House on the Hill
Chapter 1

Caution: This Bestiality Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Mother, Son, Aunt, Nephew, BDSM, DomSub, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Voyeurism, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Bestiality Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mom tangles with neighbourhood stray and gets more then she bargained for.

This is the story of a very embarrassing experience that my mom received at the hands of our neighborhood and it's inhabitants. I have been wrestling with my conscience, about whether or not to betray my mother by revealing her humiliation to the world over the Internet. She has always been a sweet and caring person but the sheer depravity of what I witnessed is just too good to keep to myself.

We live at the top of the hill, separate from the rest of the community. My mother is very well off due to her inheritance, and her Law practice, this drew a very clear line between us and the rest of the town as most of its inhabitants struggled to make a living. My mom is a single mother, I'm an only child, and we have three Rottweilers for protection but they are more like big puppies. Mom had become pregnant when she was 16 and my dad was never in the picture. With the support of the rest of the family she was still able to achieve her goals. She was now in her early 30's and was still amazing looking, about 5"4, 110lbs, with long black hair, pouting lips, toned body, amazing butt and large 36D breasts. I know I really shouldn't be talking like this but you need to know the details. Basically everyone in the community was jealous of her, either for her looks or her money. Anyway, I'll get on with the story. I guess the scene was like a dream come true for my young eyes. As I mentioned, my mother is the bastion of a decency and proper upbringing.

It has been frustrating to mature in her house as she does have an amazing body and some 'accidental' nudity displaying of herself to me would have been appreciated but that was always out of the question. Once, I did get the chance to check mom out when I put a ladder outside her bedroom on a night when I had heard her bed springs squeaking. I knew it would be murder if I was caught but the night was dark and there was little moonlight. Unfortunately all the light in her bedroom was from a plug in 'nigh lite' so I really got little more then eyestrain trying to make out my sexy little mother pumping fingers into her pussy. Still, I always figured that scene would be the dirtiest I ever would get to see, that is until this past Tuesday morning. The situation is that there is always a stray dog in the neighborhood getting into the garbage and making a real mess. Garbage pickup is only every Tuesday so mom got her bright idea to wait until the morning of trash day before putting out the garbage. I guess the idea was sound in its logic, seeing as the dog wouldn't have enough time to make a mess, but as I now have witnessed, the execution went horribly wrong for my poor little

mother. I can only thank god I had been battling the flu that day and was awake when my mother's alarm woke her for her trip outside. Mom was unaware of my being up and I guess she was figuring on a very quick excursion out to the ally and then back to dreamland because her attire was limited to just a robe over her panties. As I have already mentioned, I have always been a bit of a pervert in enjoying my mother's hot little body so I started to touch myself with a little fantasy of how mom might get met in an ally by some stud for my entertainment. Maybe the garbage collectors could be two black studs deciding mom was just white trash. I confess I have never been averse to the idea of mom being raped. I just had no way of knowing how it would all eventually come true. Anyhow there I was at my bedroom window watching my mother out of the back door, going to get the rest of the trash, when the first link of the chain of events broke. Actually it was the bag of trash that broke. I could almost imagine my perfect little mother actually cursing, if even to herself, at the fate she was now experiencing. Her sudden minute excursion into the backyard was now an ordeal of trying to scoop up the spilled trash and she was certainly not dressed for modesty. It was ironic that mom's bad misfortune was playing itself right into my fantasy.

I was almost giggling to see my proper, clean churchgoing mom down on her knees in the trash while I worked my young cock with images of two very aggressive blacks about to give her the raping of a lifetime. I was so involved with trying to picture a big hard black cock putting mom in her proper place that I almost missed the entrance of mom's real defeat. Mom did not sense the dog at first as he approached her from behind. The truth is I was mostly picturing my mom in a nice little Oreo sandwich not realizing the more perfect destiny for the little angel, and it was as much a surprise to me as to her when the dog made his move. I actually heard mom's yelp of surprise as the dog's inquisitive nose worked up between her legs, and right up under her robe. Mom spun around on the beast like a banshee. It was amusing that even this mostly innocent little action from the dog had already obviously embarrassed my mother. It was also quickly evident from the stream of uttered obscenities that mom knew exactly whom she held accountable for her little

