Spring Breakdown

by David Oberman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Gang Bang, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Angela Whitman was heading home during her Spring Break but her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on a highway. She waits for someone to drive by to help her out of her dire situation, but nobody comes. Finally help approaches in the horizon, or so she thinks. She is rescued by a biker gang, who decide that she owes them a payback for their help.

Angela Whitman is a good looking 19 year old. At 5 foot 7 inches, she was well endowed, athletic and the body to show it. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she was always being approached by the jocks in her school. Her friends call her Angel, for short.

Today she decided to go and surprise some friends from back home for spring break, rather than joining her friends at Fort Lauderdale. She had a four hour drive on the Interstate and things where going well. As she wasn't expecting to be on the road too long she didn't bother with warm clothing, she wore a pair of tight fitting jeans and a white T-shirt. She didn't bother with a bra this day as she always enjoyed the feel of the shirt material on her nipples.

She was halfway home, listening to a tape. Today was a fairly quiet day of the highway. There seemed to be very little traffic to speak of. In the past hour she had only seen three other vehicles.

This is when all hell broke loose. With no warning whatsoever the hood of her car exploded into steam.

This all caught the young woman by surprise and she had to struggle to get the car to the curb of the road. Finally pulling to the side she sighed a sigh of relief as the car came to a stop. Looking at the front of the car she then pounded the steering wheel in frustration.

Opening the door, she also released the hood, and walked to the front of the car to lift it open. A huge cloud of steam hit her as she did that and it took a few seconds for the air to clear before she could see the engine.

Auto repair wasn't her strong suit and she was confused at the wiring and tubing that lay before her. She gave up trying to find the problem, as if she could have recognized it to begin with, and settled down to wait for some roadside assistance.

She leaned back against her car and waited. And waited. And waited.

Things hadn't changed as far as the traffic was concerned, there wasn't any. For two hours she waited and not a single vehicle came down the road. The temperature was beginning to dip slightly and her nipples were stiffening in the cooling air. After a few more minutes the tiny buds were poking against the thin material of her T-shirt.

Then she heard a rumbling sound coming from down the road. Looking over she could make out a set of lights approaching her disabled car. Hoping to improve her chances of assistance she smoothed down her shirt and jeans.

As the lights kept getting closer and closer she could see that there were a lot of them. That's when she realized that it was a motorcycle gang. This caused her body to shiver with concern. She hadn't planned on something like this.

The motorcycles got closer and she could see that they were slowing and turning off the road towards her and her car. Smiling she felt some relief as they seemed to be coming to her aid.

The lead cycle stopped at her feet while the rest of the gang circled her and her car. The rumbling of their Harleys was deafening and she cringed as she tried to keep an eye on all of them. She could see that most of them seemed to be in their mid twenties, early thirties.

The leader smiled at the apparent fear that was on the young woman's face. He then dismounted and approached her.

"What seems to be the problem Miss?" He asked her, polite as can be.

"I... I'm not s... sure," she stammered. "I was driving when all this steam came out."

Pushing her aside he ducked his head under the hood. Angel breathed a sigh of relief.

'Maybe they can help,' she thought to herself.

Unseen by her, the leader had pulled out a knife and was busily sabotaging her car. Cutting tubes and cables as he faked his examination of the car engine.

Angel looked on, hugging her arms around her chest. Aware that her nipples were stiff and she didn't want to give a free show to these rough characters. She then looked back at the one 'trying' to fix her car.

After a few more minutes he came out with a sour look on his face.

"Sorry miss," he said. "But you'll need to get to a service station to get this fixed."

"Oh damn!" Angel pouted.

Looking up and down the road, she then turned back to the man before her.

"Could you maybe give me a ride to the nearest on?" She asked him. "I've been here for hours and I haven't seen anybody before you. It's getting chilly and I really don't want to wait here all night."

The leader pondered on this, or so it seemed to her, before winking an eye to the others. He began to pull off his jacket and placed it over her shoulders.

