A Katie R Halloween

by Katie McN

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Humor, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, .

Desc: Sex Story: My favorite 14 year old blackmailers get the goods on the innocent Aussie Librarian. Later she's not so innocent. This is something like a sequel to Sister Mary Margaret.

Notice: Copyright 2000 by Katie McN ©. This story contains all kinds of sex stuff and even worse, it's real funny. If you don't have a sense of humor, or figure it's too early in the day to get turned out, head on out of here partner and save yourself a lot of grief.

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"Hey, Claudette, let's play a trick on the new Librarian from Australia. Them foreign babes are willing to do just about anything if you put it to 'em right."

Every year Del Rio, Texas and Wallaby, Australia trade librarians. No one knows exactly why this is done, but once two governments start something they never seem able to stop. This year's Aussie babe is the hottest one yet. Looks like a natural blonde to me and so tiny and cute. She can't be more than 5' 1" at the most, but no one is going to confuse her with a little girl, no, not with them boobs. The girl's tits have to be at least double D's and they seem to be hollerin' out, "Come and get it everybody." Plus, she has the sexiest eyes I've ever seen. They're blue gray and wrap themselves around a person in a way that causes most folks to start thinking those secret little thoughts that might get them in trouble or might get them laid.

My best friend Claudette and I spent the last four hours trick or treating, and now we're getting ready to head on back to our home, the Stately Richardson Manor. I look so cute in my dominatrix uniform because leather and metal add just that much more to my sexy 5' 7" body. Plus, the little matching cat of nine tails is sooo darling and coordinates perfectly with the rest of my outfit.

I'm quite good at walking on four inch heels now and love the way my legs look in the black seamed stockings attached securely to the garters on my leather bustier. Even though I'm only 14 years old, I have very nice looking boobs. They're a little bit large and do tend to bulge out over the top of my leather push up bra. I laugh knowing everyone thinks my tits are going to pop right out of that thing, but it hardly every happens.

I'm wearing my naturally blonde hair down today so it flows all the way to the middle of my back. I'm so lucky. Even though my hair is very thick and long, I hardly ever have to do a thing to take care of it. It just seems to know what I want and looks perfect no matter how I wear it.

Claudette is dressed up as a cookie. Yep, high heels, of course, and a raisin in her belly button. Besides being my best friend, she is the most beautiful red head in all of Del Rio and probably a lot of other places, too. The little sweetheart is exactly the same age and height as me and also weighs 117 curvy pounds.

Good thing my daddy owns most of the town or else Claudette would get arrested for being nude in public. Of course she stops traffic even when she is fully dressed, so the police are getting used to her by now. Her daddy and mine are business friends, and she's stayin' with us indefinitely as sort of a one girl exchange student program. I never knew them Canadian babes look so good, but now that I've met Claudette, I'm really doing my part for Canadian/American relations. Being a lesbian is a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

I know all the right places to go trick or treating here in Del Rio.

Most of the kids go door to door and get lots of candy and stuff, but Claudie and I spent our time in motels, hotels, the back room at the Elks Club, the VFW and a couple of seedy saloons. We raised close to $3,000 since Claudette was willing to do just about any trick one a them middle aged guys suggested. I collected the money and took a few secret videos with my Cat of Nine Tails Cam. We'll be using that footage to raise a little more cash later on in the year, but I digress.

We need to make some money so we can pay for the band we booked for our Halloween party. My parents think Pred and the Predtones are trouble makers and refuse to give us one penny toward Pred's fee. Things like that never stop me, though, and I figure the 3 thousand we already raised plus having Claudie get it on with Pred and the band just about gets us square.

We ask Librarian Tanya what she's doing for Halloween. She kind of shrugs and says she isn't doing anything because she's new in town and hasn't made a lot of friends yet.

"Why don't you come to our Halloween Party, Tanya? We always have a great time and you'll get to meet all kinds of unusual people."

"Thanks for asking me girls, but I don't have a costume and I'd feel so out of place." Well, that's not really what she said, but since most people can't understand Aussie Colonial lingo, I decide to translate her words into American.

"Don't you worry about that one little bit, darlin'. We've got all kinds of neat things you could wear and we'd be so happy to have you there with us."

It took a little doin', but finally she decides to accept our invitation. I'm glad she's coming along with us because we don't really have much in the way of entertainment planned except for the Predtones of course. She seems to be just what is needed to add something special to our festivities.

Tanya is a bit tense when we arrive at the Manor. I don't think people live in houses as big as the Stately Richardson Manor down there in Aussieland, so we loosen her up with three or four Cognac Stingers. Usually one is enough to give a person a friendly glow. Four gets 'em really hot.

"I don't know about this costume, Katie R. I've never worn anything like this before. Are you sure it's all right?"

She is wearing one of my bustiers which happens to be a tiny bit tight on her. Her boobs do look nice bulging out like that, and the string from her G String seems to have disappeared into the crack of her ass. I can't help noticing she is looking good coming or going.

