Spring Breakdown

by David Oberman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Gang Bang, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Angela Whitman was heading home during her Spring Break but her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on a highway. She waits for someone to drive by to help her out of her dire situation, but nobody comes. Finally help approaches in the horizon, or so she thinks. She is rescued by a biker gang, who decide that she owes them a payback for their help.

Angela Whitman is a good looking 19 year old. At 5 foot 7 inches, she was well endowed, athletic and the body to show it. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she was always being approached by the jocks in her school. Her friends call her Angel, for short.

Today she decided to go and surprise some friends from back home for spring break, rather than joining her friends at Fort Lauderdale. She had a four hour drive on the Interstate and things where going well. As she wasn't expecting to be on the road too long she didn't bother with warm clothing, she wore a pair of tight fitting jeans and a white T-shirt. She didn't bother with a bra this day as she always enjoyed the feel of the shirt material on her nipples.

She was halfway home, listening to a tape. Today was a fairly quiet day of the highway. There seemed to be very little traffic to speak of. In the past hour she had only seen three other vehicles.

This is when all hell broke loose. With no warning whatsoever the hood of her car exploded into steam.

This all caught the young woman by surprise and she had to struggle to get the car to the curb of the road. Finally pulling to the side she sighed a sigh of relief as the car came to a stop. Looking at the front of the car she then pounded the steering wheel in frustration.

Opening the door, she also released the hood, and walked to the front of the car to lift it open. A huge cloud of steam hit her as she did that and it took a few seconds for the air to clear before she could see the engine.

Auto repair wasn't her strong suit and she was confused at the wiring and tubing that lay before her. She gave up trying to find the problem, as if she could have recognized it to begin with, and settled down to wait for some roadside assistance.

She leaned back against her car and waited. And waited. And waited.

Things hadn't changed as far as the traffic was concerned, there wasn't any. For two hours she waited and not a single vehicle came down the road. The temperature was beginning to dip slightly and her nipples were stiffening in the cooling air. After a few more minutes the tiny buds were poking against the thin material of her T-shirt.

Then she heard a rumbling sound coming from down the road. Looking over she could make out a set of lights approaching her disabled car. Hoping to improve her chances of assistance she smoothed down her shirt and jeans.

As the lights kept getting closer and closer she could see that there were a lot of them. That's when she realized that it was a motorcycle gang. This caused her body to shiver with concern. She hadn't planned on something like this.

The motorcycles got closer and she could see that they were slowing and turning off the road towards her and her car. Smiling she felt some relief as they seemed to be coming to her aid.

The lead cycle stopped at her feet while the rest of the gang circled her and her car. The rumbling of their Harleys was deafening and she cringed as she tried to keep an eye on all of them. She could see that most of them seemed to be in their mid twenties, early thirties.

The leader smiled at the apparent fear that was on the young woman's face. He then dismounted and approached her.

"What seems to be the problem Miss?" He asked her, polite as can be.

"I... I'm not s... sure," she stammered. "I was driving when all this steam came out."

Pushing her aside he ducked his head under the hood. Angel breathed a sigh of relief.

'Maybe they can help,' she thought to herself.

Unseen by her, the leader had pulled out a knife and was busily sabotaging her car. Cutting tubes and cables as he faked his examination of the car engine.

Angel looked on, hugging her arms around her chest. Aware that her nipples were stiff and she didn't want to give a free show to these rough characters. She then looked back at the one 'trying' to fix her car.

After a few more minutes he came out with a sour look on his face.

"Sorry miss," he said. "But you'll need to get to a service station to get this fixed."

"Oh damn!" Angel pouted.

Looking up and down the road, she then turned back to the man before her.

"Could you maybe give me a ride to the nearest on?" She asked him. "I've been here for hours and I haven't seen anybody before you. It's getting chilly and I really don't want to wait here all night."

The leader pondered on this, or so it seemed to her, before winking an eye to the others. He began to pull off his jacket and placed it over her shoulders.

"Sure," she told her. "I guess we could do that."

