Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, DomSub, MaleDom, Anal Sex, Bestiality,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting - The story of Suzanne, a little Southern Bell that has a hidden secret in her life. That is until Jake Winters meets her.

It was late May and I was on business travel arriving in Memphis after a successful day in Shreveport. It was a cold, overcast and drizzly Monday evening when my flight arrived at the airport. I cursed myself for not dragging my overcoat along. I was starting to shiver from the cold. I hopped into the first available cab and settled in for the ride. I knew from experience that the driver would overcharge me for the trip into the city so why haggle. I tried to make small talk but his Middle Eastern accent was so thick that I gave up on the conversation. By the time I checked into the Hyatt, I was frozen to the bone. Why are cabbies afraid of using their car heaters? Maybe this is how car bombs are detonated. Oh well, this was another phenomenon that would have to go unexplained, at least for this night.

I checked into my room, which had a spectacular view of the wall of the building next door. I suppose that if I were staying over the weekend I could have a River view but I was only here until Friday morning. I could not wait another minute to get out of my suit. I hate wearing a suit and tie and was glad to be dressing down at last. Sales is a game played by professionals and professionals play by a set of rules. The first rule of business is to dress the part of a professional. In other words, dress for success. Success, of course, pays well so I hung my custom tailored Armani suit carefully in the tiny closet.

I tossed my underwear on the floor of the closet and showered quickly. I unpacked my bag and changed into more comfortable clothes. I selected my charcoal Docker's and a powder blue golf shirt. When I dress casual I never wear underwear because I enjoy the feeling of freedom when my cock swings freely. I looked at the mirror and decided that I still was in good shape for a guy who just turned forty-five. The time spent at the gym was paying off. Hell, I was a virtual gym rat since Barbara divorced me. How long has it been now? Five years since she went on her quest to 'find herself.' Well she found herself all right. She found herself in her fucking lawyers bed two days after we broke up. Well, they deserve each other I guess. It was the kids, more than Barb and I, who seemed battle worn from the divorce. Fuck it! The kids seem OK now that they have settled into 'The Estate." That what my fourteen year old daughter calls Gerald's mansion. The fucking house that my money is helping to pay for.

My thoughts shifted to something more current, my quest for an adult beverage. I quickly checked my watch and saw that it was about time to meet Matt. I met Matt, he is in the electronic components business, a few years ago and we both hit it off because we both do a lot of business travel. Upon my arrival, I strategically selected a table with cushy club chairs in a dimly lit portion of the lounge and settled down with my Martini. Matt hadn't arrived yet so I began my favorite game, the hunt for pussy. That was when I noticed her.

She was sitting alone at the bar. My eyes were first drawn to her hair. She had an abundance of auburn hair that looked as if it were styled by a storm. Yet her hair was beautiful. The alabaster skin of her back was flawless. She was wearing an emerald dress that was backless. It appeared that the dress was attached to a leather choker that was buckled around her neck by little golden hoops. My gaze moved down her body. I had a very good side view and her breasts swayed freely as she moved. They were nicely rounded and her long nipples were visible beneath the material. She sat on the bar stool with her legs crossed. Her skirt was quite short and showed a lot of legs. She was neither a thin nor was she an overweight person, just nicely proportioned. Suddenly, as if I had called her name, she turned and looked at me. Her smile told me that she enjoyed me appraising her. I smiled warmly in return and I moved to her side.

"May I join you? I hate drinking alone." My standard line but I like it. I looked into her deep green eyes and she waved me into the seat next to her.

"My name is Suzanne," she said offering her delicate hand. "Are you in town on business or pleasure?"

Her voice was husky, you know bedroom sexy. My cock stirred beneath my trousers. I love this part of the hunt but this time I suspected that I wasn't the only 'professional' sitting at this bar. Fuck it! It would not be the first time that I paid for my pleasure.

"Business. I sell software and I travel throughout the South. I hate drinking alone but with all the traveling I have pretty much gotten used to it though."

"I thought all you traveling salesman were like sailors. You know, a girl in every port."

"Yeah right. I think you have been reading too many romance novels or is it Penthouse Forum." She blushed. That is not the mark of a pro. Now we add mystery to the hunt. I like that much better. It is so much more exciting.

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. I'm Jake. Jake Winters at your service."

I once again assessed the woman sitting next to me. Her face was nice not stunningly pretty, more like of the girl next-door type. Hell, I am a sucker for that look. My ex-wife falls into that category. The freckles across the bridge of her nose gave her a boyish character. I finally decided that I truly liked her face so I moved on to her other assets. The halter-top design of her dress bulged at her bust line and her nipples were visible thru the material. As I gazed at her breast her nipples hardened and my cock twitched. Returning my gaze to her face was a struggle but her smile told me that she liked showing herself off.