predicament. I guess in a way it is fortunate the dog was horny for my mother or she might have got herself mauled because she actually kicked the beast while cursing that it was his fault for her having to get dirty in the trash. I even heard mom tell the beast that she was going to arrange a trip to the pound for him, as the sound was carrying beautifully in the crisp morning air. The dog had backed off when mom kicked it, but still had an eye on her ass as she went back to complete the cleanup. At this point, I was now beginning to hope to see an attack even though such a possibility had never before entered my mind. I actually whispered an encouragement out loud, almost as a little prayer.

I had no real hope of actual intercourse but the mounting alone would be fuel for my fantasies for years to come. I envisioned mom's robe coming open and the dog getting a good hump at the crotch of her panties. It was like magic as the dog made his fateful move and tried to mount her.

Poor, little, unsuspecting, simple mom was jumped before she could even think of reacting. Maybe the little church girl did not even realize it could be possible but in any case the dog gave her a couple of good thrusts before she even began to fight. Of course mom's panties and robe were frustratingly in the way of any real satisfaction for the beast... or me. The words out of mom's mouth were the most non church like I had ever heard from her as she again foolishly threatened the animal. I don't blame him at all for putting the arrogant woman in her place. The dog probably had no malicious intent on humiliating her. He was just an animal aroused and mom was a perfectly acceptable little bitch suitable for servicing his doggy desires. It looked to be "show over" as quickly as it had begun, with the dog meeting nothing but panties with his first few thrusts of his beastial prick, he dismounted from my mother in seeming defeat. She was quick to take advantage of the moment in a quick return to her feet.

I admit my own heart took a tumble as I had almost been on the verge of witnessing my mom's breeding from the savage animal's assault, but it would probably never be. The attack would have likely come to an end, but mom took one more kick at the dog and that was enough to infuriate the beast. The growl was definitely not for show and translated perfectly to "Your mine, BITCH!" I think mom interpreted the growl herself, as the look on her face seemed to say, "Oh-oh I'm in trouble now. " Mom didn't scream, almost as if the humiliation of someone witnessing her little love tryst with the filthy animal would have eclipsed the actual act. Mom was cut off from the house by the big beast as he showed off his formidable teeth with a snarl and a growl. She took a step backwards as if to move toward the garage and the dog matched with a step of his own. Another growl was like telling her "Don't be stupid you little cunt or I will fuck you up good. " Mom was speaking to herself in a half plea, half trying to sound assertive little voice "Bad Dog. Down. Bad Dog. "

Still there was no scream from her which I will be eternally grateful for, as I am sure, most people alerted to my mom's plight would have immediately interfered and spoiled all of the fun. I admit that I would have had to descend to her aid myself if the dog had chosen to get overly vicious in the rape but fortunately mom's charms was the real goal for the beast and I was able to just watch the show. The moment hung like an eternity for us all: Mom obviously wishing there could be some way to get past the beast and back to the safety of our house just tantalizing yards away, the dog with the difficult aspiration of taking a human bitch needing to be overcome, I was still not fully committed to allowing this wonderful dream to come true. I was also torn between not wanting to miss what might be over in mere seconds and my desire to get my video recorder so I could have a permanent show for ceaseless enjoyment. It might have been the classical Mexican standoff, but once more mom made what was the worst possible decision in allowing the dog's conquest. I guess she thought she was close enough to the garage to make a break, but the horny beast was on her in a flash. Mom, not watching where she was going, tripped over our big lounge chair, falling with her stomach slamming against it.

The wind was knocked out of her, she momentarily lost the ability to fight and the dog was now on her waist positioning himself to secure his bitch. Mom's head hit the ground hard, her head came up cut and I could see she was more then winded, she was knocked senseless enough to daunt any sign of resistance. Mom was slumping over the chair just enough to thwart any real penetration even if her panties weren't in the way. The dog was all over my her body, stepping on her as he worked to get her ass up. Mom was senseless from the dog's tackle and was in no shape to consciously submit to the dog's demands even if she could ever willingly allow herself the degradation. In a choice between giving up her cunt or her life, mom may have made me an orphan but there were really no options being presented to her Tuesday morning. The dog was determined to have a human cunt and the great decision maker in the sky must have decided proper was proper, because almost in a direct dishonor to all that is logical the animal broke through my mother's protection. I guess the dog knew he had to make mom put her ass up and I assume he was now at least partially in awareness that those panties had to be dealt with before access to the yum- yums would be his.

