Chrissie Takes Command

by Marcus Fox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Squirting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: My wife, Chrissie, makes her domination fantasies come true.

All this started almost incidentally at the end of a perfect evening when I was feeling especially wild. It was a beautiful spring night and my wife, Chrissie, and I had gone to a great engagement party for a friend who was marrying for the third time. The pavilion in the park where the party was held was beautiful and romantically lit. Many old friends were there. The band was terrific and we danced until the wee hours, drinking a great deal of expensive champagne. We let the top down on the short drive home in the invigorating spring air and fell into bed immediately, clawing at each other's clothes.

We were both feeling more uninhibited than usual. After 18 years of marriage, you tend to fall into a rut. But this night, we were in rare form. Our candlelit bedroom became a boudoir of passion. We were more than enthusiastic in our lovemaking, we were ravenous.

For the last 7 or 8 years, Chrissie and I had successfully been able to keep our sex stimulating by various means, occasionally watching a hardcore porno flick or, more frequently, exchanging sexual fantasies. Chrissie would tell me of her fantasy of having two men (or more) at one time, in various orifices and I would tell her tales with such subjects as watching her and another woman get it on. In the last couple of years, Chrissie would relate domination fantasies; that is, she would tell these lurid and very realistic tales in which she would dominate me and, occasionally, other men. On rare occasions, she would include one or more women in the group being dominated. These stimulating stories usually involved exhibitionism (by everyone), all kinds of penetration, domination by Chrissie, a little BDSM, that sort of stuff. However, we never named any individuals that we knew as participants in these fantasies. Every now and then, we would spice these stories with a movie star or two, but not with a friend or acquaintance. Not that this was out of bounds, we just hadn't done it, with one exception.

On the rare occasion that Chrissie fantasized about having a woman perform sex on her, she mentioned Denise Jeffers, a close friend of hers that she saw often. This sort of thing never came up until the last 12 months or so and Chrissie at first seemed very hesitant to get into this, but lately she seemed to really get off on such stories. The fantasies about Denise always involved domination by Chrissie. Denise was always described as having a subservient role. In fact, all of Chrissie's domination fantasies involved her being in control.

Chrissie had told me that, on a few occasions, she had gotten tipsy with Denise and had discussed sexual experiences. I didn't know any more about their conversations than that.

After Chrissie indulged in the fantasy of being licked to orgasm by Denise, I did tell Chrissie a story about me having sex with Denise. Chrissie was not offended by this, but seemed to enjoy it and, in fact, she had an excellent orgasm as I got to the point in the story where I let loose of a big load of cum on Denise's breasts. Such fantasies were told while in foreplay or having sex. We didn't just sit around and discuss such things unless we were getting it on.

Recently, I had been having masturbation fantasies of being dominated and being forced by Chrissie to put on sexual exhibitions for other women. I don't know if this was related to Chrissie's domination tales or not, but lately I seem to have become much more interested in this topic. I've never really even thought about this sort of thing until lately, but then Chrissie never brought it up before, either.

I am not exactly the image of the "typical" male sub, if there is such a thing. I'm 6'0", 185 pounds, with a lean, muscular build, very athletic looking. At 45, I'm in excellent shape with no fat at all on my frame. I'm a successful profession person and have a socially aggressive personality. Women have described me as "ruggedly handsome".

Chrissie is 5'7", 125 pounds with a willowy look. Although she is sort of lean, she is shapely in the places that count, with full (not heavy), firm breasts and a butt that is curves out nicely in the rear. At 42, Chrissie is in great shape, but she does not have that wide hipped, voluptuous look. She does have long reddish blonde hair and I have never known a man who did not think her to be beautiful and sexy. This may be due as much to her personality than her looks. She is even more outgoing than I, and very intelligent. She has a quite strong personality. She no longer works, but was an excellent trial lawyer for 15 years. We have a terrific marriage and a great relationship. I trust her and I believe that she trusts me.

