Night on the Wards
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Harem, Oral Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Following a nightmare of a shift, young nurse Carol is lured into helping a criminal Mr Big and finds herself working on his private tropical island

I wasn't happy. I wasn't happy at all. I dislike getting called into work on my days off at short notice... and not only that, this time it wasn't even to cover my own ward. No, this was for Ward 24 where the lazy cows who should have turned up had all conveniently gone sick at the same time. Sick my arse! The whole hospital knew that it was that Sally Cunningham's birthday and the whole team was in London for the night; they'd even been boasting about how they'd got tickets to see the Chippendales at the Lyceum. Well, bloody good luck to them - I just hoped they'd all catch something nasty!

Ward 24, one of the male wards for patients recovering from minor surgery; they're not in the place for more than a night or two. Not like my own workplace, where the patients were seriously ill, some of them critically so.

So, after the hand over from the evening shift, I survived the scene. Of the six beds in the ward, one was not currently being used, one patient was already asleep, three were sitting in chairs playing cards while the fifth was sat up in bed with a laptop computer on his table tapping away at the keys. I took a walk over to the card players; they glanced up at my approach and, in the age old manner of males the world over, ran their eyes over my body, judging, assessing, comparing.

"Care for a hand?" one asked.

I smiled. "If you're talking about cards, I might do later. What you playing?"

"Strip poker!" came the almost predictable reply followed by some infantile tittering.

"I might join in for a hand or two of bridge when things quieten down a bit," I replied with a smile before moving on. I rather fancied a look a that laptop. I'd always rather had a hankering for one but they were simply out of my price league. As I approached the bed, the man noticed me and there swiftly followed a series of rapid mouse clicks as he closed some windows down. I, in turn, noticed that his machine was connected by a cable to a mobile phone and, judging by his reaction and the tent showing itself in his blanket, it wasn't hard to guess what sort of site he'd been looking at. I glanced up at his face and his eyes slid guiltily away from mine, which gave me the ideal opportunity to give him the once over - twenty-twoish, maybe a bit older, tall, well built... ugly pox marked face however. Still, in the dark, I'd not be turning him away...

I smiled at him. "I thought I'd come over and check out your equipment," I quipped. He did the expected double-take. "The computer, that is," I added with a mischievous grin.

"Oh," he said before turning his machine round a little so I could see the screen... which was now at Desktop. "850 meg processor... 10 gig hard drive... DVD drive... 13 inch TFT screen... 128 RAM..."

Ah, yes, I recognised the type. 'Baffle the little lady with science.' Leaning forward I placed both hands on the bed and peered at the device more closely... and made sure that my left hand brushed against his hard on. He squirmed aside delightedly, but not before I'd made a rapid assessment and decided that he was well hung. "Intel or AMD?" I asked to prove I wasn't a total bimbo.

"AMD," he replied, a grudging respect edging its way into his tones.

"I'd love one myself. Can't afford it though... I have to settle for a piss-on."

"Piss-on?" he replied, clearly bemused.

"Yeah... a Psion. There was a 'Fools and Horses' episode once where Del Boy had a load of shifty hand-helds to get rid of. He pronounced the name Piss-On and now I can't call them by there real name either without a struggle."

A wan smile crossed his face. "Well, I'd best get on," I went on and making sure that my hand brushed his erection again as I stood up. "Don't stay up too late now lads," I called quietly to the entire room before leaving the ward proper and opening up the adjacent storage area. Well, if the state of this place was anything to go by, the lazy slags down here never did do much work! It was disgusting and was clearly being used as a general dumping area... and just what was that gynaecological examination table doing in here? Shaking my head, I quickly backed out and shut the door. Whatever was in there, it wasn't my problem.

I moved down the corridor a little further to the coffee machine and helped myself to a black with extra sugar one. Thanks to a task set by my Master the previous day, I'd had precious little sleep... well, I had been planning an early night until that damned phone had rang. I flopped into an easy chair and enjoyed the hot, sweet liquid and, once it was finished, I returned to the ward where I found that the card players had all retired for the night and only my computing friend was still awake, tap tap tapping on his keys. I turned the main lights off, leaving him in a little pool of brightness generated by his bedside light and sat down at the nurse's station. Feeling in my bag, I pulled out my Psion and mains adapter and set out to write my report for the Master.

