Blackmailed Into Perversion
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Blackmail, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pam and her husband move to California and they find that because of the cost of living she has to go to work. She ends up working for a man in a large Auto dealership that blackmails her into becoming the company's sex toy. She tries to fight it but it is a struggle from start to finish.

We had looked forward to moving to California every since we got married 3 years ago. Bill is in construction and I had a job as a Secretary in a Doctors office. Our plan was to work hard and save enough money for the move and have enough for a down payment and 6 months payments. So we worked hard and finally got to the point where we could make the move, only for 5 and half months Bill has not been able to get the type of Job we were told he could before we left Toledo. In Toledo, he was making between $18-26.00 an hour as a plumber.

We were told he had a job here in California with PG&E, starting at $30.00 an hour. However, when we arrived, the slot was filled and now we are barely getting by. Bill's license in Ohio, it seems, is not good enough here, so he has to start as a Journeyman (or something). Anyway, he is working now, however unless that slot opens up in the next two weeks, we are going to start getting behind on our house payments. The plan was we would move here, Bill would get the promised job; I would get pregnant and stay home to raise the children while he supported us. We talked the situation over last night and we both agreed I would start to look for a job while we waited for his slot to open. Once he started working for PG&E, I would quit and we would go back to our original plan.

After Bill left for work, I put on a nice work dress like I would wear in Toledo and went and got a paper. Sitting down drinking coffee, I circled help wanted ads for jobs that I could probably fill and began my tour around Orange County to find a job. The third place I stopped at was this huge New Car dealership. The ad said Cashier/Secretary wanted - Interviews between 10 and 11, so when I got there, I saw a room full of women. I spoke to the Owner's private secretary and she told me it would be a while before they talked to me. This was the first time that I had seen other women competing for a job like this and they were all dressed a lot differently than I.

Some of the women were dressed down right sleazy while others dressed very casually. I was the only woman there that had on a dress that went past her knees. You should have seen the Secretary; My God, she dressed the same as a streetwalker in Toledo. She wore one of the shortest skirts that I had ever seen on a woman her age. What really stood out was her garter belt and stockings. I could easily see her nipples through her top. I waited my turn and I started to think this was going to be an all day interview. In one hour, he had only interviewed two women, actually more like girls. I am not putting age down; after all, I was 19 once and the women here ranged from 18 to 50, I thought. Being 25, I had a feeling I stood a chance.

I asked the Secretary where the ladies room was and she directed me to her private facility, so I would not lose? My place in line by going down to the public restroom. I went in and sat down; I find it a lot easer to relax if I read something, so since she had a little magazine rack, I fumbled through it and discovered they were almost all porno magazines. Now don't get me wrong; Bill and I have both enjoyed some porn tapes once or twice a month and I don't think there was anything that we had not tried. Ever since we knew each other, our sex life has been better than I would have imagined. We both love to do things to spark up our sex life and masturbation is one of them. Lately when Bill was getting home, he has been so tired that he would eat, read the paper and go straight to bed. Since he has to get up at 3:30 every morning, Last night we barely had time to talk. I picked up the Playgirl and looked through it and I loved that centerfold. I do love looking at a large flaccid man. I try and picture what it would look like hard.

I flipped to the letter section and began to read them. It did not take long for me to forget why I came into the restroom because after four days and nights of not having sex, all of a sudden, I was horny as hell. I kept reading, opened my legs, and began to take steps to change that. I laid the Magazine down on the floor in front of me, leaving it open so I could look at the centerfold. I imagined my mouth working that cock hard, to the point that he would throw me down to the floor, rip off my panties and fuck me for hours. I climaxed and when I opened my eyes, I had my legs wide open, my dress was a mess and I had to pee.

I straightened myself out and went back out to the waiting area to sit with the rest of the women. I no more than sat down when the Secretary's phone rang and she motioned for me to come to her desk. I stood up and walked over and she said "Mr. Ballard will see you now."