Getting back to the night of the party: I got totally carried away and told Chrissie a fantasy tale in which she forces me to exhibit my naked body to her and two of her friends including Denise, masturbate, and be penetrated anally with a dildo which the women manipulate at Chrissie orders. Also, I describe how she orders me to perform cunnilingus on her and the other two women while she said humiliating things to me. I told her all this while she sat astride me, my big cock deep in her pussy and I went into great detail, even describing such things as the bodies of the other women, the feeling of my tongue on their clitorises, and texture of my semen I must admit that I had been hesitant to get into this female domination thing with her before then. But, I was really loose this night. And so was Chrissie.

The fact that I told this story may have contributed to later events, but, perhaps even more important was my naming Denise Jeffers. I know why I mentioned Denise and it was not simply because Chrissie had brought her up in her fantasies. Denise has a lush, full, wide hipped look to her and, well, let me describe her -- At 46, she is still quite good looking; not striking, but very attractive. Denise is 5'4" and weighs around 145 pounds. She is full-figured, but firm, with really heavy D cup breasts which sag not at all and wide, well-curved hips. Voluptuous is a good word to describe her physique. In a bikini she looks like sex personified to me. Her long, dark hair and dark brown eyes is complemented by the tan that she nurtures at her backyard pool. Most men would consider her too heavy, but to me she still looks marvelous and she enjoys showing off her body. Perhaps even more importantly, Denise is a divorcee who has a reputation for being wild and I often suspected that she is sexually uninhibited. Denise presents a very flirtatious side to some men, including me. There were some rumors that Denise used drugs from time to time, but I had no real knowledge of this.

In all honesty, I realized somewhere along the line that I was very sexually attracted to Denise. I did not intend to cheat on my wife, but if I were so inclined, Denise would be a leading candidate, but mostly because of her lush body and her perceived lack of sexual inhibition, not what I saw as her possible submissive tendencies.

As it turned out, I was to learn some interesting and delightfully surprising things about my lovely Chrissie.

The femdom story that I told on the party night really got Chrissie aroused and, after a while, she had become involved in the fabrication of the story, interacting with me in the telling. My enthusiasm and excitement were genuine and Chrissie could obviously sense this. So was hers. We did things to one another that we had not done in years while we were making up the fantasy. We each had multiple orgasms. It was a great night of sex and I took it as just that, nothing more.

The next morning, Chrissie said, "Well, did you enjoy last night?" When I responded that I had, she said, "I did too." "I didn't know that you had such interests."

I said, playfully, "Until lately, I haven't. But, I do now:

And again, in a seemingly light vein, she said, "Well, we'll have to see what we can do about that." And that was that. For a while.

A couple of weeks later, while we were slowly making love in a less exuberant fashion, Chrissie said, "You know the fantasy that you told me a couple of weeks ago, the really good one? I want to make that come true."

Not, "Would you like to make that come true", but, "I want to make that come true!"

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Chrissie."

"Not 100%, but I feel secure enough to feel that it is a risk worth taking?"

"How would you feel about seeing me doing those things to another woman?"

"I will be giving the orders. You would be my surrogate."

"I'm not sure I understand."

"Mason, If you agree to do this, then from that point on, I'm in charge. You will do exactly as I tell you. You have no input, no matter what. You must agree not to refuse me. The agreement would be that I am in complete control and whatever I say goes. You will just have to trust me."

This conversation was arousing. I could feel my heartrate speed up and my breathing change.

"You're serious, aren't you."


My cock began throbbing inside her.

"Do I have any input at all."

"None, except to agree or disagree. Everything else will be up to me. Once you agree, while we are engaged in this escapade, you must obey me in all particulars. I know that you that will find this stimulating. No, I think that you will find it to be an incredible experience. I know you want to do it. That story you told me was too real."

