by Suzy Kewe

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman goes camping to relieve the stress. She thinks she is alone, so she lets herself go.

Chapter 1

She turned the car off and sighed. Finally, she thought, I'm so looking forward to this weekend. She had been planning this trip in the back of her mind for years. One weekend, no kids, no job, no stress. Just her, a tent, and the great outdoors. "I need this" she said to herself. Why not talk to herself? There was no one to hear her. She had chosen one of the campsites that was farthest from the office. No one else was anywhere close. She could let her hair down and be herself for the weekend.

She began unpacking the car, there really wasn't much to unpack. A tent, a few clothes and some food for the weekend. She went about setting up camp, such a pleasure without little helpers. When the tent was up, she started a fire in the pit, pretty easy when you have enough lighter fluid! "Who needs a husband?" she snickered. Soup for dinner tonight. Simple, easy, and filling.

After eating she went for a walk. Strolling through the woods and enjoying the outdoors. She was beginning to feel the tension slipping away. She glimpsed another campsite through the trees and thought she recognized the car parked there. A little shiver went through her. "No way" she thought to herself. It can't be him. It must be a coincidence. She moved behind a tree and stared at the campsite. Then he came out of the tent. It was him. She felt another little shiver. She was very surprised to see him there. She watched him move around his campsite for a while, and let some of the thoughts in the back of her head have free reign for a few moments. It was fun, but part of her was annoyed, this was supposed to be "her" weekend.

She snuck away from the tree and back to her campsite, all the while debating whether she should make her presence known. She decided she would adopt a wait and see attitude, if he found her, he found her, but her conscience wouldn't let her make the first move. For all she knew, he might have followed her here.

An hour after dark she went into her tent to change. She was digging through her bag, and she had a naughty idea. They seemed to be getting more frequent. She took off all her clothes and put on her oversized t-shirt she liked to wear to bed. A thrill ran through her as she thought about being caught in her shirt with nothing underneath. The danger made it so exciting. "Besides" she rationalized, "no one will see me".

As she crawled out of the tent she thought she heard a noise. She froze, a cold ball of fear in her stomach, but the noise wasn't repeated. She felt foolish, I'm just nervous. It's not often I'm outdoors half naked. She got up and went over to the fire. She sat down on a log, pulling the shirt under her. It kept her bare ass off the log, but if someone saw her it would be hard to maintain her modesty. For a moment, she wished someone would see her, specifically him. Then she chastised herself. It's my weekend. Naughty, naughty, but the idea had taken hold. The more she thought about it, the stronger it became.

She closed her eyes and pictured him, just outside the edge of the light, staring at her. Feasting on her with his eyes, the lust shining in them. Imagined him slowly reaching down to adjust himself as he grew hard looking at her. As she pictured it, her own hand stole down her body. Gently running up and down her thigh, leaving a trail of goosebumps. She could feel herself getting wet. She imagined herself opening her legs for him as he watched from the dark. Touching herself as he mirrored her actions. Both of them getting hotter. The watcher and the watched.

Without realizing it her legs parted and her hand slipped between them. She gasped as she touched herself, startled for a moment from her revelry. What am I doing, she thought. This is bad. Then a new thought came into her mind. "This is my weekend" she thought, I came here to get away from my life for a while. If I'm ever going to do something out of character, this is likely to be my only opportunity.

"Screw it" she whispered. She closed her eyes again, picking up the thread of her fantasy. Closing off the little voice telling her she was bad. The hand that had never left it's place picked up where it left off. She started slowly, her legs only slightly apart. Gently caressing up and down, spreading her wetness. Purposefully staying away from her clit for now. She wanted to make this last.

She imagined him unfastening his pants and pulling down his zipper. The vision was so strong she could almost hear it. She could see him reaching into his pants and taking it out. Hard and jutting from his clothes. See him wrapping his hand around it and slowly beginning to move back and forth, matching her strokes. The idea of them each getting themselves off was so hot, and helped to keep her nagging voice from coming back.