As the beast nipped, jumped and shifted, all over my mom, her robe was the first thing to break loose. The sun was only just now beginning to crack, but with the full moon also still in play this was my best look ever at mom's bare breasts. My cock could not have replied any harder and again I whispered out loud and prayed for the good lord to make this scene end up with total, full penetration. The dog could not have cared less that mom's loose robe was showing her bouncy tits but the success in losing it seamed to give him additional idea of how to finish preparing her for breeding. The dog actually bit down on the robe and started to rip like a little tug-of-war. It would have been nice to see mom totally naked if the robe had been pulled off but the tears still got her nice and interesting from my perspective. The dog jumped and moved grabbing mom's robe again and again.

Mom was now audibly sobbing in her terror but inexplicably there was still no scream for assistance. The robe was in tatters, virtually nothing remained and little trickles of blood were evident of the dogs claws on mom's hot little body as he worked her. Still, her panties were not dealt with and despite the beast's success with the robe I could not imagine how this final frustrating obstacle would be overcome. The dog had tried a couple of times to remount my mother but she was too low on the ground. I guess his shredding her robe had been his attempt to force her ass up. The robe had practically vanished and she was not even budging at his attacks on it. For a mindless animal the beast's next action was wild brilliance. Maybe it was by accident, but with an attempt at what was remaining of her robe simply missing its mark, the dog's bite secured a mouthful of mom's hair instead. As the dog went to tear, mom obviously jerked upwards.

I guess dogs do learn new tricks because his next attack was no accident... again biting a good hold of mom's hair. She was finally nothing more then his rag doll, as the dog jerked her a good two more times, before losing his tight grip. It was the first time mom screamed. I just thank god no one lived close enough to hear. It was like watching a good erotic horror movie to see the dog bite mom's hair. With the dog's bite of mom's hair, she was his. The dog had her good. Mom was limp as he pulled her into position while jerking her head back and forth. I blew my load. Mom was actually keeping her screams down as final proof that she just could not allow herself to get discovered at the mercy of an inferior beast. Mom and the dog were in final endgame. When the dog released my mother, I saw him give her another growl. The message was unmistakable. "You see whore. I have you now fair and square. I will rip out that beautiful hair or snap that very little neck but one way or another your mine," this is what his actions were telling me. I guess mom was not as stupid as I thought because she placed herself in a submissive dog position and braced herself with her hands. The body language broke through the communication barrier between dog and human. Mom had been bullied and terrified into compliance and was now ready for use.

I almost expected an immediate attack on her cunt but the dog took one last pause to admire his work, this gave me time to get my video camera. I was going to tape the whole thing. The dog moved around, still keeping alert for any last hint of betrayal from her. Then it was up-up and away. The dog was now visibly excited. It was very red and looked slimy. I wished the dog was into oral. The site of mom's angelic little face soaked in a doggy load would be exquisite. Alas the place of the voyeur is to take pot luck and make do with what is. Mom's panties were still the final problem before breeding could begin. Surely she wasn't going to be that foolish? Had she not learned her place yet? The dog was about to thrust regardless of the obstacle when mom laid my fears to rest and made her surrender, she reached back with trembling hand and tugged off her only chance of escape. The panties were now lost. Even as she did this, she seemed to have second thoughts. She tried to wiggle him off, but he was way too strong. He growled forcing her to calm down and stop moving. She moved her body just enough to look back and it was then I could see more terror in her eyes. Mom had focused on the dog's hanging cock, it had to be at least 10 inches long and 2. 5 wide. She was obviously scared at what his massive tool was about to do to her.