That surprised me because I was sure there were 6 women still ahead of me, but I wasn't going to argue. I went inside and his office was big, but then if he owned this place, why not? He asked me to sit down and read my application, and then he began "I see you are new to the area, dear. Tell me how do you like California?" I told him "I love the weather and the way of life, but if I don't get a job soon, we will have to go back to Ohio." He said, "I see you have been married 3 years and you do not have children yet. I take it that is by choice?" I said, "Yes, we want a stable life to raise children in." He said, "I see you were a secretary before. Today I am looking for a cashier and in time she will become my personal Secretary as Jane is going to be leaving soon. Would you mind starting out at $9.50 for now and if things work out, I'll move you up to take Jane's job? She is making between 12-16 an hour. I was surprised at his request. I said, "sure, of course I would." Every job I had come across was starting at minimum wage.

He said "you'll have to take a lie detector test for us and I think if you pass it, you have the job" I responded with a very questioning comeback. "Lie detector?" He said, "Yes, today we have a choice of drug test or Lie Detector. I feel I get better information from the polygraph. I'm sorry if that is a problem, but in order to be hired, I have to insist on it." I looked at him thoughtfully for a moment and said, "That is fine. Where and when?' Mr. Ballard said, "Since the interviews are now, I have the polygraph set up down the hall. I am to have you read these questions prior to taking it so you have an idea what you will be asked."

He handed me a paper and I sat and read it. The questions were plain and they seemed simple enough; they started out with age, date of birth and such, and then they went into questions about my previous employer. There were questions about theft and borrowing items from my place of work. I did not find anything objectionable until I got to the most personal questions. Then I saw questions dealing in the area of sex. When I read the question have you been faithful to your partner in your marriage? Did you marry as a Virgin? Do you keep things from your spouse in the areas of sex out of embarrassment? I looked up and said, "Mr. Ballard, why are there such personal questions here in the area of sex? That is a very private thing; I don't understand why any employer would want to know about my sex life and my marriage."

He smiled sat back in his chair and said "You know every person that I hand that to reads it and always stops there and ask the exact same question. I do not make up the test; as I understand it, when it comes to sex in a person's life, they seem to have very strong emotions in such personal questions. I am told that part of the measuring device used in the Polygraph is to measure a person's truthfulness. You don't have to take the test if you do not wish to; I just cannot hire you if you don't. Do you want to take it or not Pam?"

I looked at him and said "Oh I see. Well, since you explained it like that, I can live with it. Sure where do I go?" He directed me and I went into a little room with a middle-aged man. He asked me to sit down and I did. After about 30 minutes, I was unhooked and went back to the waiting room. All the other women were gone and it was only Jane and myself. I kept going over in my mind all the yes and no questions he asked and it seemed that over half were in the area of sex. God, those questions brought back all kinds of memories. At one point, I almost decided to get up and go home. I told him the truth and it started to piss me off when he would ask the same question again and again. I figured it was to make sure I was telling the truth.

The way he asked me about my first sexual experience was slow and mind blowing. He asked it like "did you have a sexual experience prior to the age of 18" then 17, then 16. Then he asked "did you first experience masturbation prior to age 18," then 17, all the way down to age 14. But when he asked me if I ever had fantasized about doing this or that, (different things sexually.) I did answer them all then, I had to finely say that I was really not comfortable with the questions at all. I finally stopped him and told him that. He told me it was the strongest emotion in me and it was how they could tell about my truthfulness.

I sat there and just stewed. I kept my eye on Jane; God, she looked like such a slut. I mean I saw man after man walk up to her desk and they would kiss her, and she would leave for a moment or two, and then come back. I swear I saw that she wasn't wearing any panties one time as she sat back down. Finally the phone rang and she told me that Mr. Ballard wanted to see me. I went inside and he sat there reading a report of some kind. He motioned for me to sit down, which I did. After a few minutes of reading, he looked up and said to me. "Honey from what I see here, you are exactly the girl I am looking for. I was almost sure prior to our interview and now I am sure. Tell you what - just to help you and your husband out, let me give you an advance loan to help you two with your house payment and I'll deduct it out of your pay over, say, one two or three years without interest whatever you want. Will $1,000.00 be enough or would you need 2?"

