Her Fantasy

by Phil Aeschio

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: My wife tells me her fantasy

While I was in Japan and my wife was back in the States, she decided to tell me one of her fantasies. This is her story, in her words.

You'd had a poker party. It was late. I'd been staying out of the way in the den all evening. Since I wasn't doing the entertaining I was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt -- no bra, no undies (and no jewelry). The other 3 guys had just left and you and the cute one were picking up chips and counting his evenings winnings. I came in and started puttering around picking up snacks, etc. He smiled boldly at me. I was slightly embarrassed as my nipples were hard from the breeze through the open windows and I was sure he noticed so I smiled shyly and went about my picking up. He started a conversation to include me about cards. Did I play? Did I like cards? How about strip poker? I said we'd played when you were in college before we were married. You weren't saying much as you'd noticed the vibes, the tension in the air and wondered where it was going. He said "How about a few hands with just the 3 of us?" I looked at you, kind of trying to gauge your feelings on the idea. I personally was for it; my nipples were still hard (and not from the breeze now) and I felt a twitch in my cunt. I knew I could only lose 2 hands and I'd be naked but you guys didn't! You smiled that it's ok, I love you, it'll work out smile at me and said "sure, OK w/you, honey?" I said ok -- determined to throw away any card worth anything in order to see his reaction to my naked body and also your reaction to his reaction. We were all 3 relaxed, not nervous, chatting away like close friends (I'd only seen this guy I always referred to in my mind as "the cute one" a few times). Of course, I lost the first hand and off came the T-shirt. He seemed quite sorry I'd lost but rather appreciative of my tits with the hard nipples. Play progressed and I felt a foot from his side of the table start massaging my foot under the table. Somehow I didn't lose the next hand but everytime I reached for another card my arm brushed the side of my tit and I knew He (and you) were watching. Third hand I lost and I said that's the game, gentlemen, and he protested "why"?!? I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down and off and said "cuz I've nothing else to lose." You reached over and cupped one tit w/your hand and pinched my nipple and said "but maybe we could compromise." Winner of next hand -- if it was one of you two -- could fondle my tits for 1 min. while other kept "time". And we'd progress as follows:

- then fondle tits and kiss me -- 2 min.

- fondle tits, kiss me, insert finger in cunt -- 3 min.

- me sit on winner's lap while he kissed me, fondled tits and rubbed my ass -- 4 min.

- me stand in front of winner while he kissed and sucked my tits -- 5 min.

- me give winner free rein for 10 min.

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