The Circle

by In2thisshit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the story of a sexually adventureous husband and wife. They visit the web and find more than they counted on. They become part of the Circle.

The beginning is burned into my memory. I remember it was August 7, 1998. A hot night! It was hotter than just the temperature outside. We had just finished a lite dinner and a bottle of wine. The menu included green salad, charbroiled chicken breasts with fresh veggies and watermelon for dessert. We were relaxing on the sofa listening to the stereo. The music featured a sexy saxophone lead. I'm a sucker for a sexy saxophone. It makes my pussy drip. The scenario was set for an evening of sexual adventure. My mind and body were fixated on sex. I boldly suggested to my husband Jack that we spice up our sex life.

"Jack, why don't we do something daring tonight."

"What do you have in mind my little vixen? You want me to call Stan and have him come over? You know he loves your backdoor." He replied with a raised eyebrow.

"No, not really. Oh, I don't know. Why don't we get on the Net and see what's out there," I said with a wave of my hand.

I waited for his reaction before moving to the den. Jack smiled and reached for my hand. I almost skipped to the den to log on to the Internet.

"I knew when I introduced you to those smut sites that you'd get a kick out of them. You are such a hot little tramp."

"Ouch! That wasn't very nice. I'm your wife and you think of me as a tramp."

I wasn't hurt really, but you have to keep your man guessing. Besides, I was hooked on the porn available over the Net. I log in every opportunity. I download pictures and I love the racy stories. I participate in some of the chat rooms. I love to talk about sex with strangers; it is such a big turn on.

We stopped in the doorway of the den and Jack ran his hand up the inside of my bare thigh. Upon reaching my naked, trimmed pussy a smile stretched across his face. I really am a tramp.

"Need I say more," he said with his cocky smirk. "Or did we just forget to wear panties tonight?"

His finger wiggled it way into my wet slit and I released a soft moan into his ear to let him know he was right.

"Mmmm, baby, your finger feels sooo goood," I cooed. "You know I want something else inside of me real soon."

"I think that can be arraigned my love," he whispered in return.

As Jack removed his finger, we went into the den and booted up the PC. After logging on and jumping into a nasty chat room that I favor, we sat back to view the words of this evening participants. We read the banter for a few minutes until a message from 'sexslave' popped onto the screen.

'For anyone out there that is truly interested in something different to spice up their lives, let me know... sexslave' Jack asked me if we should responded to her.

"Yeah," I said.

Jack typed in response, 'Very interested...JaxJill' 'Good...sexslave' 'We should move to a private chat room to proceed...sexslave' After we negotiated the move, our partner asked, 'I live in LA, do you?' 'Yes, actually we live in the Valley.' 'Great, so do I. Call me at 818-555-1267.' The screen went blank and we turned to face each other.

"What do you think?" Jack asked me.

"Babe I am so damn excited. Let's do it. What can be the harm in a phone call?"

Jack, using the speakerphone dialed the number, a sultry female voice answered, "Hello. Is this 'JaxJill'?"

"Yes, but for the record my name is Jack. My wife's is Jill. Your message was very exciting and mysterious. What did you have in mind?"

"My Master has commanded me to find a couple that has the yearning for a walk on the wild side. Are you that couple? If you are committed I would be honored to set up the introductions."

"This is Jill. What do you mean committed?"

"Good evening Jill. I love the sound of your voice. Is this making you wet?"

I blushed at her forwardness. It was college when I last experienced a lesbian rush like this. I opened my legs and Jack again inserted a finger into my pussy.

"She is very wet," Jack informed her. "Her pussy cream flows freely when she is excited. I can tell that your voice is turning her on."

"My Master would be pleased. Are you both committed?"

Jack looked at me before answering. I nodded my approval and Jack said, "Yes, we are both committed."

"Good. My Master is very particular when accepting a new couple. The training takes 30-days to complete. When you graduate Jill, you will be alive as never before. You will have lived every fantasy. Jack, your wife will be your slave forever. Your wish will be her command. She would never think of refusing you. Pleasure is her reward for compliance. The lash is her punishment for refusal."

"I could never whip my wife!" Jack seemed stunned at the mire prospect of harming me.

"It is not necessary for you to mead out the punishment Jack," the sultry voiced responded. "A punisher would be selected from the Circle."

