To Leave And To Find

by Spiller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Masturbation, Bestiality, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: His divorced wife returns one night to tell him about an unusual night of sex.

How come I felt like a rat, when I know I just did what had to be done? Why did I keep my mouth shut to protect her, when she herself instigated all this? What was happening to me? Was I turning into a whimp?

God knows I loved her once. And not even that many years ago. I'd even say that our first 5 years together were happy. Lots of love, lots of lovemaking. Successes in our businesses - she a lawyer, I an independent furnituremaker. We made tons of money, and I made quite a bit more than she, even though she was a lawyer. I happen to be good at my trade, and in our city there was a great demand for high quality unique furniture.

Through those first years we promised ourselves always to take time for each other and not let greed rule. And we kept that promise. Long weekends, quite a lot of small vacations with a trip to the Bahamas, Hawaii etc. Romantic places to kindle the fire, and we sure had the hots for each other. Susan was a dish and I was strong and fit. Our lovemaking was spontaneous, wild and frequent, and when we were not trying to crush each other's bones, we had a lot of common interests, like books, opera, theatre, gourmet food and tennis.

At first I didn't notice the changes, perhaps because we rarely talked shop at home. I couldn't really bring out her enthusiasm for a corporate conference table of a unique design of my own, and I really could not see the interesting aspects of yet another divorce case. That's probably why I missed the first signs of a change. But when I did, it was probably too late.

The little frowns on her forehead, the times she was so absentminded that I had to repeat what I was saying. And our bankaccounts that were growing a lot faster than expected. The proverbial shit hit the fan when she cancelled a trip to Jamaica, following a morning phonecall on the day we were supposed to fly at 12.

"I have to go to court today and tomorrow."

"Since when have divorce-courts run that kind of a schedule?"

"It's not a divorce case, it's criminal."

"Oh, you changed your line?"

"Yes, and I'd rather not talk about it right now. I have to go to the office to prepare myself."

I cannot say that I took it very kindly. I was totally unprepared, my mood was set for a week of relaxing, dancing and fucking, and I had worked a bit hard to finish a workload and set my calendar free.

Susan left for her office with me slamming the door after her. I called one of the carpenters in my shop, Bill, whom I had known for years and who was more of a friend than an employee, and asked if he would join me on Susan's ticket for a week of rhum, calypso and whatever. Our holiday was fine and fun, our heads were miserable for five consecutive mornings, and I was a bit more mellow when I returned home. But still I was anxious to learn about the change in Susan's work.

And I was rather miffed again, when I found out that she was not at all willing to tell me a lot about it.

"It's just that we partners have decided there is a bit more money in that kind of cases, and some of them are rather more interesting."

I was not willing to accept things at that. For a few days I did some checking up. The extra sums in our accounts were too big to my taste. And a little prying about didn't give me any answers. There was too much secrecy to my taste. I even hired a private eye to do some investigation as to the nature of their business, but he only came up with a few facts I already knew, plus the information that there seemed to be a Berlin Wall round their business. When this coincided with Susan working late 5 times over two weeks and coming home smelling of liquor and cigars, I just had to confront her and not take no for an answer.

That night was no fun. We were well past midnight before she let go and started to talk, and only after a lot of yelling, screaming and crying at each other. And boy was she in it to the neck, the stupid cow. Suffice it to say that slowly she had been dragged into running a few cases for the Mob - well paid, of course. Bigger cases coming up, some of which involved a little bit of twisting the morals - better paid, of course. And now she had no way out of it again. She had made a few futile attempts, but apparently she knew too much for the tough guys to feel comfortable, and knowing the fact, that at present she faced prison, being disbarred plus total ruin, she had no choice but to continue.

I know full well, that if I'd been Charles Bronson, I should have bought a gun and launched my one man army against the local toughs, and then Susan would have done a brilliant work on my defence, whereupon we would live happily ever after. But alas, this is '99, it's not a movie, and I'm not a hero. Besides I was always a bit of a moralist, and slowly over that night I felt my love and respect for Susan seep out, like the gas from a leaking balloon. When the first grey morning light crept through the windows all our crying was done. The words were not yet said, but we both knew that we had no future together. Our love was gone, mine out of despise, her's out of fear, and the route she had taken could only lead to disaster.

