Toni's New Life

by Homer Vargas & Jenny & Billy Breed

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Toni's summer vacation becomes a life-changing experience

Readers will note a strong resemblance between this story and "Teaching the Tomboy" by Jenny and Homer. Much of the language is the same; yet ultimately it turns on a different plot device and goes in the direction of the Fertile Valley/Cutters Creek universe.

Toni had just finished fixing the neighbor's car sitting in the family driveway when she heard her mother call her. She took a final swig from the Diet Coke that was never far from her hand.

"Hurry up, Toni darling. We don't have long before we go."

Toni winced. She had dreaded this day. She was going to be stuck all summer living and working at some kind of religious child-care center, helping one of her mother's friends. She much preferred working on cars for people in the neighborhood, though it didn't pay much. Even though the job would mostly be landscaping, Toni was sure just being in the proximity of a horde of little brats would drive her nuts. As she walked into the house her mom looked at her grease-stained clothes in disdain "Oh my Goodness! Please, dear, go shower and change into something pretty. I don't want Lynn to see you like that!"

Reluctantly, Toni climbed the stairs, showered and pulled on clean clothes. As she came down, her mother took one look at her and exclaimed, "Oh Toni! T-shirt and jeans, again?"

This had become a sore point between Toni and her mother. "You could be every guy's dream if you just dolled yourself up a little. You're short and slim, honey, but with nice full breasts that men go ape over. You have your father's beautiful black hair and MY figure," her mother never tired of pointing out proudly. Toni was well aware of the effect she had on boys and she hated it. She had no use for them at this stage of her life or maybe ever. They were so immature. All they thought about was sex and none could believe that "a babe like you" could be planning a career as an engineer. So Toni steered clear of boys, concentrating on fixing cars, getting good grades in her advanced placement courses at school, and trying rather unsuccessfully to hide her curves under the baggy clothes that her mother had started to dislike.

It was weird what had come over her mother. Toni suspected it had something to do with the people se met at the new church she and Dad had started to attend. The minister had quite old-fashioned ideas about women and it had rubbed off on her parents. Her mom used to be her biggest supporter in her ambitions for college and a career. Recently, however, she had become obsessed with Toni having dates and "getting a boyfriend." That is when her mother's interest in Toni's looks and her lack of "femininity" had begun. She had even begun to say things about college not being such a good idea "for a woman," which was crazy, as her mom was a university graduate herself.

"Please, dear, at least wear a blouse so people can appreciate your lovely breasts. I do want you to make a good impression."

"I don't even want this job, Mom."

"But you want the money for college, don't you." Her mother replied, almost threatening. "You know it pays more than anything you could find around here does. Besides, It could do you good. Who knows, maybe being around all those sweet little babies all summer will give you ideas," her mother grinned. "You could even change your mind about college. It's certainly not too soon for you to start having babies."

That was the other part of it. Not only did Mom - and she suspected Dad was behind it - want to Toni be a "girly" girl, more interested in boys and looking pretty than in school, she had started talking about Toni getting married and starting a family as soon as possible. As if that were not already happening to lots of girls in her school, daughters of her parents' new friends. Toni knew most of the girls with expanding waistlines; some had been her friends before they suddenly went "boy crazy" with disastrous consequences. She had heard some of the stories, of serious, studious girls out on dates suddenly having an urge to let their boyfriends "do them." It was worse in some cases: a girl out on a second or even a first date was totally unable to say no to a boy she hardly knew. She would let him kiss, and feel, and fondle her until she was in such a lather she dropped her panties, locked her ankles around his back and welcomed his cock into what almost always turned out to be her fertile pussy. Some of these girls even claimed to have been taking the pill with or without their parents' knowledge. It didn't matter. Three or four weeks after the beginning of her sudden rut (and after a first fuck the girl became incapable of going a day without one or more encores with the same or a different boy) no period had come and she realized she was going to have a baby.