Things remained quiet and the two of us worked on. Midnight came and went. I took another coffee break and made sure I turned the hand-held off before I departed. I didn't want anyone here seeing the sort of material I stored in it. The whole thing was password protected so I'd be safe. The coffee consumed, I returned to my typing. Then, after half an hour, I got disturbed. The Charge Nurse for the floor wanted a word with me. The pair of us slipped out into the corridor while we discussed the condition of a patient on my own ward and a question that had arisen about his condition. Once everything was settled, I returned to my desk... and a Psion that seemed to have moved slightly. I glanced up at the only other person in the room who was awake but he was still staring and his screen and taping away. Shrugging, I settled down and got back to my report.

I'd not got more than a few paragraphs edited when a voice called out "Nurse" in respectful, hushed tones. I cursed under my breath, shut my machine and, fixing a smile onto my face, went to find out what my well endowed friend in the corner bed wanted. "My leg, nurse, it's aching quite badly. Can you get one of those little stool things to raise it up a bit?"

"Why don't you just go to sleep, Mr Dinchurch?" I replied, glancing at his notes to discover his name.

"I've only a little more work to finish off. Please, nurse. They keep them in the storeroom..."

I sighed. "Oh, all right them. I'll be back in a minute... assuming that I can find anything in that junk pile." I smiled at him and walked over to the store, leaving the door open. As I feared, I couldn't instantly see what I was looking for and I had go into the room and to start lifting and moving stuff about. I thought I heard the door close gently behind me, but paid it no heed as I was bending over a large cardboard box and peering behind it at the time. This was a mistake as I didn't know that Mr Dinchurch had followed me into the room until too late. In fact, the first thing I knew was when his hand clamped itself round the back of my neck and started to press down. Then, as I began to struggle, he leaned all his impressive body weight against me and I was well and truly stuck. "What the hell are you doing!" I demanded to know.

"Shut up, slut," he commanded in a whisper directly into my ear. Next thing I knew he'd grabbed the hem of my skirt and hauled it up expose my naked bum to the atmosphere. (I wasn't wearing any knickers because my Master had ordered me not to.) I started to struggle harder but it was no use for he had a hell of a weight advantage. I opened my mouth to scream... and this must have been just what he was waiting for because he instantly stuffed large rolled up bandage into my open maw, effectively silencing me. Next thing I knew he was spreading my bum cheeks with his hands and then, all of a sudden, I could feel that prick I had so recently been admiring, nudging its tip at the entrance to my shit hole. I shook my head in denial, but to now avail. I gasped as his member entered me without my permission. Tears sprang into my eyes - Christ, he was big! If anything, I'd underestimated just how much he had! His bloated member forced its way deeper and deeper. I shuddered and gave thanks that I'd recently been using my butt plug so I was somewhat used to having things up there. Then, placing a hand on each of my hips, he started to thrust in and out. I tried to spit out the bandage but it was well and truly wedged into my mouth and each time I tried to use a hand to remove the gag, he'd simply grab hold of my wrist and start to crush it. I soon learned a lesson in pain and the futility of this action, so I stopped trying it. In my mind I was screaming; I'd had anal sex before, many times, but always by consent and with someone who I knew. This as rape and I was hating every moment of it! Luckily for me, he'd been studying those web sites too much and he must have been teetering on the brink even before he approached me so it wasn't long before he gasped, grabbed me tighter and then shot his load into me. Collapsing against my back, crushing me, he said in a matter of fact tone, "So, Naughty Night Nurse, did you enjoy that?" My body stiffened and he felt it: a chuckle rippled through his torso. "Yes," he went on, "I know who you are. I've been a member of the Yahoo group since day two. Never thought I'd meet you in the flesh... till you mentioned your Psion and that got me thinking. Then you were stupid enough to leave it on when you went to see that other nurse so I had a quick look and confirmed what I suspected. So, now I'm going to have some fun and you're not going to object... because if you do, I'll make sure the hospital authorities find out all about your outside activities. Now, I need you passive for a little while..." And, with that, he transferred his hands to my throat and started to squeeze. I renewed my struggles and began to thrash around widely but nothing I did seemed to help. As my sight started to dim, my last thought was that I was going to die with some stranger's prick still rammed up my arse...

When I came too, I had a dreadful headache. I moved a hand to feel my head... or, at least, I tried to, but couldn't. I decided to open my eyes instead... and immediately wished I hadn't for the light seemed very bright. I closed them again as quickly as I could, then rested for a few moments before trying again, more slowly this time. After awhile I managed this difficult task... and what I saw made me gasp. As I suspected, I was tied down and, as my senses had been telling me, I was stark naked. In fact, I was tied to the gynaecological table, my ankles bound into the stirrups with copious lengths of bandage and sticky tape. My arms disappeared vertically down and out of y sight and I guessed they had been similarly attached to part of the framework of the table. What shocked me the most was the fact that the table now stood on the middle of the ward and that all five patients were stood close by in a huddle whispering together. The fact that the table had been moved didn't surprise me as such for, despite being called a table, like a lot of hospital equipment it was mounted on wheels and could be easily shifted about. No, what really surprised me was that all five men seemed to be involved... and I'd have thought at least one would have had the decency to object. Then I get my answer as one of them tipped back his head and took a swig of whisky straight from the bottle. Oh, great... smuggled into the ward. Mixed with the drugs they were on and in the amounts they were consuming, they'd be as high as kites. They'd be living only for the moment and not considering the consequences of their actions. Just then one of them spotted that I was moving. "She's awake, Tony."