The dog started to poke for her slit, as he did this, his tool ran along her pussy and clit several times, her body reacted with a shiver. With tears in her eyes her body trembled as her clit was dragged, back and forth along his cock while he was still attempting to gain entrance to her love tunnel. You could see shame in her face, shame at the fact that she was being aroused by the undesirable movement. Her shame didn't last for long though, she had other things to worry about, The dog finally hit home and submerged his cock all the way in, all in a single, mighty thrust.

It had to be the largest one she had ever had inside her, it filled her pussy to the limit, I thought she would tear. She didn't even get time to adjust as the dog started humping her hard, with long strokes at menacing speed. Her mouth opened, her eyes enlarged and rolled back almost in a trance as the dog fucked her over and over in a way I never thought was possible. His cock must have hit the heart of her vagina with every blow.

Lust was rising in her face, you could see she was beginning to cum but she still tried to stay silent. Again, not wanting to alert anyone or not wanting to give the dog the satisfaction. Her body convulsed and heaved, her pussy contracted over and over again. After a while her orgasm subsided, but the dog kept fucking her, and now his knot was hitting her pussy kips. There was no way he could get that knot inside her, but he proved me wrong. He kept pummeling away, with each blow sending it deeper inside, her pussy stretching more and more. It looked like someone was trying to shove a large orange in there. Finally it thrust past her lips and deep into her snatch.

Once inside it grew even larger, the dog was now locked in her. He kept fucking, but the blows were now very short and the knot was obviously causing mom more stimulation. Her body shook like an earth quake, and she finally began to scream with pleasure. If anybody was walking by, they would surely hear her. Then with mom cumming like an insane woman, the dog howled and thrust his seed deep into her, his cum poured deep inside, flooding her womb. She orgasmed again, this time even more frenzied. As his cum continued to pour into her, mom's orgasm faded and she was left with the feeling of pure shame. The dog pumped her a few more times, then stopped. They stayed locked together for a while then he ran off to clean himself. Mom just rested their crying, not able to move.

Just then I had a wonderful idea. Duh, we have three dogs... I'm sure they would like to have some fun. Mom picked them up as guard dog, and like I said we are rich in a poor town, so she felt safer with them around. When we brought them home, mom let me name them. She regretted that. The first Rottweiler is Damian, then Omen and finally Lucifer. Lucifer was a very extraordinary dog, he was only part Rottweiler, the rest was Great Dane. He was a gargantuan dog, imagine a Dane's height with the build of a Rottweiler. Giant!

I quickly went to the basement and awakened the dogs. They just figured I was letting them out to roam the property, so they trotted up the stairs and out the opened door.

Mom suddenly heard sounds behind her, she looked backwards, still slumping over the lounge chair, and she saw her three dogs. She laid there full of cum, legs still spread wide. Omen saw this as an invitation and had no problem finding her gaping pussy. Within seconds he had buried his cock to the hilt. He was smaller then the stray, so he didn't seem to hurt mom as he thrust deep into her, with the same speed of the other dog.

Although she was obviously ashamed at the fact that she was being fucked by dogs, there was nothing she could do to prevent it and she was finally acknowledging it. Her body was again starting to get aroused by the dog fucking. Within a short time, mom's body started to shudder from Omen's deep thrusting, her snatch milking his cock while her orgasm was ravaging her body, then he finally locked his knot inside mom's body. He came much quicker then the stray, probably from his own lack of sex. Omen dropped a large amount of cum inside, spurting jet after jet in her, and as he pulled out it all flowed onto the ground. Mom went delirious as he pulled out, his knot making a popping sound. He was still remarkably hard, but the stray had loosened her just enough. The knot caused her to cum frantically as it exited.

Damian didn't waste anytime mounting her. By now mom was exhausted and her legs spread just enough that her tummy was flat on the lounger and her hands were no longer supporting her. She couldn't hold herself in the classic doggie position Damian tried to plunge into her, but her butt had slipped and bit from her original position. It was then mom realized what was about to happen. He was stabbing and stabbing trying to find her pussy, but it was too far down. He thrust again and again, then he finally found a hole. His cock head hit her anal opening and he rammed his way inside. Her head bucked backwards and her eyes opened wide. She shrieked in pain. The dog was fucking her asshole like it was her snatch. At first she squirmed and tried to break loose, the pain was just too much, but after a few thrusts the dog's precum must have lubricated her butt. The Rottweiler howled triumphantly as he forced his cock in and out of her sphincter. Her tight ass clenched and released on every stroke. Damian was even larger then the stray, just a bit, maybe about 11inches. Luckily for mom her ass was probably too tight to fit the knot, but that never stopped Damian. He was giving her the best fuck so far.