Toni would have suspected the date-rape drug, except that the girls remembered everything. Indeed, they were only too happy to describe in embarrassing detail how wonderful it was to have Friday's or Tommy's or Mark's big prick in them and how he made her orgasm repeatedly until she passed out. Some admitted to begging a boy to remove the condom so she could have his potent sperm in her. Toni shuddered to think that half the girls in her junior class were proudly displaying their large pregnant bellies, unable to think or talk about anything except that and how to get sex more often. The "pregnancy bug" seemed to hit the health freaks the hardest, the girls who were always eating granola bars and drinking bottled water. Toni knew few of them would return to school next year. A few who had gotten an "early start," already had a fat baby nursing from their generous breasts and were pregnant a second time. Strangely, her parents and their new friends seemed not to care whether the girls were getting married or not; the important thing was they were having babies.

And that new church her parents attended wasn't helping matters any. Just about all of the girls who had "accidents" seemed to be members, or become members as soon as they were pregnant. Toni had gone to only one service with her parents, walking out when the Reverend started talking about a woman's "duty" to please her man and "to be fruitful and multiply." Please, this was the new millennium!

Toni's mom had told her she couldn't have more children, but she HAD been acting funny around dad. Not only had she begun to fix really special dinners for him, she actually got tarted up for his return home every night. Toni was still amazed to see her mom put on short tight dresses and don high heels, and jewelry just to eat dinner. Her parents offered to let her have wine with them as the sat at the table holding hands and cooing at each other, but Toni was loyal to her Diet Coke. Then before Toni could clear the table, her mom had dad by the hand leading him to their bedroom. She usually heard her mom's first orgasm before the dishes were in the dishwasher and several more disturbed her sleep each night.

Toni sighed. She wanted nothing more than to get away from Harrisburg, it's dorky people and it's weird church. It was a fairly big town, but with all the pregnant girls in the school you'd think it was a degenerate backwater like Fertile Valley or Cutters Creek or Breeds Hill. "I'm not ready to start a family and I'm not the 'mommy' type," she called back down the stairs.

Fifteen minutes later a sullen Toni, in a blouse, headed out the door with her mother. Forty-five minutes afterwards, they pulled up to a large complex of buildings on the outskirts of town. A large sign read, "The Nursery" and in smaller letters, "An outreach service of The Church of the Spirit." Toni groaned; her mom hadn't told her the place was run by her mom's new church. That made everything ten times worse. It looked somewhat like a hospital or clinic and was set well back from the main road. As Toni walked in and looked around, she could not help but be dismayed. The rooms were filled with cribs and playpens and the dining area, with rows of high chairs. In the background syrupy gospel music played. A tall shapely woman about her mom's age came up to them.

"So good to see you again, Barbara," the woman exclaimed, kissing Toni's mom on the cheek.

"Toni, this is Miss Lynn, the manager of The Nursery," her mother explained.

"Oh thank you for coming, Barbara and bringing us your daughter. My, I see our little Toni has gotten to be a BIG girl... up here where it counts." Toni blushed as the woman eyed her breasts, ill concealed by the too-tight blouse her mother made her wear. "Won't be long 'til you're having babies I guess, will it, dear?"

Toni rolled her eyes.

"Looks like your work is going well, Lynn," Toni's mom remarked.

"Oh yes! Since the Church of the Spirit began evangelizing here in Harrisburg, we've been getting more and more business. With so many working girls starting to have "happy accidents," divorced single mommies, professional women hearing the biological clock tick, and all those high-school girls," she looked pointedly at Toni, "having unprotected sex now, we get plenty of babies to take care of," the woman laughed. "I'm so glad you brought Toni to help us."

"Thank you for taking her on. Well, I've got to be going if I don't want to be late," Barbara said hurriedly.

"Eager to get home so Sam can take good care of you tonight?" Lynn grinned.

"Well, yes," Barbara admitted la little sheepishly. "I don't know what's gotten into him recently."

"Don't have to ask what's gotten into you," her friend smirked. "Maybe it was seeing so many pretty mommies when you visited here before. It really turns men on. Better watch out honey, he may have plans to put YOU back into maternity dresses."

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