"Sure," she told her. "I guess we could do that."

Angel smiled at her rescuer and accepted the jacket gratefully. It was a bit larger for her petite body but it did offer some protection from the cold air.

She followed him to his motorbike and climbed up behind him, hugging him tightly around his muscular chest. He kicked his engine back to life and turned back down the road, his gang following them closely behind.

'The stories I heard about motorcycle gangs were all wrong,' Angel thought to herself. 'They're more like Guardian Angels, not Hell's Angels.'

Feeling more secure now she hugged her savior tighter still. He liked the feel of those young tits crushing against his back and kept riding down the road.

Angel watched the countryside as it slipped by on the way to a service station. First she'd have to call her friends and parents to let them know that she was okay. Then make the arrangements to have the car towed and repaired.

As she kept planning what she would have to do she saw a service station pass by. She was getting confused and a little bit concerned now. She looked back and saw the others still following them. She had little choice but to hold on. What other choice did she have. She would never survive jumping off at the speed they were going.

They passed two more service stations before the gang started slowing down and turning off on a dirt road heading into the woods. This road was seldom used she was sure.

The motorcycles were bouncing along on this road for a good twenty minutes and she had to hold on even tighter for fear of being thrown off.

The gang finally pulled up to an old shack in the middle of this forest. She didn't know where she was, but she feared that she knew what was to come next.

"Get off the bike," the leader told her.

When Angel refused to move he shoved her off forcibly and she landed on her firm butt on the ground next to him. Now she was getting worried. Here she was alone surrounded by tough gang members, miles form anything.

She also realized that her trip was to be a surprise visit, so nobody would even notice that she was missing until Monday afternoon. That's when her first classes would take place back at school.

Trying to escape, she began to crawl like a crab until her back collided with one of the other men now standing around her. She looked up and around and counted fifteen men. All of them rugged looking and unshaven. Most of them appeared to be in good physical shape, except for three or four that sported potbellies.

'Oh why did I come with them?' She asked herself.

But she knew the answer to that was that she was desperate and she was too naÔve not to know any better. Besides their leader was so nice to her earlier, how was she to know that he would turn on her at the first opportunity.

Before she could lift herself off of the ground, she felt two strong pair of arms lifting her clear off the ground. Her feet were dangling almost a foot in the air. They all headed to the back of the shack with the two carrying the petite blonde in their arms.

In a futile attempt, Angel tried to escape from her captors. The scene was quite comical. As the bikers looked at her useless attempt, they watched guffawing as her slim legs pedaled the air, just like a cartoon character. After a few futile attempts on her part, she stopped. Realizing how useless it all was.

Turning the corner of the shack, Angel could see a workbench. She realized that this is where she expected IT to happen to her. The group headed for the bench along with their captive plaything.

They paused a few feet away form this makeshift bed. Angel was wondering what was supposed to happen next. She didn't have to wait long. Two callused hands reached around her from behind and started mauling her perk breast. This caused her to catch her breath in surprise.

The mauling kept on to the cheers of the surrounding male audience. Occasionally her nipples would be pinched painfully, causing her to cry out in response. Angel was ashamed to realize that her cunny was seeping from excitement. A dark patch was beginning to show itself in the crotch of her jeans.

This did not go totally unnoticed by the bikers around the suspended girl. In reaction, some of the men started rubbing the crotch of their own pants getting their own cocks aroused.

When Angel noticed their action she dropped her head down in shame. Then her tit mauler grabbed hold of her T-shirt and ripped it right down the middle. In a matter of seconds she found her breast totally exposed to the leering gaze of fifteen bikers.

By now all of them were busy undoing their buckles and pants and dropping them to the ground. Angel slowly lifted her head back up and blushed profusely at the sight of all those cocks exposed in front of her. They were of all size and shape. Long ones and short ones. Thin ones and fat ones. And a few would even have cockheads in the shape of a wide mushroom.