His big cock was stretching her anal opening and he seemed to have her on the verge of another orgasm. Mom was in a dazed state but she started to push back against the hammering dog cock, Damian constantly driving into her at his rapid dog speed. He seemed to get a tighter hold on her and thrust even deeper in her anal cavern, I thought he would shred her asshole apart. His knot was finally against her puckered bumhole. It looked immense. After one last thrust he was finally locked inside her. The pain on her face, the pain from the fullness of the thrusting knot was unspeakable. It looked like he wanted to separate her body by ramming between her legs, his shaft up her ass and his swollen balls bouncing off her pussy. It was then Damian began to fire his dog cum deep in her. Squirt after squirt he filled her up. Finally after about 10 minutes he pulled his cock out of her ass and left it gaping open. Mom took this chance to roll over, sitting with her used butt on the grass, slumping against the well-used lounger. She must have thought there would be no way to fuck her two holes if the ground was protecting them. She was right. Mom just laid there, slumping down, just her head against the lounger. She seemed too tired to get up, almost in a sleeping state.

Lucifer, the giant one, was now ready for his turn. Suddenly, mom felt the dog brushing against her, he had found her belly button and began licking her there. Lucifer kept moving closer to her, licking her stomach, then her breasts. He licked slowly, one by one causing her nipples to become erect, he moved closer and closer, his face now right in front of hers. She could feel his hard shaft brushing against her stomach. Staring at the face of the huge dog, she couldn't help but be fearful of his towering physique. He reached her neck and began licking it. She closed her eyes in disgrace as she felt his tongue wash over her like that. She knew what he wanted, but she tried to deny it. Mom actually broke her silence and asked the dog to get off her. Lucifer took this occasion to slip his huge tongue past her lips, into her mouth. She opened her eyes in shock as Lucifer frenched kissed her. She didn't know what to do. So she reluctantly allowed the beast to have his way. Without any conscious thought, she found her own tongue slipping into the beast's mouth and returning the kiss. Her chest rose and fell as she began taking very deep breaths. Lucifer pulled his tongue out of her sucking mouth and he continued to move further up. Reaching the other side of the lounger, he placed his paws on the ground and moved forward a little bit more. Mom wasn't sure what the dog was trying to do, she had figured he wanted to fuck one of her holes. I guess she now thought he wasn't interested.

Mom was about to get up when her eyes traveled down his body. Her eyes caught a glimpse of something, something long and red. She lowered her eyes and gasped as she saw the dog's engorged cock swaying just above her. She didn't want anything to do with something so obscene, but her eyes would be drawn back to it regardless of her feelings. She had never seen a cock so big, so mammoth. It was 14 inches long and very fat, then it tapered off like the rest. She was confused, and didn't really know what to do. Lucifer started humping, trying to locate her mouth. When mom came to the understanding of what the dog was trying to do, she turned her face to the side. Nothing could make her do something so loathsome. Then she remembered the biting and the snarling. Lucifer began to drip precum just above her head. She didn't realize what had dripped on her, she opened her mouth to question out loud, then the drops hit her lips and then her open mouth.

Still dazed, she swallowed the dog's precum. Her tears swelled up in her eyes when she came to the realization that this dog was going to fuck her mouth. Resigning herself to her fate she opened her mouth and swallowed more of his juices. Lucifer's next cock thrust began hitting her face, this she didn't turn away. She simply let the sultry dog cock past her lips. Lucifer, feeling her warm lips wrapped around his cock began to fuck into her furiously. The only thing she could do was suck the dog off as fast as she could, so that this atrocity could end. Mom lifted her head slightly and sucked in even more of the huge cock. Eight, nine, ten inches, she was hesitant to swallow the whole thing. She was going to have to concentrate on her breathing as it drove deeper down her inflated throat. Eleven, then twelve inches, it was getting very hard to swallow, her throat and mouth were just too full. However, Lucifer had other ideas. He kept pounding her mouth, pumping in and out. Finally, she was at the base of his knot, just like the knots she was fucked with earlier. This was as far as she could go.

