Doing Mandy
Chapter 1 - Mandy Underneath Me for a Change

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Bestiality, Lactation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mandy Underneath Me for a Change - Tom works for a woman who's hot and a nice lady - until she becomes his boss. Mandy turns into a total bitch - and Tom gives notice and collects his "going away" gifts from Mandy, day by day.

Mandy was an amazing woman. Before she ever came to work in our office, she was the most friendly, personable outgoing young woman in her mid-20s that you'd ever care to meet. She was a very pretty woman, almost to the point of being beautiful in actuality but she had one slight problem. Mandy was just slightly on the chubby side. I wouldn't say fat; certainly not obese or grossly overweight but she could have stood to lose a few pounds. But, the few extra pounds Mandy carried on her 5'6" frame were there in very desirable locations. Mandy always dressed very stylishly; in fact, she'd worked in a very classy department store and been a buyer for a particular line of women's apparel. Mandy knew how to dress in order to show off her sexy young figure to its best advantage.

One of Mandy's best assets were her beautiful short blonde hair and her pretty face. Another were her rather large sexy breasts. Oh yes, Mandy's breasts would definitely attract any man's attention when he was talking to her or anywhere near her. Mandy would always wear either a nicely fitting dress or a button-up blouse or a sweater which was sure to show off her breasts well. Mandy had probably 36-D sized tits and they were sexy.

Another of Mandy's great physical assets was her well-rounded shapely ass. Not too big and certainly not too small. Mandy was as hot to look at from the rear as she was from the front. I enjoyed both perspectives. The extra pounds she had on her frame were distributed all over and you came away with the sense that she could lose some but not that she was too badly overweight at all.

When Mandy came to work in our office, I thought it would be great to have her for a boss. Boy, was I ever wrong. She became the biggest bitch I've ever seen. She didn't want to ever hear any suggestions for improving the operation and organization of our office. She became very demanding and not at all thoughtful about the needs and concerns of the people who worked beneath her. What had been a very pleasant and low stress work environment for those of us working there before Mandy arrived became a really unpleasant and undesirable place to live. I could go on at length about the many ways in which Mandy portrayed her Dr. Jekyll/Ms. Hyde personality change but I won't bore you to tears. It was just an unbelievable change. And all of us wanted to find new jobs and move anywhere else we could except work underneath Mandy's supervision.

Well, one day all of that changed for me personally in a most unusual way. I had to go back to the office after 6 P.M. one night and retrieve some work papers that I needed to finish before the start of business the following day. I picked up the file folders of material I needed and was ready to leave the building when I noticed a light on in the front office. "Hmmmm, that's strange for there to be a light on in there at this time of night," I thought to myself. I started to not worry about it and just go ahead and leave. Then I decided to see if there was some kind of problem or if I could just turn the light off. What I found when I quietly turned the doorknob and opened the door almost took my breath.

Almost as soon as I opened the door to our division's front office, I could hear distinct sounds of moaning and sighing. I'd had that experience many months earlier of finding my co-worker Stacy fingering her pussy in the office next to where I'd worked and I couldn't believe I was possibly going to come in on her again or possibly find one of the other women masturbating and getting off at work. That first incident had turned out extremely well for me because apparently I had been the immediate cause of Stacy's sexual arousal and tensions and we ended up having a very hot sexy fuck right there in my office. There were repeat sessions that followed as we found out that we were like two wild lovers in bed together.

I quickly figured out that there was two female voices that I was hearing. I couldn't immediately tell who they belonged to but I could tell that they were coming from our division boss, Julie's, office. Mandy's desk sat outside Julie's office and there was one light on in Julie's office. I stood there quietly for a few moments just listening. What I heard made me get such a hard cock that my erection almost heard in my pants.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeah, oh yeah, Mandy, lick me, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck yes, stick your tongue in my hot cunt, girl, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yes, yes, yes" I could hear a very distinctive female voice saying. It went on to encourage Mandy to eat her and lick her pussy, to suck all her pussy juices and make her cum. I could tell from the sound of the voice that it was Julie and I felt sure that she and my immediate supervisor Mandy were inside there making love.

