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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: Hulk and She-Hulk get it on!

This story begins when Jane, Dr. Bruce banner's cousin, is dying from a terrible blood decease. The only way to cure her is to perform a blood transfusion with Dr. Banner's gamma infected blood. Both of them know this will transform Jane in the She-Hulk but they know they have no other choice

"For the last time Jane... are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes Bruce, stop stalling the inevitable!", Jane replied desperately.

"Okay then, here goes" and Dr. Banner flipped the switch with his free right hand. They were both hooked up to a transfusion machine which would periodically transfer enough of Bruce's blood into Jane's veins to completely replace her own.

They saw Bruce's blood flow through the fine tubes over to Jane's side to finally disappear and become part of her. It would be a process taking over three hours and Jane tried to lighten the mood "Just think Bruce, in a while I'll be as strong as you are as the Hulk all the time."

"Almost as strong" Bruce replied. "Besides you'll look like a green freak all the fucking time!"

"Green always was my color, you know that!"

After four hours the process was done. By now Dr. Bruce Banner looked like a damn sheet whereas Jane was green all over. Not only that she had grown three feet and now stood at a proud 6.5 feet! Her hair was long wavy and green, her thighs were lean and muscular and her breasts were lively and full.

Bruce barely had any strength left and therefore asked his reborn cousin to unstrap the both of them. Jane ripped of the leather straps restraining her and did the same to Bruce's.

"My name is She-Hulk now, cousin!" she proclaimed enthusiastically as she admired her new curves.

After Bruce had several glasses of cheap orang juice he felt part of this strength coming back to him. He took a good look at his cousin and felt his cock react to the magnificent sight in front of him. The she-Hulk was still admiring herself in the mirror and had turned her back to him. Bruce looked at this wonderful big ass in front of him and he arose to full stiffness.

Betty never made him this hard! He was confused here he was wanting to jack off to his own cousin, it was madness!

"Well cousin, what do you think? You weren't kidding when you said that green was your color," Bruce sheepishly replied.

"I want to test my new strength, I want you to restrain me with those steel wrist restrainers and then I'll try to break free."

"Don't be an ass She-Hulk, even the Hulk would have trouble with those monsters" Bruce replied.

"Now we're on the subject, you sure liked mine a minute ago, I saw you 'study' it, Mr. Science!"

"Shit" Bruce thought and quickly changed the subject.

"Okay why the hell not!" They walked over and Bruce told her to lay down and took her arm and guided it into the steel cylinder. Bruce watched as the shock of her laying down made her breasts move inside her, at first oversized but now tight fitting, midnight blue dress. He secured the other arm and said "now, give it you best shot She-hulk."

The She-Hulk started to pull and jerk on the steel devices and was squirming and rolling back and forth. This sight of her trying to break free made Bruce's trousers bulge as he watched her green body helplessly on the table.

Then there was a huge bang and a blast of fire came through the wall. It was General Ross, Betty's dad. "That old prick!," banner thought to himself. He had not authorized this experiment and therefore was really pissed.

"Banner you cocksucker!"

"Isn't it enough that your banging my Betty, now you want complete control over my science lab too!!"

"And who is that green bitch laying there?! Aah fuck you" and he blasted his huge energy gun right at Dr. Banner's crotch. He barely missed but it was close enough to completely freak Banner out.

He lost all his self control and started to change into the Incredible Hulk! By now General Ross was shitting his starched army pants because he knew no man would take an attack on the balls and certainly not this giant leprechaun. Before Ross knew what was happening he felt himself being picked up by his dry and shrivelled nuts and thrown clear. The ride took forever and Ross finally landed outside the army base with every bone in his old body broken, but somehow still alive! "Aargh Betty, help me" he squirmed "You little bitch!!"

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