Chapter 1: Mom was Right

Caution: This BDSM Humiliation Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality,

Desc: BDSM Humiliation Sex Story: Chapter 1: Mom was Right - This is the journey of a young woman, Julie, who meets and falls in love with the 'Mr. Right' or is he?

I was eighteen when I moved away from home. I knew in my heart that I was leaving a good life behind. I loved my parents very much but they never seem to understand. They were tied by the "old ways" and were inflexible to the new. For mental health I had to strike out on my own. This might sound like a brave and strong person to you and in many ways I am. Yet I was very unsure of the journey ahead. I was a very good student throughout school but going to university wasn't in my immediate plans. I wanted to establish myself, find out what I wanted to be and then return to school. Between school and church, homework and housework I don't remember any time for me. So here I am eighteen and living in a small apartment near the city. The words of my Mother echoing in my head, "Watch out for the evil in the world. Evil will come to you disguised as a man that talks so sweetly that you will believe that honey flows from his lips. Be warned he will turn you into gutter trash if you are not careful."

I had planned well and I landed my first job at the department store in the local mall. The pay wasn't much but then again I didn't need much. The man I work for was a stern but fair man. He would tell his employee when they erred and expected them to learn from their mistakes. Those that didn't were let go and those few of us who worked by his rules were given more authority on the floor and we rewarded with a small pay increases at our six-month anniversaries. My biggest problem was getting to work on time. I was at the mercy of the local transit system and their record for running on time sucked. Mr. Moss, my boss, called me into his office on several occasions to lecture me about my tardiness. I would silently accept these lectures and apologizes for my behavior. I really didn't understand what the issue was. I really wasn't late. My shift started at 9am but Mr. Moss wanted his "team" in and ready to go at 8:45am every morning. But as I said, he was a stern man that lived by his rules.

It was during the transit strike that I met Roger. I had left my apartment extra early that morning so that I could flag down a ride to work. Roger rolled up in his sports car, I'm sorry, his Jaguar. When Roger stopped his Jag in front of me I was so intimidated. You see Roger is bigger than life, literally. He stands 6 foot 2 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds. His arms are huge and stretched his polo shirt to near bursting. Slowly he turned his head, smiled and spoke.

"You look as if you are in need of a ride. Please get in. I'll take you were you want to go."

I felt it was more of a command than a request. Strangely, without hesitation walked over got into this stranger's car. I was wearing a moderately short dress so I was completely embarrassed as I stepped into the low slung sports car there wasn't a ladylike way to enter. This stranger watched as I exposed more thigh than a lady should before plopping into the leather bucket seat.

"Nice legs. I like women with long legs that can wrap around you doing those passionate moments. Now please buckle up I would hate to lose you before we can become lovers."

I was shocked by his forwardness and sexual innuendos. I wasn't a virgin but no one had ever spoken to me like that. Before I could get out of the Jag, Roger roared down the street.

"My name is Roger. Where are we going?" His voice was rumbled from his huge barrel chest.

"The Mall," I replied rather indignantly.

The twenty-minute trip had a profound effect on me. I enjoyed the luxury of the auto and the skill that Roger exhibited in maneuvering the machine in and out of traffic. I was startled when I felt this stranger's hand on the flesh of my inner thigh of my left leg. I turn my face to shriek at this crude individual for taking such sexual liberties but was immediately disarmed by the warm smile that greeted me.

"I am sorry I didn't catch your name my dear."

"Julie, Julie Vogel."

"Well, Julie Vogel, what time do you get off work?"

"I get off at five," I heard a voice say.

His hand never stopped stoking my inner thigh and my pussy was dripping wet from the sexual energy this stranger radiated. I could feel my pussy juices soaking my panties. By the time we had arrived at our destination, I was panting from sexual excitement. Roger exited the car and opened my door. Of course my legs opened wide as I climbed out of the car showing this stranger my drenched panties. His handsome face broke into a smile his as he viewed my disgrace. I was humiliated by my actions. This man must think of me as a common slut. I was stunned as Roger kissed me on my lips quite gently, then whispered in my ear, "I prefer my women not to wear panties so that they are always ready and available." He jumped back into his car, revved the Jag up and raced away with tires squealing. I stood in the parking lot shaking from the sexual excitement coursing thru my body.

