April is born
Chapter 1: Doing the laundry is not always boring

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, True Story, Group Sex, Sex Toys, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Doing the laundry is not always boring - Richard gets his first taste in the joys of women's clothes.

In 1988, Betty and I had been living together for about four years when I got laid off from my roofing job. That left me with a lot of time to kill. It was summer and there aren't many calls for roofing when the sun is shining. I was looking, but not having much luck.

My being out of work was putting a little strain on our relationship so I was very diligent in keeping our apartment together. I did the laundry; which Betty hates doing, shopping, cooking, and most of the cleaning. I didn't mind doing it and it let me feel that I was still contributing. Betty was a property manager at one of the better local apartment complexes. We were both on the heavy side and when we met, I was 11 years older than her 25.

I had just finished doing the laundry one morning and was busy folding and putting everything away. I was folding one of Betty's silky camisoles when I started to get excited from the feel of it. I put the thoughts away, along with the rest of the clothes. As I took care of the rest of the laundry and anything else I could think of, I kept remembering how nice and sexy the camisole had felt in my hands. I felt a hard-on starting, so I decided that a cool shower would help calm me down.

I started the shower and got undressed; As I was putting my clothes in the hamper, I noticed I had missed a pair of Betty's panties when I had gathered up the laundry. I picked them up and rubbed them across the head of my hardening cock. I shivered from the feel of the silky material as it slid along my cock. I wrapped my cock in her panties and started to stroke myself. With each stroke, the lace trim around the legs would scrape against the head of my dick, causing me to clench my ass, sending tremors down my spine. I kept stroking faster and harder as the pain/pleasure from those panties intensified until, with a surge that almost took me to my knees, I shot my load into her panties. I continued to rub my dick with them as I started to calm down. I had shot so much full cum into those panties that they were slick with it. The feeling of my slick wet cum, when added to that silky material of the panties was fantastic.

Now I had a problem, a pair of cum soaked panties in the hamper were bound to cause questions. I took them into the shower with me and used shampoo and soap to wash the evidence of my passions down the drain. As I was scrubbing the stains out of Betty's panties, and they were all soapy, I just started using them as a washcloth. It felt so good that my legs started to shake and my dick started to rise. I started with my face and scrubbed every part of my body with those panties, except for one area: I saved my crotch for last. The material the panties were made from held just the right amount of soap, air, and water to glide over my skin. It was like being washed with air, I could hardly feel them as they slid along the length of my cock. My dick was just starting to get hard when I heard the front door close and Betty's voice asking where I was.

I hollered back, "I'm in the shower, I'll be out in a minute."

I was trying to think of where to put the panties as she came in to the bathroom. I heard her lift the toilet lid, I always remember to put the seat down, and I knew I only had the time it would take her to go to pee before she would open the shower door. I was only paying partial attention to what she was saying as she went on about something that had happened at the office. There just isn't anyplace in a shower to hide a pair of bright pink panties. I heard her finish, flush, and pull up her pantyhose. I saw her shadow as it came to the door. She said, "How about a kiss for lunch?" and the door opened.

At the last second I had found a place and stashed the panties. I leaned out of the door, so she wouldn't get wet and gave her a big kiss. "Give me a second," I told her "and I will fix you something to eat." She closed the door, and I reached behind my back, and pulled her panties from between the cheeks of my ass. Well, that was one time I was grateful for having a fat ass.

I finished my shower and grabbed a towel and quickly dried off. I had left the panties in the bottom of the shower and I didn't want her to come back in until I had put them away. I was on my way to the kitchen when I heard the TV come on. I let out a sigh and knew I had a few minutes of breathing room. I got the panties from the shower and wrapped them in my towel and dropped them in the hamper as I walked by.

I made Betty her lunch while bare-ass naked. She kept wandering through the kitchen to get this or that, but all she wanted to do was grab a feel. As we were eating, Betty was playing with my dick and I was rising to the occasion. By the time we were finished eating, I was ready to go. Betty looked at the clock, jumped up, and said, "I've got to go, I am going to be late," as she headed for the door. Pausing for a moment, she bends down and plants a kiss on the head of my dick. "I promise I will take care of him after work," were her last words as she closed the door.