I wanted so badly to see what was going on. At first, I thought I'd better just leave and then I decided that since the door to Julie's office wasn't fully closed, maybe I could push it open enough to peek in without being detected by the two women who were obviously totally consumed by the lust of the moment.

When I was able to see inside, I saw Julie sitting on the couch there in the corner of her office with her skirt pushed up to her waist, her panties were obviously off and lying on the floor and her blouse was unbuttoned with her bra pushed up above her ample full breasts. Mandy's blouse was also unbuttoned and pushed back off of her shoulders and her own bra had been unfastened, allowing access to her sexy big tits but Mandy still had her pants on that I'd seen her wearing at work that day. Mandy was down on her knees between Julie's legs, and she was busily licking and fingering Julie's dark furred pussy as Julie lay there moaning and encouraging her on in her sexual attentions.

I realized that watching my immediate supervisor and our "big boss" in the throes of a bisexual woman/woman sexual situation had made my cock as hard as a rock. It was extremely hot and very arousing to stand there and watch these two women entwined with each other physically and it made me want to continue watching until they finished.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ngghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, lick me, lick me, Mandy, ohhhhhhhhhh honey, you're making my pussy burn up, girl," Julie moaned louder as I realized that Mandy's eating her pussy was about to bring Julie to the point of orgasm.

I stood there watching as Mandy continued to lick and finger Julie's cunt and then suddenly it was obvious that she'd brought Julie to climax. Julie was writhing and bucking her rounded ass up off the couch into Mandy's mouth and probing fingers as she reached her climax and started shooting off into Mandy's face.

I didn't need to see any more and I quietly pulled the door shut, knowing there was no way either of them knew I'd been anywhere near while they were fucking around. On my way home after making my amazing discovery of two of my female co-workers entangled in a sexy lovemaking session, I wondered how all this might play out in the days ahead. Mandy was a young married woman but Julie was single and had never been married to my knowledge. I didn't really know her that well so I wasn't sure what her past marital history might have been. My immediate thought was "I wonder what Mandy's husband would think or do if he knew his wife had been sucking her boss off at work late in the evening?" Maybe someday I'd find out that answer to that question.

As the weeks passed, Mandy continued to be a royal pain in the ass to work for. I tried as best I could to just keep my tongue under control and not let my temper get the best of me. I just enjoyed seeing what she looked like every day, the sexy outfits she wore to work and now I realized that she was probably dressing for Julie as much as for anybody in our company. I love to see Mandy come in my office and notice how tightly her blouse fit over her sexy big breasts. I'd sit there fantasizing about how hot Mandy might be with any man (or woman now) who might be able to get her into bed. I'd check her out from every possible angle and really enjoyed thinking back to that evening when I'd caught her and Julie with their "panties down" so to speak.

Finally there came a day when I'd been able to secure another job out of the division with Julie and Mandy. On the day I was going to give my notice that I was changing jobs, I typed up a letter of resignation and prepared to give it to Mandy since she was my immediate supervisor. But I'd long ago decided that this "notice of job change" was going to be unlike any other that I'd ever experienced. I intended to get even with Mandy finally for the totally bitchy, shitty way that she'd treated me since the day she'd move to our office.

I knew for sure that Julie was out of town on a business trip that day and I waited much later than normal to clean up my desk and paperwork from all the day's work. I sat there for a moment considering what I intended to do to Mandy and then I shut my computer down and walked across to her work desk outside Julie's office. I closed the door behind me which was abnormal since I normally left the door open whenever I was in a woman's office. But tonight I didn't want any interruptions with what I planned to carry out.

As I walked up to Mandy's desk and laid my letter of resignation right in front of her, she looked up at me with a rather shocked expression on her face.

"Tom, what's this?? You're not quitting, are you?" she asked as I stood there, absorbed in looking at Mandy and noticing how full her blouse was with her sexy breasts pressing out firmly against it. She was wearing a rather see-through blouse and the bra underneath it was obviously lacy and held her breasts to emphasize their size and curviness. I'd noticed earlier that she'd worn a matching pair of dress pants and I'd actually wished she'd worn a skirt instead.