"Don't worry bout it, Tanya. Just slip into these black seamed stockings and high heels and you'll look hot as hot can be. Don't you agree, Claudette?"

You can tell by the way Claudette's jaw drops when she looks at Tanya, that she thinks Tanya is more than hot. Claudie's probably trying to figure out how to take advantage of the situation and test drive the Aussie chick. That Claudette gets more action than a toilet seat in a diarrhea ward.

"I've never worn anything like this in my life. Everything is showing."

" Now you're just being silly, Tanya. The G string matches the bustier so everyone will know it's a costume. And nothing real personal is on display, at least from the front view."

"Look at my butt. It looks like I don't have anything on from the waist down except for the garters and stockings. I can't go anywhere dressed like this."

"This is the states, Tanya, everyone dresses up for Halloween. Look at how cute Claudette is in her cookie costume." No matter what she thinks of her own costume, the Cookie is showing a lot more of her wares and certainly doesn't seem to mind one dang bit.

"I don't know if I can do it, girls."

"Just have another one of these Cognac Stingers, Tanya, and don't worry about a thing. Claudette and I think you look just fine and you'll fit right in with the rest of the folks coming to the party." When Claudie and I see her pound down the last Cognac Stinger, we know she'll be just fine.

"Come on let's go meet the band," says Claudette with a sex starved grin on her face. It's sort of a tradition around here having Claudette fuck all the Predtones before the dance begins, and she can't wait to get started. I'm sure Pred and the gang are looking forward to seeing her again, too.

I drag Tanya into the dressing room where the Predtones are getting ready to play. You'd figure those boys would hurt themselves with all the broken long necks layin' around on the floor and all, but they always seem to manage. I pop the tops of a couple of Hecate long necks for me and Tanya and then look around for Pred.

"Hi Preddie. Sure do hope you like our payment program, big guy. We only had 3 grand so Claudie wants to make up the rest of the fee in barter, if you know what I mean."

"No sweat, Katie R., we were counting on it. That girl gives a new meaning to the word hummer. I think I got calluses on my dick after what she did to me. No shit."

Pred is looking cuter than usual and very mature. He's wearin' a 'Road Kill Chili' tee shirt, them red suspenders again, camo pants and a pair of Doc Martens. His hair is in a pony tail and it looks like he didn't get much of a chance to shave in the last week or so.

I don't know how he does it, but the red in his suspenders matches his blood shot eyes perfectly. Only Pred can come up with a touch like that. My, my.

"Whoa, sure am glad you're here, Katie R. For some reason none of us can roll and we need a couple of dubbies to get us going."

That Pred, I told him a million times to hire somebody to do all that stuff for the band cause they hardly ever are able to remember how to do things for themselves. Oh, well, I roll ten joints for them figuring that's enough to get 'em going for now and then maybe Claudie can roll a bunch more when it's time for their breaks.

"What is she doing, Katie R?"

"She's just playing with the band, Tanya. What's it look like?"

Tanya is beginning to get tedious and I sure wish she'd lighten up. It just won't do to have her too inhibited when things start to get going good later in the evening.

By then, Claudie is giving the bass player a blow job while the drummer fucks her in the butt. She's already done Pred and a couple of other players and looks mighty pleased with herself. Once she finishes the band she'll probably give anyone seconds who wants 'em, and while it isn't absolutely necessary, she'll probably go after the roadies, drivers and any stray guy who happens to walk in off the street. I sure do appreciate the nice effort that girl is making. Claudette finishes paying the booking fee and her top notch work probably gets us a couple of more encores from the Predtones. I just never understand it, but for some reason guys always want to pay her for fucking them and stuff, even though she'll usually do it for nothing if they just asked politely.

George Jones is still the lead singer for the Predtones and one of the most important Country and Western singers in the world. We join him and Pred for a pre-party drink knowing how much fun we'll have trying to understand what he's saying. I don't think Tanya ever drank Jack Daniels straight out of the bottle before, but she seems to have the hang of it and is pounding 'em down with the rest of us.

Pred and George are leering at Tanya and me which seems to bother the Aussie babe some. Maybe it's a foreign thing to worry about shit like that, but why would we dress up like tarts if we didn't want people looking at us? Oh well, guess it takes all kinds.

George reaches out and tries to pull Tanya's top down but fortunately he falls to the ground and passes out before he can embarrass the poor girl. He is such a playful guy and we all love him around here.

Claudette and I adore our new home in Del Rio and don't miss Big Spring at all. We already met just about every fun kid in town and can't wait till school starts so we can find out about our new teachers and so forth.

I can see more than two hundred 14 and 15 year olds in the main ballroom of the Stately Richardson Manor now. Everyone loves to be invited to our home and you can just be sure no one would miss out on a party that me and Claudie put together.