I was very early so I headed for the employee bathroom. I closed the stall door behind me and removed my soaked panties. I held them to my face and inhaled my fragrance deeply. I have always loved the smell of my pussy. It was obvious that I would have to buy a new pair of panties sometime during my lunch break. I used my soiled panties to clean the cream from my pussy lips. As I wiped the juices away, I shuddered when I came in contact with my clitoris. Normally my little bud is tucked securely away in the folds of my pussy lips. This mornings stimuli had my clit standing at attention. It was like a little finger poking out. Hell, I could see it standing at attention and all juicy from my dew when I sat on the toilet. I pinched it between my thumb and finger and rolled it around. My breath came in gasps. I listened for any sounds that would indicate that I was not alone. Detecting none I began to masturbate. I hadn't masturbated since moving out and it was long over due. I just never seemed in the mood for sex until right this second and now I was consumed by lust. With one hand rubbing and twisting my clit, I shoved two fingers of my other hand into my sloppy gash. I was finger fucking myself furiously and just as I came, silently I thought, a male voice called out, "To the lady that is playing with herself. Please be aware that it was time to be to her work station ten minutes ago." It was Mr. Moss. I froze with pussy cream dripping from my cunt and fingers and my clitoris pulsing from my finger stimulation. I realized at that moment that I was panting like a steam engine.

I waited as long as I could to make my exit but Mr. Moss was standing just outside the employee entrance waiting. He said nothing but curled his finger at me. I followed him to his office. "Sit down!" He said in a stern voice. He closed the door and sat behind his desk. "What am I going to do about this situation? Julie you are my best and brightest employee yet you fail to follow my simple rule concerning tardiness. Normally your excuse that the transit system isn't running on time can be valid and somewhat excusable. But today young lady, I find you in the employee restroom masturbating."

I could feel myself flush with embarrassment and I was about to respond with some feeble attempt at lying but Mr. Moss simply held his hand up. "Since I interrupted you while you were abusing yourself, I feel it is only gentlemanly to allow you to finish the task. Remove your dress."

My mouth dropped open but I slowly stood up and complied without protest.

"Be quick about it girl. We haven't all day."

I loosened my belt and unbuttoned the dress and let it fall to the floor. I was now naked from my waist down and only my lacy bra hid my titties.

"Come over here!"

I walked like a zombie in the movies. I could not grasp what was happening. It was all too surreal.

"Hop up here on my desk and spread your legs. And lose the bra." Mr. Moss's eyes snapped back and forth between my snatch and my now naked tits. Once I was sitting on the edge of his desk with my legs opened wide, Mr. Moss licked his lips and a lewd smile stretched across his face.

"I have wanted to spread your long brown legs open from the day you started in my department. Look at you. Your pussy is all neatly trimmed and your little clitty is standing at attention. Your big round heavy tits and just look at your nipples. They are hard as two pebbles. Please continue masturbating for me." I have never played with myself in front of anyone in my life. I thought that I would die of shame. I closed my eyes and my hands sought out my pussy lips and clitoris as if they belonged to someone else. In mere moments I was once again on the verge of an orgasm. When I felt Mr. Moss's fingers touch my hard nipples twisting and pulling both of them away from my body, I gushed pussy cream all over my hands.

I lay panting on Mr. Moss's desk.

"Ms. Vogel that was quite wonderful. Now one more chore and I think we can forget about today's transgressions." Mr. Moss pulled out his hard dick. It was not very tough to figure out that he wanted me to suck him off. I had some experience with a couple of boy's back home so I dropped to my knees and engulfed his hard six-inches. I licked and sucked the length of his fat little dick. My head bobbing up and down as my tongue swirled around. I let the saliva drip from my mouth and coat his balls. It took less than five-minutes for Mr. Moss to pop his cork.

