The Elevator

by soul_jewel(lw)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: A chance meeting bewteen two strangers in a jammed elevator leads to an intimate and secretive game being played out before an unsuspecting audience

Never had she seen it so crowded. The crush of people as they crammed on to the elevator shoving her back into the corner...and into the young man standing there. Turning, as much as room allowed, she excused herself, but cannot quite see his face...but hear a reassuring "no problem" in his soft voice.

She had stood there for the past ten minutes while the woman in the front frantically pushed the emergency button,stuck between the 8th and 9th floor. She is quite sure it was that last few impatient passengers, unwilling to wait for the next car, who have caused it to stall. Damn! A missed meeting.

As she shifts on her feet she becomes increasingly aware of the bodies pressing in around her, particularly the one behind, against whom she has been leaning for 10 minutes... with no complaint. She begins to feel the warmth of his body through her business suit, and, in the close quarters, his cologne wafts to her...a musky, aromatic, male scent...the kind that makes her wonder if it is from a bottle or simply from him.

The jostling crowd causes her to lose her grip on her briefcase and it drops to the floor at her feet. Instinctively she bends to retrieve it, pressing her shapely butt against her patient neighbour. Half embarrassed and half intrigued, she smiles and wonders what he would think if he knew that she had no panties beneath her trim, short skirt. Standing, she half-turns again and with a sultry tone, excusing herself, and again she hears, "no problem"... his tone a little huskier.

Instantly, the warmth from his body seems to increase,along with her own. She shifts positions intentionally, forcing her body to 'accidentally' rub across him again,this time with no apology, and she senses him leaning slightly into her. The subtlest arch of her back... butt pressing into him...just enough to make him wonder whether it is intentional, or his imagination. The thrill of the tease causes her blood to rise and the skin of her neck to flush pink.

As if in response to her unspoken question, she feels the softest touch of his hands as they are lightly laid on her skirt, just at the curve of her hips, and they tentatively remain...testing her reactions. Immediately, she feels a flush of moisture as it rises from her womanly depths and that delicious tingling in the pit of her stomach, her heart thumps, pressing her unrestrained nipples against her blouse, hardening them. The realization of what is occurring washes over her. The finest flirting, the most forbidden teasing right here in a sea of people, their own crowded presence creating the scenario and at the same time, offering privacy.

Her heart leaps as she feels his fingers begin to gather the fabric of her skirt, crumpling it, and as it does, the hem creeps up her thighs. This stranger who, at first was the object of her teasing, is now daring her to venture down a most forbidden path. He has taken her tease and challenged she prepared to go? She inhales in short, silent gasp... glancing rapidly around at the stoic faces, each with glazed apathetic eyes, staring blindly at the walls... completely unaware that anything so 'alive' is transpiring so close them.

Her thoughts race... is this man one she has passed in the hallway before? Have you seen each other's faces? Does she work with him? And as her thoughts whirl, her skirt creeps relentlessly up... his fingers working silently and steadily, until, before she has time to settle on any particular thought, her skirt is raised to her hips and she stands bared... and naked... and now moist and hot.

His hands move with the slow but deliberate pace of one with complete confidence. She has not even gathered her thoughts. She still feels completely off balance as his fingers begin to crawl across the bare skin of her hips, across her lower belly and down the crease of her thigh... each fraction on an inch sending an electric pulse through the centre of her hips. Reaching her now very wet pussy, one finger presses against it... the moistness allowing it to part the lips and slip in. A muffled gulp of air and she nervously glance around again... apathy.

His finger slips in and out, across her clit, lighting her afire, and daring her to cry out. By now she has abandoned any remaining inhibitions and begins to rock her hips against his hand, coaxing the maximum sensation from his touch, begging for rougher intrusion from this brazen stranger.

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