My Journey Into Degradation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Blackmail, BiSexual, Slut Wife, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Interracial, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Bestiality, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The journey of a housewife into degradation at the hands of friends.

I know it was my fault. I am just not sure how I got into this situation but here I am. I only know that once I became conscience of the lust, I was consumed by it. My very being was enflamed. I had to quench this thirst or I would come apart as a person. Before I get too far ahead of myself, an introduction is in order.

My name is Jill Mumford. I am in my late 20's. I am 5'3'' tall and I weigh about 115 lbs. I possess an adunbance of wild red hair that hangs in ringlets to the middle of my back. I have worked hard to keep my very sexy 36-24-36 figure. I look hot even after giving birth to our second child. My husband of 7 years, Ray, is a great guy. We were college lovers and married immediately after graduation. I must have gotten pregnant on our honeymoon since we had our first baby, Brenda, almost immediately. Ray Jr. followed in 2 years. Ray, a Software Engineer, put his time in a large Server manufacture in Silicon Valley. Ray became well known in the industry as one of the best software troubleshooters. It was not long and employment offers came in. Ray accepted a particularly juicy offer and joined a startup company. Therefore, we moved to our new home here in Sunny Ridge. Ray's dedication to the new job requires him to travel extensively and he is well compensated for his contributions. Therefore, we live quite well. I consider myself a very pampered housewife. We became members of the Country Club, which affords Ray and I to be seen with the proper people. I see to it that my family wears the most stylish of fashions. However, I was bored. I felt empty whenever Ray was out of town. I thought that if I became involved with charity work it would fill the void caused by Ray's travel. It was at one of these charity functions where I first met the Giovanni's. As they entered the Country Club, I was immediately struck at how beautiful they were as a couple. I made sure to meet these two new comers. As it turned out, Sue and Ken were new to our area, having just moved from New York. I checked with the Club Secretary and found out my neighbor was responsible for inviting them to the function. As it turned out, Sue and Maggie, my neighbor, had been classmate in college.

Sue and I hit it off right from the beginning. We were immediate 'old chums'. Sue and I liked and disliked the same things. We shopped at the same stores. We even enjoyed the same quirky 70's music. You know every band that had a one hit wonder. Ray had just returned from a business trips and I knew it would be weeks before we could all get together again. Therefore, I called Sue to see if they wanted to go out to dinner on Friday night. "Sue, this is Jill."

"Hi Jill, what's up?"

"Ray is in town this weekend, do you guys have plans for dinner on Friday night?"

"No, we're available. Where do you want to go?"

"How about Pier 64 if seafood is ok," I suggested. "Yeah, that sounds great," Sue said, "how about meeting for cocktails at around 6:30?"

"Perfect, Ray and I will see there." I went into the kitchen where Ray and the kids were munching on snacks. "Honey, I made dinner plans for Friday night. We are going to Pier 64 with the Giovanni's."

"He sounds like he should be part of the Mafia," Ray laughed. "Sure dinner sounds great."

As Friday rolled around, I had a good feeling that Ken and Ray would like each other. Nevertheless, I was nervous about the first meeting. Ray is not the most outgoing guy. He is smart as a whiz around computer software but not around new people. I keep the conversation light and cheerful on the trip to the restaurant and Ray was in a great mood. We met the Giovanni's in the lounge. Sue was dressed in a leopard jump suit. Not many women could pull off wear something so gaudy, Sue had the body and personality that made it work. Ken is tall, dark and handsome. He looked great in his Polo shirt and slacks. I started the introductions, "Ken and Sue Giovanni, my husband Ray Mumford." Ken reached out, as they shook hands he said, "Lakers?"

"Lakers," Ray responded. Then Ray retorted, "Niners?" "Niners," Ken laughed and then added, "Yankees?"

"Oh hell no. Red Sox fan. It helps me to deal with adversity." They both laughed and the boyhood sports banter began. I was right; they acted as if they had known each other all their lives. The dinner was a hit and of course, we became best of friends in no time. We were inseparable.

