Camping With Uncle

by Sindiseptember

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: She goes camping with her young uncle and his wife. Passion consumes her that evening.

I had gone hiking with my aunt and uncle, who I adore. My uncle was my mother's younger brother. We were very close. He was in his mid-20s and had recently married my aunt, who is seven years his senior.

My uncle had my mother's dark hair and was a swimmer in college. I remember going to see him swim since he was in his teens and I was just a young girl. His small waste and broad shoulders had attracted my beautiful aunt. She was a vision. She was so feminine. She had blond hair and striking blue eyes. She had amazing long legs and the somewhat thin body of a gymnast. When I first met her, I was so jealous of her. My uncle and I had a special bond and I felt that she was coming between us.

This was replaced when I realized how special she was. She had a way of making people feel beautiful around her. She had a charisma and natural beauty that made her glow. When she smiled at me, I just felt special. Being around both of them made me feel very special.

The day we left, it was an all-day drive, my aunt wore a jean skirt. This is where it gets weird. While packing their bronco, I found myself behind her for a few minutes while she rearranged the back.

From where I stood, I could see her panties. They were nothing exotic, white, cotton. At first, I was looking away. Then I found myself staring, looking for opportunities to look. I was enthralled by the sight, and aching just to see more.

Throughout the day I imagined the vision. I thought about her. I imagined that I was assigned to measure her. I thought about her thighs and imagined reaching out to touch them. The white of the briefs and the smooth lines of her legs enthralled me.

That evening, we sat around a campfire and roasted marshmallows. We talked. They asked me about the boys I was around. My uncle gave me a beer, and we had a conversation that made the whole day's drive worthwhile. We laughed and listened to old music.

It had been weeks since a strange affair I had with my employer had begun. For some reason, the whole trip had made me feel better about myself. I felt independent with them. I felt free, like a woman coming into her own.

Still, the thought of my aunt's gorgeous legs, hips and body kept creeping into my mind. The more I thought about it, the more I saw the power of her sexuality. She brought with her electricity. You just felt good around her. You wanted to look at her. You wanted to watch her move and admired the way she did everything.

After some conversation, my uncle said it was time to take his two gorgeous ladies to bed. We all hugged and got ready for bed. I felt good to be held by them. They made me beautiful. They were beautiful apart, but together, it was amazing.

While I couldn't catch a glimpse of my aunt changing, I had sat all day imagining reaching out to touch her. When the lights went out, I waited for them to fall asleep. My fingers found myself, and I quietly began to work out the whole fantasy. I became lost in my own pleasure, then I heard a rumbling and a zipper.

I looked over and from the moonlight, I could see my aunt, she had stripped off her panties and I could see the dark blond hairs of her sex and the amazing curves of her ass as she moved to enter my uncle's sleeping bag. It was so dark, but I could hear them. They were being so soft and light to keep the noise down, but I could hear them nonetheless.

My aunt must have been very worked up. I imagined by the sounds, that my uncle was inside of her. I could nearly hear their sex beneath the muted and muffled moans of passion.

From time to time they would stop, wondering, I'm sure, if they were making too much noise. I would become so still when they would halt, though it would make my body ache. At one point, an orgasm had struck during one of their pauses, I squeezed my knees together and shuddered until it passed.

I imagined being between them, even though my uncle was family and like a big brother to me. I thought about being their playground, feeling their hands touching every inch of their bodies.

Their pauses began to become fewer and far between. I'm sure their passion had pushed the memory of their young niece to the backs of their minds.

Meanwhile, I imagined both of them suckling my breasts and prying my legs apart. I thought about my aunt moving her panties aside and lowering herself on me while my uncle hungrily invaded my wet pussy with his tongue and fingers.

The forbidden nature of the memory made it even more erotic. I thought about him watching me and my aunt, and that made it worse. I imagined how it would turn him on.

During the evolution of my orgasm, I too had begun to throw caution into the wind. As they built up, I could hear muted, but intense cries escaping my dear aunt's lips. My fingers moved in time. A wave struck me. One of those intense orgasms that consumes you.

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