E-Mails To My Master
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Water Sports, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A transcription of E-Mails sent between myself and my Master including his orders to me and my reports back.

(Some time ago i was seeking a Master willing to train me over the Internet. After casting my eyes over several sites and groups, i eventually found one in www.groups.yahoo.com called sub_sluts. I made an approach to the list moderator and what follows here is transcription of the e-mails that subsuqently passed between us.)

TO - Night Nurse
FROM - Master

Do you still want to be trained and humiliated like all women should be? If so, reply to your Master

TO - Master
FROM - Night Nurse

Not only do i desire to be trained and humiliated, Master, i also deserve it. i look forward to receiving my first lesson from you.

TO - Night Nurse
FROM - Master

Attached are some questions which i require you to answer. You will obey, Master

TO - Master
FROM - Night Nurse

Master, i hereby return your questionnaire, duly filled out:-

Before I train you I want to know more about you. You will answer all the following personal questions without exception:

How old are you? 25 years old

Are you fat, thin, or somewhere in-between? Slightly thin

What country do you live in? England

Are you willing to supply photographs (face not required)? Not really - i'm nervous about leaving hard evidence about and, besides, my Psion cannot handle scanners or digital cameras

Do you have kids? If so what sex & how old? No, no kids

Are you still owned by a Master who is willing to participate in your HUMILIATION? Apart from yourself, i do not currently have a Master or even a boyfriend

Will you accept to undertake all orders (nothing illegal)? Erm... 'all' is a very big term. i would like to say yes but i don't feel that i could give such a blanket commitment. i will undertake to do all i can but i must retain some ability to leave or refuse - possibly a safe word might be useful here?

How much time and effort are you willing to give to me? Lots of effort. As someone who works full time, my free time is limited but would two hours a day be suitable?

Have you ever fantasised about Forced Exhibitionism? Yes - and done

Have you ever fantasised about Rape? Fantasised, yes... but i hope it remains a fantasy

Have you ever fantasised about Incest? Yes

Have you ever fantasised about being Beaten/Tortured? Yes - done in mild form and, to be honest, not enjoyed. Forced humiliation is more my scene

Have you ever fantasised about Watersports? Yes - and done this also

Have you ever fantasised about Bestiality? No


How much experience do you have as SLUT SLAVE? Technically, not a lot. Never really had a formal relationship with a Master, but since i've always been a natural sub, i do seem to have attracted forceful boyfriends over the years

Upon receipt of your reply you will receive your first assignment.

I Have Spoken
I Am Your Master
You Will Obey...

PS Master, i beg permission to point out that i will be on holiday from now until next weekend and thus ill be unable to receive or send e-mails. i apologise for this and will accept whatever punishment you deem is acceptable for making you wait.

TO - Night Nurse
FROM - Master

Excellent response.

There is no point in giving you an assignment just yet, not until you are back from your holidays.

What I do want though is a detailed account of each of the following:
Your Forced Exhibitionism.
Your Interest in Incest.
Your Watersports experience.
Even though you didn't like it describe how you were beaten/tortured.

It is important that you tell me exactly how you want to be treated. Do you wish to just receive easily achieved assignments in relation to exhibitionism or do you wish to be fully controlled effectively giving me full use of your body and mind. I can take away all your self respect as a woman and humiliate you beyond belief if that's what you want. I need to understand you from the outset and so avoid any conflicts of interest. This relationship will involve a great deal of fantasy except for your punishments and assignments that will be real. I never want you to fabricate any of your reports. If you are given a very simple task, for example, I order you sit at the back of a bus in the centre seat with your legs open just enough for passengers to see up your skirt but nobody does, then I want you to report back that nobody glimpsed your panties. I don't want fairy stories about a guy who stared right between your legs as he was boarding the bus and then sat down beside you with his hand on your lap bla bla bla. I only want the truth.

Your punishment:

Because you have been a naughty girl by going on holiday without asking permission from me first then you should be spanked. Obviously your ass is a little difficult to spank by yourself so there is only one acceptable alternative. I want you take off your knickers, open your legs and spank your pussy hard 20 times. I know that you don't like this kind of punishment but it is a test of your obedience. I want you to tell me how you felt being ordered to slap your cunt for my pleasure. You can then masturbate.

