Debt Without Honor

by Alecia D

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Ashley Pays a Price

"Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. You made a promise, pal. You made a promise, and now it's time to deliver."

The man talking to John was big, very big indeed. Although he was nicely dressed in a two piece silk suit, it was obvious that he would be far more comfortable dressed in leather and scuffling in an ally someplace in the inner city. The two other men with him, looked far less reputable. Ashley couldn't imagine ever meeting people like these and yet here they were standing inside her home. Her husband had let them in as soon as he saw who they were. He knew who these animals were and that made her very frightened.

"Look John, last week you gave me a sob story about how you couldn't pay me the vigorish. You said you'd take care of me this week. Well, here we are again, Johnny, and more bullshit from you. I don't like it, pal.

"Did I force you to borrow the $250 thousand? No. Did I ask you if 5% vig per week was okay? Of course I did. Did you agree to everything. Hell yes!

"John, what the fuck is going on? You owe me a payment of $25 thousand this week, but you give me nothing, nothing mother fucker, and I want to tell you I'm really mad, more than you can believe."

John and Ashley were just ready to go out for a happy night on the town. It was their fourteenth anniversary and they wanted to have a good time. They decided to dress tonight and they looked like an upscale Ken and Barbie.

John was wearing the understated elegance of Saville Road, and Ashley wore the magic of Stella McCartney. Even though she was in her early thirties, she could get away with wearing such young looking clothes because she looked much younger than her actual age. She almost weighed the same as she did at eighteen, and she had the same shape except that her breasts were a little fuller, and her butt a little rounder. The years were good to John as well. The couple looked like something from the cover of a fashion magazine.

"John, things are different now because you lied to me. Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you or anything. Not today, no, not today asshole. But it's time for you to understand that you fucked up."

Ashley was afraid. She had never seen men like these before and didn't know what to do. She wanted to run from their flame, but she also wanted to stay and see what would happen next. She really had no choice, though. She was here and she knew she could not get away from these horrible people.

A really ugly man stepped forward and hit John very, very hard, and he collapsed to the floor holding his stomach, moaning softly to himself. He couldn't breath at first, and he would feel a lot worse later on.

"Look Johnny, I know you plan on making your marker. No big deal, really, but you've made me look bad, and I got to go back to the office and explain your shit to the big guy. You understand, don't you? I got to show the boss that I'm in charge and that you're really going to happen next time."

Ashley knew that John had borrowed $250 thousand to remodel the restaurant. Well, he was a little extended at the bank, but that was not a problem. The cash flow from the restaurant would certainly cover the debt in very little time. John said that expenses were high just now on account of the remodeling, and sales were low because they had to close the place while the work was being done. It had something to do with construction delays and permits. She didn't know all the details.

"Here's what we're gonna do, pal. I know you'll get things up to date in the next three or four days, maybe sooner, right? Of course. So we're just gonna take some collateral to make sure everything happens like you said.

"Since your wife is all ready to go, we'll just take her along with us. And, don't bother getting up, John, we can find our own way out." The big man started to laugh as one of his colleagues grabbed the young wife and pulling her roughly away from her now prostrate husband.

John raised his head from the floor and looked at the men in stunned disbelief. They were taking his wife? He saw it happening and yet, he couldn't do anything to stop them.

"Here's something to think about when you're getting my money together." As he spoke, his left hand reached down and grabbed the hem of Ashley's dress. Both her arms were being held behind her back, so her struggles were useless as her dress was slowly pulled up over her stocking tops and then over her garter belt. Ashley was wearing really sexy panties that she knew would make John hot later in the evening. She couldn't believe that these three ugly men were looking at them now and that she could do nothing to hide herself from their lustful eyes.

"You're wife's got some damn nice legs. John. Damn nice, and her pussy isn't that bad either."

He started moving his hand up and down the white expanse between the top of her stocking and the start of her tiny panties. She tried to move away from his wandering hand, but only succeeded in pressing her ass into the pelvis of the man who held her. He held her so tightly that her struggles resulted in nothing more than her ass moving slowly from side to side. She could feel the hardness start to form behind her and knew that the man holding her was getting a hard on. She stopped moving and hoped that his arousal would stop as well. It didn't, and his dick only got bigger as he pressed it into the crack between her ass cheeks. Even though it was still in his pants, Ashley realized that it was the biggest dick she had ever felt, and it seemed to be getting bigger as she struggled to get away.

"John, we're not telling you to wait until you pay up. Hell, no. You could run to a safe and give us the money right now and all would be forgiven. Since you don't look like you plan on doing that, here's what might be happening to the little lady while you screw around and don't pay us."

He pushed her panties aside and covered her pussy with his hand and started rubbing it with a persistent up and down motion. She couldn't believe that at the most frightening moment of her life, she was getting aroused.

She could feel the heat build up in her pussy that was now being lubricated by her love juices. She felt his finger press on her slit and then force it's way deep inside her. His finger seemed to be as big as the average mans dick. She felt like she was being fucked and couldn't do anything to stop the torment. She also found that she couldn't do anything to stop herself from being turned on by this intrusion on her dignity. Her pussy lips embraced the finger that was violating her and the wetness caused by her juices betrayed her, making it easy for the intruder to slide in and out of her cunt.

The man kept up the vigorous in and out motion until she started making some sounds that only John had heard before. She could feel the man behind her rubbing his dick up and down inside the crack of her ass in time with the finger that was torturing her pussy. And, when the third man stepped next to her and started massaging her breasts, she had an orgasm unlike anything she had ever felt before. In the front of her mind there was nothing but pleasure. Somewhere in the back, she watched everything that happened with a sense of disbelief. How could she get turned on by what these horrible people were doing to her? How could she have an orgasm against her will?

The giant kicked John in the stomach again, and then watched him writhe in pain as he tried regain his breath. At the same time, one of the other men grabbed Ashley by the arm and started moving her toward the door. She struggled for a second until she realized that her strength was nothing compared to the monster who now held her. He didn't even notice that she was struggling and so she gave up trying to get away. Instead, she opened her mouth to scream, but before she could make a sound, a beefy hand covered her mouth and most of her face.

"Look bitch, make one fucking sound and I'm gonna hurt you real bad. Do you understand?"

Ashley realized that this man had total control over her every movement. If she didn't do what he said, she was sure that he would hurt her. She knew she could end up laying on the floor like her husband, or maybe something even worse would happen to her. She stopped struggling and stopped trying to make a sound.

The tormentor in charge looked at her in the grasp of his henchman and said, "We're gonna go outside and get in the car that's waiting for us. You're not going to make a sound or else Ralph will apply some real force. Do you understand, bitch?" She was still afraid to make a sound so she just nodded her head, "Yes". With that, the four of them left John where he remained laying on the ground.

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