Though the sight disturbed her, she also found it all too arousing. She began to struggle, weakly, once more in the grasp of her captors. But it was still a useless attempt.

The next thing that happened was what she had been fearing since the beginning. She felt hands grasping her legs and lifting them in the air as well. And others were busily undoing her jeans and tugging and pulling them down, despite her feeble attempts to prevent it from happening.

Within a few minutes she was stripped of all clothing except one sock on her right foot. Her clothing were strewn all over the area, well beyond her reach under the circumstances.

Knowing full well that her situation was helpless, she simply looked on as she followed one of the gang member lie himself down on the bench. Then the two men holding her in the air carried her over to their comrade and lowered her to his protruding shaft. She would have struggled to avoid that cock, except that others were guiding her directly to the goal 'post'.

Within a few seconds she felt the cockhead slip past her tense pussy lips into her love tunnel. But there was no love involved on this occasion. Deeper and deeper it went until her pussy lips could feel the tickle of his crotch hair.

She took a deep breath of air as she felt him bottom out inside of her. She expected the fucking to start then and there, but nothing was happening. Her rapist remained still under her.

Then she was forcibly pushed forward until she found herself lying flat on his prone chest. Her breast crushed against his hairy chest. She could smell his foul breath as he breathed deeply down at her tiny body.

'What are they waiting for?' She thought to herself.

That answer was not long in coming. She felt someone playing around her asshole. Her eyes bugged out when she realized why they were waiting. They wanted her filled in both holes together, at the same time. She began to panic and pushed against the prone biker, but others pushed her back down.

A few minutes later she could feel the head of a second cock pushing at her sphincter, trying to gain entry, and she was helpless to prevent any of this from happening. After a few more tries the cockhead broke through and kept pushing its way in her bowels.

Tears of pain streaked down her face as the anal rape continued. Her breathing was short and labored as the second cock continued its quest.

She heard her second rapist gasp in exhilaration when he also reached his maximum depth. Both rapist remained immobile within her rear cavities, but still neither began fucking her. This was now truly confusing to the young woman. The double penetration was painful enough as is, but the added frustration of not getting fucked was maddening. She knew that the sooner they fuck her, the sooner this would end for her.

With her eyes blurry in tears, Angel hadn't noticed a third cock advancing to her face. When she looked up that's when she saw him approaching her lips. She clenched them tight in defense.

The surrounding audience saw what was happening and began booing her attempts at preventing their fun. A few of them approached her impaled body and reached between her body and their buddy and began pinching her nipples. Trying to force her to open those sexy lips for their friend.

Then one had the bright idea of pinching her nose shut. Within a few seconds she gasped for a fresh breath of air. Their buddy took that occasion to shove his stiff member past her lips.

Once the third penetration occurred, that was the signal for all three rapist to begin to hump into her. From past experience, it didn't take long for them to find the proper tempo. When one would fuck in, the other would pull out. All the while the one fucking past her lips would fuck in and out of her face at his own pace.

Angel was still reeling from the pain of the double penetration, but gradually she was finding it being replaced by a sense of pleasure. She couldn't understand how her body could be betraying like this. But she had no control over it at this point.

As the double fucking went on behind her, she could feel both cocks rubbing against each other through the thin membrane that separated her vagina to her asshole. The sensation was fantastic. Within a few strokes her clit exploded in the best orgasm she had ever experienced, in her young life.

The triple fuck went on for five minutes before the first of them began cumming inside her. While this is going on she could also start feeling hands groping all over your body. Hands were grabbing her hanging tits, slapping her butt hard.

The first one was the one in her ass. She could feel the hot cum shooting deep into her bowels. This was soon followed by the one in her mouth, as she tasted the vile jism shooting past her tonsils down her throat. With her mouth still plugged by the shooting dick, she had no choice but to swallow the load of cum as it was sprayed into her.