Note that from now on you will only masturbate when I tell you. And I will be your only Master. Do you understand?

Your safe word will be "Nemesis"

Two hours a day is acceptable. I will keep you busy.

I Have Spoken. I Am Your Master. You Will Obey... I eagerly await your return SLAVE... Email me when you do...

TO - Master
FROM - Night Nurse

my forced exhibitionism. This occurred when i stayed over at a boyfriend's flat. We'd had a nice evening meal and a few drinks then went back to his place on the fifteenth floor of a tower block. One thing led to another and i stayed the night. Next morning i woke up first but it was still gone ten am. We were both off that day so i left him asleep and went off to cook him breakfast in bed. Since it was summer and all the curtains drawn, i didn't put anything on apart from a t-shirt to protect me while frying. Once everything was ready, i carried the tray back to the bedroom. The boyfriend wasn't pleased - seems that i shouldn't have woken him up, the eggs were overcooked, the orange juice too warm, the coffee too cold etc etc. Anyway, he got out of bed, pulled the shirt off of me then bundled me out onto the small balcony before he closed and locked the door. He left me there for over an hour, stark naked and in full view of the two neighbouring blocks. i crouched down as best i could but i'm sure that those in higher floors of the other blocks must have had a good view.

my interest in incest. This has only sort of been a fantasy, but i've often wondered what it must be like to have sex with your brother... not that i even have one... but it's still a powerful fantasy.

my watersports experience. Well, one of my other boyfriends used to enjoy taking me out to a pub where he'd get me to drink pints of lager or cider. He'd not let me go to the loo then he'd insist the we leave and, while he watched from over the road or whatever, he'd make me stand in a bus queue or something like that. Eventually i'd be jigging up and down and it would be obvious why. Naturally, i'd eventually have to go in my jeans, often observed by others. Needless to say, i was mortified the first time this happened but he really got off on it and the sex afterwards was great. Eventually i got to the point where i looked forward to doing it and i think that this is why there's a link within me between humiliation and gratification. Even now, long after he's gone, i still wet myself in public occasionally.

How i was beaten/tortured. Most of the usual stuff - light bondage. clothes pegs on nipples, dripped wax, tobacco sauce on a tampon, ice cubes up the bum...

i understand that you don't want me to lie to you in my reports, and i won't. i will be as truthful and as honest as i can As to my treatment, i want to hand over total control to you. i need to be humiliated and debased and to lose my self-respect. i do want to emphasise, however, that i am most definatly not into serious pain.

Having received your instructions for my punishment while at work, i slipped away from the ward during my break and went to the loo taking a wooden ruler with me. Having prepared myself physically, i summoned my courage and hit myself as hard as i dared. It hurt. i followed through with the remaining blows, some not as hard as others. i did not enjoy the experience but i continued on knowing that it would please you. By the time i was finished, my pussy hurt like hell and was red and burning. With respect, at the end of that, i did not want to masturbate and since you said 'can' not 'will', i didn't.

Yes, Master, i understand that from now on i can only masturbate when i have specific permission from you... i just wish that i had not picked up your instructions until after i got back from my holiday. i understand that my safe word will be "Nemesis"

TO - Master
FROM - Night Nurse

i beg to inform you that i have arrived back from my holiday.

With respect, i thought that you might just be amused to hear about one incident that happened while i was on holiday. i had gone on a short break to Spain with some of my fellow nurses from the hospital. Each evening we would go out clubbing and, in one establishment most nights there was a wet t-shirt competion organised. On my last evening there i 'allowed' myself to be persuaded to enter by my friends... and the amount of wine i'd drunk might have had something to do with it too.

Anyway, the five of us who had 'entered' were taken away to a room where we took off our outer clothing and were given some club t-shirts to wear. Once we were all just in our shirts, briefs and shoes, the competition was announced.

