Passion Discovered: Doing Jessica at Work

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom's been eyeing his sexy 18-year old co-worker but when he tries to seduce her, he finds the tables somewhat turned on him. Tom's in for quite a sexy surprise.

Jessica is a mouth-watering sexy young lady. I'd known her for about a year and it was hard to work around her without getting a huge erection in my pants. She'd begun working at the business where I'd taken a job even before I got there, and she continued to work there after she'd graduated from high school and turned 18 during the year.

Jessica was one of the sweetest, most pleasant young ladies I'd ever been around but I couldn't quite put my finger on her. She seemed like such an innocent nice young lady but she's also so subtlely sexy that it blew my mind every single time I saw her. For one thing, Jessica has the most awesome big set of breasts I've ever seen on a high school senior. I mean, these things are nice and big. I'm betting that Jessica is every bit of a C-cup and maybe even larger. Her normal attire for school days and then work in our office afterwards was a rather bust-emphasizing T—shirt and usually a nice figure-emphasizing pair of jeans. Jessica also wears the kind of bras that seem to really accentuate her sexy tits underneath her T-shirt and if she ever bends over and her top falls forward, well watch out - it's Erection City and you're in real danger of getting embarrassed from instant HARD-ON.

According to Jessica, she had a boyfriend although I don't know what kind of dolt he is. He wouldn't take her to the prom her senior year because of some stupid fucking reason he given her. What kind of stupid idiot thinks you're just going to the prom to dance?? My gosh, that kind of guy doesn't deserve to have a girl call him "her boyfriend".

Jessica and I were both working late one Friday evening after she'd finished high school. I'd wanted to make damn sure she was legally and fully 18 years old before I laid hands on her. Yeah, I figured she'd be one sexy young lady but I didn't want anyone screaming "rape" on me if I did something hot with her before 18. Over the months that I'd worked with Jessica, we'd gotten to know each other better and better. I never tried anything remotely close to putting moves on her, just tried to gain her confidence and get to know her more as a person.

Jessica and I were alone in a part of the building where I knew we wouldn't be missed or disturbed for at least 30 minutes. I hoped to accomplish what I wanted to get from Jessica in much less time that that - at least the first time.

"Hi, Jessica," I said as I walked into the area where she'd been working the whole evening.

"Oh hi, Tom," she calmly replied as she looked up from the pile of documents she'd been working hard on. I felt my cock instantly get harder than it already had been just from my anticipation of seeing Jessica that evening. The T-shirt she was wearing was tighter than usual, emphasizing the sexy design of the bra she was wearing, and as I stood talking to her, I could see that her nipples began to show through the material of her bra and the T-shirt. The shirt was cut so that when Jessica stood up straight, it showed a considerable amount of her midriff. Very very sexy looking and yet with her beautiful innocent face, she seemed such a paradox to me.

I felt my cock flinch in my boxers and I knew that it was time to go for broke. I stood there for several minutes talking to Jessica and checking out her sexy face, hair and body as I decided how to seduce her right here in the middle of our workplace. I asked her how things were going with her boyfriend and she told me about the same answer as she usually did - I think they were more just friends and less boyfriend/girlfriend than you'd normally expect with someone as sexy and outgoing as Jessica is.

She suddenly asked me if I knew anything about the research project she been assigned and I moved over behind her, leaning over her shoulder so I could see the books and documents she'd been using. Her aroma wafted up into my face and that was all I needed to push my resolve over the edge - I wanted to fuck Jessica and tonight was going to be the night. Then, as I stood there with my hand against Jessica's work table, I could feel her leaning into my arm, pressing her fully sexy left breast firmly against my arm. Was I imagining this - or was Jessica trying to turn me on and make me do just what I'd been wanting to do to her?? The next thing I knew, my sexy hot co-worker moved her body over towards me in her chair and her side was pressing against my cock as it had already begun to start tenting out in my pants.

I acted like I was moving over behind Jessica as she remained sitting there in her chair and I pushed my bulging lump of my aroused cock against her back. I could hear her take an audible gulp of air as she realized that what was pushing against her body was a mature sexy man's horny cock. I leaned momentarily against Jessica to see if she'd move away and when she didn't, I reached down in front of her chest and cupped the fullness of her large left breast in the palm of my hand. I'd taken the move that would either carry us both onto the floor nearby in a hot sexy fuck or get me smacked. I almost held my breath as I waited to find out which it was going to be.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, Tom," was all I heard Jessica say as I felt her breast seem to swell underneath my hand. I realized it was Jessica firmly the muscles in her chest to more fully and firmly place her tit inside my cupping palm. I loved the feel of this hot young woman's breast and I couldn't wait to see her sexy tits naked for the first time.

I reached down and pulled Jessica up from where she was sitting and twirled her gently around until she was standing facing me. Without a moment's delay, I leaned over, kissing Jessica's lips and pulling her close to me as my hand felt down her back to her buttocks, cupping the right one firmly in my hand and pulling her forward firmly against my bulging cock. I could tell from the way Jessica was pulling her groin to my cock and the glazed lustful look in her eyes that she'd been sitting here horny and needy of a fuck as much as I had been.

Without another word between us, I reached down to the bottom of Jessica's top, pulling it up and completely off over her head. My breath caught in my throat as I saw what kinds of sexy bras this seemingly innocent nice girl wore. It was a very sexy firmly cupped lace model that was sheer but which shaped her ample tits to maximum sexiness. I could clearly see the pale pink of her nipples through the cups and the awesome cleavage this push-up bra gave Jessica's tits wasn't to be believed.

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