by Sandia

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Denise loses a bet, takes a ride with a strange man, and tries to make it up to her husband.

I've learned to love being a whore. When my husband calls me his "slut" or "cunt" it makes my pussy wet.

I wasn't always this way. It all started about three months ago when I lost a bet. My husband had some men over for a night of poker. I didn't have money to go out that night, and so I decided to play. Harry wouldn't give me any chips to play with, so I "traded" for them, basically flirting with the guys and getting them drinks and stuff so they would give me chips to play with.

I started drinking too much, which always makes me horny, and my husband didn't stop me. I started talking dirty with the guys, and wound up playing a game of strip poker against one of them. I lost that bet, and had to take off my clothes, down to my panties, in front of all of them. My husband tried to stop me, but I did it anyway, partly because of the alcohol, partly to make a point. Of course I was embarrassed, but they all appreciated my body, and I started to feel more comfortable after a while. I wound up getting more chips, and sitting there half-naked in front of several strange men was strangely arousing. I found myself getting up more than I needed to, and "showing off" in front of them.

When I got the best hand of the night, I decided to get revenge. Daryl, whom I didn't like, but who had made a pass at me earlier, said he'd bet his truck against me. I thought he was thinking with his dick, and besides I really wanted that truck, which was brand-new and worth a lot of money. I wound up betting my body against it. Basically I had to be his sex-slave for the night. He beat me, of course, but I was shocked when I saw his cards. I was scared shitless then, though still kind of turned on. I had fantasized about cheating on my husband before, but never with a man like Daryl. He immediately made me get up and take off the rest of my clothes, showing all the guys my pussy and ass, and holding up my tits for them, and then he made me get in his truck.

I slouched down as low as I could in the seat, terrified someone would see me. Daryl made me suck on his cock "like a baby," telling me he would let me out butt-naked if I didn't suck it good. I was more ashamed of myself than I had ever been, and probably wouldn't have been able to do it at all if it hadn't been for all the liquor I'd drunk.

When we got to his house he ordered me into his bedroom. I was scared because his cock was much fatter than my husband's. I'm small and even Harry, has to be careful with me. I was wondering if it would hurt and hoping he wouldn't be too brutal about it when he came in with several lengths of clothes line.

I pleaded with him not to tie me up, but he ignored me. Daryl is a big guy, and very strong. He tied my wrists and ankles to the bedposts and then stood over me awhile, looking at me. "You're going to be a lot of fun to fuck," he said.

I asked him not to hurt me. He said he wouldn't as long as I did exactly what he wanted me to do. He got out a couple of vibrators and a video camera. I was scared of the video camera. I begged him not to tape me, but he did it anyway. He took the vibrator and put it in my face and told me to suck it. I hesitantly obeyed as he ran it over my lips and tongue and slid it in and out of my mouth. "Good girl," he said. He took it out of my mouth and started sliding it along the lips of my pussy. I felt myself spasm involuntarily as he slid the tip into me. He twisted it back and forth and rubbed my clitoris with his thumb as he gradually worked it into me. He started pushing more and more of it into me, and it started to feel good. I felt my hips moving against his hands and he started fucking me with it for real. He was fucking me with the vibrator and rubbing my clitoris and I couldn't help myself, I started to come. Then he took it out of me. I gasped. "Does your husband ever fuck you like this?" he asked me. I said no, and asked him not to stop. He laughed and got the other vibrator out. It was smaller and shaped different. "Does your husband ever fuck your ass?" he asked. "No!" I said. I asked him not to put anything in my ass, I begged him, but he ignored me.

I tried to get away from him, but there was nothing I could do. When he first started pushing it into me, I thought I would die. I had never had anything in my ass before, but after he turned it on and left it there, it started to feel good too. I could feel the vibrations in my pussy. Then he took the bigger vibrator and started fucking my pussy again. It felt so good I stopped caring about the camera or the fact he wasn't my husband. He asked me if I had liked sucking his cock in the car, and I told him yes, so he wouldn't stop. He told me I had to tell him what fucking Harry was like, and I told him it was boring. He asked if I was looking forward to fucking him, and I said yes. He told me to beg him to suck his cock, and I did. Leaving the vibrators in me, he climbed up to my chest. "Beg for it, bitch." I begged him put his slimy cock in my mouth. "Beg me to fuck your face," he said. I begged him to fuck my face, and he did, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth like it was a cunt. When he came, it got in my mouth, as well as my lips and cheeks and nose. I spit some of it out, but it only made a bigger mess. He grunted and got off me. He left the room. While he was gone, I found myself humping the vibrators, still in my pussy and ass, desperate to come. I closed my eyes and tried to think about my husband, but all I could think about was Daryl's fat dick fucking me. When he came back he took pictures of me, including several close-ups of my face. He laid his limp dick across my face and took pictures of me like that. I opened my mouth for him. I licked the tip of his cock and a long strand of come came out of it. He wiped the come off on my face and in my hair. I would like to say I was grossed out but the truth is I was amazingly turned on. I had never had anyone do anything like that to me before. The vibrators were still buzzing in my cunt and ass. He asked me if I wanted to come and made me beg for it. I told him I would do anything if he would finish me off. I told him I'd be his whore and let him fuck my ass only if he would make me come. Then we heard banging on the door.

It was Harry. Daryl told me to make him go away unless I wanted him to show my husband what a slut I really was. He made me hold the vibrators in while I talked to him.

I put the chain on the door and hid behind it, hoping he couldn't see the come on my face and in my hair in the darkness. I had my hands between my legs to keep the vibrators in and the truth is I wanted nothing more than for Harry to go away so I could get back to getting fucked by Daryl. I begged him to leave and lied to him about what Daryl was doing to me. He finally left after I said Daryl was calling the police.

After he left Daryl put his hands on my ass and stroked my pussy. "Good girl," he said. I turned around and kissed him, opening my mouth and sucking on his tongue. The vibrator fell out and he stuck in fingers in me. He took me to the bed and fucked me, first face to face, then he turned me on my stomach and fucked me from behind. It didn't hurt like I thought it would, just a little when he put it in at first. I was bucking against him and begging him to come inside me, which he did, twice. I came hard against him, begging him to fuck me harder and begging him to shoot his spunk inside me, even though I wasn't using birth control.

When he was done he took more pictures of me doing all sorts of things for him. He had me write dirty words on my thighs, stomach, and ass, gave me an old robe and then he took me home.

When I got there Harry was at the door. I was afraid he wouldn't let me in, and I did the only thing that made sense at the time. I dropped to my knees and sucked him off right in the doorway. It was something I had never done for Harry before, and I knew he would love it. I let him come on my face like Daryl had done, and looked up at him, licked my lips, and begged him to let me in.

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