We all trooped onto the 'stage' to an enthusiastic welcome and a chorus of wolf-whistles. Then the DJ interviewed each of us - just to prolong things, i think. Then he had great fun applying the water to our chests. The audience gave each of us a round of applause before starting to chant "Get 'em off!" We girls looked at each other for a few moments before one lass shrugged her shoulders and peeled off her t-shirt. The wolf-whistles increased in volume and then another girl followed. I then pulled my shirt over my head and stood there dressed only in my sandals and black Sloggis. The fourth girl took her shirt off but the last wouldn't. Still the crowd was shouting and finally the girl who'd been first to remove her shirt slipped out of her knickers too! None of the rest of use would go that far and so, when the crowd got to decided the winner, you can guess who it was - not that she probably wouldn't have won anyway since she was better equipped than any of the rest of us.

i have to admit that when we were taken back to the dressing room, i was very excited - doing that had been an amazing experience and i was as damp as hell where it matters. Somehow showing myself off like that was not at all humiliating - just a fantastic turn on. At the end of the day, i guess it comes down to the circumstances of when and where you expose yourself. Back in the UK and in daylight, even flashing my knickers will be hard - but out there, in the club, i was more than able to show my breasts off to a hundred people or more.

TO - Night Nurse
FROM - Master

Good Girl. Welcome back slut. You really are a slut aren't you?

I am please you spanked your CUNT well and hard and I am also please that you did it at work and used your initiative with the ruler.

I was amused by your story. I only wish I was the DJ. I would have ripped your briefs off in a flash and forced you to bend over pulling your cheeks apart exposing your holes. After your experience did you tap-off with anyone? If so give graphic details.


If pissing yourself is one of your major fetishes then I guess we will have to do something about it. I find public transport an excellent vehicle for humiliating slaves. Your first assignment will take place on the following day that you receive this message. You will wear the shortest skirt that you can find. You will not wear any stockings or tights. You will not wear panties. You will wear a thin white blouse and no bra clearly exposing any cleavage. You can wear a coat if you wish. Regardless of the weather, you will go out and wait at a bus stop for a double decker bus (I will advise you to use a quite route but you must be first in the queue). Once it arrives, if you are wearing a coat you must take it off before boarding. After giving the driver an eyeful, then walk slowly up the stairs exposing your cunt for anyone below to see. Once there choose to sit near the front window. Casually OPEN your blouse and fully expose your left TIT for 1 minute. Then put your TIT away but do not button up. Stand up and walk down the isle swaying like a prostitute as you walk, then sit at the back. Open your legs and begin masturbating. With regards to showing your tit and wanking you can use your discretion and choose an opportune moment but whilst you are busy frigging your CUNT you will PISS yourself and continue regardless of discretion until finished. Make sure your skirt gets soaked. Once the bus starts to leave a stop, go downstairs and wait at the front of the bus for the next stop. It's my experience that the seated passengers always scrutinise the disembarking passengers and so will obviously notice your piss stained skirt and will probably be able to some flesh through the material. You can then exit and put on your coat.

You have permission to drive outside of your home area to complete your task.

I know that this task may not be fully practical but achieve what you can.

I Have Spoken I Am Your Master You Will Obey...

P.s. Hope you enjoyed you holiday... However, If you let anyone FUCK that CUNT, ASS or MOUTH of yours whilst on holiday then inform me. Remember - be honest.

TO - Master

Thank you for contacting me. As to your question about what happened after the t-shirt competition, i have to say that i almost fingered myself as soon as i was able... until i recalled your orders. Realising that i couldn't to this i simply did the next best thing and allowed myself to be picked up by a fellow (male) tourist. i can't really go into the graphic details you asked for because i was so pissed by the time we got to his room that i can't recall too much myself. Suffice to say that i'm sure i got well and truly fucked. I spent most of the next morning feeling very poorly indeed.

i have also received your assignment and i am looking forward to it with both excitement and consternation. It should be an interesting experience. i will report the details to you later.

TO - Master


i beg to present my first report in the hope that it will both satisfy and amuse you.

After getting home from work this morning, i showered and then dressed as you required. After putting on a coat, i went outside and took a train to a town about ten miles from where i live. i then walked to the bus station and, after studying the time table, selected a route of both sufficient length and one which would prove to be reasonably quiet.

One good thing about using a Psion is that it can be carried about with you and used almost anywhere - true, it's not easy holding it in one hand while you type with the other but it can be done! i have now walked over to the correct stand and have removed my coat and placed it over a handy railing... It's rather cool and there's a slight breeze standing here in the bus station and it's very odd feeling the draught blowing up my short skirt and playing about with my pussy like this.