To say that his words surprised me is an understatement. I almost stammered when I said "Ah sure, that would be nice. One thousand would be great. If you took out $30.00 a month, how long would it take to pay you back?" He said "just under three years, but don't worry about that." He picked up the phone and said to Jane "Sweety, cut Pam here a check for $1,000.00 and do an in-house loan with no interest for a three year period and make Pam feel at home."

I said "When would you like me to start?" He said, "come in tomorrow and we'll get you started." Then he said "Pam, I don't know if you noticed or not, but the women that work for me do not wear pants, or shorts or even pant suits. I like your choice of clothing; can I expect you to wear the same type of clothes here to work?" I was surprised at his remark, however I assured him this was my normal work attire. For the next hour, Jane had me filling out all kinds of papers, signing here and signing there. I drove back home with a huge smile and one sore wrist. I couldn't wait to tell Bill about my adventure today.

It took me a good month to learn all about the receipts and such and then, exactly 30 days after I had started, I was called up to Mr. Ballard's office and I was told to bring my cash drawer. I arrived at his office and saw Jane smiling a rather happy smile and she buzzed Mr. Ballard. I went in and he motioned me to sit down. I did not see the same smiling face I had seen for the last month; instead I saw a very stern-looking man sitting behind his desk. Also in the room were two other men. He said "Pam, this is detective Clark and detective Gary from downtown. We need to ask you some questions, dear. Remember today when Mr. Basset came in and paid you the $1,800.00 for his service work?" I said, "yes, I remember" He then said, "hand Detective Clark your drawer and unlock it please." I did and he moved over to a table and began counting my drawer.

As he started to count, Mr. Ballard said, "I have to tell you, dear, that I am very disappointed in you. About four days after you started working, accounting noticed that you came up $100.00 short, and then it was two hundred, then three. I contacted the Police. Detective Clark, along with Mr. Basset, helped to set up a little sting with marked bills." I was shaken to the core and I could not believe what I was hearing. Then when Detective Clark said to Mr. Ballard "There is $1,000.00 missing, all in the marked bills." He turned to me and asked, "Where is your purse?" I told him it was in the bottom right drawer of my desk." He asked, "Is it locked?" I said "yes"; he then asked me to please come with him, as he wanted to retrieve my purse. He said to his partner, "inform Mr. Ballard what the next steps are and we will be right back."

We walked to my desk and I unlocked it. I took out the purse and handed it to Detective Clark. We walked back upstairs to Mr. Ballard's office. I sat down and Detective Clark placed my purse in front of me on Mr. Ballard's desk. He opened it, reached in and, after fumbling around; he pulled out a small roll of bills. I felt trapped. I said, "That's not mine. I mean I didn't put that it in there. Someone is trying to frame me. My God Mr. Ballard, I would never steal from you, never." I began to cry - I felt so helpless. Then I heard Detective Clark say to Mr. Ballard "all you need to do is sign this complaint and we'll take her to jail. With the video of her taking the money and us finding it in her purse from her locked desk, we have an airtight case. Sign that and we'll be out of here and you won't see this bitch again. For about 15 years"

I was bawling now. I could not understand why, how, I mean I was, never short, I never stole any money. I knew I didn't put that money in my purse. I heard Mr. Ballard say "can you two give me a few minutes alone with Pam here? I want to talk with her before I sign any papers putting her in jail." Clark said, "sure, we'll wait outside with Jane, but if I were you, I wouldn't waste your time. Thieves like her need to be in jail."

The detectives walked out of the office and Mr. Ballard spoke softly to me. He said, "Dear, dear Pam, I trusted you. How could you? I mean if you needed the money, I would have given it to you. After all, I gave you that thousand dollars your first day. Why did you do this?' I looked at him and said "but I didn't! I don't know what is going on. I never took one penny from you. I have no idea how that money got in my purse." He looked at me and said "I am going to tell you this one time and one time only. If you insist on trying to tell me that you did not do what all this evidence proves that you did, I will sign that paper. If you are honest with me and admit that you did take, what is it, $4,750.00 in your first month working with us, I will see if there is a way to keep you out of jail. Not only that, but if you do admit it, I will go ahead with promoting you to take Jane's place in the company, along with doubling your hourly pay. I can live with a thief working for me, but I won't stand for a fucking liar with evidence like this. Are you ready to go to Prison for 15 years, lose your husband, your home, your future?" I sat there with my mind spinning. If I told the truth, I would be going to jail; if I admitted to stealing his money, he would not press charges. I could not believe it; lie and I'm OK, don't lie and I go to jail. He looked at me and said "Come on, Pam, admit it. Did you take all this money or not?" I looked at him and said softly "yes, I took the missing money." I saw him smile and then he said. "OK. Now just one more thing before I call the Detectives back in here. I want you to write down in your own handwriting and admit to me that you stole my money and how sorry you are. If you don't, off to jail you go."