"What brings you to the city, Suzanne?"

"I enjoy coming to this hotel and pick up a man for the evening." She watched me to see if I was shocked by her words. I was cool.

"I take it that I am the lucky guy tonight."

"You could be if you measure up, Jake." Her hand slid into my lap and gently squeezed my hardening cock. "Mmmmm, very nice Jake. Very nice indeed! Am I to your liking, Jake?" As she asked her free hand traveled slowly to her breast and pinched her nipple.

"Yes, Suzanne you are to my liking. Now that you have my cock hard as granite, what happens next? Do we go up to my room?"

"Well Jake that is up to you. Yours or mine, it makes no difference whose sheets get rumpled. We just need to hurry. My pussy is very wet and I really don't want to make a spectacle of myself for the locals to talk about."

"This sound too good to be true Suzanne. What is the true story here?"

She stood up and took my hand. "Trust me and you will enjoy a night of untold pleasure."

I pulled some cash out of my pants pocket and dropped a twenty on the bar top to cover both drink and off we went, hand in hand. As we exited the lounge we bumped into Matt and a delightful scheme developed in my mind.

"Jake! How are you doing?"

"Matt, fine, just fine. Matt, this is Suzanne, a young lady I just met. Suzanne, this huge gentleman is a friend of mine."

She stood staring at Matt as if he were unreal.

"I was wondering about adding Matt to our little game."

"I, a, don't know," she stammered. Then she leaned into me and whispered in my ear,

"He's black."

I turned and looked Matt from head to toe and replied, "Damned if you're not right. He is black. I never really noticed it before but he is damn black. I bet you have never had a black man before have you?"

"No, I've never really even talked with a black. It's just that I'm, well you know..."

"A racist," I said completing her sentence.

"No, not at all its just that... Oh well fuck it honey. There's a first time for everything."

That said I turned Suzanne toward the elevators and gave her cute little ass a mild pat.

In heels she was still much shorter than my six-foot frame and Matt towered over me at six-foot-six. Suzanne's tits and ass swayed nicely as she walked. She noticed us checking her out and asked, "Do you like what you see gentlemen?"

"Yes, you have a very nice body." Matt said. Then he whispered to me, "What the fuck is going on, man?"

Before I could answer Matt, Suzanne asked us, "You both have nice big cocks don't you?" Suzanne lowered her eyes to our nether regions. "Men are so proud of their cock's, can I ask how big they are?"

Suzanne's forwardness had me slightly off guard. This was unusual to say the least. I had never encountered a woman like Suzanne in my forty-five years on this planet. I have to admit that I was enjoying tonight's game. I told myself, I love games and this woman had just offered to let me play the best game in town.

"Tell me about your cocks," she asked as we entered the elevator.

"OK, it is a little better than nine inches and it is nice and thick as you can see."

"Can I touch it again?"

"Be my guest." Her hand traced the outline of my cock trapped beneath the material of my pants. "And yours?"

Suzanne rubbed Matt's along with mine. "You are both so very hard and they are very big." She licked her lips and tossed her auburn hair. "I don't know if my pussy can accommodate such big pieces of man-meat."

"They will fit just fine honey and you will enjoy every inch. Now show us your cunt," I said taking control.

She retreated to the sidewall of the elevator and slowly lifted the hem of her dress. Her pussy, framed by her recently groomed auburn pubic hair, came into view as we arrived on her floor. The door opened and Suzanne without lowered her dress, walked by the startled older couple standing there. I smiled and noticed the woman's face break into a smile when she saw my hard cock swaying back and forth. Her husband could not take his eyes off Suzanne's ass as she walked down the hall. As the elevator doors closed, I overheard the woman say, "Have fun gentlemen."

We followed that sweet round ass to her room. Suzanne unlocked the door and ushered us inside. I surveyed the room quickly to make sure this wasn't some hooker/pimp trap. I wasn't worried. Matt and I could probably tear the hotel down with our bare hands but some assholes use guns. Suddenly, soft sexy jazz played on a portable CD player and Suzanne asked if we wanted a drink. Matt declined but I needed a drink right this moment.

"Jack Daniels on the rocks?" The ice tinkled as it bounced into the glass, Suzanne turned and handed me a tumbler full of the rich smoky colored liquid.

"I hope that you both enjoy your time tonight. I have only one rule. I enjoy being a submissive. So if there is anything either of you want of me, command me and it will be done."

Testing my role as Suzanne's new master, I sat on the small sofa and said, "Strip for us, and make it slow and nasty."

As Matt eased his hulking body into the opposite chair, Suzanne began what was to be more than a strip show.