I interjected, "What is the Circle?"

"The Master will introduce you to the Circle once you have agreed to the terms of your enslavement. Think it over and call me back when you have decided."

The telephone line went dead.

"This bitch is very mysterious," Jack said. "What is your take?"

"Honey, I am so hot that I could do the phone." "Look at your little tramp."

I again turned to Jack and he could now see that I had buried two fingers deep inside of my pussy. He smiled and unzipped his pants. His 8-inch cock sprung into view. I knelt down in front of him and licked the mushroom shaped head of my beautiful cock.

"Mmmm, baby. That feels sooo damn goood." Jack breathed the words rather than spoke them. "Suck me, sweetheart."

I slowly sucked his thick cock into my throat. I pulled his pants down below his knees to have better access to his balls. I lifted my mouth off his cock and licked my way to the two jewels held within his sack. I sucked one into my mouth and whipped it gently with my tongue. I move to the second and repeated the action. I licked my way up his shaft and devoured his cock. I am a great cocksucker. Just ask Jack and our friend Stan. I can slurp the cum from their cocks and ask for more.

Jack was nearing his first cum of the night. His first is always quick and plentiful. I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth, so I began to hum and make loud slurping noises. A sloppy blowjob is the best. As if on queue, Jack's ball released their treasured fluid into my mouth.

"Ohhh, babyyyy. Yessss, suck all my juice," Jack roared.

His seed filled my mouth. I tried in vain to swallow his load but there was just too much cum. I gagged and cum squirted from my nose and mouth. I received his next spurt and managed to gulp it all down. As his ejaculations slowed and were manageable, I swallowed each pulse of creamy liquid. Jack's cock began to shrivel back to its normal size. I cleaned every drop of his precious cum from his body before releasing him.

"Mmmm, love." I purred. "I always love to suck up your first cum of the night."

"I heard you gag. Did I choke you?"

"No baby. Your load was so big tonight that it overwhelming my mouth. I love a mouthful of your juice Jack. That's why I suck cocks, for the juicy reward."

Jack brought us back to reality. "Well we have a decision to make, lover. Do you want to get involved with 'The Circle' and this master-slave shit?"

I thought about it for a few minutes before answering. "I think I do honey. My pussy is wet all the time. I cannot stop thinking of sex. I'm not sure you even know that I masturbate almost every day. I think this might be a great way to satisfy my hunger. Besides, we can always quit if we want. Right?"

Jack relented, "Yeah, I guess so. Are you very sure you want some strange man controlling your sex life?"

"It sounds like fun. Something we can do for awhile until we are bored with it. Besides, it is only for 30-days. Call her back."

Jack dialed the number and 'sexslave' answered.

"You have decided to join, yes?"

"Yes we have," Jack answered.

"Do our little slut suck you off while you were deciding?"

"Yes she did. How did you guess?

"It was exactly what I did to encourage my husband. We have been members of The Circle for three months now. I want you to hear something, listen carefully."

We both listened intensely to the speaker when we heard a sloppy wet squishing sound. Moans of pleasure from 'sexslave' followed.

"I have a big fucking cock sliding into my wet cunt. Are you excited by my fucking?"

"Oh yes," I answered.

"Jill, you are fingering yourself aren't you?"

"Yes I am. I love hearing his cock entering you. Tell him to fuck you hard. I want to hear the sex."

I was ripping me cloths off. Jack was getting naked as well. We could hear the slapping of two bodies as they fucked for us.

A man's voice broke the spell. "My wife is fucking the Master. She loves his cock. The Master wishes to know if you are committed?"

"Yes we are," Jack yelled into the telephone.

"Good. Get dressed and drive to 12558 Goldsmith Lane in Encino. Jill, wear something sexy and Jack please come casual. The Master will interview you both upon your arrival. If you are acceptable candidates, your training will begin tonight. Now hurry."

The telephone went dead.

As we raced to redress ourselves jack said, "They don't like good-byes do they? It's do this and click."

I pondered this briefly but decided it must be part of the game.

"I think it adds to the mystery. Don't you? It is as if the Master dictates this action to weave a web of control."

Jack stopped dressing and looked at me. "Boy are you getting into this."

"Yep, now hurry your ass up."