I did another load of laundry that afternoon and put it all away before she came home. Later that night, as we were heading to bed, Betty started to get undressed and I whispered in her ear, "Leave the panties on for now please."

With a smile she asked, "Why?"

As I proceeded to kiss her just behind the ear, I again whispered, "I will take them off you myself later my love, but for now I think I would like you to leave them on."

With a pouting lip Betty said, "But you took yours off."

I reached around her and held her breasts and said, "I'll make it worth your while, my love, just be patient." I had her lay back on the bed, as I tenderly explored her body. "Just close your eyes and relax, I will take care of everything."

With that I started at her toes and proceeded to make love to every part of her body, except her lips, breasts, and pussy. I caressed and kissed and stroked every other inch of her body before I moved to her breasts. I brought my mouth close and softly blew on her nipple, but didn't touch her yet. She responded with a sexy purr and tried to push her nipple against my lips. I turned my head and, while not touching any other spot on her body, licked the sweat from under her breasts. Then I moved away, just far enough so she wouldn't be able to tell what I was doing.

Betty cried out, "Oh, more please! I love it when you do that."

"Relax, my love, relax," I whispered, "Breathe deep and relax."

I lightly traced little circles around her breasts and slowly moved up to her neck and face. I kissed her as softly as I could while keeping a constant caressing motion with my hands. My lips and hands were all that was touching her. She was arching off the bed to get more contact, but when she moved I moved with her, always keeping the same light touch on my love.

I moved my hands over her breasts and spread my fingers as wide as I could, letting my fingers barely touch the skin around her breasts. I drew them together stroking up towards her nipple. As if drawing her breasts away from her body I continued my stroking as her nipples got harder and harder. Betty was writhing on the bed, begging me to make love to her. I relented and kissed her hard, then softly, alternating with the motion of my hands.

Her hands were moving to the waistband of her panties, I took her hands away and placed them on my cock. She grabbed it and started to stroke me rapidly. It gave her something to focus on. I shifted my attentions to her breasts again, but only for a moment as I slid past them and began tracing lazy little circles on her stomach. Every once in awhile I would stop and lightly kiss her soft skin.

She was trying to get my cock up to where she could put it in her mouth, I knew that if she did I was lost, so I gently began turning my body until she had to let me go and I was between her legs. I moved her hands to her breasts and helped her set a slow rhythmic motion. I moved back to the waistband of her panties and slid just my fingers under it and caressed her skin where the panties had rubbed her waist. I began kissing right above her pussy enjoying the feeling of the soft and silky material between us.

Betty ground her pelvis against my face, pleading for more. I was getting so excited that I was ready to cave-in, strip her panties off, and ram myself home in her sweet pussy, but I didn't! I moved away and while stroking her through her panties I had her turn over on her stomach. I eased back up to her shoulders and started all over again. Touching and kissing her baby smooth skin as I worked my way back to her panties.

Betty had been having, what we always called mini-orgasms for some time now, when I got to her panties she had soaked them till they were transparent. She was whimpering and thrusting her hips back at me while I kissed and stroked her beautiful ass. I took the waistband of her panties in my mouth and began to pull them down with my teeth. When I had them below her cheeks, I began licking and kissing her cheeks. I used my hands to begin stroking the backs of her legs from the knees to her ass, first one side than the other, always stopping just before my fingers would touch the crotch of her panties.

Her juices were simply flowing from her pussy. She was crying out to me, "Please fuck me!" I urgently wanted to; my cock was aching and throbbing with wanton desire. I had her roll over again and lifted her legs till her feet were flat on the bed and her legs spread for me. The back of her panties was below the cheeks of her ass, while the front still covered her pussy. I continued to caress her legs as I began licking her slit through her panties. I sucked her clit into my mouth along with the material of her panties. One flick of my tongue and she was bucking and thrashing through an incredible orgasm. I didn't let her clit go until she had returned to earth.

I slid my hands under her ass and let my thumbs rest just under the crotch of her panties, just to each side of her pussy. When I squeezed her ass with my hands, her pussy spread open and I would lick it through her panties. As I continued, the crotch of her panties was slowly being forced into her pussy. I was probing her with my tongue just like a little cock, and she was humping it like it was the real thing. She was having an almost continuous orgasm as I kept up my attack on her sweet pussy.