Now that I was busy with my new friends and charity work my boredom faded. Now my only problem was lack of sex. As I have said, my husband is a good guy. It is just that Ray is average in bed. He is not very inventive nor is he adventurous. Ray is more of the kissing, feeling, fingering, fucking and snoring type. After 7 years of marriage, we were averaging having sex about once every other week. With the addition of Ray's business travel, our sex life would sometimes stretched out to once a month, sometimes more. I felt that our marriage was sound and I did not think I would ever do anything to hurt our marriage. It is just that I have always been a sexual person. The shower massage and the toys that I have gathered via the Internet are pleasurable but they are not a good substitute for Ray's hardness driving into my vaginal depths. I needed something more.

Even as a teen, I was always a sexual creature. When I was in my early teens I begun to explore my sexuality. I enjoyed flirting with boys and dressing a bit more daring than my girlfriends did. I explored my body often and I enjoyed it tremendously. My fingers mastered the orgasmic pleasures that my clitoris and vagina presented. I was not satisfied with simply fingering myself though. My father's secret cache of porn magazines provided me with vivid, lewd and exciting sexual images. My fantasy sex life was growing. However, I still knew that I was missing something. I remember the summer day when I was 14 years old. The day that I found my mothers 'toys', that she had buried deep in the back of the closet. I was housesitting for my parents that warm and wonderful day. I quickly stripped off my cutoffs and tube top and began to explore mom's collection.

There were about a dozen items in the box. I pulled out a chain about 8 inches long with adjustable loops at each end. It took me a few minutes to figure out that you were supposed to place each nipple thru the loops and tighten them. The thrill of illicit play and the discovery of Mom's toys made me sexually excited like never before. My pussy became very wet. I attached the loops to each of my nipples and screwed them down very tight. I stood in front of the mirror and pulled on the chain and delicious pain shot thru my nipples. The pain traveled thru my breasts and set off and electrical explosion in my pussy. I soon discovered that pinching my nipples and rubbing them very hard, derived added pleasure. The idea of mixing a little pain with my pleasure was all so new and I enjoyed the sensations very much.

I roamed the house playing slave girl. Our Doberman, named Max, must have thought me nuts. He would watch me prance around naked pulling on my nipples and shrieking with pleasure. Thinking back on it now, this may in fact be the clue to beginning of my recent obsession. We will visit that later. My nipples were now tingling with sweet pain so I thought it was time for the slave girl to submit to her master. I returned to my parent room and looked for something else there was to tease and torture my innocent body. I had notice earlier the boxes that contained what looked like rubber penises. I took one out and examined it. I had seen pictures of naked men. I had even spied on my parents a couple of times when they were having sex. However, this was the closest I had ever been to a "cock". I noticed that my heart beat quickened and my breathing became ragged as my sexual excitement grew. My body tingled all over as well.

Prince Fhared, as I named my imaginary master, commanded me to rub the dildo all over my body. I discovered a bottle of lubricant in Mom's hatbox of treasures that smell like strawberries. I rubbed it onto the dildo and it glided over my entire body causing decadent pleasure. I slowly worked the dildo back and forth thru the outer petals of my pussy. I felt like I was in heaven. I concentrated on my clitoris and exploded in a mind-shattering organism. What a wonderful invention I held in my hands. I was exhausted and I needed to rest for a little while. My poor nipples were screaming with pain, from all the sweat torture I had inflicted. Therefore, I begrudgingly put the toys away. I showered and eat a lite snack and took a nap.

While I sleep, Max jumped up on the bed and curled up in a spooning position. We sleep for about 2 hours so it was evening when I woke to Max's licking noise. I had always thought that dogs were such disgusting creatures. The whole world was their bathroom and they always groomed themselves at the oddest times and places. I was about to kick Max off my bed when I notice his "dogliness". Boy, Max was hung! It was sticking out of its furry sheath about 6 or 7 inches. It was deep glistening red in color and it looked menacing. I was frozen to the bed. I stared at Max's cock for the longest time. I saw a hand moving to touch it. I knew it was my hand but I could not stop it. I did not think that what I was doing was right or wrong, I just was compelled to touch it.