We jumped into the car and I navigated us to the address on Goldsmith Lane. It was a very nice house in the Encino Hills section of the Valley, which is a very expensive neighborhood. We parked our Lexus along side of the BMW in the driveway. We walked up the walkway to the font door and knocked. A stunning red head answered. She smiled and stepped aside.

"Please come in. Jill you are lovely in that summer dress. I am Janice Romero and it is so good to meet you both."

I stepped into a beautifully decorated home and allowed Janice to softly kiss my lips. I detected the telltale taste of cum on her lips. Janice took Jack's hand and led us both to the rear of the house. There, two gentlemen were reclining on a sofa taking in the spectacular view of the Valley stretched out below us. Both rose to greet us, I was startled to see the most beautiful black man I had ever seen. She introduced her husband Robert first, then to Jason. Jason was about six and a half feet tall, broad shouldered with a thin waist. Jason shaved his head clean as he did his face. His skin tone was milk chocolate. He was wearing tan slacks that could not hide the sizable monster within. Jason walked over to Jack first and shook his hand.

"It is my pleasure to welcome you. Please have a seat Jack."

His voice was soft but commanding.

"Jill, let's have a look at you."

I pirouetted so that my short summer dress whirled about revealingly.

"Yes, you are beautiful. Come here my lovely."

I went into his outstretched arms. I stood on my tiptoes to kiss his soft lips allowing his tongue to enter my mouth. I responded to his directness and my pussy juiced up. My first kiss from a man of color.

"Please, sit here on the sofa next to me," Jason said. Standing, Jason looked at Jack, "You were not expecting a black man to be your Master."

"That is true, I hope that my reaction was not inappropriate. It is just that I never really thought about it," Jack replied.

Jason turned to me and commanded gently, "Jill. Please take my cock out for Jack to see."

I unbuckled and unzipped his pants. They slide slowly from his body and Jason stepped out of them. Jack and I focused on the gigantic cock that swayed before us.

Jason turned to Janice and commanded, "Remove my shirt and then kneel behind me."

Janice moved as if prodded by an electrical jolt. Jason commanded Janice, "Spread my ass cheeks and lick my asshole." Janice again complied immediately.

"Jill, using only your lips, gather my cock into your mouth. Do not use your hands."

Leaning forward, I captured the massive black meat with my lips. I knew he had recently fucked our hostess and I could taste a trace of pussy cream on his flesh. I sucked and licked Jason to full hardness. The cock looked twelve inches long and nearly three inches across. It was huge. I could only manage three of four inches in my mouth. My lips and jaws were stretched to the max. I began to hum and slobber of this black cock. I could hear Janice enjoying her backdoor sexing of Jason.

Jason again addressed Jack. "Your wife is very good at sucking a cock. You have taught her well, I am pleased."

He pulled the massive piece of meat from my lips and it sprang up to smack him on his bared washboard stomach. Without warning Janice, Jason turned to sit on the sofa. It was almost comical since Janice was left with her tongue stabbing air where once was Jason's asshole. Jason returned his attention to me.

"Jill, stand up and face the fireplace. Allow your beautiful dress to slid from your body."

There was silence as he stared at my nakedness.

"Yes, you are beautiful. Spread your legs. Place your hands on the coffee table in front of you."

He shifted his position to be directly behind my bent torso. His fingers opened me. His fingers were very long and thick and I enjoyed the probing of my sex. He used the pussy juice that ran from my lips to lubricate my anus. He then probed the depths of my ass.

"You engage in anal sex, that is obvious. Do you enjoy it, Jill?"

"Yes, Master I do. I enjoy every form of sex."

"We will see. Now sit on the edge of the sofa. Open your legs so that your husband and Robert can see that you are excited. Masturbate for us."

I brazenly displayed my sex for the men to see. I began to rub my fingers thru my slit. I tweaked my nipples and pinched my clitoris. My juice ran freely from my pussy. I scooped the cream and licked it from my fingers. Janice was working her hands along Jason's cock, but her eyes remained glued to my cunt. Robert removed his cloths and Jack followed suit.

"Lie back, Jill. Janice, help me put my cock inside of Jill."

They both knelt down, Jason between my legs and Janice to one side. She rubbed that black monster across my pussy lips and bumped into my clit.