When I felt that Betty had taken all she could stand I knelt between her legs and placed the head of my dick against the panty covered opening to her pussy. I didn't move at all. I just held my dick against her as she began to thrust against it and slowly work me into her. The panties were like a silk condom wrapped around my cock as she worked it deeper and deeper into her pussy. In a very short time she had me buried to the balls in her. I held really still and let her adjust to the feel of my cock encased in the material of her panties. I could feel the muscles of her pussy rippling as she began to move her pelvis up and down on my dick.

I leaned into her and began to match her movements. As she thrust her hips against my panty-clad cock, more and more of the material bunched between us. With every movement her clit was being stroked the lump of panties wedged between us. I began to feel the need to cum for her, so I started fucking her with a passion. Every time our pelvises met, there was a groan from both of us. We were building towards a huge orgasm, going faster and harder with each thrust.

Suddenly, we were there. I felt the rush of my sperm rushing from my balls and along the length of my cock as I thrust it hard and deep in her sweet pussy. As I began to pump my load deep in her, Betty cried out and wrapped her legs tight around my hips and had her own orgasm. She was bouncing and grinding her pussy on my cock. Her hands were gripping her breasts so tightly that I thought that she would have bruises for weeks.

As we both began to calm down, our movements slowed and then stopped. When my cock shrank and finally slipped out of her pussy, I reached down and began pulling the panties out of her. As I pulled, they slid out and along her super sensitized clit and she came again, with such a violent and immediate orgasm that I thought I had hurt her.

"Oh Richard, that felt so wonderful," Betty cried, "I have never in my life cum like that. I could feel every movement of your cock through my panties, and the way the material felt as it stroked the insides of my pussy was fantastic. Where did you learn to do that, and why haven't you done it before?"

"It just came to me in the heat of passion," I replied with a grin, "So I guess you could say that I did good?"


I helped her clean up, and we slid under the covers and were quickly asleep, holding each other tightly.

After that first experience, I found that I looked forward to laundry day. I would get up and send Betty off to the office and then sort the laundry. Her panties and things would always go into a separate pile from which I would select a pair to use. When I would finish with them I put them in the laundry basket and head right out the door.

One laundry day, after a particularly intense session with her panties, I was in the laundry room getting ready to start the wash. I noticed one matronly woman staring at my laundry basket. I looked down and right there on top were the panties that I had just used. Great big strings of cum were all over them. It hadn't been long enough for them to dry or be absorbed. If that wasn't bad enough, It was on the inside of the front near the waist.

I bent to pickup the basket and I could feel my neck getting red as I blushed from the woman's intense look. I tried to regain my composure as I began loading my machines when she remarked.

"You should really rinse those in cold water first dear."

I said, "Pardon me, did you say something?"

"Yes dear, I was saying that if you don't want to leave cum-stains on your panties, you should rinse them in cold water first."

From the way she said it I knew she thought that I had been wearing them when I made my deposit. I tried to think of how to explain, this was like getting caught by your mother, and I couldn't so I just said, "Thank you very much," and tried to become invisible.

It didn't work. The woman continued, "Believe me, I have been washing cum-stains out of my husbands panties for too many years. At first, it annoyed me, but now I automatically soak all of his panties in cold water before I come to the laundry room. You should think about doing that as well, you do seem to get embarrassed easily, dear."

Would this woman ever stop talking about panties? It was like getting a lecture from my grandmother. I was afraid that someone else would come in and hear her. I tried to divert her by saying, "I will remember that. Well, it sure turned out to be a nice morning didn't it?"

It didn't work! She just went on, "And dear, that color is just right for you."

That did it! I had to get out of there. I had finished loading my machine and picked up my smokes. I politely said, "If you will excuse me, I think I'll just step outside to smoke this. Have a very good morning ma'am," and I stepped outside.

Three cigarettes later she finally came out. I thought it was over, but I was wrong. She turned to me and with a big smile said, "Your wash was done so I popped it in the dryer for you. I hope you don't mind, but I didn't want your stuff to get all wrinkled."

"Thank you very much, I really do appreciate that," I said with a genuine smile. She really was like my grandmother, always taking care of strangers.