"Good boy, Max." I started spoke in a soft and reassuring voice. "What a good boy." Carefully I reached out and touched Max' cock. My fingers told me that his cock was as hard as bone. Yet, it was covered with a spongy layer of flesh. It was constantly leaking a clear fluid from the hole in the pointed tip. Max was making quite a mess of my sheets. Carefully, trying not to startle Max, I wrapped my fingers around his cock. I had jacked off my boyfriends at parties but this was different. Max's cock seemed hotter to the touch. I began to move my hand in an up and down motion. I suspected that Max would enjoy this since my boyfriends liked it when I jacked them off. Max whimpered like a puppy. As I picked up a little speed, Max began to hump in rhythm to my stroking. When I stopped Max made a small growling sound. The growl startled me but I was not afraid of Max. I just spoke softly to him. "It's ok big fella. I just need to find a more comfortable position, that all baby." I moved to a kneeling position over Max and resumed pleasuring him with my hand. I bent down slightly to inhale the musky fragrance of Max. It went directly to my pussy and the juices ran out of my pussy and down my thighs. To this day, I do not know what possessed me. I only know that an overwhelming desire swept over me to put his cock into my mouth. It was as if I was standing beside myself watching this lewd sight of a young girl putting her mouth over this doggy cock.

I knelt there with Max's cock in my mouth. My tongue swirling around and around. I licked the opening at the tip. I was both disgusted and mesmerized. The taste was tangy and metallic, but not unpleasant in the least. I found that I enjoyed giving my first blowjob, even though it was to a dog. I abruptly stopped sucking on Max. My perverse mind was flashing nasty images that enflamed my lust. I fixed on something that would most assuredly add to my pleasure as I sucked on my childhood friend.

I jumped off the bed with Max running behind me. His nose was literally in the crack of my ass. When we reach my Mom's bedroom, I was trembling from excitement. I could hardly open Mom's treasure filled hatbox. I found what I was looking for and back to my room we flew. I positioned Max on my bed on his side. His cock had mostly slid back into his sheath but a quick lick perked him right up. Next I retrieved my oak chair from under my desk and I threw off the cushion. You see the dildo I had chosen had a suction cup at the base. I licked the base of the cup. Then I firmly position the dildo near the edge of the chair. I lubed the dildo and my pussy, not that it needed it. I bent over to suck on Max and slowly sat back on my "lover".

I was not stupid about sex. I knew what a hymen was. Classes in sex education prepared me for the pain when it ruptured. However, you probably have guessed, I like a little pain with my pleasure. I was very careful and slowly let my weight slide the dildo up inside my virgina. I felt the resistance that my hymen created but I was determined. I pushed steadily down onto the dildo when all of a sudden I felt a searing, tearing pain inside me. "Aargg!" was all that managed to escape my lips as I gasped for air. The pain held me frozen in place. Max was unaware of my dilemma and like a true male animal, took this opportunity to shove his damn doggy dick down my throat. Now a new problem, trying to gulp air from around the cock in my throat. It was only seconds but they seemed to last hours, but Max pulled back and then the pain in my pussy subsided. I began to rock back and forth in a rhythm that cause sensations to ripple through me that were quite wonderful. This was good so I began to increase the speed and depth of the cock sluicing in and out my cunt. I was taking Max all the way into my mouth and throat as well. We both were in seventh heaven. I was moaning around his cock and he was howling. My "lover" was now bottoming out inside my cunt and banging against my cervix. This was better than good. We had moved on to delicious.

I was fucking myself up and down on the chair while sucking Max for all I was worth. Then something strange and wonderful occurred. Max grew thicker and longer. A bulge appeared in his cock about the size of a lemon. Max's cock began to vibrate and without any further warning, my mouth was flooded with cum. Max came and came and came! Every beat of his heart sent another delicious squirt of his seed down my throat. This put my fucking motion into high gear. I started to cum like never before. Finally, Max and I were reduced to whimpering puddles of flesh. I was too exhausted to slide off the dildo. I just sat with it bottomed out inside me. "Fuck Maxi, that was spectacular," I panted. "I hoped you enjoyed your blowjob. I really dug it when you squirted in my mouth. Your cum was hot and delicious." It took a little time and some effort but finally I managed to stand. As I stood, the dildo made a sucking sound. This was followed by a popping noise, as if a bottle of champagne was opened. On the chair were traces of blood from my deflowering and a substantial volume of pussy juice. I started to giggle. I felt great; I was not ashamed of what I had done. I knew that this was not the last time either of these sex acts would occur.