"Mmmm, please fuck me Master. I want your cock inside of me," I pleaded with Jason while locking him with my eyes.

"I am pleased with your submissiveness Jill. You will be a very good pupil."

His cock pushed into me.

"Oh, yyyeeeeessssss! Fffuucckk mmeeeee Masterrrrrr."

His cock disappeared into my pussy. I received about eight or nine inches comfortably. I knew that the rest would stretch and open my cunt like never before. I yearned for the pain and the pleasure. I pushed my pelvis at his body. I wanted it all.

Jason spoke to the two men watching. "Gentlemen, come here and hold her thighs open."

Jack and Robert bent my legs out and back. My knees were along side my rib cage and my tits rested against the inside of my thighs. My pussy was completely open to Jason's assault. Jason pulled his cock slowly from my depths and lodged the head just inside of the lips.

Jason looked into my eyes; "I am going to fuck you now. You have never experienced a pleasure such as this before. You will long for it every day of your life."

His hips slid forward and his cock rushed to the very soul of my pussy. My organs were rearranged to make room for this fucking monster. The head of his dick collided with my cervix. The combination of the pain and pleasure had me hovering on the edge of ecstasy. Jason began to fuck me in long powerful strokes. His massive cock slammed repeatedly into me cunt. I could only grunt my pleasure since words were impossible. I have fucked men before but never like this. This was raw sex. My 'interview' continued for 20-minutes before Jason rested.

He looked at Jack and said, "Turn my slut over."

Jason never removed his cock from my body. The men flipped me over onto my stomach with my knees on the floor. Jason placed his hands on my hips and my 'interview' continued. I began to feel Jason's cock swelling inside of me. I knew he was about to cum deep inside of my cunt.

"Oooohhh, Master. Please cummmm in meeee," I urged.

"Yyyeesssss," he roared.

Slowly Jason removed the object of my pleasure from my cunt. Once freed, his cum bubbled from my opening. The fluid traced a path along my thighs. Jason pushed himself to a standing position using my body as leverage. Then came the command that would change the relationship of Jack and I forever.

"Lick me cum from you wife's cunt."

I knew that if Jack refused, the 'Circle' would be denied to us. Jack hesitated as our hosts' eyes watched him. Jack had never eaten me with cum dripping from my pussy. Then my dearest husband positioned himself beneath me. He gently pulled my pussy to his face and inserted his tongue into my sloppy hole. I felt Jason's cum slid from my body into Jack's waiting mouth. Jack's tongue worked its way deep into my distended fuck hole. My clitoris rubbed his nose, then slipped into my pussy. I fucked myself down onto his face. I ground out a nice little orgasm before releasing him.

As I dismounted my husband's face, I took notice that Janice had not been idol while Jack licked me. Her beautiful blond mane was bobbing up and down on my husband's cock. A shudder raced thru Jack's body and then his groan of release. "Mmmmmm."

I moved to kiss Jack's face. My kiss turned into a cleaning of my pussy cream using my tongue. Finished and in need of a rest, I flopped over and sat on the floor. Janice was busy getting her ass fucked by her husband. Jack watched their rutting with his head propped up on his elbow. Jason was seated in a chair across from me; his eyes riveted on me. I crawled across the floor and took his cock, which lay across his leg, into my mouth. I used my tongue to clean his skin and pubic hair. Jason rose from the chair and offered his hand. He assisted me from the floor and held me until my shaking legs were steadied. We then walked thru the house to the master suite. Jason led me into the bathroom to stand next to him at the toilet. He placed my hand on his cock and unleashed a stream of piss into the bowl below. My aim was not perfect and his fluid splattered everywhere. Finally, his flow diminished.

He turned to face me and commanded, "Kneel."

I slid to the floor before him. His cock remained in my hand.

"Put my cock into your mouth."

I open my mouth to engulf the black piece of meat. A squirt of urine hit the back of my throat. I closed my lips around the head of his cock and sucked the remaining piss from his body. Inexplicably, this turned me on. I used my free hand, furiously rubbing my clit. Jason continued to squirt his piss into my mouth.

"Mmmmmm," I hummed my approval. I sucked until there wasn't any more fluid squirting from his body.