In that grey morning light we fucked like lunatics. As if we both wanted something memorable to be the end of our marriage. I banged her cunt till her pelvic bone was sore. She fucked her ass on my stiff cock till it was like a piece of raw meat. And when we couldn't fuck any more we sucked and licked each other till we fell into a death-like sleep. We were awakened by the telephone at 9.30. Her office wanted to know why she had not yet arrived. She reported sick for the day (her voice sounded like it, too), and then we cried, hugging each other in despair.

The separation was smooth and in good will, somewhat unexpected considering the years she was (in)famous for the way she ripped off husbands. We split what was to split, and I kept the house which I loved and where I had built almost the complete interior.

That should have been it. But three months after she left, she returned one late evening. I was a bit shocked when I saw her standing in the doorway.

"Are you alone, and are you going to let me in?"

"Of course."

I opened the door wide, and as she was passing me I could not help feeling my whole body preparing itself for lovemaking. My God I had almost forgotten how beautiful she is, and how sexy I always felt she was.

In the den we sat down with a glass of wine, and I finally asked:

"What brings you here so late?"

"I need to talk. I know it was all my fault, and I have done everything I could to forget you, but I haven't been all that successful."

"What do you mean? I thought our love was dead."

"The love is dead all right, but the attraction is stronger than ever."

I looked at her wonderful body and I must admit I tended to tell her she was right.

"I still think you are a wonderful woman. I have tried out a few short relationships, but no one compares to you in that department."

"I feel the same way. I fucked a few, but no fire. No ecstasy."

"Is that why you need to talk?"

"No, not really."

She went silent for a minute or two, and I noticed that she started to blush.

"Then spill it out. You are making me curious."

"Well, then. Please don't be too offended by what I have to tell. But you are the person who knows me best, and right now I need you to bring me back on tracks."

"Go on."

"Yesterday I was called to a conference in Florida. Three of the family needed advice, and the negotiations took place in a penthouse apartment, on top of a posh hotel."

"Seems it's everyday business to you."

"It was, but what happened later was not."

"Tell me."

"Johnny, was I always such a lowdown slut and hore? Did I always have it in me? I want you to tell me if what I did was only a continuation of me, or if I'm starting a dangerous slide into the deep and away from myself."

She definitely had my attention right now. I looked at her breasts. Of course they were still those smallish, pert cones, and her nipples were always extremely sensitive, but right now they were poking the thin, white silk of her posh dress, exhibiting a size I don't think I ever saw.

"You'll have to give me at least a clue."

"OK. Brace yourself. When the discussions were over, the family people were very impressed with me, and the Don said: That was quite impressive, young lady. I really want to award you beyond your normal charges. What can I give you?"

"I don't know. What do you have to offer?"

"Well, of course I might deposit a substantial sum on your account. On the other hand I might offer you a quite rare experience, that you would have difficulty finding elsewhere. Are you into indulging your body and your lusts?"

"You know what, Johnny? A week before I had had a try on sex, but he turned out to be about the lousiest lay this side of the Appalachians. And much to my surprise I felt my body react to his offer in a way I never thought possible. My nipples hardened, just like now, and my pussy was seeping at the thought."

"Just like now?" I asked.

"Well - let's talk about that later. I'm going to have a hard time telling you as it is."

She was obviously blushing, and her body showed her excitement. I wondered if she wasn't taking extra pleasure out of telling these things to me.

"I heard myself chose the indulging part of the deal, and the Don told me that I'd be picked up by 7 o'clock that evening. At 7 sharp there was a knock on my door, and a guy in a driver's uniform told me my limo was waiting. When I got down there, he held the door for me and I climbed into the darkness. Immediately I felt I was not alone, as a hand took hold of mine and guided me down in the sofa. The limo started to roll, and someone turned on a little lamp on the table. I tell you, my heart stood still. In the back of the car were three very young and very beautiful Greek gods, and apart from a small loincloth they were naked all three."

"That must have been a sight to set you going."

"Believe me, it was. The guy sitting on the same sofa as I, held out a glass of chilled champagne and asked if I wanted to hold it myself or if I wanted him to feed me. Of course I wanted him to feed me, and then he leaned over, cradled my head with his left arm and held the glass to my lips. I tell you, Johnny, he smelled so sexy. Some kind of perfume, I guess. And that's when I noticed that he had absolutely no hair on his body. Smooth and shiny he was, like polished marble. And so young in spite of his broad chest and bulging muscles."