My state of arousal was incredibly high. I began stroking my now almost bursting cock in and out of her very wet, tight pussy. She looked cool and relaxed.

In this state of passion, I said, "I agree." As you can imagine, I didn't last much longer and I blew a load of cum into her almost as big as the party night load. Immediately after I came, she instructed me to "pull out and eat her pussy with the cum dripping out". Just like that. I did, and I manipulated my tongue over her protuberant clit and in her dripping slit, alternating between the two, my own cum running onto my tongue and chin. After a few minutes, she came heavily and with considerable feeling. She then kissed me, her tongue slithering deep into my mouth, reaching for the juice. Then she said, "One other thing. No questions afterward."

The scene is set. I am now committed.

The next day, Chrissie tells me that I am to go to Denise's house at 3 p. m. next Saturday afternoon, alone. She says to be prepared to spend the rest of the day and most of the night there. I am to park in the garage, go in the back door, then into the master bedroom, take off my clothes and put on what is on the bed and wait. I can only assume that Chrissie has been working on setting up everything, maybe for a longer period of time than I know.

The rest of the week is normal. I didn't mention the forthcoming event and neither did Chrissie. I wasn't really sure what was going to happen. I could only surmise that Denise would be involved.

As Saturday approached, I began to wonder more and more about what might happen, but I was enjoying the suspense and asked no questions.

By the time I got to Denise's house, Chrissie had been there a couple of hours. At least, she left home a little before one. Denise has a lovely two story home in a beautiful and exclusive tree-shaded neighborhood. A high wall surrounds the back yard and encloses a beautiful pool, patio and landscaped yard. This area is totally private.

I went into the bedroom and found a black thong on the bed. That's it. I put it on and found that my butt was totally uncovered. The strip that ran along the back slipped into the crack of my ass. My heavy cock and balls rested in a soft sack of velvet, but almost all of the rest of me was exposed. "Oh, well - - - ", I thought, "might as well relax and enjoy it. There was an open bottle of chardonnay with about 2 glasses left in it. A note left beside it said - DRINK THIS. So, I sat down in a comfy chair, relaxed, and drank the wine. I waited. I could hear no sound but the soft hiss of the air conditioning. An orange persian cat walked out from under the bed and looked at me, then sat down near my feet.

It took me about 20 minutes or so to drink the two glasses of wine. After about twice that long, I began to feel - - different. I was not at all disoriented, but I felt high. My body felt like it was glowing. I didn't feel paranoid and my mind was clear, but I knew that I had ingested something along with the two glasses of wine. I felt so good, I didn't care. In fact, I felt very clear headed and more that a little energetic. Quite pleasant, indeed. I reached under my velvet thong and began to leisurely stroke my cock at which point Chrissie walked in and said "Quit that. We have business to attend to." "Not grammatically correct.", I thought. It was obvious from her voice that she had been imbibing.

I turned to look at Chrissie. She was absolutely stunning. She was clad in heels, hose, garter belt, sheer panties and a lace bustier, all scarlet. I think that you call those things bustiers, I'm not sure. It is a garment that encases the body below the breasts and above the panty line. It pushes the breasts up and out, not that Chrissie needed the extra support, but the garment was for visual effect, not support. Clad in scarlet with her reddish blonde hair and green eyes, she was magnificent.

When directed, I followed Chrissie into the high-ceilinged formal living room. Quite a lavish room. And I was surprised. Denise was there, as expected. And there was another person seated in the room that I did not know, a younger man who appeared to be around 30 years old. I had seen him before at Denise's house, but did not know his name. He and Denise were naked. It seemed obvious that they had been drinking wine, partying for a while and were a little (or more) intoxicated. It occurred to me that Chrissie had been getting them loose, in the mood for the action to come. Each of them, including Chrissie seemed to have an intense quality that could not result entirely from alcohol alone. But, I couldn't be completely sure about that.

My anticipation was high. I felt really fine. Not to sound trite, but you could feel the excitement in the air.