Suzanne wasn't wearing anything under her dress, so to add mystery and sensuality to her dance, she masturbated as she shed the few items she was wearing. This is the act that men go to strip clubs to see and never do. Suzanne unbuckled the leather choker that held the top of her dress up and slowly lowered it revealing two perfect orbs of flesh. Her tits were not large but her nipples were very long. The nubs were hard from her excitement. Dropping the material, Suzanne grasped each nipple between her index finger and thumb and began to pinch and twist the sensitive buds of flesh. Once she was satisfied that they were as hard as stones, she pulled her nipples away from her body until her breast were completely suspended. She slithered out of her dress and moved to the lie on the bed. Matt and I were riveted as she masturbated for us. She licked her full lips as she teased her titties. She held her breast to her lips and she sucked on her nipples.

Next she pulled her legs up to her chest and placed her hands on her ankles. Slowly she slid her legs apart and her hands moved down along the inside of her legs. Her trimmed pussy was open and dripping. A rivulet of her juice dripped from her pussy and traced a path down thru the crack of her delicious ass. As if on que, Suzanne turned over onto her stomach and looking over her shoulder she again moved her legs open wide. She covered her sex from view and repositioned herself on her hands and knees, her ass facing me. She looked at me thru her open thighs and she spread her fingers revealing her intimate openings to me and said, "These are my fuck holes and they are for you Jake. And for you Matt. You both may do with them as you wish." I don't know about Matt but my balls almost blew their load right then. I have never witness anything so wanton and sexy in my life. Suzanne continued to play herself as we undressed she slid two fingers into her wet gash.

"I am fingering myself now," Sue said with a moan. "I want to make my pussy as wet as I can so that your two big cocks can fuck my tight holes and pleasure themselves deep inside of me."

Suzanne offered her fingers to me. I slowly nodded my head and she brought her fingers up to my mouth and I licked off her pussy cream. I merely glanced at my hard on and Suzanne moved her head into position. She licked the head teasingly.

"Suck me," I ordered.

Suzanne's mouth engulfed my cock. Her tongue swirled around my gland as her head bounced up and down.

"Take more cock into your mouth," I said with mounting pressure in my balls.

Suzanne attempted to stuff my sizeable cock down her throat but she gagged. She tried repeatedly but was unable to accommodate my size.

"Lay face up on the bed with your head hanging over the side. I will teach you how a slut sucks a big cock. Matt old buddy, do you want to give me a hand here?"

"Spread your legs slut," Matt commanded.

Suzanne's legs opened wide and she pulled her knees back against her ribs.

"Let me slide this deep inside of your honey pot, baby," Matt said as he probed her wet snatch with the head of his thick black dick.

"Open your mouth Suzy and suck my meat," I said as I pushed my hard cock at her face.

Suzanne grabbed my cock in her delicate hands and pulled it into her mouth. I used her titties roughly as I slid my cock deeper into her mouth. Suzanne braced her hands on my thighs to control the depth that I could push my cock into her throat. Matt was not an idle either. He was working his hard cock into Suzanne's cunt, stretching her tight pussy open. Suzy responded to all this action. Her body lurched and she groaned resulting in about two inches of my cock slipping into her throat. Since she wasn't gagging, I eased my hips forward pushing a little more into her throat. Suzanne's fingers tightened on my thighs so I withdrew a little. My buddy Matt meanwhile started sucking and licking Suzy's nipples as I held onto her titties for balance. Suzy was writhing with pleasure now. She placed her hands on my ass cheeks and pulled my cock into her throat. Slowly but surely I watched her lips stretched around my thick cock and gobble every inch down her throat. Matt shifted position on the bed and started pounding his cock into her cunt. I watched in amazement as Matt's stuffed most of his eleven inches into her body. Suzanne moaned with discomfort as he tried to push more of his meat into her. But Matt was determined that she take it all. The room was filled with the sound of people moaning with pleasure. As I closed in on my first cum of the night, I face-fucked Suzy with hard quick strokes. I knew I could not last much longer.

"Oh, yes. Suck it. Suck all of it. I'mmm goinnnggg toooo cuuummm," I yelled as my balls and cock swelled. "Now, aaarrggg," I grunted as I unloaded my nuts deep into her throat.

She gagged as my spasming cock and she pushed on my thighs. I stumbled back a step pulling my cock free of her throat but since I was in the middle of my release I emptied my balls onto her face and open mouth.

When she ceased coughing she licked my cock clean but made no move to clean her face. Sated for the moment I collapsed onto the sofa and as I retrieved my JD on the rocks. My attention was brought back to the rutting bodies on the bed. Matt was fucking Suzy's sweet little cunt for all he was worth.

Matt hauled Suzy's little body on top of his.

"Fuck me girl," Matt growled.