"Katie R, everyone here is 14 or 15 except for me. I really feel out of place." Tanya finally gets around to noticing she's the only adult in the room besides the members of the Predtones. It seems to bother her for some reason.

"Don't worry about it one little bit, Tanya, you're not bothering the kids at all. We had an adult come to my last party and everything worked out real nice for her, even though she was a nun."

All the kids are in costume of course. Peer pressure is something else for early teens, and mothers of rich kids certainly don't want their children to be second rate.

There are the usual costumes the 14 year olds with small imaginations might decide to wear. Yep, sluts, hookers, belly dancers and so forth. Two of the boys are really upset to find that they both had themselves shrink wrapped and came as cocks. Who would of known two guys would have the same original idea. Most of the girls don't care about the duplication too much since neither one of the boys is wearing anything except the transparent shrink wrap and they do seem to be quite well endowed for those of you who like that sort of thing. One of the girls who was here at the last party wears a Sister Mary Margaret costume. It might actually have been authentic since it's all ripped up and doesn't leave much to the imagination.

I looking at all the kids and see some really creative costumes. I have to admit not all of the younger generation is going down the toilet.

One boy is wearing an authentic sheep herder outfit. It has the easily removable flap on the front of the pants and the oversize wading boots where you can drop the sheep's hind legs into the boots and don't have to worry about her getting away. His girl friend is dressed as a sheep, of course, and every once in awhile he grabs on to her back end and goes for the gusto. She tries to stay in her role by making a few baas and bleats, but when he gets his whopper going in her ass, she sometimes switches over to moans and screams.

A whole group of kids came as the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Originally they were going to have their biology teacher dress up as the Wizard, but he got arrested for trading grades for sexual favors and is probably going to do some jail time.

The Dorothy character looks real cute although her dress is a lot shorter than the one worn in the film. She seems to have lost her panties as well and her red slippers have four inch heels which does add to the costume if you ask me, but isn't really that authentic.

I can't take my eyes off the scene developing before me. All the Oz characters are dressed real darlin' and it's so much fun watching all of 'em fuck Dorothy. Someone or something is sticking in or attached to every good part of her body. The Tin Woodsman is getting his share, of course, and the Scarecrow and Good Witch Glinda all have smiles on their faces. I'm not usually into zoophilia, but the animals in this story certainly know what to do. I'm seein' the cute little girl getting fucked by a lion, a bunch of monkeys and a kangaroo. That last guy didn't get the word on the story, but Dorothy decided to let him come along anyhow after she put her hand in his pouch.

"Claudette, look at Toto trying to fuck Dorothy in the ass. Isn't it just precious?"

In another part of the room, a cute little red headed hottie is sitting in a beer wagon pulled by twelve naked girls, and she is using her a whip to get them to drag her around the room. I keep hearing that "Swish! Thwack!" sound and know to watch out as the wagon goes racing by. Good thing that girl is so sexy or else she'd be in a lot of trouble for throwing her empty Molson Golden bottles all over the floor.

We see so many other interesting and exciting costumes. Claudette and I love Halloween and really enjoy seeing what people are willing do to humiliate themselves. We're very touched.

The band opens up with Waltzing Matilda in honor of Tanya. A small tear comes to my eye as I listen to the Predtones play the famous Aussie standard with Pred blowing jazz tuba. Tanya looks like she's going to cry, too. How sweet.

The back up singers are harmonizing the Aussie anthem since George Jones is not on stage as yet. No one knows what a 'jolly jumbuck' is, but it sounds way cool. The whole song is filled with words like that and I figure the Aussies are playing a joke on everybody.

Pred got his singing babes new costumes this year and I think their black spandex mini- dresses are very tasteful, and just the thing for 14 year old girls to wear once they turn professional and all.

When George Jones walks on stage, there is a loud round of applause from the crowd. This seems to confuse him some and he continues to walk forward until he falls off the front of the stage and into the adoring crowd. Pred has a contingency plan in place, or course, since he's getting used to George's ways by now. He figures if the crowd forgets George is supposed to be there, no one can complain. The back up singers both pull out scissors and take turns cutting pieces out of each other's outfits. One of the most unusual strip teases I've ever seen to tell you the truth. Since they have nothing on underneath their cute little mini-dresses the audience soon sees two hot babes standing there completely nude. My, my. Neither one of these girls looks like she's ever been run hard and put up wet. The two girls are fondling each other while continuing to sing the Aussie national anthem. That one girl is able to have an orgasm and still never miss one word of the Matilda song. The audience is giving the girls a big round of applause as the song finally ends.

I watch as Tanya tries to help George stand up. I guess she thinks he'll be trampled by the crowd, although I've seem him in similar fixes a bunch of times and he never seems to even mess up his hair. I think she's making a big mistake and sure enough, it gives George a chance to pull her top down as she bends over to help him.

George sure likes what he sees. "Mighty fine looking tits you got there little girl. Feel like sharing with an old man? I could use another groupie."

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