Finally the third and final cock began to cum himself in her pussy. At this point she orgasmed a second time. This was a new experience for her. She had never had two orgasm in a single fuck session before. If fact, she didn't believe it possible for a woman to have more than one per fucking.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" She gasped out. "Yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

The rest of the biker gang cheered at hearing her beg for more. And they were more than willing to comply to her request.

After a few minutes of rest, her rapists began to disentangle themselves from her. The one in her ass came loose with a loud pop. While the one in her mouth slipped out despite her mouth trying to suck him back in instinctively. And finally she was lifted off the prone biker, her pussy sucking against the now limp cock. When it finally came free of her clutching pussy lips, drops of cum came dripping out of her.

She had a slight smile on her lips as she felt the three cocks leave her body.

'Thank god, its all over,' she told herself.

How naÔve could she be. Yes the three rapist were done with her for now. But there were twelve other just waiting for their turn at her. As before she is suspended in the air by two strong set of arms.

Two new gang members walk up in front of your restrained body and suck hard on your already stiff nipples. Angle doesn't want to appear so excited but her body isn't cooperating with that wish. Just by their touch on her hypersensitive nipple buds, Angel can't help but to have yet another orgasm.

The rest of the gang burst out laughing even louder as they see your juices running down your hanging legs.

Now its time for the second group of rapists to have their turn. Once more one of them lies down on the bench and you are carried over to his prone form.

Angel is expecting the same kind of fucking. But when she opens her eyes weakly and look down at his cock, her eyes bug out. God its at least 12" long, but thin. She struggles weakly, but her strength is still too drained from her first round of fucking.

'I've never seen a human cock that long before,' she thinks to herself. you know how big my eyes would get?

She panics, as she doesn't think her pussy could handle something like that.

"Please," she begs them. "Don... don't fuck my pussy with that."

"Sure sweetie," she hears the leader tell her. "We wouldn't think of having your cunt fuck down on Jonesy's cock."

Angel is surprised when they promise that they wouldn't have that huge cock fuck her, as she had asked. They turned her around so that her back was to the prone man, and they push his cock in her tight asshole.

"Arghhhhh!" She screams out. "God, oh god! It hurts. Pull it out! Please take it out!"

"We promised that Jonesy wouldn't fuck your pussy," the leader told her sarcastically. "We never mentioned anything else."

The whole biker gang burst out laughing at her expense. Angel screams so loud that she was hoping that a forest ranger could hear her cries of anguish. But nobody was near enough to hear even her loudest screams.

She also tries to resist getting that twelve inch rod up her bunghole, but the two that were holding her in the air before are now pushing her down on their buddy. Three good shoves and all twelve inches are buried deep inside of her. They stop there and simply push her back so that she found herself lying on her back, on top of their buddies stomach.

Then she feels hands grabbing her legs and pulling them apart. This exposes her pussy for yet another cock.

Meanwhile, Jonesy, with his cock still up her ass grabs hold of her wrist and twist them behind her back and pulls them up towards her shoulder blades. This causes her chest to push out and strains the skin of her tits making them even sexier looking to his buddies.

Angel begins straining as another approaches her exposed pussy. She looks down past her chest to see what is happening. That's when she sees him approaching her gaping pussy. This one's cock is as long as the one already in your ass but much, much thicker.

Angel can't help but shriek as she sees him get closer. Then its head makes contact with her pussy lips. Its heat is shearing. She'd never felt a cock that hot before. Next she feels him start to push his way past those tight lips of her cunt.

The pressure gets to much for her and she cums yet again, splurting her cunny juices all over his monster cock. This added lubrication of her cum is all that he needed to push the head of his cock past her pussy ring.

Poor Angel has never felt as full as she felt right now. A twelve inch cock imbedded in her ass and another even thicker one now making its way deep inside her pussy.

About six inches of that monster cock was now inside her pussy as she noticed yet another member approaching her face. She knows what is expected of her and she opens her mouth voluntarily. Her resistance has completely evaporated now. She realizes that there was no use in resisting any further. She now understood that she would be their plaything until they let her go.