I must now return to my modern day story. I need to tell someone about my adult dilemma, although relating my sexual history was good background for this story. I was fixing the kids lunch when the telephone rang. "Hello," I said as I picked the receiver. "Hi, Jill," Sue responded, "its me Sue. Look I know it is short notice. Can you housesit this weekend? Ken and I are trying to sneak out for a weekend getaway up at the cabin and we need someone to watch the castle." As I indicated earlier, Sue and Ken had become our best friends, so why not housesit for them. I was not planning anything anyway. "Sure," I said. "It will be fun to lay around your pool without my herd. Besides, it will give Ray a chance to get reacquainted with our kids." That settled my weekend plans. Ray seemed less than overjoyed at the prospect of 'babysitting' when I told him of the plan.

As you already know, I get a little mischievous when housesitting. Therefore, it was not much of a surprise that I found the Giovanni's secret treasure chest. After all, doesn't everyone have one? Anyway, I open the hatbox that was heavier than the other hatboxes. Remember, that is a dead give-away that it holds your secrets. I found wonderful toys. I even found a double headed dong that was a vibrator. The shaft meant for pleasuring the pussy was about 7 inches long and just less than 2 inches across. The other shaft meant for the ass was about 4 inches long and was about an inches across. I had never considered anal sex before. I was truly getting excited and looking forward to my new adventure. I ran around the house locking the doors and closing the curtains on the windows. Then I went into the Master bedroom and pulled the covers down. I stripped my clothes off and sat in the middle of the bed to search out other treasures from the hatbox. Boy was I surprised! Sue was one kinky bitch. She too was into sweet torture and pain. There before me was this gold chain that was in the design of a "Y". At each end were adjustable, smooth-jawed clips. I was beside myself with anticipation. I quickly attached this wonderful device to each nipple and my clitoris. I adjusted the pressure on each for maximum stimulation. I discovered that when I stood up to the chains were not long enough and the chain yanked my nipples and clit toward one other. The resulting sensation was delicious pain and maximum pleasure. Once again, I assumed the role of slave girl. The memory of this girl had long been repressed and I was glad to see her return.

Sheik Omar, my new fantasy master, ordered me to dance for him. I turned on the stereo in the bedroom retreat and began a sensuous dance of desire. A dance that could only end in being fucked silly by the dual shafted vibrator. I whirled, dipped, and stretched to the music. Each nipple trapped in the golden restraint would stretch about an inch away from my breasts. My clitoris was clearly visible when I looked down... My body was enjoying the sweet pleasure of my self-induced torture. I pinched and pulled at my nipples and clit. This dance thrilled me beyond imagination. Slowly I moved to the bed and my awaiting fuck toy. I lubed the toy and my fuck holes and began what I knew was going to be an orgasmic experience.

I slowly inserted one head of the vibrator into my hot and very wet cunt. "Mmmm," I moaned. Only a few inches were insinuated into my pussy when I felt the tip of the attached phallus touch my ass. Again, I pondered fucking myself in the ass. I do not understand why it had never occurred to me. Now I was poised and ready to ream myself in both holes at once. I was shaking with anticipation. I was having some difficulty getting started though. My asshole was being very stubborn and would not allow my new "lover" access to its dark virginal territory. I concentrated very hard to relax my sphincter. Finally, the rubber cock won entrance. I moved the twin-shafted vibrator slowly into my sex holes. Again, that feeling came over me. This was better than good. This was sluttish and nasty. This was delicious. I twisted the vibrators control at it base and squealed with joy as I was rewarded with a delightful buzzing that traveled up and down the interior walls of my pussy and ass. This was new and wonderful. An additional twist of the controls to my surprise caused the damn vibrator to start twirling the heads of the phalluses in counter rotating motions. My cunt was flooding my hand and the bed. I was moaning and trashing around, moving ever so closer to the first orgasm of the day. The pain in my nipples and clitoris would rise and ebb as I squirmed on the bed pulling the chain taunt. My ass hole was on fire. My pussy was starting to spasm. Here it was. The orgasm I had waited for. It overwhelmed me. I began screaming my pleasure. "Oh, fuck! Yes! Yes! Yesssss!" I love orgasms like this. Every woman deserves them as often as they can get them. After the orgasm subsided, I was blissfully exhausted. I removed my "lover" and lay where I fell and rested.