"You are a rare little slut, Jill," Jason said. "Usually it takes weeks to toilet train my slaves."

I smiled up at Jason, "Master, I told you I like all forms of sex."

"Have you enjoyed sucking piss from a man before, slut?"

"No, Master," I replied. "Your fluid was the first. Had I know it was so exciting, I would have sucked every drop from you."

Between words I sucked, licked and stroked Jason's cock. The monster stirred but it did not get hard.

"Do you want more of my cock?"

"Please, Master fuck me again," I implored.

"Come with me then," Jason said.

We went into the bedroom and lay on the turned down bed. Our eyes met.

"Have you ever been asked to perform an 'Around-the-World' Jill?"

"No, Master. If you wish I will try but you have to tell me what to do."

"Lick me everywhere."

"Everywhere, Master. You want me to put my tongue in your ass, Master?"

"Yes, slut," Jason commanded. "I want your tongue to lick my ass just as you witnessed Janice performing earlier. Show your new Master that you are committed to his pleasure."

He rolled on to his hands and knees. I began to kiss and lick his back. I reached around and played with his nipples. My lips neared his ass-cheeks and my nose caught the fragrance of soap and bath powder. I was relieved that he was clean. I would have continued anyway but still I was relieved.

"Master, please kneel on the edge of the bed. I can better service you then."

He moved to the edge and I knelt on the floor. I had to strain to reach my goal but my tongue could now reach his asshole. I reached between Jason's thighs and caressed his giant flaccid cock. Jason repositioned his leg wider. This placed his ass at a perfect level with my face. I used leisurely strokes with my tongue to open his crack to gain access to his puckered rosebud. My tongue swiped at his asshole causing Jason to moan. I stroked his hardening cock and the ultimate submissive act. I stuck my tongue deep into his ass. The tart flavors of his hole enflamed me. My pussy was dripping again. I would have been satisfied to tongue-fuck his asshole for the rest of the night. Jason wanted more.

"Kneel down on the bed," he commanded.

I moved to the 'doggy-style' position while Jason open the night table drawer next to him. He retrieved a bottle of lubricant and greased up my asshole and his cock.

"A good licking deserves a good ass fucking. "

"Oh, yes Master," I panted in expectation.

I took note that Jason was gentle in pushing his cock into my ass for the first time. His inward thrust did not stop though until he had buried all 12-inches into my rectum. Then to the accompanying sounds of sloppy squishing noises, Jason fucked my ass. He pounded into my dark tunnel with relentless pounding strokes.

"Mmmmfffff," was all the vocalization I could mutter!

My ass was receiving his hard thrust. My anal cavity stretched as never before. His cock reached further than any before. Jason grunted his animal lust into me. My hole gripped his cock tightly and was rewarded with his pearly fluid. In a rush of juice, his cum filled my tunnel to overflowing.

"Fffuuucccckkkk," Jason bellowed. "You are sooo fucking tight."

"Not anymore, Master," I panted in reply.

He laughed at my humor. His cock began to jump around in my ass as he laughed. It tickled deep inside my rectum. I joined him in laughter and the constrictions from laughing ejected Jason's softening cock with a wet whoosh. The pressure that his fucking built inside my anal cavity bleed off with bubbling wet farts. Normally, I can control these but with our laughter, it was beyond my control. This led to Jason roaring in laughter and slapping my ass. He even attempted to plug my asshole with his thumb, only to pinch a fart into a squeal and wound up receiving a hand full of soiled cum. Jason thought this was very humorous. He laughed all the way into the bathroom to wash up. I followed him to the bathroom.

"Master, may I shower? I need to be fresh for you."

This pleased him and said, "Sure and I think I will join you."

I adjusted the temperature of the water and we stepped into the refreshing warm spray. As Jason lathered my body with fragrant body soap, he told me of my training.

"You will enjoy each day of training. I will send you my friends and they will pleasure themselves inside you. I will introduce you to the Circle. There you will be the center of attention. Your sex will be used as never before. You will do as I command, without question. Your reward is fulfillment. If you displease me in any way, your punishment will be by the lash. Your body will not be marked but the pain will linger in your mind for a very long time. Are you committed?"

"Yes Master, I am committed. Master, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course."

"I have never been whipped before. What is it really like?"