He slid a pad of paper in front of me and said very sternly "Write." I picked up the pen and wrote down that I admitted to stealing money from my cash drawer and how sorry I was. I also wrote down that I would do anything to make it up to him and his company. I also wrote that if he gave me a second chance, I would re-pay every penny missing. I signed it and gave him the paper and told him I was sorry and that I would do anything to make it up to him. Mr. Ballard asked "You'll do ANYTHING to make it up to me, right?" I said, "Yes, sir, I can prove to you that I am not a thief, just trust me and I'll prove it." I knew the minute I said that it was the wrong thing to say.

He said almost angry "What? One minute you tell me you did it, and then you try and tell me you didn't. What the fuck is it bitch? Did you or didn't you? Are you trying to trick me into not pressing charges or what?" I was so confused, I couldn't think. I said "No, I mean yes, I did take it, I mean I just want to make it up to you, that is all." He leaned back again, smiled and called Jane. When the two detectives walked back in, he handed the paper I wrote and signed to Detective Clark. Clark read it and congratulated him on sealing the arrest with my written confession. I almost fainted; I could not believe he had tricked me like that.

Mr. Ballard said to Clark. "I have a question, Detective - what happens if I don't sign the complaint? I mean, would this be put down as a closed case or what?" I guess what he said caught Clark off guard. Clark said "Mr. Ballard, if you don't sign the complaint, we can't do a damn thing." Mr. Ballard then said "can you hold it as an open file or something for awhile? I want to give her a second chance; I think I can work this out with Mrs. Jackson here." Clark looked at him and almost sharply said "You call us in, we do a sting and you want us to fucking hold it?" Mr. Ballard said, "Yes Detective, can you?" Clark said "I can keep this open for three years. After that, I file it in the trash. Go ahead, I know thieves like this; she can't stop taking money. I would bet that you'll be calling me back in less than a week. I will take all the evidence and hold it; give me a call when you change your mind."

He gathered all the paperwork along with my handwritten confession and the detectives walked out. As soon as the door was closed, Mr. Ballard said softly "do you know what all that means, my dear?" I looked at him and said, "Yes, you are giving me a second chance." He smiled this huge smile and said "Oh no my dear, nothing at all like that. Did you hear them? They have everything they need to lock you up for 15 years. All I have to do is pick up the phone and you're fucking gone, bye-bye, no house, no husband, and no future children. Just jail and prison for 15 fucking years. Do you get the picture?" I looked at him confused and he said, "come on, Pam, you can't be that fucking dumb. You're my bitch now. You will do anything that I tell you to from now on and not only that, you will be doing it for three whole fucking years, and I mean a lot of fucking in those three years. Tomorrow, you will start by taking over Jane's job and, of course, you will now be making $24.50 an hour." As for paying him back the missing money, he would think about it.

I guess I smiled too quickly, because the next thing he said blew my mind. He reached in his top drawer and pulled out two hundred dollars. He said, "Take this and go find out where Jane buys her clothes. You will start to dress like she does. You're my Bitch now and you're going to dress the part. By the way, dear, no fucking panties from now on. I want you naked and ready to fuck. You got that honey? You will always be naked under your skirts and dresses at work. Now, lets see how good a cock sucker you are, Pamela." He stood up and unzipped his pants saying, "Get over here, Pam, come kiss the cock you that you are going to make love to for the next three years."