A third cock enters her mouth and begins fucking deeply past her tonsils, down into her now willing throat. All the while, the stud in her cunt is pushing harder, trying to get those last few inches of his cock buried into her tight pussy, while his partner in her ass begins humping in and out of it at the same time.

But this isn't enough. Despite having three cocks buried in her, two more gang members approach her on either side and make her grasp their cocks and jerk them off.

Angel was now busily servicing five cocks. And still there is more to come. With her handling five cocks, two more members bury their face in your tits and start sucking hard on your nipples.

"Oh god forgive me," she yells out. "God forgive me, but this feels so good. Suck! Suck my tits off!"

despite her best efforts, Angel has another explosive orgasm. Seven men were now ravishing her young body at the same time and five of those will be shooting cum in or on her within moments.

The cock in her mouth is the first to shoot, but he pulls out so he can splatter her face with his jism. He hits her eyes and nose with the white creamy substance.

Without any conscious thought, Angel opens her mouth to try and catch as much as she can of the creamy cum. He laughs and aims away from her desperately seeking mouth.

As soon as he is done another member sticks his cock in her gaping mouth and she starts licking it with her tongue.

As the two giant cocks keep fucking her ass and pussy, she feels the hot jism of the two cocks that she was busily jerking shoot, and hit her tits. The scalding heat of the cum drives her over the edge into another orgasm. Her hands aren't left empty long as two more move up to take their place.

The huge cock in her pussy has finally managed to get the whole thing in her now over stretched pussy. She can feel those two giant cocks as they rub against each other through the thin membrane that separates both holes.

So intense was she on all the cocks that she was servicing, Angel almost forgot the cock in her ass. That is until she felt it shoot a huge, powerful load into her. She was so surprised that she almost jumped off his staff, but his buddy on top of her prevented that from happening.

With his next thrust in her pussy he pushed her ass back onto his friends huge cock. The shock that she had forgotten those monster tools in her sensitive holes surprised her. There was no longer any pain, or feeling of stretching. Her ass and cunt had grown accustomed to them. That was something that she would never have believed before this day.

She had to be reminded of her other obligations when another cock started slapping her face for service. She opened her mouth obediently and resumed sucking.

The stud in her ass, though limp, was trapped under the gang- banged girl. So he just remained motionless beneath them all. His hands roaming up to her chest and playing with her nipples as some of his buddies sucked on those succulent morsels.

His buddy was still fucking her pussy, and he could feel the rubbing action against his limp cock. A smile crept across his lips as he began his own tool reviving while still imbedded in her as.

Angel didn't know what was happening just then. It was the strangest sensation yet. Something seemed to be growing inside her, but she couldn't figure out what it could be. She felt like one of those victims in the 'Alien' movies.

Before long she was once more impaled by the two huge tools. She couldn't believe that a limp cock had grown back while inside her like that. It was the wildest sensation that she could ever imagine.

Meanwhile, the other one in her pussy was nearing his climax. With a loud grunt he shot a monstrous amount of cum in her pussy. Almost at the exact instant she climaxed herself, spraying her juices all over the balls of both giant rapist. That was enough to trigger the second climax of Jonesy. He shot his second load up her ass, which triggered yet another orgasm from Angel.

It was getting to the point where she could barely tell when one orgasm finished and the next would start.

She no longer needed to be reminded of the other cocks floating around her. This ordeal went on for hours with no rest given the young beauty. Whenever one hole was vacated by a gang member, it would immediately be filled by another, each having had sufficient time to recuperate from their last dip in her.

Not having eaten yet today, Angel wasn't at her peak, and following all of the multiple orgasms that she had so far experienced, she finally and mercifully lost consciousness.

That didn't stop her rapist, they just kept fucking her limp body. And her unconscious body wouldn't let her rest either, it continued to assault her with still more orgasms. By the time they decided to quit for the evening, Angel was covered with jism. Both inside and out.

