Beating the Statistics

by Ale Stone

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: She was married to somebody else and he had a crush on her. It all turned out to be better than he thought.

The winter of the year nineteen-eighty-four had been long and hard with a lot of work and no time for partying. It was hard work getting our newly started bio-tech firm up and running, but now Emma and I had decided to throw a party for all our friends that we had mistreated so badly over the last couple of months. There would be about twenty people all in all.

While we were shopping for the party we ran into Emma's brother and his best friend and when I realized that we had been neglecting him too I invited him as well as his friend whom both Emma and I knew well enough since her brother, Paul, and Tim always seemed to be seen together. In the beginning I had thought that they were homos but I soon found out that Paul dated Tim's sister, Mariana, a stunning beauty. If I hadn't proposed to Emma by the time I met Mariana I would have done my best to get a date with her, and hopefully more! The two women weren't that different in looks and appearances. Both blond, blue-gray eyes, a little taller and a little thinner than normal, Mariana's ass a little smaller than Emma's, hips just as wide, tits, well they were not to prominent on either of them and none of them needed a bra to keep them from jiggling and I don't think either one of them ever wore one. On Emma it was obvious in certain conditions, cold weather for example, then her nipples pushed the fabric of whatever she wore on top rather far out, her nipples were almost a centimeter long when erect, I haven't seen Mariana's in that condition so I didn't know how they looked.

Nor had I seen the best part of a woman on her, namely the pussy. Emma's I have and it is hairy, curly, almost electrically charged hair that seems to sparkle when caressed, not unlike the experiment you did in school with a cat's fur and a glass-staff only the glass-staff being replaced with the anticipation of another, meatier one, made her pussy-hair sparkle.

Anyway. The day of the party came and so did about twenty people. Most of them were married couples but a few singles were among them and to my surprise so was Mariana. She had finished her studies abroad and would be home for good and by the look at her face the wedding that had been postponed was about to take place any day now.

She was just as beautiful as I remembered her and we seemed to take an immediate liking to each other and I found her whenever I turned around and this resulted in us socializing more than what is average at a party with more than a couple of people.

I didn't mind though, she was dressed in a low-cut off-white, spaghetti-strapped dress that showed almost all of her breasts as she leaned forward and placed her hand on my arm when she made a point at what she was talking about and my eyes strayed willingly down the gap and feasted on her little pointy tits and I could see them clearly enough to see that the nipples were rather small and very pink. Once in a while I thought I saw them harden and crinkle and I wondered what that was all about.

As the party was at the peak, the booze had been flowing freely, Mariana approached me and asked for another bathroom, since there was a queue to the one we have downstairs. As the gentleman I am I offered to show her the way rather than direct her.

We went upstairs in silence, not an uncomfortable one but one that can be found amongst friends and I noticed it and found it pleasant and when I looked at her she just smiled just as the smile started to fade we heard Paul's voice from the guest-room.

"So, you started without me!"

Mariana and I looked surprised at each other and when I opened my mouth to say something or cough or whatever she put her hand on my arm, stopping me and instead she took my hand and on tip-toes listed towards the door and winked at me before she leaned forwards and peeked inside the room. She winked her finger to me to lean over and look over her shoulder at the action in the guest-room.

I almost fell back on my ass when I saw the scene before me. My wife was on her knees worshipping the one-eyed monster looking up her nostril with a little tear in the eye and as I watched my wife's tongue flicked out and licked the tear away.

"No, we just got here," my wife said to her brother. "You know that I wouldn't be doing this without you. I want you inside my pussy and Tim in my mouth!"

"And no protection?"

"And no protection!"

I watched as her brother sank down on his knees behind my wife and slowly caressed her skirt up over her hips, revealing her beautiful ass for the three of us, and folded it neatly around her waist.

Paul's hands slid up the inside of Emma's thighs and she wiggled her hips as the fingers crept closer and closer to the junction between them and when they reached their goal she moaned a little lustful moan, bent forward and gave the stiff cock on which shaft she up till now slowly had worked her hand up and down in a slow rhythm, a light kissed.

"Oh, just as wet and willing as in the old days, aren't you?" I heard her brother whisper in a little shaky voice.

"Oh yesss," my beautiful and soon to be unfaithful wife moaned.

Tim lay his hands on top of her head, not to force her face closer and his cock deeper, just as if he had to steady himself and Emma looked up at him and smiled the hot little smile with teeth glimmering that she smiled when the hornyness started to fill her and I had noticed that her pussy-lips started to swell and part a little when she reached that stadium and I knew that this was the case now! Little pearls of her juices started to flow and seep out between the parted cunt-lips wetting the surroundings and fueling her lust.