I sat there in shock and did not move. He reached for the phone and said, "Jane darling, has Detective Clark and his partner left yet? Good, be a honey and stop them - it looks like Pam here doesn't want to replace you after all." I almost jumped to my feet and I quickly knelt in front of him. I took his cock in my mouth and then I heard him say "Never mind honey, it looks like Pam has changed her mind. Come in here honey, I want to tell you something." I pulled back because I knew Jane was coming in. Mr. Ballard grabbed the back of my head and brought me back to his groin. The door opened and in walked Jane.

Mr. Ballard said, "Jane honey, Henry over at the Ford dealership wants you to be his personal secretary and so does Johnson at GMC. They both want you bad and I am told you can get maybe get 50 buck an hour. Why don't you give them a call and let both of them know you will be available when you get back from Jamaica in two weeks? Now, you let them both know you will only work for the highest bidder, you hold out. I know for a fact you can get exactly what you want. Hey, you earned it kid. Besides, I think old Pam here is going to work out just fine. Call a sales meeting for 8 AM tomorrow. I will introduce Pam here to the sales staff and service Managers." I guess my mouth was too much for him because I felt his cock pulse and he came in my mouth as he stood there talking to Jane. He held me tightly and Jane said to me "You better swallow it, dear; he gets mad as hell if anything is spilled out." I gulped down his slimy sperm and I felt sick, very sick; in fact, I just wanted to die.

Mr. Ballard pulled his dick out and said "not bad Pam, not bad at all. We're going to get along just fine. Now sit back down and pay attention. If you want to take notes, you can. I'm going to lay down the rules for you. You will follow them without question or I pick up the fucking phone and off you go."

I got up off my knees and said, "Yes sir." He stopped and said, "yes sir, yes sir, I like that. Hey Jane honey, why didn't you ever say yes sir?" Jane said, "I don't know, but you know if you wanted me to, I would have called you that." He said "yea, yea, get your ass back to work and get ready to clue Pam in on her new job. Now shut the fucking door." I quickly turned around and saw that the door had been left open and there was several people standing outside watching me as I sucked off the Boss. I wanted to die; I swear it if I had a gun, I would have shot myself, right then and there.

I sat down, feeling like I had no control over my life. Then I remembered Bill. My God, Bill what do I tell him? Ballard sat down and started off, "OK Pam, first of all, here is the ground rules. First, you tell your husband nothing. If you do, he will protest and I will make the call." I said "what about the clothes?" he said, "That's your problem. Just make sure you come to work ready for sex, lots and lots of sex. If what's his name wants sex at night, well that's up to you, but you tell him nothing about today or this arrangement. If you don't want him to know about your pay increase, we can hide that, but as far as he knows, you are nothing but my secretary. Got it?" I hung my head and said, "Yes Sir."

"Good" he said "now for your job description. You will come to work ready to fuck. In every company, there are company benefits and you are one of this company's benefits. When my sales staff does well, you are their benefit. If a sales manager does well, you are his benefit. Whenever we have a dissatisfied customer, you will be called to calm them down. If it means sucking him off or fucking him, you do it. If it is a woman, you will make her happy. Got it?" I could not believe my ears. I looked up and, with gritted teeth, I said "YESSSSSS SIRRRR."

He looked at me and said "you fucking Bitch! I give you over double your pay, I keep you out of jail and you talk like that to me? Fuck you, you thieving bitch." He picked up the phone and said in a very nasty, loud angry voice. "Jane, call that Detective Clark and get him back here right away. This fucking Bitch thinks she is too fucking good to take over your job. I'm sending her fucking ass to Jail." Then He slammed down the phone. I started sobbing and cried over and over "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please forgive me, I'm so sorry, please I'll do it, I'll do anything, anything at all, I promise I will, please, I don't want to go to jail, Please, Mr. Ballard, Please." He picked up the phone and said "put that call on hold, Jane, It appears that Pam may work out after all, anyway we'll see. Get Pat and Jake up here, Pam here needs a lesson in knowing just what her place is in the Company."

He hung up the phone and, looking at me, he said, "Dry your fucking eyes, bitch. I was going to have you broken in tomorrow, but since you need a lesson so fucking badly, I'm going to get you started right now. Stand up and strip." I looked at him and I guess I looked too long because he said "Now, Pam, or so help me, nothing you say or do will stop me from calling back Clark. You move when I say move and you do what I say to do. If you give me any idea at all that your heart is not in this, you're fucking out of here. That goes a week from now also. You heard Clark; I got your ass, your mouth and your cunt for three fucking years and they are mine, got it?"