When she woke up, hours later, she found herself inside a room on a bed. When she tried to get up, she found that she couldn't move her hands or her legs. Looking down and over, she could see why that was. She had been tied to each bedpost while unconscious.

It took her a few moments to remember what had happened to her, then she began crying in despair.

She quickly looked around the room but could see no one. They had left her here, alone. Then, in the darkness, she heard some shuffling coming from a dark corner of the room. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw two sets of gleaming eyes peering out of the blackness.

She struggled against her bonds. She didn't want to be taken by those men again. Not this way.

The shuffling resumed and she looked over in a panic. She sighed a sigh of relief when the two dogs showed themselves.

"Oh thank you god," she said aloud. "Thank you for sparing me from them."

She was of course referring to the biker gang. She looked back at the two dogs, now sitting at the foot of the bed. No wonder she couldn't see them clearly in the dark. Both were almost midnight black. One was a large Doberman and the other was an even larger Great Dane.

Keeping an eye to the door for signs of her captors return, she resumed her efforts to free her hands from the bonds. Suddenly she felt the bed sag at her waist.

Turning around she saw that the Great Dane had his forelegs on the bed, sniffing at her. She saw that confused look in his eyes and found it almost comical. She didn't pay attention to him any longer and resumed pulling at the bonds.

Meanwhile, the Great Dane, was busily sniffing the air above the naked girl's body. He was trying to locate the source of the smell that was arousing him ever so slightly. As his nose got lower and lower, the smell was getting stronger still. He lowered his head and licked her left breast with that huge tongue of his.

"Hey!" Angel squealed. "Now stop that."

The huge beast didn't pay any attention to her command and licked her again. Angel could feel her nipple stiffening once more.

"Stop that I said," she repeated. "You can't do that."

As she stared blankly at the huge animal, his companion hoped on the other side of the bed and proceeded to do the same to her other breast.

"Ughn!" She grunted.

Her breath was catching and she couldn't understand how this could be happening. How can a dog be doing this to her. How could this be getting her so excited.

The dogs didn't know that this was taboo. All they cared about was licking her tits clean of all the jism that was covering her body. But as they continued licking their cocks were growing as well. Growing hard and fast.

Unfortunately, in her present bound position, Angel wasn't aware of those doggie cocks, yet. She kept struggling to get free, while her body kept betraying her under the constant licking of the two obsidian beast.

When both dogs were satisfied that they had cleaned her tits adequately, they moved lower down her body. The Doberman found her bellybutton first and began licking her clean there. His mate went lower still and discovered her pussy.

"Aiieee!" Angel squealed at the contact of the Dane's tongue on her clit.

The Great Dane began licking her pussy ravenously. There was a lot of cum for him there and he was planning on getting it all out. His tongue disappeared into her pussy, going deeper than any human tongue ever could.

That bestial invasion got Angel so excited that she orgasmed against the dogs probing snout. Her spray caught the beast by surprised and he jumped back momentarily before burying his thick tongue back inside her womb.

Angel couldn't believe the sensation of that wiggling tongue deep inside her. And her body didn't ignore the constant licking by the Doberman and Dane. Once again she found that her breathing was getting short and deep.

Next she felt the bed sag. Looking down, she noticed that the Doberman had leapt onto the bed and was licking up her body towards her head. Meanwhile the Great Dane had resumed attacking her exposed pussy.

Looking at that black face of the Doberman, she couldn't help but be fearful at seeing those rows of fangs in its mouth. Her breathing would catch at the slightest contact of either dog's tongue as they continued to clean off the cummy residue of her earlier gang rape.

Finally the Doberman reached her neck and began licking under her chin. She closed her eyes in shame as she felt the bestial tongue wash over her like that. She knew that this was taboo, but why did her body betray her so much. Another orgasm hit her causing her to open her mouth in a loud gasp.