"Oh... Oh... Oh... Yesssss!"

I swallowed a little of his cum but most I let drool out of my mouth to coat his genitals and stain the front of his pants. I can be wicked in my vengeance.

"Thank you Ms. Vogel, that will be all for today. Now see to it that doesn't happen again or I will be forced to take stronger measures."

I smiled all thru work. An orgasm can do that you know. At lunch I grabbed a quick burger because we were so busy in our department. It was 5pm before I realized it and thoughts of Roger returned. I checked out and said goodbye to Mr. Moss. He winked and smiled warmly at me. I noticed a large stain on the front of Mr. Moss' trousers. I turned away quickly and chuckled all the way to the parking lot.

I wasn't expecting to find Roger waiting for me but I was pleased to see his huge frame standing next to his Jag. I walked over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He walked me around the sports car and opened my door for me.

"I didn't think you would show up," I said as I slid down into the Jag.

"I am glad to see my words had an impression on you."

"What words?" I replied.

"About not wearing panties," he said as he stared at my bare cunt. I had forgotten, well maybe kind of forgotten, that I was not wearing any panties. With my legs spread open and my short skirt riding up my thighs, Roger had a great view of my puss. He stood staring with a smile on his face. I noticed the front of his trousers move. The outline of a massive cock appeared beneath the material.

"Oh, my! You can see everything," I exclaimed. I silently thought, 'Oh, what the fuck? If my boss can force me to masturbate for him, why can't this hunk get a peek too.'

"Roger, why don't we go somewhere exciting? OK?"

"Sweetie, I know the most exciting place in the world," he replied and off we roared.

Roger took me to a little dance club downtown. It was in the subterranean shopping mall of a high-rise building. Roger was a very good dancer especially for his size. We must have been a sight with me, all of five foot six inches tall, dancing with this hulking six foot two man. We sat in a booth that was romantically tucked away to the rear of the club and situated in the shadows. The dim light proved to be a blessing as Roger's large hands freely roamed over my body whenever we sat out a dance. I noticed that I started wanting to sit out more and more dances. After several drinks, I became bold enough to let my hands roam over Roger's body. Boy was I shocked when my hand wrapped around his hardened cock. I have never felt anything that large on a man before. It was longer than a coke bottle and almost as big around as a soda can. Roger was amused at the look on my face.

"Nice cock isn't it?" Roger said over the beat of the dance music.

"I have never felt anything so large in my life," I said. "That thing can hurt someone."

"I would never allow that to happen," was his reply with his lips close to my ear. "I believe lovemaking is a beautiful and wonderful art form. Patience and tender love care should be applied so that the woman receiving me will enjoy every inch of me. I want her to feel, no, I want you to feel ever ridge and vein of my manhood sliding into your hot pussy. I want to make love to you tonight."

I turned my head and kissed his thick soft lips. I opened my mouth to receive his probing tongue. His finger found the moist opening of my pussy and slid deep into me. I whispered in his ear, "Your place or mine?"


We walked out of the club and entered an elevator that Roger inserted a key card into and punched the number twenty. The elevator whisked us to the twentieth floor of the building. The elevator door opened into an outer foyer facing a single massive oak and leaded-glass door.

"My place," Roger said as he opened the door to a richly furnished apartment that over looked the river that dissected the city. Roger unbuckled his trousers and let them drop just inside the entrance. His huge cock popped into view and I gasped.

"Strip!" Roger commanded. I had a feeling that as I danced and whirled removing my cloths, that our relationship from this point forward would be based on Roger commanding and Julie doing.

"Come over here my little slut," he said in a stern voice. He wrapped his fingers into my long straight black hair and pulling my head back, he kissed me and said, " Your body is mine from this day forward. I will do with it as I see fit. Trust me and enjoy the benefits. Disloyalty will be met with harshly. I want you to be the one." Roger slid a finger into my cunt and lifted me onto the sofa. His large thick fingers probe my cunt, as his soft lips teased my nipples and breasts. I willingly open myself for him when his head ducked between my thighs. His tongue was large and it filled my vaginal opening. It was hot as it lapped the juices that dripped from my pussy. I was ready to receive him now. I had never been this hot in my life. I screamed at Roger, "Fuck me, Roger. Fuck me now, pleaseee."