I was standing by then and I was dropping my bra when he finished. I said, "Yes sir, I got it." He said "good! Now, I want you to walk over to the door, open it and ask Jane if you may borrow her K-Y, that you will need some. Don't even try and hide behind the door; I want her to see you naked and if anyone else is at her desk, don't worry. They will only be getting a glimpse of what tomorrow will bring. Oh Yes, make sure you ask her for it just the way I told you to." I hated him; I hated him so fucking much. He was so nice when he hired me and now he was a monster. I walked over to the door; I took a deep breath and opened it. I saw Jane and Jacob (one of the Service writers) kissing and he had his hand between her legs. They did not notice me until I said, "Excuse me Jane. May I borrow your K-Y from you for a few minutes? I'll be needing some."

They broke the kiss and Jacob whistled; Jane reached in her bottom right hand drawer and then tossed me a brand new large tube of K-Y. "Keep it" she said "I have plenty more." Before I could turn to step back into Mr. Ballard's office, the courtesy driver rounded the corner to get a full view of me. I stepped back and closed the door. I walked back to Mr. Ballard's desk and he said "have you ever had it up your ass before, Pam?" I looked at him and said "yes." He said, "Good, I hate breaking in virgins. Tell me have you ever had two men at the same time?" I said "No sir I haven't." he smiled a wicked smile and said, "Well, you won't be able to say that by the time you go home today now, will you?" I was scared and nervous and I wanted to run away. I said, "I guess not sir." He responded. "You can go to the bank on that one, baby. Now, while we wait for the boys to get here, use some of that jell and get your asshole ready."

I started to protest because I did not want to do anything like that in front of him; I mean touching myself and fingering my butt hole with K-Y to ready myself. My God, this is all so sick. I felt clumsy as I opened the tube and put the jell on my fingers, then reached back behind myself and lubed my butt hole. Bill and I enjoyed anal sex once in awhile. I knew that I needed to relax myself or it would always hurt. Here I was, getting myself ready for another man to have me back there. On top of that, I was doing it in front of my Boss. To top it off, we were in a large office that had large windows for three walls. I knew that we were three flights up, but there was a small possibility that someone might see inside. The only comfort to me was that the windows were tinted real dark; I knew that in the daylight, it would be hard for anyone to see inside.

As I lubed my ass, Mr. Ballard said "That's it Pam, get that asshole ready. Better get three fingers in it, cuz Pat's got one huge cock. Jake is the same size, only a little thicker, more like a log." I felt so humiliated and sick with myself. Since I took my marriage vows, I had never been with another man. Bill and I have both been faithful to each other. Now I was being forced to have sex with two men, two men I worked with, two men that would tell others here at work. What if Bill finds out? What if I get some sort of disease? I stood there, like that when the door opened and Jake and Pat walked in. Pat started to close the door when Mr. Ballard said, "No Pat, leave it open. I want Jane to watch her replacement get her first workout. You don't mind, do you Pam?"

I know my face said it all; I was shocked and so embarrassed. He was going to degrade me in his office and he wanted the door left open, so anyone coming up to his office would be able to watch. I know my eyes must have been 10 times their normal size. I wanted to plead with him; I wanted to beg him not to make me do this. The one thing I did not want to do was make him mad. I knew that if I did, he might pick up the phone after these two men finished raping me and still send me off to prison. I said in that was cracking with emotion "No, I don't mind."

Jake was the first one to come over to me; he moved his hand and fingers right to my pussy. I was dry there; I was not prepared for this kind of attack. I quickly brought my hand from the back to my front to lubricate myself a little. I knew from experience that without some lubrication there, they would hurt me. Jake mistook my movement as a sign that I was turned on with desire; he said "what's a matter baby, can't wait?" I did not answer and before I could get my hand behind me again, Pat had his fingers working in my asshole. He started kissing the back of my neck as he said, "My, you're all nice and loose. I bet you love it up the ass, don't you baby?" I did not want to give him, Jake or Mr. Ballard the satisfaction of admitting that I did enjoy anal sex. Because I did, even though Bill and I only did it maybe two to three times a month. However, I sure as hell was not going to give these three men the satisfaction in knowing that. I closed my eyes and pictured in my mind Bill standing behind me, forgetting all about Jake working my clit and pussy.

