My Friend Lisa

by Mark Braun

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Desc: Sex Story: A young man finds that the girl who once pestered him has turned deliciously beautiful over the summer. He becomes the Wolf or red riding hood for a while until our little princess shows her claws and outdoes him time and again.

It was the end of the summer. Mike was to be shipped out to college in two weeks. It was Friday afternoon and he was home alone, as his parents were gone for the weekend. He was contemplating the street from his bedroom window and beginning to develop an unexpected nostalgia for the place. He had partied plenty, but he was not complete, he was not ready to say good bye. He decided to go out for a walk.

Several blocks away, he saw her again. Lisa, the girl who had openly expressed attraction to him and he had foolishly ignored, was getting out of a car. She noticed him and their eyes found each other's in the distance. She had changed somewhat since he last saw her. Her hair was shorter and he could see her generous breasts bouncing graciously beneath her tight T-shirt as she walked. She seemed to have lost weight. Her jeans were loose at her waist and wrapped nicely around her round and firm ass. He was staring at her and she waved at him to say hi. He waved back and something made him walk faster towards her, looking as if he had something to say. She stopped and waited for him outside her house.

He really didn't know what to say and just managed to greet her and to ask dumb questions about her summer, but she was forgiving and welcomed his approach. He told her that he was out for a walk and invited her to join him. She accepted the unusual invitation and they went off into the afternoon and towards his house. He invited her in to listen to some music and she accepted. Once in the house, Mike was full of ideas, but he was really not as swift as he wanted to be and kept his distance. From up close, Lisa looked beautiful and very desirable. She was fit and well developed, as well as witty and interesting. During an awkward moment of silence, Lisa requested a tour of the house. He was glad to snap from his inaction and began to have hopes about finishing the tour in his bedroom.

He began where they were and worked his way to the back of the house. Outside, in the fenced in yard there was a wooden structure that looked like a short round stage in the middle of a wooden deck.

"What is that?" Lisa asked.

"It is a Hot Tub" he replied.

"Really?" she continued looking at it with interest.

"Yeah" he said, "I is about 4 and a half feet deep and it can accommodate up to 10 people, sitting inside it. Would you like to try it?"

"Sure" she answered, "But I have to go home and get my bathing suit".

If at anytime GOD granted speed to Mike, it was now.

"Oh, No. You don't use a bathing suit in a hot tub like this. The chemicals in the water are bad for the fabric", he responded very convincingly.

"You mean I have to be naked!?" she protested.

"Well, not necessarily; but it would be OK. The fence is high and no one can see you here" he added.

"What about you?" She inquired with a smile.

"I'll be naked too, and we'll be even" he answered.

Lisa thought about it for a minute and took a good look at him and his begging eyes. He couldn't help wanting this to happen and she could see it written all over his face.

Then she said "OK, but you go in first".

Mike pulled up the cover of the hot tub and a large bubble of steam came up from it. He went over to a control panel near the edge of the deck like structure and turned some knobs. Lights lit up beneath the water and the water began to bubble and form a thin layer of foam on the top. Then he began to undress. He took his shirt, his shoes and socks and left his pants for last. She just watched him in silence. He removed his pants with his back to her and walked over to the edge. Then took off his underwear, threw it back on the pile of his clothes and quickly got in the hot water, worried whether she may have seen his tell-tale erection swinging in the air like a sword. He sat in the far end of the tub and said "OK, your turn."

Lisa was not as shy. She removed her shoes and her jeans first. She stood a few feet in front of him and began to pull her T-shirt over her head. The sun behind her was a glorious frame for the image that Mike was enjoying. She removed her bra and her breasts seemed like forbidden mountains of a fairy tale land; white, round, firm, a brownish spot in the middle that made Mike want to suck on them and his mouth watered. She turned around to throw her stuff onto a beach chair nearby, and then began to pull her panties down, bending over away from Mike and flashing him from a very close range. From Mike's perspective, the sun poured into the tub as if through a tunnel between her breasts and between her legs. It was a blinding sight but Mike could not blink; his eyes were fixed on her curves and on the secrets of her body. He saw the hint of her vagina beneath her healthy bush of hair and it was engraved in his mind forever. As she bent completely down to pull away her white undies, her cheeks parted, exposing her tiny ass hole, which seemed to Mike like puckered lips throwing a kiss at him; like a wild flower, a dandelion about to burst in bloom. He felt and unexplainable desired to kiss her rear hole, because it looked just beautifully inviting, aiming at him, and mesmerizing him in the water. She turned towards him and began to walk into the tub. His mouth was hanging and his drool was beginning to leak on the edge of his lip.

She got in slowly and her breasts floated just above the water level and the foam collected around them.

She looked at him and said, "This is great, Mike, thanks."

He sort of hummed a response, unable to speak intelligibly.

He finally gathered enough strength and control to speak, "Lisa, will you ever forgive me for being a jerk about the letter you wrote me?"

She did not answered and just looked away to the fence and the grass behind him.

"Please Lisa, I was stupid about it, I am really sorry" he insisted.

Ignoring his line of conversation, she said, "Oh! Let me see the sunset from your end", and began to move next to him on the wooden underwater bench.

He got up half way to make room for her, still apologizing, and she tried not to crowd him. But he felt her wrist brushing against his erected penis under the water; more than brushing, it almost got hooked on it.

She looked at him with a semi-surprised expression, "are you hard, Mike?" and her hand searched directly for the meaty rod and grabbed it firmly.

He gasped and stayed still, and whispered, "Do you forgive me?"

She stood up in front of him and seemed quite pleased with her finding; both of her hands began to hold, feel, and explore Mike's manhood. She grabbed it comfortably with her right hand and her left hand reached down for his testicles. Mike instinctively stood up from his seat to give her access. She moved him about the pool as if he were a toy-boat on a string. She sat down and placed him standing in front of her. She squeezed him gently in both places and began to stroke him with very short and gentle strokes. It was really a natural reflex action, for Lisa was really a virgin and did not have this kind of experience. Mike stood quietly, letting her do as she pleased. Suddenly, her grip turned tight and she pulled his penis up towards the surface. Mike bent back floating on the water and fell the head of his penis out of the water. Lisa examined it curiously and then kissed it, repeatedly, with tiny pecks all about the rounded swollen head. He felt pre-cum flowing out of him and saw Lisa amusedly watching. Then she decided to place the penis in her mouth, while continuing her gently stroking at its base and squeezing his testicles, and driving him wild. She wrapped her lips about the neck of the penis and caressed the head with her tongue, all along stroking and squeezing. He was very much enjoying this attention and did not mind to have to splash water all over with his arms to keep afloat. It did not take long for Mike to explode in her mouth. When he did, she gently sucked and swallowed every drop without letting go of him at any instant. He looked at her and she seemed quite pleased of her accomplishment. Mike felt good, but a bit embarrassed and shy, because she was in total control of the situation and played him masterfully. He didn't know what to say.

His penis promptly deflated in her hands and she reluctantly let go of him and let him stand up again.

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