I must have dozed off for awhile. I was startled awake by the cold nose of the Giovanni's Doberman. He is a very handsome dog although he has the evil sounding moniker, Damien. He weighs in at about 100 pounds. At the moment, he was quite infatuated with my pussy. He was nudging my legs apart with his snout. A wicked memory surfaced. The dear friend from my youth, Max. The memory resurfaced of the many juicy blowjobs that I so willingly gave Max. I never though of teaching Max to return the favor. Now though, Damien was parting my legs and his tongue was licking my entire pubic area. Not one to be shy, I parted my legs as wide as possible and lay back to enjoy the tonguing. Damien was masterful in skill. His tongue found all the right places. He licked on, in and around my sex holes. He was especially good at getting that big tongue up inside my pussy. I was enjoying every second of this perversion. "That a boy," I encouraged Damien. "Lick me good. That's it! Oh, yes... fffuuckkk!" It did not take very long and I erupted in orgasmic joy.

I made a vow then and there. I was going to buy a dog and train him to eat my cunt on command. My orgasm was subsiding but Damien kept eating me. How I wished my husband would sex me like this animal. Ray rarely goes down on me. I have always felt a little cheated by that. Now I was with an animal that would not stop. Life is so very strange. I pushed Damien's snout from between my legs. Damien took exception to this action and growled menacingly at me. Suddenly I was little afraid. I was unsure of this huge creature. Sure I knew him but not in a situation like this. I looked deep into Damien's eyes and saw pure animal lust. I did not know what to do. I spoke softly to Damien. "It's alright big guy. My pussy just needs a break." Slowly I turned over to crawl away from him. As soon as I was on my hands and knees, I knew I had made a serious miscalculation. I realized too late that I was in the classic 'doggy style' position. Damien took quick advantage of my position. His powerful forepaws grab my waist and I felt his crushing weight as he mounted me. He dragged me into position. "No, Damien," I demanded, "down boy!" Nothing was going to deter him though. I was to be his bitch and that was that. I felt his wet cock poke my thighs and pubic mound several times before he found the mark. When he did, I saw stars. As soon as he knew he was in alignment, he rammed the entire length into my cunt. His cock was at least 9 inches long and well over 2 inches across. I had never felt a cock this big before. Damien, true to his animal nature, was not gentle. Damien's cock slammed into my cervix with 100 lbs. of animal thrusting lust behind it. "Shit!" I though I would pass out from the pain. I was sure my vagina was being ripped in half. "Get the fuck off of me," I screamed. He would not let up. It felt I was attached to some sort of a fucking machine. His dog cock hammered repeatedly into the depths of my ravaged body. He was fucking me with such indescribable speed. It seemed to take an eternity before I adjusted to the raping of my cunt. Nevertheless, the pain eventually subsided; and a new sensation replaced the horrible pain. Pleasure! Pleasure raced through my body. I found myself responding to this animal. Damien had an incredible fucking rhythm that I tried match. I attempted to push back against him on every thrust. If this creature was going to rape me, I was not just going to lie there passively. I yelled at Damien. "I'm going to fuck your balls off." Our sexual battle continued for over 20 minutes. I began to experience nonstop orgasms. Never in my life had I experienced anything like this. Constant pleasure racked my body as this creature continued to ram his stiff cock into me. I was neared exhaustion and was becoming faint.

Suddenly, I was jolted into reality by a new pain. "What the fuck!" I exclaimed. My memory had not served me very well. I had forgotten about the knot. Now I was subjected to excruciating pain as Damien tried to tie with me. There was nothing I could do except to hold very still and try to relax my cunt. This fucking dog pushed what must have been the size of a major league baseball into my cunt. "Damien, dddaammnn you! You are going to kill meeee!" I finally took it all inside. I could feel my battered pussy lips slip around the knot as I took his full length inside me. My lips made contact with his furry sheath. The beast had won. I was now his bitch and was soon to be his cum loving slut.

