow, that was an expert diddling me! A flash ran through my body, and my knees started to tremble.

- You're shaking all over, Henny. You scared? Or are you just a slut?

- I'm a bit scared, I stammered.

- Well, your cunt tells me something else. Unless you've got some kind of an infection, which makes it so slippery when you're tied up. You're right, Carl. I think this slut is one of those who like it a bit rough. Aren't you?

He pulled out his finger and emphasized his words with a loud slap on my behind. A weak 'ouch' escaped me, but at the same time I felt my cheeks and my tits starting to glow, that sure sign my husband used to read so easily, when we were younger: I WAS getting horny. Having two men fuck me was always a fantasy of mine - one I couldn't persuade my husband to try - and being tied up and helpless always turned me on, when it was a game. But now was for real! I was scared, and at the same time anticipating what those two criminals might do to me.

I looked from one to the other. Actually both of them might have scored me if they had tried. Carl was very pretty in a slightly feminine way, and Tom was tall and wiry, lanky I'd say, his head covered in almost black curls.

- I'd say she's ready for some serious fucking, Tom said. Why don't you slip her a piece of meat while I try to find a couple of low stools. Her legs are too short for me to fuck her while she is standing up.

Tom pressed his mouth hard into mine, and I felt his tongue try to pry my lips apart. At the same time he almost mauled my tits, at least handled them so hard they hurt in the most delicious way. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Carl zip down his trousers, pull out a fat cock and then push Tom aside. Without any finesse at all he rammed a very hard, very fat cock up my pussy. My God it felt great ! He hadn't even bothered to take off his clothes, and I felt his trousers rub against my mons and my belly, and his shirt was pressed hard against my tits.

I had never been fucked with such urgency and such power. Every time he pushed up into me, my back was pressed hard against the unyielding wooden post. My back and my ass hurt every time, and my pussy was extatic. Two minutes of this had me panting panting and moaning right into his face.

- Hey, Carl. Don't come inside her this first time. I don't want to slip around in your gooey sperm when it's my turn. You can spit it all over her, if you want.

That remark brought me over the hill. With a wild scream I felt my pussy contract around Carl's fat cock. It was out of this world ! My legs almost collapsed under me, and I would have slid down on the floor, if Carl hadn't continued his insistent fucking all through my orgasm. Suddenly he pulled out that wondercock. My cunt made a gurgling sound as air was sucked in around his retracting cock. I opened my eyes and saw him aim his cock against my body. Suddenly seven or eight jets of fat sperm hit me - my tits first, then down my belly, a couple of jets into my pussy hair, and then a dribble or two down my legs. That was so close to bringing me off again.

- Aaaaahhhhh. That was just what I needed, Henny. That is one fine cunt you've got there. And it really enjoys a good fucking, eeehh?

I couldn't help nodding 'yes'. It was too evident that I had enjoyed it and that my yelling was not due to any scare.

- My God, you look like a ten dollar whore. That was Tom coming up.

- Will you please wipe her off before I use her?

- Must you talk like that about me?

- Oh, no, Henny. I don't have to, but I like it. I'm going to use you, I'm going to stick my cock into your cunt and whack it off. And there is not a thing you can do about it.

Carl came back with an old towel he had soaked in cold water. I flinched as the cold, wet rag hit my tits and Carl proceeded to wipe off his sperm. When he got down to my abundant bush he said:

- Pity we don't have a pair of scissors. This forest could do with a bit of trimming.

- Yeah, it's not easy to get a look at her treasures. Is your knife sharp?

- Very.

- Let me have it, I think I can cut off most of it. That is if Henny can stand still. The knife might slip, you know, and I don't want to cut off your clit or something.

Tom sat down on one of the low stools he had found, so his face was right in front of my pussy. With his left hand he gathered a tuft of my coarse, black hair, and then with the knife dangerously close to my skin he cut it off. I was scared stiff that the knife would slip and hurt me, but at the same time it was very exciting. Tuft after tuft disappeared, and he even worked the same way around my labia, which gave me away.

- I sure think this bitch has a kink 'bout danger. She's so dripping wet, Carl, you wouldn't believe it.

- I'll believe it. Just was there, you know.

- Give us a hand, I want her to stand on these stools while I fuck her.

Carl got behind the pole, put his hands under my arms, and Tom lifted one of my legs at a time and placed them on the stools, spread rather wide. Then they both lifted me up so I could stand with my legs stretched. As opposed to Carl, Tom shed all his clothes. I could not help admiring his body. He was just the type of man I liked the best. Tall, skinny, all bones, skin and sinews, and a loooong cock standing out from his body at a ninety degrees angle.

- Stay there for a little while, Carl. I don't want her to fall down from the stools and break my cock. You can take care of her tits while you are there.

Tom moved in close, bent his knees a little so his cock was aligned with my cunt, and with his right hand he placed the tip of it right on target. In one slow push he went all the way to the bottom of my cunt, and then a little more. That one, single push almost took the breath out of me. It was very long and very slow, and I could feel every inch of him as he was sliding upwards against the backside of my vulva. And the little hurt where he stretched the bottom of my cunt, where it had never been stretched before. That hurt was divine! He grabbed my waist, and then my hips, while he began fucking me, and at each stroke he pulled my hips towards him, making his pubic bone crush my clit.

Up untill that day it always made me angry, when I heard rapists defend themselves, saying : "But she liked it". No woman I knew of would 'like it'. And here I was, spilling my plentiful juices down along a divine, hard cock, while I was being raped ! Carl's treatment of my breasts didn't make it any better. He rubbed them, pinched my nipples, shook them, slapped them, grabbed my nipples with two fingers and pulled outward till my small breasts were painfully stretched into a weird form, whereupon he rubbed them hard against Tom's chest. And all the time that wonderful piston was working in my pussy, whipping up my juices to a foam, which I could see was discolouring his black, curly pubic hair. It was excruciatingly exciting that he never changed his tempo. Most men would fuck you slow, faster, even faster, but Tom just kept his tempo, in and out, building my tension and expectation, and pulling me through a lot of small orgasms, untill I suddenly felt the big one coming.

My whole body was shaking, and my pussy clamped down on his cock like a vice. Like in a dream I heard my own voice:

- OOOOOhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaa, yyyeeeeeiiiiiiii, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ooooooohhhhh, ggrrrr, shit, I'll die, fuck me more, fuck meeeeeee.

My cunt registered that Tom's cock turned hard as steel and started pumping up into the bottom of my pussy. Like hot water it was scalding the sore tissue deep up in the bottom of me where no cock had ever been before, starting off another orgasm, this time beginning more in my brain than down there. My legs buckled under me, and while Tom pulled out his magnificent cock I slid down the pole, landing on my ass with my legs spread wide, my arms stretched upwards and backwards in a really painful position, and part of the skin torn and scratched. Carl came round the pole, looked at me for a few seconds and zipped down again. He pulled out his fat cock, rubbed it a few times and fell down to the floor where he pushed his fat piece of meat into my fucked out slit. In ten or twenty pushes, I really didn't register how many, he was ready.

- I just have to put a load into that whoring pussy, on top of Tom's. You're such a slippery whore that you make me come already. Take it, bitch, - and with a grunt he unloaded his hot sperm in me.

And that was the first time I realized that I was not on the pill, and I had no protection whatsoever.

- I think we should clean up this whore before we go on, said Tom.

- Isn't there a hose in the back yard? There usually is.

- Go and look. That would be the easiest.

A moment later Carl came back.

- Yup. There is a hose all right. Let's get her out there.

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