I put my head back and moaned. Jake said "undo my pants, Pam, come see what old Jake has for you." I kept my eyes closed and reached forward, finding Jake's belt and unfastening it and the button on his pants. They fell to the floor and then I reached down in front of him to where his penis was. I found it and when I did, I almost could not believe my sense of touch. It was so long and so big around. I wrapped my fingers around it and my whole body shuddered. I instantly flashed back to an old boyfriend I had before I married Bill. When my fingers wrapped around Jake's cock, I saw Dave's cock again in my mind. God, he was so good in bed; he knew how to make a woman feel like she was all woman.

Of course, the manipulations of my clit and pussy didn't help matters much by this time. Pat stopped kissing me long enough to say. "Now me, baby. Come feel what I got for you." With my other hand, I reached behind me and felt Pat's cock through his pants. It felt like a horse. I tingled from head to toe as I found his zipper and unzipped him. I reached inside his pants and grabbed hold of the fattest cock I had ever felt.

We must have looked a sight as the three of us stood there in the middle of Mr. Ballard's office; I was naked, holding onto and stroking two huge cocks while the two men were fingering both of my holes. Bill started to slip from my mind. Dave loomed larger in my thoughts, bringing back pictures in my mind of him fucking me. My eyes were closed and I felt someone's lips against mine. I responded by kissing back as if I was kissing David. I was still being finger-stroked, getting me ready for a fat cock.

Over the years, one of my fantasies had been to have two men at the same time. I never actually wanted two, but it was always a nice fantasy to masturbate to. By now, my body was taking reacting automatically. I knew that my cunt was flowing with juices, making it ready for the entry of a cock. I pictured David and Bill in my mind. As I started to do this, I forgot all about Mr. Ballard, I forgot all about the open door, I forgot all about Jane. My body was losing itself to the unwanted but sensual manipulations of Jake and Pat. I have always been a highly sexual person. However, I was always a proper lady; by that I mean I never had sex with a date until after getting to know the guy for a period of time and only when I knew it was out of love. I dated and had steady boyfriends from the time I was 17. So, by no means was I a virgin.

I had never acted like a whore or a slut; I always had control over my sex life. I suddenly realized that I no longer had that control. I found myself in the middle of a situation that made me helpless to resist these men. In spite of my mind, in spite of what I knew what was right and wrong, my body responded to their touching. My body responded to the huge cocks in both of my hands. I tried to focus my mind on David and my husband Bill. I was fighting with myself, trying not to think of Jake and Pat. I was kissing Jake, trying to imagine that it was first Bill, then David. I could feel the pleasure from the three fingers working in and out of my asshole from Pat and I fought to imagine that it was first David, then my husband.

I was losing the battle. I kept stroking Jake's long cock and I could not picture Bill or David anymore. I started seeing and feeling Jake. I realized that I was stroking Jake hard and long. I slid my hand all along his stiff shaft. I felt myself grinding my hips back and forth, taking in the fingers of first Jake, then Pat. I could not control my breathing because of the pleasure my body was receiving. I heard Jake say "We're going to lift you up. When you are standing, guide my cock inside of you and lock your legs behind me. We're going to fuck you standing up." I never opened my eyes as I felt myself being lifted up and as they brought me to Jake, I guided his cock into my hole. As they eased me down onto him, I remembered that wonderful feeling of being stuffed, like when David and I would fuck. I wrapped my arms around Jake and then I felt Pat moving in behind me.