The Doberman took this occasion to slip its huge tongue past her lips into her mouth. Angel opened her eyes in shock at the animal's surprise french kiss. She didn't know what to do. If she bit down on its tongue, she felt sure that the animal would reciprocate ferociously. So she reluctantly allowed the two beast to have their way with her.

But once more her body betrayed her. Without any conscious thought, she found her own tongue slipping into the black beast's mouth and returning the french kiss. Her chest rose and fell as she continued taking very deep breaths.

The Great Dane's tongue continued to lick her pussy and clit driving her to still more orgasms. She couldn't believe that she was getting so aroused by an act so depraved as this.

The Doberman pulled its tongue out of her, now sucking, mouth and the bast continued to move further up. Reaching the headboard of the bed, it placed its forepaws on it ad moved forward still.

Angel didn't know what the dog was trying to do as her eyes followed its chest over her head. Then her eyes caught a glimpse of something else. Something long and red. She lowered her eyes and gasped as she saw the dog's blood engorged cock wobbling just above her now.

She didn't want to have anything to do with something as obscene as this, but her eyes would be drawn back to it regardless of her feelings. She had never seen a cock so strange as this. It was long and very fat, then would taper off I the back. She was confused because she thought that she could make out two sets of balls. She had mistaken the dog's bulbous knot for a set of balls.

The Doberman started humping, trying to locate her mouth opening. When Angel realized what the dog was trying to do, she turned her face aside. Nothing would make her do something so vile.

Then she felt the bed sag once again. Peering down between the straddling Doberman, she could see the black Dane had also jumped in to join them. Squinting a bit she was shocked to see that this animal also had a huge stiff cock under its belly. She gasped out loudly at the sight of that doggy prick. It was at least twelve inches in length and was already dripping pre-cum over her snatch.

When she felt the pre-cum hitting her skin, she gasped out with yet another orgasm. This one seemed twice as powerful than all the others she had experienced so far.

The Doberman began seeping its own pre-cum above her head. And when that hit her Angel instinctively looked up, mouth open. She didn't realize what she had done until the first few drops hit her lips and mouth. Without even thinking about it she swallowed the dog's pre-cum. Once again she realized that her young body had betrayed her.

Tears swelled up in her eyes when she came to the sudden realization that she loved it. Resigning herself to her fate she opened her mouth again and swallowed more of the bestial juices. Her nipples reacted immediately and stiffened harder than they had ever felt before.

When the Doberman hunkered down and its cock began hitting her face, she no longer turned away. In fact she began to kiss the hot doggy flesh as it slid by her lips. The dog seemed to sense her change of attitude and began poking her with his hard cock.

He was hitting her nose, her eyes or her chin. The hard pokes were painful at times, and the only way to stop the pain seemed to be to get it in her mouth where it could no longer poke her face.

Without any conscious thought, Angel opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Her first contact with that hard piece of doggy cock wasn't so bad, she thought to herself. A bit saltier than the other cocks she had been forced to suck today, but not too bad at all.

With her final resolve gone, Angel grasped the tip of the Doberman's cock and sucked it into her mouth. She then proceeded to suck him off. The Doberman, feeling her warm lips wrapped around his cock began to fuck into her with earnest.

The bedspring began to protest with a loud squeaking sound. This caught the attention of one of the gang members in the next room.

Suddenly the room was ablaze in light. Angel was oblivious to its brightness, preferring to concentrate on the doggy cock she was sucking.

"Hey guys!" She heard someone yell out. "Check out our sleeping beauty here. She ain't sleeping no more."

Fearing the worst, she glanced sideways from the cock she was sucking. Sure enough, one by one the gang members were streaming into the room. They had caught her sucking off one of their dogs. She closed her eyes tightly in shame. She also tried to pull her mouth off of the Doberman's cock, but it was too late for that.

The Doberman was now fucking her and with her still being bound as she was, she had no leverage to extricate herself from his fucking cock.

The bike members began encircling the bed to watch her perform.

"Go girl," she could hear them chant. "Take that fucking bitch Diablo." As they encouraged the dog forward.