"Yes, Mandy. You can read and that's exactly what it looks like," I responded in what I intended to be a rather caustic and pointedly pissed off reply. "And not only that, Mandy, but you're going to give me a going away present right now before I begin my two weeks of final work with you."

Mandy gave me a very puzzled and almost worried look at that comment. She looked me straight in the eye and I could see the fiery combative attitude kick in that I'd put up with from Mandy for far too long. "Oh, a going away present, Tom? And what do you think that's going to be?" Mandy asked as she seemed both puzzled at my aggressive attitude with her and also somewhat worried because she realized that I could stand my ground with her and win out.

I decided to press ahead and let Mandy know precisely what I wanted from her before she could organize her defenses or try to argue with me.

"Mandy, you've been such a bitch since I've been working for you. I could go on and on at length at what a pain in the ass you've for me and every other person who's had to work under you. But today - right now - that stops for good. Do you understand me??"

Mandy seemed to be really shocked by the assertive attitude I was using with her. She didn't realize that ever since she'd become my supervisor I'd constrained myself and tried to make her job as easy for her as possible. Now she was being confronted by a strong assertive man who'd taken all the shit from her that he intended to take - forever.

Mandy seemed quite at a loss for what to say so before she could utter another word, I reached down to my pants and began to unzip them as I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Now, Mandy, you're going to start giving me my going away present. You're going to take my cock out of my boxers and you're going to give me a blowjob until you suck me off. When you finally make me cum, Mandy, you WILL take my cum load in your mouth and swallow it. Do you understand me??" I wanted to make sure Mandy wasn't at all confused about what I intended for her to do.

"There's no fucking way..." Mandy jumped up from her desk as though she was going to shortstop me and throw me out of her office.

"Yes, there really is a way, Mandy," I blurted out to regain control of the situation. "I saw you and Julie together in her office a few weeks ago, Mandy, and unless you want me to let everyone here and your husband as well know that you and Julie are lovers, you will do precisely what I tell you until the day I clean my desk out and leave."

Mandy looked like she'd seen a ghost and I think she realized that I definitely somehow knew about her and Julie being involved sexually. "Tom, I..." Mandy stuttered and seemed to be searching for words to say, for a way to get out of a situation which she obviously felt totally out of control with.

"Mandy, I don't know if you've ever sucked a cock before or not. I don't know and I don't fucking care if you've ever sucked your husband's cock off, but I know you can sure suck one heck of a hot cunt, lady, and you're going to suck me off right now."

Without any further hesitation or words, I moved over to Mandy's chair where she was sitting and stood there, my pants unzipped and waiting for her to make the next move. She sat there looking down at her desk, speechless. Then she looked up into my eyes, searching to see if I was just joking or if I was willing to let her get off without giving me the blowjob I wanted from her. My jaw and my eyes were set resolutely and I wasn't budging an inch on my demands.

"You're not kidding, are you, Tom?"

"Mandy, I've never been more serious in my life. And unless you make the right decision right now - unless you very gently and sexily reach into my pants here and take my cock out and suck me off, I'm gonna fucking ruin your reputation and probably your marriage. So, no, Mandy, I'm not joking. You made your fucking bed, lady, and now you're going to have to lie in it. NOW SUCK ME OFF!!"

Instantly it was obvious that Mandy realized I held all the cards and, amazingly, she reached down and first just put her hand over the lump of my hard cock resting inside my pants. I was sort of afraid she might try to grab my cock and threaten me but since I had the history of her bisexual experiences with Julie hanging over her head, I think Mandy realized that no matter what I had planned for her, she'd better cooperate and try to minimize any potential that I would blow the whistle on her sordid little sexual exploits.

