Entering Shadows

by Blackzilla

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Rough, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young white female is raped in a parking lot by a wicked little bald man

I was working late one Friday night when my boss told me he had an emergency at home and had to leave. He asked me if I could close the restaurant tonight. I was so excited! He had never asked me to do this before. I liked my job a lot. I was the Assistant Manager and the hostess of a small, Italian family restaurant chain. It wasn't like it was a big company or anything like that, but the family did own seven stores and they all did quite well. I was hoping that one day I would get my chance to run one of the restaurants myself.

"Sure... I can close up tonight," I said eagerly.

I wanted to impress my boss because he was really good friends with the owner. I knew if I showed him that I could manage the restaurant on my own he could help me get my own store.

"Are you sure you can handle it?" he asked.

"No problem... I can handle it," I replied.

Everything was going great that night. We were really busy, which was rare for a Tuesday night. It felt so good to be in complete control of the entire restaurant and the staff. We had three waitresses, two waiters, and a couple of Mexican bus boys. I knew the chef had a crush on me as he was always flirting with me when no one was around. He was really in a good mood when he found out that Anthony had left for the evening!

"Hey Tracy... How does it feel to big boss?" He teased.

"It feels pretty good... even if it is only for one night."

Then I teased back, "Now lets stop bull-shitting, people are waiting for their food."

Everyone in the kitchen started laughing. Even the Mexican bus boys were laughing, and they couldn't speak a word of English!

Everything was going smooth. With Anthony gone there seemed to be a lighter mood in the restaurant that night. Everyone was just a little more relaxed and I thought that was great! It was the environment I would like to have in my own restaurant some day.

It was around 11:30 pm when the last table finished their meal and left. The crew started working on their closing responsibilities. Clean up went real quick, as it usually does, because everyone wants to get home. Everything was done by midnight. Only the Chef and I were left. I was doing the books and sorting out the cash receipts when the Chef knocked on the door.

"Tracy... everything is locked up... are you ready to go?"

"I have a few more things to finish up," I replied.

I still had to tally up the bar receipts and deposit the cash in the safe. I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for Anthony in the morning.

"Well... I'll wait for you and walk you to your car... Its pretty late, especially for a pretty blonde American girl like you in the Bronx," he said flirtatiously.

I knew he was just teasing. Plus, I knew that his wife had come back from Italy earlier that night and he wanted to get home to her. Even though he flirts with me a lot I know for a fact how much he loves and adores his pretty, young Italian wife.

"I'll be just fine... you get home to your wife... she's probably got something sexy on waiting for you to get home."

We both started laughing and carrying on. Giuseppe was a tall, dark and a very handsome Italian man. He was probably 45 or so (about 20 years older then me). If he wasn't a married man I think I might have given him a shot. I always wondered if he put as much passion into lovemaking as he did his food. He also had the sweetest smile. And he was looking at me with those (I wanna fuck you so bad) eyes. I was wearing a short black dress and I could feel his eyes undressing me. It felt good and it reminded me how long it had been since I'd had a really good fuck. I'd broken up with my last boyfriend about two months before. He had told me he was tired of me working late evenings. He said he was tired of waiting till after midnight six days a week to see his woman. He had the nerve to tell me to quit my job and find a day job. Well, that was the night I told him to fuck off! I hadn't heard from him since.

Giuseppe had a very heavy Italian accent, even though he'd been in this country for over 25 years. The way he was looking at me got me excited, and I could feel my pussy starting to get moist.

Teasingly, I said," You better go before you end up cheating on your wife tonight."

"Yeah, you're right... you look so good in that black dress... I better get the hell out of here... ! Good Night, Boss Lady."

He then smiled, turned around, and went out the back door. As soon as he left I slipped my hand under my dress, to find my pussy all juicy. I couldn't believe how hard up I was! I sat back in my chair and laughed at myself. It was kind of funny how an old married man could get my juices flowing just by talking to me and staring at me.

It was getting late and I was tired. I finished up all the receipts and all of my other paper work. I counted up all the cash and deposited it in the safe. Then I came out of the office. The restaurant was very dark. The neon sign in the front window was the only light on. Then it dawned on me that I was alone. I had never been alone in the restaurant before. I always left before Anthony. I walked up front and made sure the doors were locked. I was feeling really good! My first night in charge went perfectly! On my way past the bar I stopped. I thought I would have myself a little nightcap. I went behind the bar and made myself a stiff drink. As I sat there sipping on my drink I started daydreaming that I was really the boss. Then I started daydreaming about having my own restaurant some day. It was so quiet sitting at the bar all alone. I finished my drink and told myself that one day I will be a boss, the boss of my own restaurant!