The dryer was beeping as I entered the laundry room. I grabbed my basket and went to unload it. There in the bottom of my basket was a pair of clean silk panties that weren't Betty's. A note attached said to try these, the color would bring out the blue in my eyes. I dumped the contents of the dryer in my basket and got out of there as fast as I could.

In the safety of our apartment, I began folding and putting the laundry away. As I was folding Betty's panties I started to get excited again, each pair I picked up made my dick get a little harder. I was almost finished when I came to the pair I had used that morning. I was thinking about what the woman had said, about the color suiting me, when I decided to try them on.

A quick look at the clock told me I still had two hours before Betty came home. I got up and took off my clothes and slipped into her panties. They felt so sexy and were quite comfortable. They cradled my balls like a silky little hand. I had a hard-on and it was being held flat against my stomach by the soft material. I had to see what I looked like! I got up and headed for the bathroom. Every step made those panties caress me like the gentlest touch in the world. It was a fantastic feeling. In an instant I was hooked, I knew that I would be wearing these panties as often as I could.

By the time I stood in front of the mirror, I was about ready to cum. I was looking at my reflection when I noticed that I had been leaking pre-cum and that now there was a growing wet spot on Betty's clean panties. I was stroking my dick through the thin material of the panties. In no time at all I felt my balls contract as they shot my load up the length of my cock, and into her panties. I took my hands away and watched, as the contractions were clearly visible through the tight material.

My dick pulsed with jet after jet of white sticky cum. It was spreading all over the front of the panties. With a smile I realized that they looked just like they did in the laundry room. I guess that woman knew what she was looking at. As I finished my orgasm, I decided to leave the panties on while I finished the laundry. The slick feel of my cock, rubbing in my juices, was fantastic; I stayed semi-hard the whole time.

Well here I was again with a big load of cum in a pair of Betty's panties, when I remembered what the woman had said, about rinsing them in cold water, and took them off and put them in the sink. While they were soaking, I took a quick shower to clean off the evidence of my mornings work. When I was done, I dried off and went to get dressed. The panties that the woman had left me were sitting on the bed. I looked at them and it just seemed natural to put them on. They fit just right and when I looked in the mirror, I had to agree that they did bring out the color of my eyes. I wore them for the rest of the day, and for many more.

That morning was replayed on many, many more. I began looking forward to laundry day so much that Betty often remarked that we never seemed to have any dirty clothes laying around, and that she really appreciated the way I kept our house so together. I had several encounters with Marge, the woman from the laundry room, and we became friends. If I knew she was in the laundry room when I went, I would always wear the panties she gave me. She told me about her husband and how much she loved him.

She said that she had always found the sight of him in his panties and other sexy things made her so hot that they would make love for hours. One time she even asked if she could see me in panties. Since we were alone I agreed and closed the door. With my back to it so that no one could walk in on us I proceeded to drop my jeans. Marge was about 3 feet away as they slid down my legs. It was exciting to have her want to see me in her/my panties, and my dick was getting very hard as she stood there staring at it.

"Well Richard," she said, with a cough, "That is a real nice package you have there. I would love to feel it, but I have never cheated on my husband, and I am too old to start now. Thank you for showing it to me! Now, if you don't mind, pull your pants up and get out of my way because my husband is about to get raped!"

"Yes Ma'am!" I replied with a salute. I pulled up my pants and Marge grabbed her basket and headed out the door. As she passed me, she stopped and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, and with a smile she was gone. I hope her husband was up for it.

Shortly after that day, I got another job, as an electrician. Since I was gone almost every day I only rarely got to see Marge. When we did meet, it was as a couple of old friends, we never mentioned that morning. She even introduced me to her husband, Roger. She had asked me not to let on that I knew about his hobby, but from the way he greeted me I knew that she had told him about mine! Well, it was all right by me if it gave them pleasure.

I didn't have many opportunities to indulge in my hobby anymore. It always seemed that I was never home alone anymore. I did get to wear my panties to work occasionally, but only if I knew I was going to do the next load of laundry. However, getting a day off, during the week was almost impossible. Then, around Christmas time, Betty said that she really wanted to spend a couple of weeks with her grandparents up in Northern Oregon. I tried to get time off, but the boss said that the new person holds down the shop during the holidays.

