My 20th Birthday

by Candy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, DomSub, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Bestiality, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Girl has a very special birthday present

My husband/master, Pete, has 2 Chesapeakes, Germanicus and Tiberius. The first time that he let them fuck me was 3 and half years ago on my 20th birthday. I had been acting bitchy all morning because I wanted him to take me out that night, but Pete had just gotten back from 3 weeks on the road the night before and wanted to relax for a couple of days. Pete doesn't put up with me at all when I get like that. Before I even knew what was happening, he had pulled me out of the house, and I found myself naked, on my knees and forearms, in the back yard. With a 2 foot chain attached to my new dog collar, (actually it was just new to me... it was one of the dogs' old ones that he found in the barn), and the other end locked to a steel stake, I couldn't even sit up, let alone stand.

Then he called up his brother Tony, their cousins, Steve and Jed, and 4 of their friends; Corky (who owns The Bucket, this bar where they all like to hang), Dan, Byron, and Dennis. And of course Corky had to bring along all the guys that were in the bar at the time, so he could close it down for a couple of hours. In all, there were 16 guys there.

They spent most of the afternoon playing cards and drinking beer on the back porch. Whenever they would feel like it, one or more of them would cum out to the oak tree where I was, pull the handle of my paddle out of my pussy, (or ass, it depended on where the last guy had left it), give me a few birthday spanks, and fuck me.

Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't complaining. I LOVE it when Pete lets them all gangbang me. I think it was probably the main reason I fell in love with him in the first place. But this was the first time in the 2 years that I had been living with him that he had chained me to a stake in the back yard like that. Somehow, just the thought that some stranger or neighbor might show up, and see me out there like that, had me so hot that I was literally gushing. (No, I'm not dysfunctional, half the guys there were strangers, or at the most, casual friends from the bar, and I was getting off on the possibility that someone I didn't know would see me?) They were all laughing at me too, and calling me names for loving it all sooooo much, and that only made it worse. I couldn't stop cumming, and whenever they weren't fucking me, I was so horny that I just couldn't keep my fingers out of my holes, or stop myself from begging them to pleeeeese cum out and give me some more cock and cum.

I have to admit, that even for me, I was pretty far gone. Eventually though, the beer and fucking took its toll. By 7 o'clock they were all too wasted to stumble out to where I was and fuck me again, even though I was still begging for more. I remember that I was in the middle of a really good cum when I felt my paddle being yanked out of my ass and crashing into my butt. It was Pete. I guess that I had been cumming so hard that I hadn't heard him walk up. My hair was a mess. The guys had all been hosing me when they came, so that no one would have to get sloppy seconds, and a lot of it had landed in my hair. So when I turned to look up at him I had to brush it out of the way first. So much of it was matted and stuck to my face that I could hardly focus on him. And that's when I realized that the rest of them were there too.

Pete made me admit in front of them that I was just a little cum slut, and that I would do anything to get a cock in me. He kept making me repeat it, and each time I did he would give me another spank with the paddle and ask me if I was sure. I don't know how many times he did that, but he didn't stop until he had me cumming in front of them all, just from getting paddled. And having to tell them all that "YES, MASTER, I AM JUST A LITTLE CUMSLUT THAT WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET A COCK IN ME," as loud as I could, didn't exactly do anything to calm my aching pussy either. As you probably know by now, being humiliated sexually in front of other men like that turns me into cum gushing mess. God, I LOVE it when he does that to me! And what a gusher that one was.

I was on my knees, with my right cheek against the grass and both hands between my legs just trying to hang on to my exploding pussy, when I felt Pete grab both my wrists and pull them away. It didn't slow my orgasm down though. And as soon as I heard him ask, "anything...?" (in that way he has of letting me know that I am really in for it now,) it only got stronger. I vaguely remember shouting, "YES, ANYTHING," about as loud as I could. I say vaguely, because I really don't remember much about that point, I was cumming too hard. But I've seen the video enough times since then to know that yes, I really did shout it. And I know me, when I get like that I really WILL do ANYTHING to get a cock in me.