It's now five minutes later and despite the sunshine, i'm getting cold! Where is this bloody bus? There's a few people watching me and clearly wondering what i'm up to. Opps - just been joined in the queue by two young lads of about twelve - they seem to be looking at me and sniggering a bit... Ah, here's the bus...

Well, i'm on board now. i disobeyed your instructions a little and let the boys get on first - i didn't want them to follow me up the stairs. The bus driver got a good look at my cleavage and then had to take his eyes away with a start when he realised that he was staring. i went up the stairs as you instructed and was followed by a man of about twenty-five years. i don't know what he saw but he certainly had the opportunity to look. The young lads have stayed on the lower deck so that's alright. i've taken a seat at the front and to the right. Looking about i can see that the man who followed me up is sitting about half way back and beyond him are two women sitting side by side, chatting.

Seeing as there's only three other people here at the moment and they are all behind me, i've taken the opportunity to unbutton my blouse and to pull the material back so the my left breast is totally uncovered. i'm watching the clock on my Psion... there. It's clicked over to the next minute so i've covered myself (but not buttoned up) and just in time as we're pulling into the first stop. The two women are getting up and moving... they're getting off... no-one boarding. Just me and the man up here now. i could wait and hope he'll get off soon too but what would be the point in flashing to an empty bus? i should move to the back now. i'm just going to put you away for a moment...

i'm sorry, Master, but i couldn't do it... i couldn't walk down the aisle with him there. i waited till he got off and then, in an empty upper level, walked to the back. i feel a bit of a fraud but i'm still excited... excited and nervous. i'm having to sit at an angle and i've got my knees spread wide apart and if anyone comes up the stairs. the sights they'll see...

i've put my machine down on the seat next to me now typing is even harder seeing as it sinks into the material of the seat each time i press a button. i'll have to do some editing when i i get home. i'm starting to finger myself... god, i'm wet! Hmmm... this is nice... it's so thrilling... part of me almost hopes i'll get caught... yet most of me doesn't. Ohhh... Jesus... so good... i'm sliding down the seat a little... things are a bit cramped... i'm going to have to stop typing now...

Oh, shit, but that was good! I really fucking came there! I feel all good inside. Still on my own... just sitting up and pulling down my skirt a bit. Another stop coming up... not on my own any more. A pair of labourers sitting near the stairs. One of then keeps turning round to look at me. i don't think he can see too much because of the seats between us but he seems to like what he sees. i've not got much of an urge to go at the moment - i should have drunk more before getting on... i'll wait a few more stops as it's quite a way to go to the end of the route. Now i'm getting ready to wet myself. This is always the easy part - it's the aftermath that's hard. There - here it comes - warm and nice now, not so warm in a few moments. The seat's soaking most of the pee up but i can feel the wetness on my bum and in my crack. Now comes the part that i love and loath in equal measure. i'll have to put you away now...

i'm now sitting in the train going home. i've got my coat on but i've taken my skirt off - well, i couldn't sit down in it. it was soaked! Anyway, back to the bus. i got up and walked down towards the stairs and passed the two men. The were making the usual comments to each other and in my direction... until they saw my back and then there was a sudden silence. i felt the tips of my ears starting to burn and i moved to the stairs and started down - as i did so i heard two men suddenly burst out into laughter. At the bottom i again had to amend your instructions slightly as the exit door was in the middle of the bus and so i stood there and here i made sure that my back was turned towards the only two passengers on board - a pair of women OAP. They'd been giving me disapproving looks from the moment they spotted my attire and now i could hear their verbal comments about me and the younger generation in general. It seems that we should all be locked away for awhile or be sent to become Land Girls. And as for the fact that i'd failed to control myself - well, i just had to be on some of those drugs the kids take these days! Towards the end, just before the bus stopped, my growing anger was starting to drive out my humiliation.

Anyway, i'm now safely on my way home and feeling as randy as hell again. i'm tempted to masturbate here and now... but you have not given me permission, so i won't... Yours in frustration,

The Night Nurse
(Soon to go to bed... )

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