She relaxed and fell deeper into the fantasy. Her hand was moving a little faster now, as was his. Her finger occasionally brushing her clit. Her breath was coming faster. Her other hand moved up under her shirt and found her nipple, squeezing it and sending little shocks through her. She could see him breathing faster now, his tempo increasing, his eyes wide and staring, staring at her. Staring at her as she did this for him.

That was what was making it such a delicious thrill. Knowing she was giving this to him. Letting him see her at her weakest and most vulnerable moment. Trusting that he would understand and know that he should only watch.

Her fingers were moving quicker. Centering on her clit. She could feel it building, the tension gathering in her belly, her leg muscles tightening. She could see his hand only as a blur, a look of bliss on his face as he continued to stare at her. Her legs fell open and she knew his view would be unobstructed in the firelight. Her breath was coming in gasps now. She was getting close. She imagined him panting, getting close too, fighting to keep his eyes open as he neared his climax. Not wanting to miss hers.

Then it hit her, and she felt the waves crashing through her, taking her breath from her throat. She moaned low in her throat and heard it's echo in her dream, as he came with her. As she floated down from her pinnacle she shuddered, and her legs tingled all the way to her feet. Her head drooped and she tried to breathe slow and deep, to catch her breath again. The vision was gone, but she felt refreshed, recharged. The tension she had carried here with her melted away. I ought to write a book, she thought to herself. "Cure stress by masturbating in the woods" she laughed low in her throat at the thought.

As she sits on her log, regaining her composure she hears a branch snap, and what sounds like someone moving off through the woods. She jumps, startled and afraid, but through her fear another thought bubbles to the surface of her mind. "I think this might be a really good camping trip".

Chapter 2

She woke with a start in the tent. The sun was up, but it felt early. Her mind drifted back over the previous evening as she snuggled down into the warm sleeping bag. She couldn't get over what she had done by the fire, so out of character. "My God" she said aloud, "masturbating in the woods?" She reflected on the idea as she slowly came more awake. She had to admit, as astonishing as it was, it had truly been a fantastic orgasm. She could still feel his imagined eyes upon her.

The thoughts were making her feel naughty again. Her hand slowly traveled down her body, lightly stroking her flesh. After her performance by the fire last night, she had run behind the tent and peed in the bushes, then crawled into the tent and discarded her only garment, so now she lay nude in her bag. Another step out of character. Her hand had reached her lower stomach and she gave a shudder, still gripped by her fantasy of the previous night. What if he had really been watching, she thought to herself. She could feel herself getting wetter. The urge to touch herself again growing stronger. Her hand slid lower and touched her moistening pussy, and the decision was made for her. Her fingers parted the lips and gathered the moisture there. Sliding up and down slowly, parting them further. Her finger moved up to her clitoris and made slow circles. She was imagining him coming out of the screening bushes and into the firelight, where she could see and be seen. In her vision he was already naked, his cock hard and bobbing as he walked. Her finger was making faster circles, and her breath was getting shorter. Behind her closed eyes he moved closer, lust filled his eyes as he watched her pleasure herself. As he got to her he grasped the base of his cock and directed it at her mouth, no words, but the fantasy her knew what he wanted. As she imagined opening her mouth to take him in she was jerked back to reality as her orgasm rolled through her. Her hips bucked as she came and came, a splash of fluid squirted from her pussy. She laid in the sleeping bag and enjoyed the afterglow, her pulse and breathing returning to normal. The mental image of his cock invading her mouth still in her head.

After she calmed down she decided she would get up and start her day. She only had today and tonight left. She had to go back tomorrow, and she didn't want to waste too much time languishing in bed, even if it had been a very good morning so far. "Breakfast or a shower first?" she thought to herself. She decided on the shower. Then she'd come back and get herself some fruit or something from her cooler. She didn't really feel all that hungry despite the energy she had expended in her morning's play.

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