Within a matter of seconds, Mandy's hand suddenly finished unzipping my pants and her smooth soft hand reached inside and pulled my already very rigid, hard cock out of my pants. I held my breath as I waited to see what Mandy would do. I really didn't know if she'd given a blowjob before. Maybe she didn't know what to do with a hard cock. Mandy's hand closed firmly around the thickness of my hard cock and she pulled on the length of my shaft, beginning to stroke me. Her hand felt hot and I couldn't believe that I was standing here with Mandy stroking and hopefully getting ready to suck my horny cock to orgasm. It didn't take long to see that Mandy definitely knew how to jack a man's cock off as she smoothly began to close her hand firmly around the shaft of my cock and then stroke it firmly back and forth. Mandy had worked my cock about 4 or 5 times total when she bent over and first flicked the tip of my cockhead with her tongue. She was actually going to suck me off. I gradually allowed myself to relax and rely that she was going to bite me or something drastic like that to get out of her compromising situation. Then Mandy opened her lips and gradually wrapped them around the head of my cock, closing them snugly and soon sucking all of my cockhead and then more and more of my shaft in. She worked her head back and forth, taking more and more of my cock inside her hot, wet mouth and then began to bob her head back and forth, really starting to fuck my hard cock with her lips, mouth and tongue.

I couldn't resist the hot erotic sensation of having this sexy woman who'd been such a bitch to me sucking my cock and stroking the thickness of my shaft with the goal of making me cum. "Oh yeah, Mandy, suck that cock, woman," I said with as much sexual intensity as I could muster under the less than ideal circumstances. Mandy looked up at me with a glare of hatred and anger in her eyes but for the moment I didn't care what she was thinking or feeling as long as she sucked me and brought me off.

As Mandy continued to suck on my dick and began to bob her head back and forth more quickly, I reached down and cupped her left breast through the material of her blouse and her bra. I could tell she had become somewhat aroused by the mouth fucking she was giving me and her nipple had become a little bit hard from the arousal of having my cock in her hand and her hot wet mouth. I wanted to undo her blouse and free her sexy tits but for the moment I knew I needed to maintain control of this opportunity and wait until she'd finished me to see if I could manage to coerce her into doing anything else that I wanted.

"Finish me, Mandy, suck me off and make me cum now," I commanded Mandy, hoping she was capable of sucking me hard and sexy enough to go ahead and help me reach my first orgasm. Mandy responded by wanking my cockshaft with her hand at the same time that she began to lick my cockhead and move her head on my cock faster and fastesr. I could feel my climax just about to explode from my groin within only a minute or so after that and I moaned in a low sexy growl as my nuts cut loose and several spurts of thick hot sperm exploded from my cock into Mandy's mouth. Now the next crucial moment had arrived because as much as I felt sure Mandy really resented me forcing her to give me a blowjob, I was really doubtful that she'd be willing to take my cum in her mouth and swallow it. As my cum spurted the first time deep into Mandy's sucking mouth, I noticed that she'd started swallowing and then she gulped down shot after shot of hot cum as hit the inside of her mouth. Mandy gulped time after time, taking my cum completely and swallowing it. Victory.

"Now lick me clean, Mandy, and then I'll tell you what the rest of my "going away" present is going to be before my last day of working for you, bitch," I told Mandy as I felt the pressure of my orgasm beginning to wane.

As Mandy continued to suck my cock and then licked every last speck of cum clean from it, I decided what I wanted to have her do. "Tomorrow morning, Mandy, you and I will be here an hour earlier than we usually are. You are to come to work wearing a tight, bust-emphasizing bra and a skirt with no panties, Mandy. I don't want you wearing any stockings or nothing more than thigh highs. Understood?" I asked as I looked her directly in the eyes.

"Yes, Tom, I understand," Mandy answered as she finally licked my cock clean and placed it back inside my boxers, zipping my pants up. I wanted to fuck Mandy right then but I knew I had better leave well enough alone for that day and try to get what I could out of her the next morning.

When I was sure Mandy knew what I expected of her, I turned and left her office, heading home thinking about the pretty decent blowjob my supervisor had just given me in her office. I had often thought of having Mandy suck me off or fuck me but I'd never imagined that it would happen.