Angel smiled at her rescuer and accepted the jacket gratefully. It was a bit larger for her petite body but it did offer some protection from the cold air.

She followed him to his motorbike and climbed up behind him, hugging him tightly around his muscular chest. He kicked his engine back to life and turned back down the road, his gang following them closely behind.

'The stories I heard about motorcycle gangs were all wrong,' Angel thought to herself. 'They're more like Guardian Angels, not Hell's Angels.'

Feeling more secure now she hugged her savior tighter still. He liked the feel of those young tits crushing against his back and kept riding down the road.

Angel watched the countryside as it slipped by on the way to a service station. First she'd have to call her friends and parents to let them know that she was okay. Then make the arrangements to have the car towed and repaired.

As she kept planning what she would have to do she saw a service station pass by. She was getting confused and a little bit concerned now. She looked back and saw the others still following them. She had little choice but to hold on. What other choice did she have. She would never survive jumping off at the speed they were going.

They passed two more service stations before the gang started slowing down and turning off on a dirt road heading into the woods. This road was seldom used she was sure.

The motorcycles were bouncing along on this road for a good twenty minutes and she had to hold on even tighter for fear of being thrown off.

The gang finally pulled up to an old shack in the middle of this forest. She didn't know where she was, but she feared that she knew what was to come next.

"Get off the bike," the leader told her.

When Angel refused to move he shoved her off forcibly and she landed on her firm butt on the ground next to him. Now she was getting worried. Here she was alone surrounded by tough gang members, miles form anything.

She also realized that her trip was to be a surprise visit, so nobody would even notice that she was missing until Monday afternoon. That's when her first classes would take place back at school.

Trying to escape, she began to crawl like a crab until her back collided with one of the other men now standing around her. She looked up and around and counted fifteen men. All of them rugged looking and unshaven. Most of them appeared to be in good physical shape, except for three or four that sported potbellies.

'Oh why did I come with them?' She asked herself.

But she knew the answer to that was that she was desperate and she was too naÔve not to know any better. Besides their leader was so nice to her earlier, how was she to know that he would turn on her at the first opportunity.

Before she could lift herself off of the ground, she felt two strong pair of arms lifting her clear off the ground. Her feet were dangling almost a foot in the air. They all headed to the back of the shack with the two carrying the petite blonde in their arms.

In a futile attempt, Angel tried to escape from her captors. The scene was quite comical. As the bikers looked at her useless attempt, they watched guffawing as her slim legs pedaled the air, just like a cartoon character. After a few futile attempts on her part, she stopped. Realizing how useless it all was.

Turning the corner of the shack, Angel could see a workbench. She realized that this is where she expected IT to happen to her. The group headed for the bench along with their captive plaything.

They paused a few feet away form this makeshift bed. Angel was wondering what was supposed to happen next. She didn't have to wait long. Two callused hands reached around her from behind and started mauling her perk breast. This caused her to catch her breath in surprise.

The mauling kept on to the cheers of the surrounding male audience. Occasionally her nipples would be pinched painfully, causing her to cry out in response. Angel was ashamed to realize that her cunny was seeping from excitement. A dark patch was beginning to show itself in the crotch of her jeans.

This did not go totally unnoticed by the bikers around the suspended girl. In reaction, some of the men started rubbing the crotch of their own pants getting their own cocks aroused.

When Angel noticed their action she dropped her head down in shame. Then her tit mauler grabbed hold of her T-shirt and ripped it right down the middle. In a matter of seconds she found her breast totally exposed to the leering gaze of fifteen bikers.

By now all of them were busy undoing their buckles and pants and dropping them to the ground. Angel slowly lifted her head back up and blushed profusely at the sight of all those cocks exposed in front of her. They were of all size and shape. Long ones and short ones. Thin ones and fat ones. And a few would even have cockheads in the shape of a wide mushroom.

Though the sight disturbed her, she also found it all too arousing. She began to struggle, weakly, once more in the grasp of her captors. But it was still a useless attempt.

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