Damien now continued his assault on my pussy. He was completely unaware of my condition. Primal urges drove him on. Once again, the pain receded and pure fucking pleasure returned. I was completely full of doggie cock and my cunt lips were being dragged repeatedly over the prickly fur on his cock sheath. My clit was making full contact with his sheath. On every ten or twelve strokes of his wicked dick, an orgasm would sweep over my body. I could only hold on for the sexual ride of my life and cry out in lustful pleasure. Tears streaked down my face. The fucking continued as a new sensation deep in my cunt began to draw my attention. Damien's cock began to vibrate up and down as he continued the relentless hammering motion. I had never felt anything like this sensation before. I knew there was only one answer to the activity occurring deep inside me. Damien was about to cum. And cum he did. The best way to describe it was a fire hose erupting deep inside me. The every beat of his heart, a new and fresh flood of semen scalded the depths of my vagina. I exploded again in orgasmic pleasure. I enjoyed every once of Damien's hot fluid pouring into me. As I could feel the pulsing squirts diminish as well as Damien's thrusts, I began to wonder how long I would remain tied to this creature. Damien slumped over my back in sexual exhaustion. His tongue lay across my shoulder and his drool ran off my body in rivulets that fell onto the bed beneath us. Now I felt that I could rest a little. Finally, the rape was over.

I was startled to hear clapping coming from the doorway of the bedroom. "That was the most lewd and pornographic sex act I have ever witnessed." My head whipped around so that I could see who was there. As my vision focused, my heart sank. In the doorway was Ken Giovanni with his pants down around his knees, stroking his impressive cock that jutted out from his loins. My mouth open to scream but my voice was lost. All I could do was cry. I was sobbing uncontrollably. Ken just laughed at my predicament. It was a hideous and a demonic laugh. "Shut the fuck up," Ken suddenly commanded! "I said I enjoyed the fucking show." When I could not, he kicked off his shoes and slacks and strolled over to the bed. He grabbed my hair, yanking my head up and slapped my face hard. This fuck had my full attention now. No man had every slapped my face before. Anger rose up inside of me and I was about to yell at this fucking bastard. Instead, as I opened my mouth, Ken shoved his cock down my throat. My mind reeled. 'What the fuck is with the males in this household? Must they take advantage of me at every turn?' Yes, I reasoned that was in deed the case.

Unable to speak, I let my natural cocksucking ability take control. Ken began to thrust in and out of my throat, using my mouth like a cunt. Having just witnessed 'the most pornographic sex act, ' Ken could not last long. His cock began to pulsate in my mouth. "Ffuucckk," Ken moaned and he blasted his semen down my throat. Damien's hard-on softened enough for him to pull himself free from my pussy. With an audible wet plop, his cock was out of me. Damien's knot had succeeded in locking all of his juices inside me. Now the dam had broken and dog cum was squirting and bubbling out of my cunt. It made a mess of every thing. My thighs, my ass, and my pubic area were drenched with doggie cum. Ken pulled his still hard cock from my mouth and walked around behind me. The bed shifted and Ken began to run his hands across the cum soaked flesh of my ass. "You cum slut! You dog fucking bitch." I was humiliated as the vile and ugly names tumbled out of Ken's mouth. I was also very turned on. I felt him rub his dick against my cunt and ass. I was surprised to feel its hardness since he had just emptied his balls down my throat. Then Ken took me. Not the traditional way but in my ass. Using only Damien's cum as a lubricant; Ken pushed his big cock into the dark recesses of my anal opening. Pain was again my friend. "Ken, your fucking hurting me," I screamed. He just laughed and continued his assault. He lasted much longer this time and my ass ring was burning from the torturous rape. Eventually he was ready to blast his cum deep in my bowels. Just as he reached his peak of pleasure, he grabbed the chain attached to my nipples and clit and yanked it free of my body. Blackness came over me as I passed out. I recovered consciousness in only a few minutes and found Ken staring down into my face. "Go shower up," He told me. "When your done showering, put on one of my dress white shirts from the closet and come down to the kitchen." A half-hour later I was to find that my life would change forever.

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