"And you were getting smooth and shiny in your pants, I guess:"

"You bet. Well, I was only getting used to that unusual situation when I heard the limo rolling on gravel, and a minute later it stopped. When we got out it was on the porch of an enormous white house, colonial style and all, and a butler led us into the house, not blinking an eye. The livingroom was huge, with panels and pillars, and strategically placed was an enormous armchair, almost like a throne, where my gods led me. Then two of them sat down on the carpet at my feet, and the third took up position in front of me. My God he was beautiful. I tell you. Not an ounce of fat, not one hair on his body, his muscles rippling and bulging, but not like one of those ugly weight-lifters. They were there all of them, but not overly large. You have seen the Greek statues, that was the kind of body they had all three."

I looked at her closely. It was evident that she was very aroused, remembering and telling me all this. Though she was very discreet about it, I could see her flexing the muscles in her thighs to put a little pressure on her cunt, and now her big nipples were hard all the time. I was about ready to jump her, but I chose to wait.

"Then the one standing said: Mylady, we are here in order to bring you as much pleasure and entertainment as you can wish for. We are here to either service you or obey any whim you may have, and to instigate a few you may never have heard of. May I propose a bath and a light massage to take the tension out of your body?"

"I nodded, and then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, they lifted me up upon their shoulders and carried me through a side door into an enormous marble bathroom. The tub was already full, and when they put me down on the floor they had me undressed in ten seconds. Then they all shed their loincloths and lifted me into the tub. The water smelled of roses, and when they lifted me out of the water and started soaping my whole body, three pairs of hands at the same time, the soap also smelled of roses. God, it was so gorgeous to have all those hands on my body, slipping and sliding on thighs, breasts, my ass, my cunt - all over at the same time."

By now she was openly moving her thighs against each other and I said:

"Come over here and put your head in my lap. But take off your panties first!"

She looked at me for a moment and the she got up. She pulled down her panties, showing her stocking-clad legs, and then she laid down on the sofa with her head in my lap.

"Don't you want to hear more?"

"I want to hear it all, but I want to feel the heat from your cunt while you are telling me."

She moaned a little, bent her legs slightly and closed her eyes.

"When they had finished bathing me they led me to a massage-bench. One of the guys laid down with his backside up. Then they placed a pillow on his neck and lifted me up to lie on top of him, me too with my backside up. With my head on the pillow I was acutely aware, that my body was pressed down on him, while the two others began a light massage by pouring a nice amount of warmed oil on my backside. Of course it smelled of roses too. They were VERY skilled masseurs. Nothing sexy, just plain relaxing work on my tense muscles. When they were moving a little too hard up and down my thighs or my back I could feel my breasts and my belly slide back an fourth on the guy under me. I tell you, they soon had my cunt dripping. Not so much from the manipulations as from my anticipation."

I felt this was the right time. I moved my hands down her belly. She raised her hips a little and pulled up her skirt. When I put my hand on her cunt I felt her juices had spilled out on her thighs, and her lips were swollen and heated.

"My, this is a hot one, you've got here."

"Oh, yes. And I love your touch, but please don't make me come. I'm afraid I will never be able to tell you some more if I'm not this horny."

"I'll just keep you there. Go on."

"Well, suddenly the two of them lifted me into the air, and while they were turning me upside up I could hear that my 'mattress' was turning round too. When they lowered me again they put my head back on the pillow which they had placed on his shoulder, and I could feel his naked body all over my back. Then he reached up and took hold of my arms from the back and held them in a strong grip over my head. My two masseurs poured more of the lukewarm rose-oil on my front, and now they started a definitely sexy massage. God, I was in heaven. They were so young and beautiful, and yet they were strong and determined. In a few minutes they had me moaning. My nipples were rock hard, and my pussy was dripping so I could feel it running down through my crack. Or was it oil?"

By then I had let one finger slide into her crack, basking in her juices.

"Were you more wet than now?"

"I was flowing, I tell you. Suddenly I felt that my 'mattress' had a cock. Slowly it was growing, pushing its head up between my thighs, and soon it was resting like a pole against my cunt with its head just visible over my bush. One of the masseurs took hold of that cock and pressed it even firmer against my cunt and began rocking it from side to side so it rubbed across my clit all the time. I was so wet that there was absolutely no friction, but the pushing and pressing was enough to send me up close to coming."

I had to take hand away from her cunt. I really didn't want her to come yet. So I asked her:

"Well, they didn't massage you all night, ehh?"

"My God no. Have you ever heard of a Japanese pool?"

"Not that I know of."

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