Betty left on the Friday before Christmas, and was due back in two weeks. The first night she was gone, her mom, Edith, and step-dad, Duane, invited me over for dinner and to play some cards. We have always gotten along great. Her mom is one hot woman and Duane is just a good ol' boy. They have a bar in their living room and don't go out much. We sat there and tried to kill the keg of beer in the bar. We didn't succeed, I passed out on the couch sometime after midnight. They had covered me up and went to bed.

I awoke sometime later to the unmistakable sounds of two people making love. From where I was sleeping, I could see through their bedroom door, which was wide open, and see that Edith was impaled on Duane's cock and was enjoying herself immensely. She was in profile to me and I had a wonderful view of her as she rode his cock. I was hard in an instant and was reaching for my cock when I remembered where I was, and that I had taken the opportunity to wear my panties. I didn't think that they had left their door open as an invitation to join them, but just for the thrill of performing for another. I was about to get up and quietly leave when Edith turned, and looked me in the eye and smiled. She held the gaze for a moment and then turned her attention back to Duane.

I eased off the couch and let myself out the door. It looked like it was near dawn as I headed back to my apartment. I had a raging hard-on from the memory of the look that Betty's mom had given me, as well as from the look of her making love. I let myself in the apartment and closed the door and dropped my pants, whipped my cock out, and proceeded to stroke it to a very satisfying orgasm. As I headed for bed I realized that I was alone and had two whole weeks to indulge myself. I went to Betty's under-ware drawer and got a pair of her satin panties. They were a cobalt blue and I had always loved the way they made her look. I was about to climb under the covers when I thought about the matching chemise hanging in the closet. I hoped it would fit, and it did. It felt so nice against my nipples. I slid into bed and let my hands roam over my satin covered body. I felt so sexy that I drifted off to sleep with one hand rubbing my cock through my panties, and the other rubbing my nipples.

The sound of a door closing is what woke me up and I laid there for several minutes trying to identify the sound that had disturbed my slumber and luxuriating in the feel of satin against my skin. I needed to get up and go to the bathroom and get rid of some of the beer I had drank the night before so I swung my legs off the bed and headed for the bathroom. When I had taken care of my business I headed for the kitchen to make some coffee. There was a thermos and a white sack on the breakfast bar that had not been there last night. I peeked in the bag and found a cinnamon roll, along with a note:


Stopped by to see if you wanted to go to breakfast with us this morning, but you were sleeping so soundly that I decided to let you sleep. Brought you some back though, I hope you enjoy it when you get up.

Thank you for being such a gentleman last night, we were just a little out of control.

I found your clothes by your front door when I came in and I put them in the hamper for you, and I really do thank you for the fine compliment you left me.

Love Edith,

PS: I think your outfit looks sexy, it will be our secret, and enjoy your day off.

I remembered my masturbating at the front door when I came in and probably should have been embarrassed about being found out. Somehow I couldn't get worried about my future mother-in-law knowing that I thought she was sexy or what I had been sleeping in. I was feeling too good to be upset so I poured a cup of coffee from the thermos and took it, along with my pastry, to the couch and proceeded to spend the entire day right there, dressed in Betty's panties and chemise.

It was a very enjoyable two weeks. I wore a different pair of Betty's panties to work every day. We had agreed to have our Christmas after she got back so I went a little crazy shopping for her. I did a lot of it the week after Christmas and was able to buy her several complete sexy outfits. Edith helped me wrap them and made several comments on my taste. Edith, Duane, and I celebrated Christmas Eve together, we had a delightful dinner and after dinner drinks, then we gathered around the tree and exchanged gifts. Later, as I was leaving, Edith gave me one more present and told me that I should wait to open it after I got home.

When I got home and opened the gift I was blown away. It was a very expensive iridescent -blue outfit with white lace trim and accents. It was the entire set with, panties, chemise, garter-belt, stockings, a short gown, and a long one, plus a full-length robe. I looked at the card and it was signed from the both of them. I took a bubble bath and then dressed in my new outfit. When I looked in the mirror it was like looking at someone else. I was about to call and thank them, when they called me to see if it fit ok, and if I liked it. I told them it fit perfectly and that I loved it. Edith told me that they both picked it out and were glad that I liked it. I was wearing it that night when Betty called. She was lonely and depressed that we weren't spending Christmas together. She told me that she never wanted to spend another Christmas apart.

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