The only thing she could do is suck the dog off as fast as she could, so that this nightmare could end. She lifted her head slightly and sucked in even more of the bestial cock. The men around her cheered as they saw her 'willingly' suck their dog.

Looking around, she could see them pull out their cocks and begin stroking them all around her. A smile crossed her cock stuffed lips at the thought that she was having such a powerful effect on so many men.

The Doberman's pre-cum was so voluminous that Angel thought for sure that the dog must have cum already. She hadn't the foggiest idea of how a dog fucks. She didn't have any way of knowing that the pre-cum was its way of lubricating a bitch. And that when Diablo cums, he cums with a gigantic load.

So, innocently, Angel continued to suck and swallow. Not yet aware of what was to happen soon.

One of the men at the foot of the bed noticed the Great Dane then.

"Hey you guys," he yelled out. "Check out Jett. He wants in on the action too."

That's when they all took notice of its giant cock as well. That's when a sly grin crept over the lips of the gang leader.

"Bert! Jonesy! Move Jett over here," he pointed over to Angel's exposed crotch.

Then he moved next to her face and whispered in her hear as she continued to suck on the Doberman's cock.

"That wasn't very nice," he whispered. "Leaving Jett unsatisfied like that. But we're about to fix that."

Angel had a puzzled look on her face.

'What is he talking about,' she thought. 'Who's this Jett guy anyway.'

But at this point she didn't really care who Jett was. She was too involved with sucking her first dog cock. And she was finding out that she really loved it. She lifted her head back up and took in more of Diablo's cock and resumed her sucking.

Meanwhile, Bert and Jonesy were busily guiding Jett's body into position so that the Great Dane could have access to the girl's cunt. When the large dog was finally in position, they had to push its butt down so that they could then guide its monster cock to her pussy. They figured once that was accomplished, Jett would know what to do.

Angel was so engrossed in sucking on the Doberman's cock, that she was oblivious to everything else. When she felt the warm presence of a cock at her pussy she had assumed that one of the bikers was getting ready to rape her again. She no longer cared. She had endured hours of their gang bang rape earlier that she found herself numb to them.

As the Dane's cock found its mark and began penetrating her pussy, Angel began to realize that something was different about this rapist. Something briskly was tickling her thighs as the cock pushed further into her gaping cunt. It was a strange sensation. Arousing actually. She could feel her juices flowing again and she came again. She had stopped counting how many orgasms she had had since her ordeal began.

Finally her curiosity won the best of her. She managed to pull her face away from Diablo's cock and looked down between their bodies. At first she couldn't make out what was happening down at her pussy. She followed along the black furry body of the Doberman, but somehow it seemed longer than it should have.

Then it dawned on her. It wasn't only the Doberman's body that she was seeing, it was also the Great Dane's. Looking down at her crotch was when she saw that it was the Dane's huge doggy cock that was pushing its way into her young pussy.

"No! God, please. No!" She screamed.

She struggled helplessly against her binding and the weight of the two dogs straddling her. One of the bikers reached under Diablo and guided its cock back to her whimpering mouth. Angle tried uselessly to turn away, but her subconscious found her opening to accept the dog cock back in her sucking mouth.

She sucked and licked the Doberman's cock as she could feel Jett's cock drive deeper into her vagina. Meanwhile, her body betrayed her once again, as she began fucking up to greet his huge, thick cock. She couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this.

'How sick am I?' She asked herself.

"Woooheee!" She could hear the gang members, as they were enjoying her performance.

Though not at ease in its fucking position, Jett had managed to get at least half his cock past her pussy lips. In this position he couldn't get any further in, so he settled in to fuck what he could.

Angel could now feel the doggy cock fucking rhythmically in and out of her clenching pussy, and again she climaxed. She never stopped sucking on Diablo's cock either. She was still swallowing a steady stream of the Doberman's pre-cum, still not realizing that he had yet to cum.

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