"A few of my slave seem to enjoy the lash. They contact me from time to time and inform me they have not minded their husbands. I select one from the Circle to punish them. I understand this behavior and am happy to oblige their fantasy."

Jason continued to wash my body paying particular attention to my orifices. Jason used his long fingers to thoroughly clean my holes. The hand-held shower massage made it easy to douche the soap residue from inside my body. Once clean, I knelt in front of Jason and cleaned his cock with loving care. First, I washed his flaccid cock with soap. Then I bathed his black member with my tongue. The reward for my efforts was a mouthful of his pearly seed. I did not miss a drop. We toweled off and went to find the others.

Bodies were strewn on the floor in slumber. As Jason dressed, I woke the sex weary from their sleep.

"Hi sweetheart, mmmm you smell good." Jack said sleepily. "Did you shower?"

"Yes love," I replied. "I washed the Master after offering my body for his pleasure."

Jack sat up and asked, "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes," Jason and I answered simultaneously. We all laughed.

"Master, would it be all right if we went home now," I asked. "I am so very tired."

"You can sleep here as my guest, or you may go home. Before you leave, I want you to make sure our hosts are satisfied."

"Yes Master," I said half-heartedly. I was tired and I wanted Jack alone so that I could tell him of my training.

Janice made the decision for us. "Master, they may go or stay as they wish. Jack has pleasured both of us and we too are exhausted."

I looked at Jack and he seemed a little embarrassed. I thought it wise to take him home and find out what Janice meant in a more private setting.

"Janice, I want very much to see you both again very soon. I did not make plans to be away all night and I need to be home tomorrow morning. Would you both like to have dinner tomorrow evening?"

"Will she be available tomorrow evening for dinner?" Robert asked turning to Jason.

"Yes, but have her at the mansion at ten sharp." Jason kissed Janice and I goodbye and waved at the guys as the front door closed behind him.

"You must remember that you are in training," Janice said sternly. "The lash is not something you soon forget."

"Look guys," Robert broke in, "it's ok." "Relax, Jason is not a mean spirited Master. Although, some member of the Circle truly enjoy being selected as punishers."

"Especially, that asshole Charles," Janice volunteered. "I could not walk right for a week."

I walked over to Janice and hugged her to my naked body.

"My god, you're shaking. Was the punishment that server?"

"We are not allowed to speak of the actual punishment. Just believe that you want no part of it unless you are an S&M freak."

This revelation disturbed me but as we dressed I have to admit curiosity had my mind spinning. We said our good-byes, which consisted of quite a bit of touchy feely moments, and Jack and I drove home.

I could not wait to get into the car to talk with Jack. As we pulled out of the driveway, I started to speak but Jack's face was ashen.

"What's wrong baby? You look as if something awful has happened."

Jack turned to look at me but avoided actual eye contact. This is not a Jack trait. Something was very wrong.

"Pull over Jack and lets talk."

Jack parked the Lexus in the parking lot of a supermarket. I waited in silence for Jack to gain control and set his mind right.

"I did things tonight that I have never done before. I feel dirty and ashamed." Jack revealed with his emotions on the ragged edge. "I allowed myself to lose control and I am not sure I like what happened."

"Tell me about it baby," I said in a soothing voice. "I love you and nothing that happened tonight will alter that."

"When Jason came inside you and I was told to go down on you I was not comfortable with the prospect of sucking another man's cum out of your pussy. When I did it, I enjoyed it. Now I am worried that you think me less of a man."

"Oh, no baby, not in the least. You gave me a wonderful gift tonight. The pleasure I received tonight was unlike anything I have every experienced. When your mouth touched my pussy, I came like never before. I think we've opened a whole new episode in our sex life. I think we've both grown. I think you are more of a lover than ever before."

"Well then you had better know it all. When you and Jason went into the bedroom, more occurred."

Jack's story turned me on sexually. I was compelled to pull my dress up and begin fingering my pussy.

"Don't stop sweetheart. Tell me everything. I am getting so fucking turned on."

"As I was saying, when you and Jason left the room, our hosts descended on me like vampires. The both began to make love to me. I was uncomfortable and nervous with the situation. Robert was rubbing my cock and Janice was kissing and sucking on my nipples. She also was playing with my balls. Robert positioned himself on his knees so that he was able to suck my cock. I almost jumped thru the roof when I felt his mouth on my cock."