When I walked into Mandy's office at 6 A.M. the next morning, an hour before anyone else would arrive for work, she was sitting behind her desk acting like she was trying to do some work. She had apparently dressed just as I'd directed her to - wearing a fairly tight cream-colored sweater over a very obvious demi-bra underneath. I couldn't wait to see how she was dressed from the waist down.

When she saw me come through the door, Mandy stood up and I saw that she had on a matching short brown skirt that was a couple of inches above her knees.

"Are you ready to give me more 'going away' treats, Mandy?" I asked, expecting her to feed me a line of crap about how I'd treated her the day before.

"Tom, I just want your assurances that if I do what you ask, you promise you won't tell my husband or anyone what you saw me doing in Julie's office."

"Why, Mandy?" I asked. "Why are you so concerned about your hubby knowing about your little bisexual affair between you and Julie?"

Mandy replied, "Because he wouldn't understand just like you don't. You think you know what you saw but you only know part of it."

"Well, I know what I saw for sure, Mandy and I know you had your head shoved into Julie's groin, eating her pussy. That's all I need to know, lady."

I moved to Mandy's chair, pushing it out of the way. "Now, Mandy, bend over your desk and lean forward onto your arms right there," as I motioned to the cleared desk in front of her.

Mandy stood there speechless for a moment then she turned around in front of me and leaned down, putting her forearms on her desk and looking around at me to see what I would do. There were lots of things I would have loved to do to Mandy but for the moment I wanted to give her a ride on my horny cock. Her blowjob the day before had really been hot but I wanted to fuck this sexy blonde woman's young cunt.

I reached to the hem of her skirt, pulling it in one motion up, exposing all of Mandy's very sexy full rounded ass. Yes, she was packing a few extra pounds but she still had a nice butt and I wanted what was between her legs - her hot tight pussy.

"Look straight ahead, Mandy. No peeking," I directed her as I reached between her shapely bare legs and probed for her pussy with my hand. What I found was more than I'd hoped for. Mandy's pussy was very hot and wet when my fingers touched her cunt lips and I could almost tell that she'd been sitting there fingering herself before I came in. I slipped my middle finger into her pussy then quickly joined it with another one and started pulling them in and out, wanting to work her cunt to a fiery hotness before I rubbed her cunt juices on my cock and mounted her from behind.

While I fucked Mandy's cunt with my fingers, I undid my belt and zipper with my other hand and then pulled my fingers out and tasted Mandy's sticky pussy nectar. "Mmmmmmmmmm, pretty sweet, Mandy," I said as I moved my cock behind her ass and used my own saliva to lube up the head of my cock fully.

I quickly located Mandy's aroused swollen cunt lips with my cock and thrust my ass forward, driving half of my thick hard horny cock inside her body on the first inward stroke. As I mounted Mandy, I reached under her chest, grabbing both of her full dangling tits in my hands through her sweater and squeezing them as my stomach smacked hotly against her ass, my cock fully penetrating her tight wet cunt sheath.

"I want you to know for once in your life, Mandy, what' it's like for a real man to fuck you," I said asa I quickly began to drive my ass in and out, emptying and filling her pussy in rapid strokes.

As I pulled my cock out of her cunt to pick up a steady fucking rhythm, I thought I felt Mandy's ass move with me. I slid everything out but my cockhead and I instantly began to drive inside her pussy again. I knew there was no time for a leisurely fuck and as soon as my cock grew wet from penetrating Mandy's pussy, I really started to piston in and out of her body quickly and deep. I grabbed her at the waist and began to really fuck my thick cock in and out as hard and fast as I could move my pelvis.

The total fuck only last 10 minutes at the most and when I finally felt my nuts cut loose and spew my cum load deep inside Mandy's hot sexy cunt, she had already cum herself on my cock twice. I continued to piston in and out of her pussy until she came a third time and then I pulled out and made her lick my cock clean.

Mandy and I fucked every morning for the remainder of my two weeks of severance notice and then I moved on to much greener pastures in life. I think Mandy was sorry to see the two weeks in. It was the best "going away" gifts I'd ever received.

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