Pete let go of my hands then, and I collapsed on my belly in the grass, but only for a second. Another smack of the paddle and the command to get back into "position" had me on my knees and forearms with my right cheek pressed against the grass in no time at all. When they all started laughing I thought it was just because of how fast I gotten myself ready for him. When Pete tells me to get into position, I move. If I don't, I know I'm going to get 10 strokes of the paddle for every second it takes me. But instead of a cock in my pussy, what I got was a long wet tongue licking it. That, and the shock of my young life when I looked through my legs and realized that the tongue belonged to one of Pete's Chesapeakes, Germanicus.

I know I should be embarrassed to admit it, but the thought of "no" never crossed my mind. Instead, I started to cum again as soon as I realized what they had in store for me. To the sound of their howls and laughter I actually spread my knees apart even wider and arched my butt up to give him easier access. Not only that, but when he mounted me, I was the one that reached back and guided his fat cock into my hole. As the guys started to chant "dogslut," Germanicus let me have it in a way that left no doubt in my mind that I was now his "bitch."

God, it felt sooooo nasty to get dog fucked like that in front of all those guys. I was cumming sooooo hard! And it only got worse when Tony made Tiberius lie down in front me so I could suck him while his brother hammered into me from behind. We got tied of course. I didn't know what to expect, and when he slammed that huge knot of his into me I instinctively clamped down on it. Which is just what he wanted. All I could do was take it as he hunkered down and hosed my poor pussy with what felt like a gallon of hot dog cum. I didn't know that I needed to keep him on my back till his knot went down so we could get released more easily. So of course we got tied butt to butt for what seemed like forever, as the guys and Germanicus howled. And I continued to cum harder then ever from his knot pressing against the inside of my cunt like a red hot poker.

I know I am a slut, I can't help it. I just LOVE to get fucked and used by men. I've been like this since I was 13, so I guess I'm not going to change, but even I still get red when I see how nasty I look in that video. Cumming like a whore on Germanicus' knot, and bumping my ass back and forth against him, as I tried desperately to swallow his brother's cock. And then looking directly at Pete, who was holding the camera, and begging for more as soon as Germanicus finally popped free. Just writing about it has me gushing all over again. After Tiberius was through fucking me, they left me there like that and went into town. They said they were going to find a horse for me to fuck but they didn't. I didn't really care, and probably would have fucked one at that point, I was so far gone.

It was well after dark when Pete and Tony got back. I didn't hear them drive in, and didn't even know that they were there until they turned the porch spotlight on me, and caught me getting assfucked by Tiberius. And since I had cum dripping out of my pussy they knew that Germanicus had just had me again too. They didn't say a word.

They just stood there grinning at each other and then went back inside. Tiberius was just pulling out of my ass and I was still cumming when they came back out with our food and the water bowl. I knew better than to even think about using my hands. God, I felt like such a slut eating that wet mush with them, but I can't deny how much I loved feeling like that, and still do. My mind might try to deny what I am sometimes, but my body always gives me away. The way my pussy was gushing that night, in front of Pete and Tony as I ate that dog food, with dog cum leaking out of my holes and down my legs, there was no way I could deny that I LOVED being a dogslut. A while later Pete came outside again with an old blanket and tossed it at me. Then he wished me a happy birthday and went back inside. It wasn't until I heard the screen door slam that his words finally registered, and I realized for the first time that I was going to spend my 20th birthday chained to a stake in the backyard with 2 horny dogs fucking me at will all night long.

As it turned out they only fucked me one more time that night and I did manage to get a lot more sleep than I thought I would. I think it must have been around 8am when they woke me up again, because the sun was up. I opened my eyes to find Germanicus staring intently at me as he nipped and tongued at my pussy. I know I should be ashamed to admit it but I just couldn't help it. Within minutes of waking up I was back on my knees and forearms, sucking on Tiberius, as his brother slammed into my gushing pussy from behind. It wasn't until Tiberius had cum in my mouth that I discovered I had an audience again.

The sound of Tony's laughter, just as the first splash of ice cold water from the garden hose hit my side, brought me back to reality. All I could do was take it of course. I was still chained to the stake. He washed all the dog cum out of me and then rinsed the man cum, dog cum, and food from my face and hair. Then he unscrewed the stake and led me on my hands and knees around to the west side of the tree, so that I would be out of the sun, but still very visible from the back porch. He filled our water and food bowls.

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