Roger easily positioned my body where he wanted it and I felt the tip of his cock resting at the entrance of my pussy with the lips spread on either side of his gland. He kissed me and smiled at me. Then he said, "Relax."

The measure of his massive cock slipped into my pussy, the head of the gland lodging just beyond the lips.

"Watch," he said.

I looked between my legs and watched as Roger held me by my hips and flexed only his cock.

"Aaarrrggg," I thought that I was being split in half. He kissed me again as he flexed once again. This time it was more comfortable. He continued flexing his cock until I begged for more. Then he would slip on inch or two into my wanting pussy. Soon I was begging him to put it all into me.

Ever the gentleman, he said, "Are you sure? There is still several inches left and it might be painful for you if I just fucked it into you."

"Roger," I replied in a husky voice, "if you don't ram your cock into me I will die from this sweet torture."

I pulled my long brown legs up along side of my body until my knees touched my tits and I put my hands behind my head completely submitting my cunt for his pleasure. Roger pushed his cock steadily into the depths of my vaginal hole. It stretched, and I am sure tore, a path into me. I felt my inside being pushed aside to make room for the marauding monster. I held my breath until I felt the thick spongy head of his cock collide with my cervix. My body instinctively recoiled from the pain but Roger only ground his hips into me and his massive cock drove me into orgasmic bliss. My vaginal muscles contracted around Roger's cock holding him firm.

"That's it baby. Fuck me with your cunt. Let yourself go, sweetheart. Cum baby cum."

"Yes, yesssss, yesssss fffuuuccckkk mmmeee, ' I wailed as I came again. My pussy cream was flooding my vaginal canal, dripping on to Roger's balls. Roger was a skilled lover and our lovemaking lasted for hours. Roger's stamina was awesome. My sexual needs fulfilled, and Roger had yet to cum. His primal need overcame him and he began to fuck me brutally with his massive fuck stick. Roger slammed the length of his cock into me with such force that I thought I would suffer permanent damage. Yet I screamed for more. Finally I said the magic words, "Cum inside of me lover and I will be yours forever. I will do anything for you."

Roger bellowed like a roaring lion as he released his seed into me. As his seed seared my vaginal cavity, I realized that I had meant what I said. I would do anything for this man.

Our sex that night was a glimpse of our sex from that point forward. Sex with Roger is always a sexual marathon. Roger positioned my body to suit his needs or whims and we fucked until dawn. I moved in with Roger few weekend later. I was total devoted to him. I allowed Roger anything and nothing was sacred to Roger. The first weekend together he fucked my mouth, cunt and ass. I had never had anything in my ass before and it took Roger twenty-minutes to lodge his cock in my bowels. I whined with pain thru most of that first ass fucking. That is until he placed a handprint on my brown little butt. His words were, "Get used to it my little slut. My cock is not the last one your asshole will feel sliding thru it." Then he fucked himself deep and hard into my bowels until I felt his thick cock swell and discharge his seed deep in my ass tube.

As we continued dating I discovered that Roger came at least three times every session. If he could not achieve orgasm on that third try, he would push my head onto his cock and have me suck it. At times he would finger or thumb fuck my pussy but his favorite pastime while I sucked his cock was to spank my ass. He would tell me that I was 'his naughty little cocksucker that was holding back her charms, keeping him from cumming.' I was astonished the first time that he spanked me. It hurt like hell but the mixture of pain and pleasure were very powerful aphrodisiacs for me. And besides, I really got off on sucking the juices from his balls.

I later read up on this behavior and found out that I was a submissive. I did not ever picture myself accepting a submissive role but when he pushed that fat fucking sausage up my tight cunt I knew I would do anything this man wanted. My life seemed wonderful. That is until...

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