Allowing the lumpy knot past her lips would surely choke her to death, as it would have locked the thick prick in her throat, blocking off her breathing. Lucifer seemed to understand and didn't try to push the situation. He must have sensed her laboured breathing. I looked on in admiration as mom slowly moved her mouth back and forth, simulating a fucking motion for the dog. Eventually, she could no longer keep pace with his thrusting, so she just remained passive under the dog and let him fuck her mouth. His thrusts kept getting quicker until he suddenly tensed up, she could probably feel Lucifer's heart beating through his cock, then he released a gigantic amount of cum. He howled as he kept thrusting, she swallowed again and again and again, choking on every gulp down her throat. She swallowed gushing, sloshing waves of beastly hot cum. Her arms were suddenly behind him, holding his cock to her lips, then her fingers stroked his shaft up and down, then they were on his rapidly emptying testicles, caressing them, squeezing them delicately, until every last drop was drained into her throat. She was quite the site.

It was then I noticed we had company. It was an older man, of about 60-65. I think his name is Mr. Henderson, a retired merchant marine. The dogs all wandered off and were sleeping, Lucifer was about to do the same. They got what they wanted, and now they didn't care what happened. Like I said earlier, they were more like puppies and were never trained, they were just around for show. Anyway, he found my mom's robe, put it back on her, then picked her up and carried her into the house, and up the stairs. He asked her what room was she in, " The one on the left," I heard her whimper. He consoled her, saying he knew this was an attack, not at all her doing. Then offered to run her a bath, the one connected to her room, she agreed. The old man told her he would wait down stairs till she was done. He said he just wanted to make sure she was going to be ok, then he would leave. My mother spent about an hour in there, during that time I began to think of what was going on. I heard one door shut, but not two. I positively did not hear feet going down the stairs. I quickly peeked out my door to see what was going on. Mr. Henderson never went down stairs. He was waiting for her, he was naked, he was going to fuck her! How the hell was I going to tape that! My mom would surely see me then. I had no choice. I had to talk to him.

"Excuse me sir, uh, Mr. Henderson" I said quietly so my mom couldn't hear. He turned and faced me. Shit! He was ugly, fat, and really old. However, with his 6'5 300lbs frame went the cock to go with it.

"I know what you're up to, and I haven't got a problem with it, but I do want to video tape you fucking her. " Basically I told him about my little documentary.

He was cool with the idea, then he explained how he had seen the whole blow job. He was out looking for his dog and heard the screams. He gave me a smile when I told him it was probably his dog that started this whole thing. I went back to my room, put on my ski mask, cut a hole in my bed sheet, which I used as a poncho. Mr. Henderson pulled the drapes shut, and I stood outside the room. Once the main event started, mom would be too preoccupied with Mr. Henderson and I wouldn't be noticed.

The bathroom door opened, then she screamed. She found the naked Mr. Henderson. He quickly threw her on the bed, face up, with her legs to head of the bed. This man had planned ahead. While I was getting my disguise ready, he had ripped apart some of her clothes to use as restraints. Mom struggled and screamed but Henderson held her tight. He then ordered me to tie her hands to the bottom bedposts while he held her in place. Now I was frozen still. Do I help him, or do I just keep filming? I figured I better not piss him off so I quickly put my camera down and tied her wrists to the post. There she was, naked and bound to her bed. I was so excited about helping to get her in this position that I started to get a hard-on again. Henderson pulled her by the hair, moving her head low just off the edge of the bed. His huge prick dangled just above her face, then lifted it and dropped it right on her lips. She twisted her head away in defiance. He figured he'd have to do a little convincing so he grabbed both of her big breasts and twisted them, not the nipples but the melons themselves. She screamed again but still wouldn't grant him access. Henderson went on to plan two. He took one hand and yanked her hair, almost pulling it out at the roots, then his other began to viciously twist her nipples. Again, she cried in pain.