Chrissie said, "Let's get started." "Mason, come over here and take a seat in this chair." I could hear a Bob Seger tune on the stereo in the background, not loud. The only lights in the room were low, the drapes closed.

"Mason, before you sit down, take off that stupid looking thong. Do you think you are a fucking gigolo or something? Let us see what you've got." I complied, then sat, my genitals dangling in the cool air. I felt my body glow.

"We want to see that cock hard, don't we Denise?"

"Yes, mistress." Unbelievable, I thought.

"Mason, Denise is going to sit in front of you and masturbate so that your cock will get hard. You just sit there and watch." It was clear that Chrissie's authority was not going to be questioned by Denise. She obeyed fully.

Well, I had no trouble following those orders.

"Ross, get over here." Apparently, this was the younger man's name. Ross said, "Yes, mistress." I was again astounded at the compliance of these two to Chrissie's commands and wondered just how Chrissie established this. Ross went and stood by Chrissie was seated in an easy chair which was right next to mine.

I had seen Denise in a bikini, but it wasn't quite the same. Her full, lush body really appealed to me. Her tits were heavy, high and firm, like big grapefruits. The curve from her waist through her hip down through her thigh was magnificent. Her tanned skin flawless. She had some extra weight, but it was firm and did not sag anywhere. Her dark pubic hair was neatly trimmed. I was dying to touch her.

Denise pulled up another chair and sat a few feet in front of me. Before Denise started, she opened a small duffel bag on the floor and dumped out a large assortment of vibrators and dildoes so they would be available if she wanted them. Denise looked at me and smiled, then spread her legs. I smiled in return. You could feel the electricity in the air between us. I looked at Chrissie. She was clearly enjoying this.

Denise reached down and parted the lips of her pussy right in front of us. You could see the pink, glistening wetness within. She began massaging her clit while holding the lips open with her left hand. She transferred her eyes from my face to my cock which was already responding. As Denise masturbated, I grew to full erection. You could see the head become engorged with blood and turn purple, veins standing out on the sides. Heavy and thick. I remember thinking that it did look impressive.

"Denise, I would like for your to finger fuck your self now."

"Yes, mistress."

Denise picked her feet up off the floor and put her heels on the seat of the chair right under her ass. Her legs spread obscenely. She inserted two fingers right away and began fucking her pussy which was already very wet. She moved her eyes back and forth between my cock and my face. I began to stroke myself. "Not yet, Mason. Just watch. We'll let you have some fun in a little while."

Denise was obviously the exhibitionist that I had anticipated. She was clearly loving every minute of this.

In a few minutes, "The plug, Denise." Denise pulled a medium sized black butt plug out of the pile of stuff on the floor. It had strips of cord on the end of it that, once inserted made the person look like they have a tail, a horse's tail. Denise greased it up and held it in her left hand. With her right, she inserted first one, then two lubricated fingers into her ass and began moving them in and out. "Finger fuck that asshole really good first, Denise." "Yes, mistress."

I had known Chrissie to use this sort of language on occasion, but was surprised somewhat at its use here. I notice that Chrissie had removed the bustier and thrown it on the floor. Her hand was under her panties. She was watching Denise closely and playing with her clit.

Denise slowly eased the butt plug into her ass and picked up a towel and wiped the excess lubrication off her hands. Then, she put her feet on the floor and, her legs spread wide, put on an elaborate show of masturbation, spreading the lips of her pussy and showing her engorged clit, which she trapped between her middle and third finger and massaged slowly. Denise's clit was not as large as Chrissie's which was quite large and protruded a good bit when erect. (It was more than an inch and a half long.) Denise alternated this with running her index and middle finger inside herself. Every now and then, she would hold her pussy open so that we could see the pink, glistening flesh inside and the drops of fluid here and there. Altogether a lewd and lascivious performance. Her "tail" hung below her pussy.

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