I grabbed my purse and my car keys and headed for the back door. I made one more trip through the kitchen to make sure that the gas was off, and to make sure all the food and supplies were put away. Everything looked in order, so I went out the back, locked the door, and headed to my car, which was parked in the alley behind the restaurant.

I never worried about walking to my car late at night. Although it was dark back there, there was always some light coming from the street. I had a white Honda and you could see it clearly from the light. I actually couldn't wait to get home! Giuseppe had really got me going! My pussy was still moist just thinking about what he was probably doing right now to his pretty young wife. Even walking to my car I could feel my pussy lips tingling. I knew that as soon as I got home I was going to jump in my bed, spread my legs and play with my neglected pussy. I haven't felt this sexy in a long time!

As I was approaching my car I had this weird feeling, like someone was following me. The light coming from the street was behind me. The only thing I could see in front of me was my shadow. I turned around quickly but there was nothing behind me. I felt kind of stupid for a second. Then I laughed it off and continued to my car, which was only about ten feet away.

When I got closer to my car I stopped for a second and looked in my purse to get my keys. Before I bent my head down, there was one shadow on the hood of my car. When I lifted my head back up another shadow had entered! The shadow was large! I was paralyzed! I couldn't move! I was confused and I didn't know what to do! Then the shadow moved and I realized I was in trouble.

I turned around quickly. There was a short, dirty-looking, bald headed white man standing in front of me. I was terrified and I didn't know what to do! He just stared at me. He looked very angry!

"Don't make a sound, bitch... give me the money and I'll let you go."

Then I heard a clicking sound. He had pulled out a small knife and brought it up to my neck.

"Oh please, don't hurt me... here take my purse."

"Shut the fuck up, bitch!... Don't you make a fucking sound or Ill cut your fucking throat," he growled.

He snatched my purse and flipped it upside down, dumping all my stuff on the ground. Then he bent down, without removing the knife from my neck, and picked up my wallet.

He opened my wallet and said,

"This it! This is all you have? Five dollars!!! What the fuck am I going to do with that?"

I started shaking and trembling like crazy! I never travel with much cash. I use my cards for everything. I knew that five dollars was all the cash I had on me.

"Please mister! That's all I have! I don't have any money." I begged.

"Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up?!!"

Then he said, " I saw you come out the back of that restaurant... the owner is always the last one to leave."

Then he pushed the cold steel blade a little firmer against my throat. I thought he was going to kill me! I couldn't believe what was happening to me! It almost didn't seem real!

"I... I... Just work there! My boss asked me to close for him... I... I... swear!" I tried to say this as calmly as I could with a knife pressed against my throat.

His piercing eyes grew wide. Then he stepped back. There was a pause; he took a breath and then, WHAMMM!!!!! All I saw was a flash of light. He slapped me hard across my face knocking me on my back on the hood of my car.

"You lying little cunt!" he growled.

I was about to scream at this point. I thought it didn't matter; he was going to hurt me anyway. But before I could make a sound he covered my mouth with one hand and brought the knife back up to my throat.

I was dizzy and my vision was still blurred from the hard slap to the face.

"Listen here, bitch," he whispered into my ear. " I didn't come out here for five fucking dollars..."

I could feel his weight on me. For a small man he was very strong. I could feel something hard pressing against my inner thigh and I knew his cock was starting to grow. He put one of his hands on the neckline of my dress and yanked it down to my abdomen. Then he put his head down and started sucking on my breast. He sucked one of my tits real hard, biting my nipples at the same time. I started trying to get away, but all I was doing was sliding back and forth and side to side across the hood on my car. He suddenly stopped sucking my breast. He smiled down at me. Then, with his other hand he slapped me hard across the face and quickly covered my mouth again.

"This is your last warning! I'm not fucking around with you bitch! Either you cooperate right fucking now, or I swear... this will be the last breath you take."

His words were chilling. They were cold, just like the knife that was pressed against my throat.

"You got that bitch? Do you understand what I'm fucking saying? Don't fucking say a word! Just nod your pretty little head if you want to live to see tomorrow."

Through teary eyes and a covered mouth I nodded my head. Then he said,


His breath was cold and smelled like a mixture of hard liquor and marijuana. I immediately nodded my head, which made him smile. Then he moved his hand away from my mouth. I guess he wanted to see if I was going to scream. I was too terrified to do any thing. I just prayed to God that he wouldn't kill me.

He grabbed one of my breasts and started squeezing my nipple. Then he brought his face close to mine, and whispered softly into my ear, " What's your name, bitch?"

I was too afraid to respond to him. He had said that if a made a sound he would kill me.

"You may answer this question."