Paul slid her panties down and my wife made an almost 'contortionistic' act letting her brother get them down and over her feet and he threw them aside and now she was exposed from the ass down and Mariana and I saw clearly the slightly parted lips and maybe some glistening drops in the light brown hair as could her brother who unbuckled his belt, zipped the zipper down and let the trousers fall down around his knees but he didn't bother to take off his briefs just bent out his stiff cock, took a step forwards on his knees and aimed the thick cock at the entrance of my wife's waiting cunt! He drew it up and down along the slit a couple of times and I think both for a feel of the silky lips close around the bulbous head as well as getting it wet for easier penetration.

As Emma's brother sank his cock into her wet cunt I had to lean on the door-post steadying myself with my right hand otherwise I would have fainted. Not out off jealousy or anger but out off sheer horniness! I've had a hardon since I first saw my wife kneeling in front of Tim but hadn't been aware of it since I had been too preoccupied with getting to terms with the fact that my wife was about to cheat on me with an old friend of her brother's. And when her brother joined them I hardly understood what was going on. But I loved it! Watching them. My wife with two other men and no protection!

Just as my hand had steadied me Mariana took it and pushed it down under the front of her dress and it closed around a breast that hardly filled my cupped hand. I felt the hard nipple push hotly against the palm of my hand and I pinched it slowly between my thumb and fore finger, letting the three other fingers lay under her tit feeling the slight weight.

I could feel one of the spaghetti-straps slide over her shoulder and giving my hand more room to manipulate her pink, pointy nipple and squeeze the soft flesh.

As my wife pushed back to meet her brother's intruding cock Mariana did the same and her ass rotated over my hard cock which pressed against her sliding inside my pants along the crack of her ass and she gave me a look over her shoulder with her eyes wide and the pupil dilated and dark with lust.

She reached behind her and fumbled carefully my zipper down and her smooth hand wormed itself inside my pants, reaching for my cock and bending it out. She left it laying along her ass and I could feel but not see her lifting the hem of her dress and with some difficulty she let her panties glide down to the floor and with another struggle she got one foot out and took a little step aside with it. Reached for my cock again, pushed her ass out and up at the same time as she stood on tip-toes and my cock made contact with her smooth pussylips. I could feel wetness on the tip just before she pushed back once more and the head just slipped inside her and she sighed a little, lifted her hand to her mouth and when I looked over her shoulder I saw that she had sunk her teeth hard into the crooked finger that she pressed against her mouth stifling a moan from escaping her. But never taking her eyes off the three people in the other room and when I too looked over at them I realized that I had forgotten all about them and only had focused on what Mariana would do and what she was doing now and when I now looked through the crack I saw that Emma's brother had started to fuck her in long, deep and slow thrusts that made her rock forwards as he sank his stiff cock inside her and with his hands on her hips he drew her back as he withdrew thus almost fucking both my wife and his friend as well since the rocking motion made her mouth slide over Tim's rather short but thick cock and she took him almost all the way in her mouth and a bit down her throat as well. That she mastered deep-throating I knew since we dated, but after our marriage she hadn't been that eager to give me such blow-jobs, she said it was much nicer to be fucked than to fuck someone with her mouth. Now she didn't seem to have any objections, but of course she had a cock in her tight pussy as well as the one in her mouth.

I became aware of how Mariana fucked me. It was in perfect rhythm to the three people in the other room, when her boyfriend made an in stroke she responded with a push on my cock, sinking it deep inside her snug pussy and when her boyfriend withdrew she moved her hip away from the cock connected to her cunt. As soon as I found out that she wanted this fuck to be a duplicate of that in the other room I matched my motions to my brother-in-law's and soon five bodies rocked in synchronization and the panting from me and my new-found lover couldn't be heard over the noises emanating from the other room and the soft wet sounds that came from Mariana's pussy were silent in comparison with the loud squelching sounds that was heard from the other room both from my wife's mouth and her cunt as it spilled it's juices over her brother's fucking cock.

The soft moan from Mariana announced her orgasm just a brief moment before her pussy clamped down on my stiff shaft and a couple of body-shaking ripples threw her deeper into the orgasm and I had to hold her by the hips to steady her.

As soon as her orgasm had subsided she turned and my cock slapped out off her but before I had any chance to protest she took my hand and drew me towards the nearest door which happened to be the door to the bathroom. Just as she took the first step I noticed but didn't pay attention to her white silk panties that fell off foot and they were left behind as I was drawn towards the bathroom.

Once inside she locked the door, turned to me and flung her arms around my neck tilted her face up and offered me her lips and they met mine and her tongue flicked out and met mine and danced around it and soon we were both breathing heavily through our noses. I couldn't remember when I had kissed like this or had been kissed like this.

