Squaters Rights

by Shadow Deamon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: A squater pushes her luck then has to deal with the consequences.

My name is Sue; I live with two other girls Sandy and Jo in a three-bedroom house on the outskirts of London. We have all lived there for the past two and a half years and have become very close friends. There was one problem though; the house we live in is a squat and just recently, the owners had sent us an eviction notice; we had one month to get out.

As much as they had their rights to reclaim their property, we had spent a great deal of money smartening the place up since we moved in. Yes, we paid the electricity and gas bills so it wasn't as if what we were doing was totally illegal.

We wrote to the landlord demanding some compensation for keeping his property in good repair. He never replied. He would not even take our phone calls.

Because of his intransigence we unanimously decided that there was no way we were leaving without a fight. This meant putting extra bolts on the front and back doors and the windows. We thought we were secure.

The day came when we were due to leave and as expected the landlord was ringing our doorbell at seven in the morning and shouting through the letterbox.

I, being the big mouth of the group, opened the window and shouted down to him to piss off unless he was going to give us some cash to leave peacefully.

"I'm giving you until 5pm to be packed and out. I'll even send a few of my guys round to help you," he smugly shouted back at me.

I slammed the window down in anger causing the panes to rattle as they strained to remain intact. My friends were giggling behind me whether from fear or just female bravado I don't know.

"Well," I said "do we stay and fight the bastard or do we leave with our tails between our legs."

A long silence ensued as in turn we all looked at each other, finally Sandy spoke up, "I say we fight the bugger, let him just try."

It was agreed that we stand our ground until he paid up.

I had to do some shopping and, knowing that I could get to the supermarket and back before the deadline, I was quite confident that it would be safe to leave for awhile.

I arrived back at the house just after 4pm. Standing on the pavement outside were three scruffy men. They seemed to recognize me, I don't know how. As I approached the entrance to the house the biggest of the three stepped in front of me.

"You must be Sue," he said.

"I might be," I replied warily.

"You better be out of this house by five or else we are going to throw you out, this is a pre-warning," he said aggressively.

"Yea, Yea, yea," I said sarcastically.

He moved closer to me, which made me take a step backwards.

In a quiet voice he said, "We will be back and with dogs, so if you ain't gone we'll set the dogs on you."

"You wouldn't dare!" I shouted back at him.

"I wouldn't advise you calling my bluff, and one other thing, my dogs just love pussy," he whispered.

I entered the house feeling a little disturbed by his last comment but I decided not to mention this to my friends in case it spooked them, I knew it was only scare tactics anyway.

We all continued to keep glancing at the clock. Five o'clock came and went. By 6pm, there had still been no sign of them so we began to relax and wind down, the tension rapidly draining from our bodies.

We made something to eat, opened a couple of bottles of wine and sat around watching the television, but still keeping an ear out for anything untoward.

As midnight approached, we all in turn began yawning, the wine and the tension had taken its toll and the best thing to do was to retire to our beds, it was obvious that anything they had planned certainly wouldn't be happening until tomorrow.

I was awoken roughly; a hand was covering my mouth.

"Now darling, I'm going to remove my hand from your mouth. You scream or try anything silly, then you can expect trouble," said the anonymous man.

As soon as he removed his hand I started to scream, but it was very short-lived as the flat of his hand struck my face a stinging blow bringing instant tears to my eyes.

"One more chance girlie, you do it again and I'll tape your mouth up. Do you understand?" said the man.

I nodded that I understood it was plain to see that he had no reservations about hitting a woman.

"Get up," he demanded, "and go into the living room, I'll be right behind you so just remember that."

Shakily I walked into the living room; two other men and two dogs were already there guarding Sandy and Jo.

"Guys, okay you've made your point, just give us thirty minutes and we'll be out of here," I pleaded.

"No, sorry. I warned you, and now you have to pay the penalty. So would you all please remove your clothes," said Harry.

"No way," started Sandy, but she never finished her sentence as the one called George jabbed her hard with a baseball bat in her midriff that sent her sprawling to her knees, gasping for breath.

In Stephens's hand he had a whip, which he kept slapping across his other hand, purely to show us that they meant business.

"I suggest you do exactly as we ask unless you want some more pain," said Harry who was holding the dogs back as they growled ferociously at us.

I saw no way out of it, either remove our clothes and let them do whatever they wanted or be beaten into unconsciousness.

I took hold of my nightie and lifted it over my head revealing my naked body to these scumbags. Seeing me doing it, Sandy and Jo followed. Obviously, they had also realized the no-win situation we were in.

"Your name's Sandy, right?" asked Harry.

Sandy refused to acknowledge his question; instead, she raised her eyes to the ceiling in defiance.

Stephen used it as an opportunity to whack her across her tits with the whip, the foot length strands leaving faint marks on her smooth body.

"Sandy, go and sit in that armchair with your ass on the front edge, Sue, you and your friend take this and secure her to it," demanded Harry.

He made us wrap duct tape around each ankle and secure it to the rear legs of the armchair making sure her legs were tucked well under which forced her to push forward her pussy. Once this was done, we had to tape her wrists so that they were immobile at the side of the chair. Next, I had to do the same to Jo in the other chair, which left them both totally exposed and vulnerable to anything they had in mind.

"Ladies you are going to be punished, but you," he said looking directly at me, "had the biggest mouth and therefore it's only fair that you get it worst."

I didn't like the sound of that and feared the worst but what could I do? We were at their mercy.

"Sue, we want you to go and suck your friends cunts and don't stop until we say so," said George.

I did as I was told and knelt between Jo's legs and began licking and sucking her cunt. I had never tried or even wanted to try sex with a woman and, to be honest, I wouldn't want to do it again. Jo began to breathe rapidly I knew she was about to have an orgasm but before she could reach her climax I felt the sting of the whip on my ass and was instructed to start on Sandy. The same thing happened again as she got close to coming the whip came down hard and made me stop.

"Ladies," said Harry to my two friends, "you are feeling horny now and want relief, am I right?"

"Fuck you," said Sandy who was very close to tears.

Stephen moved towards her and struck her three times across her tits with the whip bringing loud screams from her and a torrent of tears.

"One more chance, say it after me, please sir I want your dog to lick my cunt until I come, I love to be licked by a dog," Harry found this amusing as he said it.

Sandy struggled to say it while she was crying but eventually she blurted it out, her tears turning to ecstasy as Harry guided his dog between her legs and his long rough tongue lapped her cunt.

She could not control the feelings within her body. As the first orgasm hit she squirmed beneath the dog's attention. The other dog began licking Jo in the same way and it wasn't long before she too was writhing in joyous abandon, the men were doubled up with laughter watching the two woman being pleasured by their dogs.

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