Jack seemed unwilling to continue.

"Look Jill. I am not gay."

"It's ok lover. Jack, we all were caught up in the moment."

"You don't understand Jill, he was on his knees and his fucking cock was right there in my face!"

"Jack, are saying you sucked his cock?"

"Damn it, Janice was whispering in my ear to 'take Robert in my mouth', to 'pleasure Robert', I was so fucking confused. My emotions were scrambled. She actually guided my head to his cock. The next thing I know, I'm 69ing with Robert."

"Wow, I am floored baby. You really did walk on the wild side. Did know?"

"Let him cum in my mouth? Yes!"

"What was it like for you?"

"I thought I would retch but it just slid down my throat. It was just like eating an oyster. In fact, it tasted like a fucking oyster, only creamier."

"Oh, sweetheart. You're not gay. You have just enjoyed your first bi-sexual experience. You'll survive, believe me."

"You are ok with this?"

I leaned over, taking my fingers from my cunt, and offered them to my husband. Jack licked the juice from each finger and then sucked them clean.

"No, Jack," I said in a lusty voice. "You are not gay."

I reposition my seat all the way back and reclined. I pulled my dress over my head and tossed it into the back seat. I spread me legs and offered myself to Jack. With a little ingenuity and a circus effort, Jack maneuvered his cock into my cunt.

"That's it baby," I whispered. "Fuck your tramps cunt. Fuck me hard and take your pleasure inside me."

The actual act was brief but wonderful. As Jack came inside of me, we were startled by applauds coming from outside the car. Two teenage boys, baggers from the supermarket, stood outside the door looking into the window.

Jack rolled the window down and said, "Thank you. We always aim to please our critics."

"No sir, thank you." One of the boys piped in. "That was fucking awesome to watch. I have never seen two real people 'do it' before."

Jack slid his cock out of my cunt and moved back behind the wheel of our car. The window remained open and our two voyeurs stood staring at me.

"Gentlemen, would you like a closer look?" I asked. "Step right up and check me out."

I felt sooo slutty but I was sooo turned on. Both boys were tentative but both moved in for a closer view.

"Wow lady, you are fucking beautiful."

That won me over. Here I was, naked as a jaybird, my legs spread open and cum dripping from my pussy.

"Want to feel me up?"

One of the boys reached thru the window and began to rub his fingers thru my pussy lips.

"Mmmmmm, that feels sooo fucking good," I moaned. "Push your fingers deep inside me."

His fingers slide into my cunt with ease. Then he started to slowly finger fuck me.

"Faster!" I demanded. "Harder!"

His fingers became a blur. The lips of my pussy became frothy white. Jack and I both stared at the boy's fingers slamming into me. The whole situation was surreal but what a turn on. The sight and sensations overwhelmed me. My orgasm hit me without warning. My body began shaking all over. The juices in my cunt squirted out, drenching the young mans hand and our car seat.

I threw my head back and roared, "Yyyeeeesssss!"

As I calmed down, I noticed the front of the young man's pants. The outline of his hard cock was visible as was the wet ring growing at the tip.

"Well, I see it was as good for you as it was for me."

We smiled at each other. His friend cleared his throat. I looked at the front of his pants and was pleased to see an impressive bulge.

"Is there anything I can do for you, young man?"

"Well...I...I...," he stammered.

I opened the door and swung my legs out to the ground. When I unzipped his pants, I was greeted by a hard seven-inches of young cock. I leaned over and slurped his cock into my mouth. I knew that he would not last very long. I concentrated on giving him a very noisy and sloppy blowjob. He rewarded my efforts with a mouthful of nice warm cum. I tucked his receding manhood back into his pants. His finger-fucking friend moved in for his reward next. I unzipped his Levis and out popped a fat juicy 8 inches of cock. I slurped his meat down my throat and was again rewarded in short order with another hot batch of cum.

"Thank young men for adding to this evenings pleasures." I turned to Jack and added, "I think we should leave now."

"Yes my dear, I think you are correct."

I closed the door and we pulled away from the two young boys who stood waving goodbye.

"I don't believe you fucking did that," Jack said breathlessly.