"Phew," Mariana sighed as she took a little step away and looked at me with her big blue-gray eyes.

"Mhm," I smiled back. "How did you know..."

"Wait, not now. Tell you what. Are you free for lunch the day after tomorrow? Monday that is."


"Could we meet and then I'm going to tell you all about it. Right now I think there's more urgent matters to tend to," she said and let her eyes sink and focus on my still stiff cock standing out from the open fly.

I took this as a go ahead and hooked my fingers under the spaghetti-straps and lifted them over her shoulders and the thin dress started to slide down. It caught for a while on her stiff, pointy nipples before gravity again took command and let the dress slowly fall down and come to rest around her feet and she stood naked in front of me. I looked her over and when she saw that I took a long look at her small breast she pushed her chest forward as if to make them bigger.

Two small hills topped with pink and stiff nipples pointed not straight ahead but out to the sides and upwards and the space between the two hills was wide enough for me to lay my hand on and it would still not touch the bulging flesh.

Her waist was slim, hips wide and the bush covering her Mount Venus was thick, curly and just as blond as the hair on her head and they glistened with the droplets that our previous fucking had drawn from it's inside and my cock grew harder just at the thought of it having been in that beauty just a few minutes ago and, if I wasn't going to suffer from a fatal heart-attack or something like that, it was going to be buried to the hilt in that snug cunt-hole again as soon as I had sat down on the thrown and drawn her onto my lap.

Before I could draw her down on my lap she looked at me with a smile.

"I think you'll better pull your pants down, I've heard that there could be some nasty spots on the trousers if you fu..." she blushed and sort of hick-upped when she said the word, ""

With haste I got my trousers down and sat on the throne and no sooner was I seated before Mariana took a step forward and was standing astride my legs and with a smooth touch she pointed my cock straight up, the other hand rested on my shoulder and then she sank down! Down over my cock and let it glide to the bottom in one long, slow sinking motion and I felt how my cockhead touched the cervix and Mariana moaned as she felt it knock on the entrance to her womb and ground her hips down even a fraction more forcing my cock to push against the harder part of her cunt's inner opening.

Her moan echoed in the bathroom and they were music to my ears and when she started to lift up and sink down along my cock the music suddenly stopped and I had to look at her and saw that her eyes stared into nothing and her white teeth were biting on her lower lip and her concentration focused on her cunt and my cock.

Her small breasts hardly moved as she went up and down along my stiff cock and I just had to feel them. I reached out with one hand and cupped the little hill. It was almost as hard as the nipple that pushed against the palm of my hand and if it hadn't been for the protruding nipple first pushing against my hand I wouldn't have felt the difference.

Mariana sighed a little as I started to pinch her stiff nipple and take the whole breast between my thumb and fore-finger and rotate them along the rims of the tit.

I could feel how my sperm started to burn it's way down from it's depot and I hardly had time to warn her before the first hot spurt hit her womb and she became all stiff and motionless and sat heavily on my pumping cock. After the first two or three spurts I took hold of her around her waist and started to pump her light body up and down on my shaft and she just sat there letting it happen and when I finally just let her go and slammed my cock as far up her pussy and spurted the last hot dose of fertile sperm as deep as possible in her cunt her eyes turned inside out and all I could see was the white of her eyes but almost at the same time her eyelids fell down hiding most of it from my view.

She sat so still that I was worried that she had had an heart-attack or something but just as I was about to shake her she opened her eyes and looked dreamily at me.

"Wow! What happened? It was the best ever!"

"But... but you didn't cum!"


"No... I couldn't feel your cu... pu-hu-ssy squeeze my cock as it did when you came in the hall!!"

"Oh, no? Well I can assure you, my lover, that I came! The earth moved and I flew! I've never felt anything like it! Never had Tim's cock that far inside me! And never had that amount of sperm in me either," she giggled as she stood. "Oh my god! It's pouring out!"

She reached out for the roll of paper and took a long strip and folded it to an tampon-like roll which she lay along her slit, not the least embarrassed or shy.

"So. That'll have to do till I get hold of my diaphragm."

"Your diaphragm? Your supposed to put that in *before* and not after!"

"I'll tell you all about it Monday, the dates still on, isn't it?"

"Of course!"

"Now, let me help you get clean so no-one, that is your wife, notice any other pussy's smell on the beautiful cock of yours."

She washed my cock, dried it and gave it a little kiss before she bent down and picked my pants up and handed them to me.

"So, now just one more favor before you go down-stairs, will you pick up my panties, I seems to have lost them in the hall."

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