My computing rapist turned to face me. Tony, eh? Mr A. Dinchurch. Well, that all fitted. "Ah, Nurse Smith, so you've decided to rejoin us?" I vaguely nodded my head. "The blokes are really pleased to meet you. I've been letting them read about your exploits and they all seem keen to get more intimate with you. And we've been having a little drink to pass the time."

I cleared my own parched throat. "Yes, I can see that... but I'd like you to think about what you are doing. This isn't right... you'll get into serious trouble over this if you don't stop now."

"We don't think so, Carol. You see, we know that you won't complain about us, no matter what we do."

"And why can't I?"

"Because I've sent an e-mail to your Master and he's handed you over to us for the night."

"What?! I don't believe it!"

"I told you she'd say that," tossed in one of the men.

"So show her the screen..." replied Tony wearily. The youngest of the group hurried over and swiftly returned with the laptop. I was shown a series of short e-mails which effectively confirmed what Tony had said. For this night alone, I was the property of Anthony Dinchurch and friends!

"I... I don't believe it," I muttered half to myself. "Master wouldn't... he just wouldn't..."

"Oh, don't worry, Carol... you've not been abandoned. This is purely a business transaction."

"Business transaction? What do you mean by that?" I asked, rather perplexed now.

"I just happen to have my web camera here with me. We've going to link to your Master's computer and, for the first time, he'll be able to witness your plight!"

Once everything had been set up to Tony's satisfaction, he turned to his fellow patients and asked who wanted to go first. Not surprisingly, the youngster was the only volunteer. Moving between my widely spread legs, he undid the bottom half of his pyjamas and withdrew a medium sized cock that was already dribbling long strands of precum. He smiled down at me, ran a reconnaissance on my pussy with his right hand and then, without further ado, rammed his cock home. With no foreplay, this came as a bit of a shock to my innards though I do have to admit that I had been slightly aroused by my own physical predicament... and by the knowledge that my Master was seated at home watching the proceedings on his monitor screen. The young man began the thrust with his hips, his hands pressed against my thighs to give him support. His rhythm was regular, his penetrations deep and, despite everything. I was soon getting moist and in the mood myself. It wasn't long before I was laying back, my eyes closed, as I quietly moaned. Someone started to tweak my nipples and the volume of my cries increased. All to quickly, the inexperienced youngster shot his load... but he was instantly replaced by one of his fellows and the fucking went on. I enjoyed my first orgasm under this second man's attentions and my cries of joy filled the ward. Eventually he too climaxed and his prick was replaced by yet another. By now I was thoroughly enjoying myself and loving every moment of the attention the five were showering on me for while one was fucking my cunt and others played with my tits, a fourth dangled his prick teasingly in front of my mouth. Opening wide, I offered this lonely organ some shelter...

I don't know how many times I came during that session and I don't know how many times each of the men had me, all I do know is that they ran out of puff long before I did. As the last withdrew and was not replaced, the look of disappointment must have clearly shown in my face fore the youngest lad commented upon the fact.

"You don't still want more, do you, slut?" Tony inquired.

I nodded dumbly. "Christ, she's insatiable!" one of the others commented.

"Let's she how she likes this, then," mumbled Tony as he took up position between my spread thighs. He then rolled his sleeve up and, bending slightly, slipped two fingers into my vagina. I groaned ever so slightly as a third digit joined its fellows and Tony started to pull in and out. A fourth finger slipped in too and I felt satisfied... and then the bastard rammed his entire fist in there. My eyes shot open and my back arched off the table. Shit, but what was he doing down there? The fist was pushed further and further in... waves of both pain and pleasure rushed around my body, all emanating from my pussy. The other men had fallen back and now stood around in awe as more and more of Tony's forearm entered me. Now it was most definitely pain and not pleasure that filled me. "Please... Tony," I begged, "No more! Please!" But his blood was up and sweat stood out on his forehead as he kept working on me. I started to thrash around, my screams turning to ones of pure agony. I really think he would have ruined me for life had not the two older men decided that enough was enough and pulled him off. With his fist removed, I collapsed back onto the table, my body shaking. While not untying me, the men at least covered me in a blanket and allowed me a short period of recuperation.