I could not guide him into me because I was holding onto Jake, trying to keep from falling. I felt it when Pat began to enter my ass. I clenched my eyes tightly, expecting a lot of pain, but it did not come. I guess with me preparing myself with three fingers and KY and with Pat taking over while I was busy with Jake, he must have stretched me enough so there was no pain. Oh I could tell he was huge. I felt him slide in and it took my breath away. They began fucking me, alternating with each other. One would shove his cock inside while the other would pull his out. It took only a moment or two before they had a steady rhythm going. I was lost to the pleasure my body was feeling. I heard a voice say, "Open your eyes, Pam, look at me"

It came from my right and I looked toward the voice. It was Mr. Ballard; he had a video camera in his hands and he was video taping me in this position. Behind him was the open door, filled with Jane and, I think, every salesman in the company. My eyes must have been as big as saucers. Mr. Ballard said "that's it, Pam, smile for the camera." He put it down a moment and said "when I ask you how do you like being fucked like this, you tell me that you love it." I watched him raise the camera back up at me and he said "How do you like that, Pamela? How do you like being fucked in your cunt and your asshole at the same time?" At this point, I was trying to catch my breath; I did not want to say anything and I did not want to be filmed. I was very close to an orgasm; a very strong, hard, and desired orgasm. I could feel it building and building. He asked again, "Tell me Pam, how do you like being double fucked?" Right then, I could not hold back. I began to climax and I think I shouted when I said, "I love it! God forgive me, I love it!"

Mr. Ballard could not leave it alone and he kept talking to me. "Do you want them to stop fucking you, Pamela? I can have them stop if you want, come on boys; I think she has had enough." He kept filming me and I was there, I was coming. I shouted, "No, OH GOD NO, DON'T STOP, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, PLEASE DON'T STOP!!" I was heaving my hips back and forth, meeting each cock as it entered me. I don't know how they managed to stand there holding me like that. Jake began kissing me and he started to climax in me. I felt his cock expanding and pulsing as he emptied his sack into me deeper than I have had in many years. Almost at the same time, Pat began to ejaculate; when they did, they both shoved forward at the same time, pushing themselves deep inside of me. I was lost in total bliss as my own body erupted with them. I don't know how long we stood there like that, just holding on to each other. I realized that as they held themselves tightly against me, I was grinding my hips back and forth, sort of milking them for every drop of cum.

Pat was the first to pull away and, soon after that, I felt myself being lifted off of Jake. Cum began to drip from both of my holes. As soon as my feet hit the floor, I felt hands on my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees. Jake brought his dripping cock to my mouth and I knew what he wanted me to do. I began to gently suck his cock and clean him at the same time. I felt more hands pulling my hips up and then I heard Jane's voice say, "Pam, look at me, dear" I looked over at her and she was holding the camera. Mr. Ballard was kneeling behind me and he said, "If you ask me nice, I'll fuck you, but you have to ask me nice."

I was caught between this sick perverted desire that they awakened in me and my good moral sense. He wanted me to beg him to fuck me. Part of me wanted him too, as I was still feeling quite horny from my previous climax. The other part of me knew I better do what he wanted me to do, because I really had no other choice. I took my mouth off of Jake's cock long enough to say "Please fuck me; I need more cock. Please fuck me, Mr. Ballard" I went back to work on Jake's cock, which was starting to go limp. I heard Mr. Ballard behind me ask, "Which hole, Pam. Where do you want me to fuck you, honey?"

This was the most perverted thing I had ever experienced in my life. I didn't know what was happening to me and I lost my grip on reality. I knew I was being watched, I knew I was being filmed. All of a sudden, I let go of Jake's cock, looked behind me and said, "In my ass. Fuck me in my ass please!" I felt him enter me as Jake walked away. Pat walked up to me and I knew he wanted me to do to him what I had just finished doing to Jake. The fact that he just pulled his cock out of my asshole did not register in my mind. I took him in my mouth and began sucking him. I felt Mr. Ballard ejaculating in my asshole and when he did, it sent another climax racing through my body.

It wasn't moments later that Mr. Ballard barked out "close the door, Jane, the show is over." He pulled out of me and Pat stepped back. I was left kneeling on the floor and when Pat pulled away, I fell to my hands. Before I could move, Mr. Ballard said, "Stay just like that, Pam. Yea, get a shot of that, Jake, get a close up of that asshole flexing like that. Look at all that cum oozing out of her! God, you boys were full today! Fuck, look at that, it's pouring out of her!"

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