Suzy placed her feet flat on the bed on either side of Matt's body. With her hands on Matt's huge chest, she began to slowly and sensuously fuck her pussy on Matt's long cock.

I watched as Suzy's lithe body moved up and down on Matt's big black cock. They were turned just right that I could see her pussy lips, stretched thin around Matt's thick meat. The skin would disappear completely has she plunged down on his cock, only to reappear and be dragged along his shaft. Lubricant wasn't an issue since our little slut was as hot as a firecracker. I could see her pussy juices being turned to a frothy mess on Matt's shaft. I focused on her crinkly little asshole. It looked so inviting as she descended along the thick black cock. My dick stirred at the lewd though of double fucking this little morsel. I stoked my cock as I watched the two fuck.

Hard again, I was ready to fuck the ass of this little slut. Life is so good.

"Now my little slut, get ready to get that pretty little asshole stretched."

I spied a tube of lubricant on the nightstand next to the bed. I squeezed a nice blob of the cold goo onto my finger and rubbed it into her puckered little asshole. Her sphincter offered minimal resistance to my invading finger. Suzanne moaned and pushed her ass back onto my finger. Her sphincter loosened in anticipation of my cock fucking her there. It was obvious that she had never been fucked in the ass before as my finger probed her tight recesses. I crawled behind her and ran my hand over her fleshy ass. Her skin was warm and so very smooth. She relaxed as I placed the head of my cock against her asshole.

"This is going to feel so fucking good," I said and punctuated my remark with an open handed slap to her pale ass cheek. The echo of that slap bounced off the walls as I guided the head of my cock into her tight anal passage.

"Oh, fuck it's too big," she cried as she tried to pull away. I could feel her muscles spasming trying to eject my thick meat from her hole. "I can't take any more. It feels like your going to rip me in half."

At this point I didn't care. I wanted to fuck her ass and I was damn sure Matt didn't want to stop fucking her pussy. We struggled to fit all of our cock meat into Suzanne.

"Push your hole onto our cocks slut!" I commanded. "Fuck yourself on our cocks."

I remained still as Sue began pushing and twisting her body onto my cock. Slowly her hole stretched to receive me hard prick. I flexed my hips and watching Sue flinch from the discomfort that my invading hard flesh caused. Sue was sweating and grunting like an animal trying to get every inch of our cocks deep inside of her cavities.

"Yes, fuck meeeee. Push your cocks deep into meeeee! Fuck meeeee," Sue wailed.

Soon Matt and I picked up one another's tempo. As Matt would plow her cunt full of his black cock, I withdrew my cock from Suzy's ass. And then the real fun began, we had had enough of lovemaking. Matt and I just wanted to fuck her until our balls boiled over and filled her to overflowing. I slammed into Suzy's rectum savagely as Matt ravaged her cunt. She was wailing like a banshee. I don't know how many times she came I was only concerned with getting my nuts off. My sexual assault was relentless. Our cocks slammed into Suzanne time after time without let up.

Somewhere deep within my balls a tingling started. I tried to burrow myself as deep into this woman's rectum as I could. I could feel Matt cock punishing Suzanne's cervix with each trust. With the sound of her cries of pleasure echoing in my ears. I was there. The moment of ecstasy had arrived and my seed raced thru the shaft of my cock. My ejaculation exploded into her bowels with such force that I wavered on the brink of consciousness.

My body slowly became dysfunctional as the effect of my orgasm washed over me. I relaxed my grip on her soft hips and watched as the near lifeless form fell away from mine. She lay on Matt's massive chest, only the heaving of her chest indicated life. My soiled dick dripped cum and it pooled on the sheet beneath me. My first thought... wow, what a fuck.

"Suzanne, how are you doing?"

"Mmmmm, wonderful. That was the best damn fuck I have ever had." She replied.

"That's so cool," I responded. "I have never been somebody's best fuck ever. How about you Matt? Have you ever been someone best fuck ever?"

I dropped down next to Suzanne and Matt allowing my weary body to relax. Still with her eyes closed, Sue slithered down the bed and nuzzled Matt's softening cock with her warm lips. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and sampled the juices that coated the shaft of his black cock.

"I love the taste of a man's cock after he has cum inside of me," Sue whispered.

As I watched her clean Matt's cock, I reflected on this evening happenings and thought to myself, 'Jake, you lucky bastard. That was one damn bizarre evening to say the least.' I drug myself out of bed, washed my nasty dick clean and dressed. I stood at the door ready to leave and watched Suzanne happily sucking all of the jiz from Matt's cock. He looked as if he was about to drift off into dreamland. Me, I was just happy that I could still walk. I opened the door and left without a goodbye. Yep, one damn bizarre evening!

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