Snake Dance

by soul_jewel(lw)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, MaleDom, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bound to her Master's bed, she can do nothing to prevent his unusual use of a small snake

His voice smooth and sensual down the phone purred to her telling her of the unlimited sexual delights that he had in store for her. The husky timbre of his voice causing her to shake and tremble. Her mind was racing, she knew only too well of his ability to take her to places that she had never dared ventured so this carrot of temptation that he dangled before her was driving her wild

Entering his house always sent shivers of anticipation through her and this time was no different. He greeted her with a soft tender kiss, pulling her body to his, cupping her ass moulding themselves together... "Ready," he asked. A slow hesitant nod was all she could manage.

Walking together along the dimly lit hallway, hand in hand like two children, she could hear the distant sounds of the city way below. Her heart pounding in her ears. Her hand clammy as she gripped onto his strong lean fingers.

His bedroom was all male, and his scent was everywhere making her knees weak. He undressed her, kissing her, gently trailing soft bites down along her jaw line to her ear. Shivers of delight rushed through her, her mind already spinning. His fingers so sure as they undid her silk blouse, cupping the fullness of her breast within his palm. Thumb stroking over her erect nipple as it pushed against soft lace yearning for release.

Kissing her eyes closed, he whispered into her ear to keep them closed. She felt her body being pushed back onto the soft covers of the bed. And his slow tantalising journey over her flesh began. Fingers seeking and pushing aside her clothing, laying her naked and willing under his intense gaze.

Tongue wet and hot as it left damp lines over her stomach, her belly button teased. She felt his hand press against her pubic bone, finding that spot from the outside, pushing as his tongue rolled lightly over her clit. Exposing it from its protective hood. He chuckled as he heard her gasps. Leaning his weight onto her stilling her movement as his tongue slide open her swollen lips. Like a bee seeking honey, his tongue stabbed at her. Tickling, retreating, circling, withdrawing. Until she became a mass of nerve endings, responsive to his touch only. His slave to his every whim

Silk ties bound her wrists to the bedpost, they had done this before so she trusted his actions completely. Semi clad for he hadn?t really bothered with removing all her clothing. Her breasts pushing out over the lace of her bra, her skirt hiked high upon her thigh. He stocking clad legs, seductive clasped against the black lace of the garter belt. His eyes devoured the woman that lay. Spread before him.

"Keep your eyes closed my pretty one," he ordered. As she heard him fumbling around next to the bed. She heard the rip and the tear of duct tape. Her legs parted wider, his touch gentle and loving over her shaved heat. Opening her body, she felt him insert an object into her glistening wetness. Then the feel of the tape as it covered her hole. "Never had this done before I bet," he chuckled as he secured the tape over her soaking pussy.

Her eyes flew open, as she felt what was within her move. Her mouth opened to scream, but she was stifled by his hand and a curt warning of "Don?t!!!?," he lay against her body, stilling her for the moment. Letting her feel the motion within. His voice deep against her ear? "Want to know pet? Never done the snake dance before little one?" Laughing cruelly at her as he released her, letting her thrash around. Pulling against her bonds.

Her voice a harsh grating sound, "What is it???" As she felt a rolling and tumbling inside her. He sat back studying her closely, casually answering? "Oh just a small green tree snake little one, quite harmless, but," laughing to himself as he watched her squirm, "intensely arousing for a little slut like you."

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