Unholy Marriage
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Group Sex, Orgy, White Couple,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alyssia marries into a clan of most unusual customs.

Never ever had Alice been this much in love. When she was by herself in her apartment she felt empty. When she heard the deeptoned rumble of his flashy Packard Le Baron she felt dizzy, and when she looked into Alexander's greyblue eyes she felt like drowning herself in his smile and his mind.

They had been 'going steady' for half a year now, and she considered herself the luckiest girl in the world, that a man like Alexander would even look her way. Not that she was not worth looking at, she knew she was, but up till now her experiences with men had been short-lived, and they had all seemed to be so terribly busy transforming her into an image, they had in their mind. And those images were nothing like the image, she had of herself. Young men of 1938 wanted real housewives, obedient housewives, servicing housewives, meaning little women minding the home, waiting for big daddy to come home and tell them what to do.

When people called her 'emancipated' she was proud, even if they meant it in a derogatory way. When men said she was preoccupied with her job as a literary consultant, she would answer "yes, of course." And when prospecting suitors said they wanted a 'nest full of kids', she would say "No. One, or two at the most." And for those three, simple reasons her former relationships had ended on a bad note, even before any sexual relationships had been established.

And then along came Alexander. Tall, handsome, elegant, and judging by his behaviour rather well off. His Packard Le Baron was definitely no Ford. He was an inspired listener to opera and symphonies, had even taken her to Verona for a week of opera and classical music, he was a great dancer, he favoured gourmet restaurants,... you name it, Alexander had it. He never questioned her job, he was happy that she was a strong-willed person, and even if he really was a family man, he had expressed his wish for only one kid, maybe two.

And when finally, after four months, they upgraded their relationship to include sex, he was a magnificent and caring lover. He never tired of praising her beauty or showing his affection, he knew just how to excite her, to induce new fantasies and new lusts in her mind and her body, and when she wanted to try something she had imagined, he was always willing. You see, the fact that she was a 24 year old virgin didn't mean that she was a newcomer to lust. She found the pleasures of masturbation at the early age of 11, and she had persued them frequently and with imagination ever since.

The only thing that puzzled her was, that he had never mentioned marriage. She knew that he was a real family-man. She had visited most members of his large family, and always Alexander was happy, funny, a wonder with his younger relatives and a kind and loving friend to the older. Why had he not expressed any wish to be married?

She got up this Saturday morning. This Saturday, which should change her life radically, only she did not know it yet. On her way to the shower she once again looked at her naked body in the big mirror. Was there anything wrong with her body? No. The usual image met her. A tiny, slim body, delicious small breasts with big, upturned nipples. A flat stomach, beautiful hips framing a well trimmed black pussy, and legs that looked long and tapered, carrying all the other wonders. And on top of it all her pretty face with the straight, narrow nose, full lips, shiny brown eyes which did not need any mascara or eyeliner to catch your attention. And last her crown of wavy, black hair, cascading over her shoulders, halfway down her back. Alice shook her head 'no'. There was no reason for it in her looks. And that's when she made her decision: They had a date for lunch at the Ritz, and there she would ask him!

She finished her shower, dressed herself in a flowery, thin cotton dress, a big, white strawhat, and bare feet in high heeled golden sandals. Of course Alexander was enchanted when he picked her up, and on the way to the Ritz she enjoyed both his attention and the wind in her hair. Halfway through lunch she asked the question.

"Alexander. I've wondered for some time. You seem to be so happy with your family. How come you haven't even hinted at starting one of your own?"

"Ah, here we go, love. I knew we'd come to that, and I certainly want you to be my wife. But you see, my family is a bit special, more like a clan, and I should have liked us to know each other just a little bit better before I asked you. I certainly don't want to loose you, now that I have found you."

"What's so special about your family, or clan, as you call it?"

"That is not for me to tell. But if you want to know about us, I'll take you to my grandparents when we've finished lunch. They are the ones who are supposed to tell you."

"I'd love to go visit them. I really liked them when we were there."

"OK. But there are two things we must do first." He put his hand in the small pocket in his waistcoat.

"I've carried this ring about for the last three months, waiting for the right moment to ask you." He flashed her a brilliant smile and there was laughter in his deep voice when he said: "But of course my strong-willed beauty had to ask me instead of vica virca."

He opened his hand to show her a large, exquisite diamond set in elegantly crafted gold. "You will have to wear this ring, in order to show that you are willing to marry me. Should you change your mind you can do so, and all you have to do is to take off the ring and put it in your purse. Are you willing to marry me, my love?"

"Of course I am. I'll never be more willing to marry anybody." She felt tears pressing behind her eyes, but she managed to keep up a smiling face.

"And what will the second thing be? You said there were two things we have to do?"

"I shall have to go and call my grandparents to see if they are at home. It is a bit of a ride up there, and I'd feel silly if they were out."

Alexander took hold of her hand across the table, kissed it and slipped the unique and obviously very expensive ring on her finger.

This lunch had certainly developed into a serious affair. Alice did not want to pry into the questions raised. She was very happy, that he had asked her to marry him, and even if his answers had been nothing like what she had expected, he was as charming and smiling as if nothing had happened.

The twelve cylinders of the open Packard worked together to produce an almost silent purr, like that of a tiger, where you never doubted that the purr could change into a roar at a seconds notice.

"Do you want me to pull up the roof, dear? Or would you like the blanket to put round your shoulders? That dress is as thin as it is pretty."

"Oh, no, Alexander. It's such a lovely weather. The blanket may come in handy, but later."

They did not talk much during the drive. Almost an hour later the powerful car made a crushing sound, as it rolled on to the gravel of the winding drive to his grandparents' mansion.

"Hello, Alice, and hello Alexander." The grandparents met them on the front stairs, and both of them had friendly hugs and a kisses on the cheeks. Like the first time she met them, Alice was surprised, that these people must be about 70 years old, but there was nothing septurgentian to them. Sparkling eyes, lots of laughter, beautiful bodies which showed an active life with lots of exercise. If anybody had told her they were fifty, she should have believed it.

When Sully, the grandfather, lifted her hand to his lips to deliver a chivalrous kiss to the back of her hand, he smiled.

"I see that Alexander finally asked you. We have all known which way he was going."

"I have to confess, that Alice asked me. That's why I had to alert you at such short notice." Alexander's words were apologetic, but his smile and his posture belied any apology.

"Victoria, would you please take Alice round to the terrace? I shall join you in a minute."

Alice and grandmother were just sitting down when she heard the roar of the starting Packard. But before she had any chance to make a comment, grandfather Sully came round the corner with a big smile on his face. No doubt about where Alexander had inherited his smile.

"Well, well, well, Alice. This is the fifth time we are going through this. I guess you've got a few butterflies in your stomach?"

"I have to admit you're right, granddad. Why is Alex so secretive about everything?"

"You shall know soon enough, my dear. But first I have to tell you, that we do not use abbreviations. I am 'grandfather' or Sully, and Alexander should be mentioned by his full name."

"Have a cake with your tea, dear. And lend us an ear for a little while." Victoria held out the silver tray with cakes and cookies. And for the next quarter of an hour the two grandparents alternated like the nephews in Donald Duck.

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