" So can we make this easy, or is it gonna be ruff" he asked her

"Easy, easy, just don't hurt me," she cried

Finally my mother opened her mouth so he could shove his cock down it. The spongy head was again at her lips, this time she gently sucked on it as he fed it into her mouth. She felt his massive rod poke at her throat as she swallowed, stuffing more of his hot cock into her mouth. She seemed to have some problems, but her throat muscles got the massive prick past her esophagus, then she needed to get a deep breath. She mumbled something to that effect and Henderson withdrew to the tip, she took a deep breath, then grabbing her by the head he hammered his cock back into her mouth. Henderson pulled her by the armpits and positioned her so he had a clear fuck right down her hot throat. This act, along with grinding harder into her lips, allowed him to bottom out. He withdrew allowing her to take another deep breath. That's when he spoke to me. " Yo, buddy, join in. I don't think she'd mind," after saying that, he plunged his cock back down her throat and started to rub her upturned breasts. I didn't need to be asked twice. With my camera held tight, I hopped up on the bed and stared down at her. My mother, tied naked on the bed, a black man's cock all the way down her throat and now I was going to fuck her.

Henderson still had one hand in my mom's raven hair, just to keep her in place, while the other continued to massage her melons. I was already naked, I had planned to due some stroking under the sheet but that's the furthest I had imagined. Kneeling down on the bed I lifted my disguise up just enough to let her legs, pussy and midriff in. Then I trapped them all inside with me. With my only free hand I spread her right leg, then the left. I was surprised at the lack of resistence, but then she had a huge dick in her mouth to keep her busy. Moving between her spread legs, touching my cock against her pussy lips, I held it there and paused for a moment. Damn, with this bed sheet on I couldn't get a shot of me fucking her, only her oral activity. Returning my concentration to the task at hand, I pushed into her, then a little further, feeling her tight snatch gripping my shaft like a vice. Mom's once loose pussy must have tightened back up after her dog fucks. Her warmth, her tightness, those beautiful breast, and the black dick fucking her mouth, they all did nothing to help my stamina. After about a minute of plunging I came, spraying her womb with my cum. She didn't even seem to notice. Maybe this was because my mom could feel Henderson's prick getting fatter and longer, or because his balls thumped and bumped against her eyes. He pulled out one last time, she again took a deep breath, then swallowed his massive cock as it jerked and spat out clumps of hot cum deep into her stomach. Henderson, again, grabbed mom's breast's with both hands, then pulled her to him as he thrust one last time unloading more cum into her sucking mouth. My camera didn't miss a thing.

Mom struggled against her binds figuring Henderson was through with her and would now let her up. She thought wrong. He was only getting started. He did agree to let her up, but again, only if she was going to be a good slave. She fought the binds again, then agreed. I guess she figured she'd let him have his way then finally this whole day could come to a conclusion. Henderson untied her, and let her stand up and stretch her legs a bit. He looked her up and down, admiring her lovely raven hair, her luscious breasts, beautiful round bum, and finally her sweet shaven pussy. Pulling her close he planted a kiss on her mouth. She didn't return the favor. His lips moved to her breasts, his tongue gently exploring her nipples. Henderson moaned as he fondled and massaged her heaving chest. Removing his hands from her breasts, he placed them on her shoulder and applied downward pressure. It was obvious that he wanted her on her knees, but she didn't budge. More force was added and she seemed to get the suggestion.

" Baby, I want you one more time and the only thing that can get me hard again, is if you suck my dick. So suck it!" he barked. She was now on her knees, staring right in the eye of the monster. Reluctantly she gripped his muscle, polishing it up and down. Mom looked at his huge belly, his mighty arms, then his unmerciful eyes, and finally agreed to perform the task. She opened her mouth and forced the limp, yielding cock into her, circling her tongue around the head. Henderson was hardening fast. Mom could feel his shaft was stiffening. Life was returning to his massive cock. It was so big that you could see her jaw forcing open, filling her completely. She backed away from his massive tool, but kept swirling her tongue around it, seemingly in sync with her hand-jacking of his immense cock. I was beginning to appreciate her ability to suck dick! His pole continued to swell, thicken and lengthen. It was a giant rod again. Mom opened her eyes and looked down the enormous prick. It had to be at least 12 inches long and the width of a forearm. Henderson then forced her lips to his cock, shoving it deep in her mouth. Again he lunged in and out of her mouth. It seemed like she had a harder time breathing from this position but he skull fucked her just the same.