"I know. I am a shameless slut. The whole fucking thing was so surreal. I just found myself doing those nasty things. Wow, what a night."

"It's four in the morning. I am exhausted Jill. Let's just go home and sleep in."

"Yeah, that sounds great."

As we drove home, we both began to giggle and tease each other about the events of this night. Jack rolled every window down. I was still naked, so I flashed every car we passed. We had such fun acting like teenagers again. When we arrived home, Jack pulled directly into the garage. I stepped from the car and sauntered back out to the driveway and bent over to pick up the morning newspaper. I wanted our neighbors to see me in the buff.

"Jill, get you're fucking cute ass in the house before you get us arrested."

I casually walked past Jack and received a sharp slap on my naked ass. I yelped and skipped the rest of the way inside. We both jumped into bed and slipped into dreamland.

It was almost noon before I woke up. Jack was already up and I could smell coffee brewing. He walked into the bedroom all showered up and dressed for a casual Saturday at home. That meant cutoff workout shorts and a tank top. He is devastatingly handsome in this outfit. He brought me coffee and the newspaper.

"Mmmmmm, good morning sweetheart. I love it when you bring me coffee in the morning. Is there any news of two young stocking clerks being drained of their life juices in the paper today?"

"No you little vixen. But there is something about a Lady Godiva sighting," he teased. "What is on your agenda today cutie?"

"I plan to take a long and luxurious bath and then to do some shopping. After all, I need some new outfits if I am going to please our Master."

Jack looked as if he was in deep thought.

"Is everything ok, Jack?"

"Are you sure you want to go thru this? I for one am having second thoughts."

"Oh, Jack everything will be ok. I'll get fucked a lot and you can explore new adventures. The 30-days will fly by and we can quit the Circle. I want to do this."

"I just don't want anything to come between us Jill. I love you so much."

"I'd kiss you but my breath might kill you." I teased.

"Well, there are alternatives." Jack said as he pulled his beautiful cock into view.

I smiled and took his manhood into my mouth. It had a clean and delicious taste. He hardened quickly and began to thrust himself into my throat. I love it when he is urgently in need of release.

"That's it slave. Suck my cock. Drink my warm cum." Jack demanded.

His first cum is quick and plentiful. I believe that is old information. His cock squirted its pearly juice down my throat in delicious pulsating bursts. When he was finished, Jack fell on the bed.

"Damn I love morning blowjobs."

"Me too sweetheart. Between last night and this morning, I am in protein overload. I can feel all that cum sloshing around in my tummy. Sweetheart can you make some breakfast for me? I'll go shower."

"Sure. Are bacon and eggs ok?

"Toast too," I added as I headed to the bathroom.

As soon as Jack was out of earshot, I retched up a quart of froth white bile and cum. 'Whew, old girl. Too much of a good thing.' I thought to myself. I flushed and jumped into the shower. My body responded to the warm spray and I became alive again. I dressed quickly and headed for the kitchen. Breakfast was ready and I eat ravenously.

"What are you going to do today while I go shopping."

"I'll probably catch the ball game on the tube. Maybe I'll head over to Stan's and see what he's up too."

"I see. You can't wait to kiss and tell."

"No babe." Jack said somberly. "I don't think I can tell Stan about last night. That would be too much of a strain on our friendship."

I walked over to Jack and hugged him to me with all of my strength. "I was just kidding sweetheart. Don't get yourself upset about anything that happened last night. Ok?"

"Yeah, I'm all right. I just need to come to grips with this bi-sexual shit. That's all."

"I understand. Jack, you have seen me with another woman before. It took me awhile to wrap my mind around it. Time will let you be ok with it. I promise."

"When you're with a woman, Jill, it turns me on. That was a fantasy from my teens."

"I have to admit to you Jack, that I would enjoy watching you with another guy. Don't ask me why the image tuns me on, but it does. When you sucked Jason's cum from my pussy last night I fucking exploded. It was such a turn on."

"I'll be ok with it. You shouldn't worry your pretty little head about me sucking a cock."

"Excuse me lover, that sound like you might do it again."

"You said that you wanted to see it. Anyway, I am not going to drop on my knees in front of the first stud I see. I might be able to do it if the time is right. You know?"

I kissed him. No answer was necessary.

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