"Tracy! My name is Tracy." I whispered back.

Then he said, "Tracy, five dollars just isn't going to cut it tonight. You're a fine looking woman, and I don't usually do this, but tonight I think your pussy will cover the cost of you wasting my fucking time."

His words were clear, he was going to rape me and there was nothing I could do. My worst nightmare was coming true. I was going to be raped!

"Look Tracy, I don't have all fucking night! Do as I say and don't make a sound! Ok! Just nod your head if you understand me."

I quickly nodded my head as fast as I could. My whole body was shaking with fear! I just wanted this nightmare to be over! I was on my back staring into the street light. I could barely see his face. All I saw were moving shadows and flashes of light. I felt his clammy hands moving all over my body. Then I felt his hand working up my thighs heading toward my pussy.

"Spread your legs," he whispered.

I quickly did what I was told. Then I felt his hand palming my pussy through my silk panties. He started laughing. I knew why he was laughing. My pussy was still wet from fantasizing about the Chef.

"Damn, bitch, your pussy is soaking wet! You must really want to get fucked! This is going to fun," he giggled into my ear.

I was so embarrassed and humiliated! It made me sick to my stomach to think that my rapist thought I was hot for him. Then he grabbed my panties and violently ripped them from my body and threw them to the side. The stinging sensation and the sound of the material being ripped from my body only confirmed my fate.

I felt one of his fingers slide easily into my wet pussy. He started fingering my cunt hard and fast! I felt so violated! He laughed while he fingered my cunt. It was a sick evil laugh, and it made me sick to my stomach every time I heard it. My pussy didn't give a damn about my fate. My cunt started twitching as he dug his fingers in and out of my neglected pussy.

Then he said, " Damn, your pussy is on fire! I wish I had more time to play with ya!"

He jammed another finger, and then another one, in my cunt. My body had separated itself from my mind. My cunt stretched to accommodate his fingers. He must have had at least three fingers pumping in and out of my gooey cunt. I was lost, and I couldn't believe how I was feeling! One part of me wanted to grab the knife from his hand, stab him and run away, and the other part of me wanted to cum. His fingers felt so good in my cunt and I hated myself for thinking that! I prayed that he would not touch my clit. If he made me cum, it would truly be the worst possible thing to ever happen to me in my life.

Just as I completed that thought he placed his thumb on my clit and started rubbing it while he rammed his fingers into my body. My body trembled, only this time not with fear. My body trembled as I started having a powerful orgasm. It was intense and scary! My pussy clamped down on my rapists hands and my juices just flowed. I could hear my pussy making noises from the extra fluid I had just released from deep inside my body.

"You nasty little bitch! A cunt like you probably hasn't been fucked in a while," he said while laughing softly into my ear.

I hated that laugh and I hated the fucking bastard for forcing me to cum! I was embarrassed, but what could I do? Then he pulled his hand out of my shivering pussy and smeared my pussy juices all over my face.

"Look at how wet you are! You want me to fuck you now don't cha?"

He said this while he pried my lips open, forcing me to taste my own pussy juices. My face was covered with my juices and the scent was incredible! I couldn't take it anymore! I tried to be strong and not cry, but the humiliation was too much. Tears started rolling down my face, tears of shame and embarrassment.

"Say it Tracy! I wanna hear you say it! Tell me you want me to fuck you."

I didn't know what to do! I was crying and I was still afraid. Then he pushed the knife up against my throat again. Reminding me that he was the boss and that he was in control of my destiny.

"Say it! God Damn it!! Say it right fucking now! I told you that I don't have all fucking day!"

"I... I... want you to fuck me." I said, while I sobbed silently.

"That's not good enough... say it nicely... Say it like you mean it bitch... I know you want me to fuck you... Look how wet and nasty your cunt is... repeat after me Tracy."

At that point I just wanted to die. I wanted him to get it over with and stop torturing me, and then he said, "Say, I'm a whore and I want you to fuck me!"

I stopped crying and thought to myself that I'll do what he wants so this nightmare will end. I then replied, " I'm a whore and I want you to fuck me."

"Good... good... that's a good girl. Now say, I'm a nasty little bitch and my cunt loves to be raped!"

I replied, " I'm a nasty little bitch and my cunt loves to be raped."

With every word that came out of my mouth I could feel his cock growing and pressing firmer against my inner thigh. He started dry humping really slowly. His cock felt massive against my thigh.

Then he said, " Say, please mister, fuck me! Don't make me wait, fuck me right now!"

I did as I was told. I said it word for word.

"That's a good girl!... Why, I'd love to fuck you, you little cunt! Turn around," he ordered. Like a helpless scared child I turned around.

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