"Ok baby, that's enough. I don't want to cum in your mouth, been there and done that. This time I want that sweet, bald pussy of yours. " He grabbed her by the waist and threw her onto the bed, then jumped on seconds later. Mom took one peek at Henderson, he was on his hands and knees aiming his massive prick at her delightful pussy, then she closed her eyes. His mighty cock entered her, stretching her snatch, moving inch by inch deeper inside her. The complete mass of the huge tool took her breath away, Henderson was much wider then the dogs she had taken in her snatch and ass. It didn't seem possible that she could be extended so wide, but she was, and she was getting pleasure from it. Mom moaned as he fed more of his monster into her sweet little kitty, then slowly backed it out of her, feeling it clench as if it was resisting its exit. He thrust back in again, holding her by the waist, this time going even deeper. His gentle thrusting continued with slow, long strokes, feeding her more and more with every re-entry. Just then a look came over Henderson's face, a look of ultimate lust.

I could see how badly he wanted to ram his whole monster in her, cum deep inside her. At his age he probably hadn't had a woman in years, and with the size of his prick I doubt he'd ever been able to get the whole thing in. He paused for a moment and looked at his massive cock, 3/4 of it stuffed in my mom's pussy, then grabbed her waist even harder and slammed into her. She screamed in pain. Henderson had gently fucked her pussy up to this point, but with that savage lust in his eyes he didn't seem to care anymore. He seemed to say, " this bitch is gonna get it," then his weapon pounded her again and again. Mom's pussy finally gave way under his massive sword, he was now ball's deep, she was impaled on his colossal cock. Her body jerked at the brute fucking she was taking, she was screaming in orgasm, thrashing around, arching her back causing those beautiful breasts to lunge upwards. Being the devil that I am, my hands moved to fondle those mouth-wateringmelons. I turned my attention back to Henderson and I was glad I did. He had stopped thrusting and I assumed he was about to cum. I was wrong. With his hands still firmly around her waist, he pulled his cock out so that only the head rested inside her bald snatch.

There he was, spreading her sweet lips with his huge prick, then he savagely jerked her to him, impaling his staff completely into her. The force was so strong that she easily bounced off of him, then back to her original position with his head just inside her pussy. Over, and over he continued to do this with mom moaning on every slam, then after about a minute she must have past out. She opened her mouth to scream in pleasure, but she went silent, the barbaric fucking was too much for her mind to take, so she passed out. He continued fucking, jarring her back and forth on his cock like a rag doll. When she finally returned from her pleasure, induced catatonic condition, Henderson was finally about to cum. He yanked her back onto his cock sending his cum deep inside her, and again she bounced off him. With one last wrench, he rammed her onto his prick, spraying her womb with another blast of cum. Mom passed out again, this time in the middle of her orgasm.

Henderson pulled out, got off the bed, and looked down at her convulsing body. He had given her such an intense fuck that although she was still passed out, her body was having an orgasm. Looking at her in that pose I had an idea. I was going to get my own rocks off. Handing my camera to Henderson, I hopped up on the bed, grabbed moms' huge melons and began to fuck her tits. It didn't take me long after watching all that fucking, with one last thrust between her jutting breast, I fired my load right on her lips. Moving up to her head, I straddled her and pressed my dwindling erection against her lips, pushing some of my cum inside. She was still in a senseless state, but instinctively, she licked my cum off her lips and opened her mouth allowing my prick to enter. She licked me clean!

Henderson handed me my video camera, then said he was going out for some beer and he'd be back in a little bit. Just as he was about to depart, he asked one intriguing question. "Do you have lots of video tape?". This man must have big plans for my mom, so I assured him I did. Then he walked out the door.

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