After half an hour of so, my tormentors returned. Tony had calmed down a little but they'd all kept on drinking. I was rather thirsty too by this stage so I asked if I could have a drink.

"Certainly," replied Tony, whipping his now flaccid cock out again and approaching my head. "Open wide."

Guessing what it was he intended, I shook my head. "I'd rather not," I protested.

"You don't have a choice, whore. You will drink this because I tell you to. How you feel about it is irrelevant."

Know when I was beaten, I opened my mouth as wide as I cold and watched the tip of his cock with the sort of terrified gaze a rabbit gives some approaching car headlights. For what seemed like an age, nothing happened... and then a stream of warm, colourless piss gushed out of him and splashed against my cheek. Tony altered his aim and the bitter urine cascaded into my mouth. I knew full well that drinking fresh piss cannot harm you - indeed, some people insist that it's good for you - but instinct and conditioning both worked together to try to get me to gag. I struggled dutifully on and managed to swallow a few mouthfuls of the foul tasting stuff, though most ended up dribbling down my face and eventually splashing on the floor. The other four men laughed and clapped Tony on the back as he shook himself dry and plopped his prick back into his pyjamas.

"Now what?" asked the youngster. taking another slug from a second whisky bottle. (Just where had the ward's usual staff been when all this alcohol was being smuggled in?)

"Now we gag the cow and move on to more extreme things," replied Tony.

"Extreme?" I enquired in worried tones.

Tony smiled. "Yes, extreme. Open your mouth again, sweetheart..."

A few moments later and I had been gagged again, this time by the simple expedient of bandaging some wadding pads into my mouth. Tony then crossed to the medical supply cabinet from where he removed several hypodermic needles... using my locker keys to gain entry and thus adding injury to insult! Returning to my side, he started to break open the packets. Selecting on of the long, sterile needles, he grasped my left nipple with his free hand before forcing the needle through it from one side to the other. I flinched in agony and tried to scream... to beg... anything, but it was no use and all that emerged from my mouth was a muffled groan. Tony repeated the performance with a second needle, this time skewering my nipple at a ninety degree angle to the first so as to make a cross. Taking two more, he likewise treated my right breast. By now I was opening sobbing with tears running down my cheeks. Tony stood back to admire his handiwork... and smiled.

"Now," he instructed one of the others, "check her handbag and see if she's carrying and tampons."

"Why?" the man questioned.

"Just do it!"

Somewhat frightened by the sharpness in Tony's voice, the other man hastened to obey and was soon back, triumphantly holding sanitary towel aloft. "This what you wanted, Tony?"

"Exactly. Now, coat it in Deep Heat..."

I started to shake my head for I could guess where he intended to use that tampon. And I knew how it would feel since I had, on passed occasion, done this to myself... but never after being so well fucked and then abused. But it didn't make any difference and soon my long-suffering pussy was filled yet again. As before, just like when I was treating myself at home, not a lot happened for a few moments... and then, gradually the heat started to build. It was pleasant at first... but it soon built into a searing inferno and I was quickly reduced to a writhing, crying mass of flesh. The men roared with laughter and returned to the whisky. As I watched, my vision started to blur. Suddenly, keeping my eyes open was just too much trouble and, almost gratefully, I lapsed back into the blackness that was unconsciousness...

When I came round, I was still strapped to the table but at least I'd been covered my a sheet. My pussy was throbbing something terrible and my nipples seemed to be on fire, but my gag had been removed. And I was moving. I looked more closely and recognised that we were passing down the corridor that lead to the casualty department, the table being propelled along by a pair of orderlies. "Thank god!" I thought, "I've been saved! Soon I'll be receiving treatment at it'll be all over."

We reached the lift and, while waiting for the elevator to arrive, I glanced at the clock - four in the morning. A Saturday morning to boot. Casualty would be busy, full of drunks and would-be fighters. Still, as one of their own, at least I'd get preferential treatment from the staff in the department.

The lift arrived and the doors opened. In we went and the orderly pressed for the ground floor. The old lift shuddered and groaned a little but we were moving and soon arrived at our destination. As the doors opened, one of the orderlies shouted "Now!" in a voice I both recognised and feared - Tony!

Before I knew what was happening, the sheet was whipped off me and the trolley given a hefty shove. As I screamed "Nnnnooooooooo!!!!" in denial at the top of my voice, I was sent freewheeling at speed feet first into the crowded waiting room. Dozens of pairs of eyes turned to ogle my totally naked and exposed form as I glided into their midst...

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