Lily's Pale Blue Dress

by hunny

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, First, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Taylor gives Lily the one things she's always wanted... the chance to be a virgin again. This story is very romantic, and scorchingly erotic... the best of both worlds.

As the plane began its decent, all the anticipation and excitement that had been building for the last few months bubbled up inside me. A knot filled my stomach, and a glow of excitement radiated down into my loins and thighs, up my chest and neck. I felt my face flush with memories of computer and telephone chats, and anticipation of finally keeping the most solemn promise I've ever made.

Her words flitted across the chat window as she poured her hope and pain out for me. Her nimble fingers must have been a blur as she rushed through the words, the memories spilling out too quickly for her to really remember them, and feel their sting again. The images her words drew in my mind pricked at my heart, and memories of my own pain. Her story stirred a fury in me. I had already known, but now was keenly aware what this need was. She was remarkably sweet and naïve for a thirty-year-old woman, and heartbreakingly jaded for a woman so innocent despite her age and experience. I was compelled to protect her, to possess and cherish this virginal, yet sensual, childlike woman. For the first time in my 42 years, I understood how a man could pledge his very life to a woman.

Her mind dazzled me. Our conversations were always lively. She understood and loved discussing things with me that nobody else had ever been able to. Her typed words were animated and thoughtful, clever, and thought provoking. Incredibly, as intelligent as she was, her perspective was very fresh and innocent. She has an ageless quality, too wise and mature to be a child, yet too honest and naïve... sweet, to be an adult. The contradiction mesmerized me. She didn't even realize that she'd already won my heart. I would have this woman, she completed my soul; and I knew then that one day soon, I would claim her as mine.

The wheels touched the runway, momentarily jerking me out of my reverie. I glanced out the window, wondering if I would be able to glimpse her standing inside the terminal, watching for me. I drew my attention back into the memories of our brief past. I needed to recall each moment leading to this meeting, playing our story in my mind, preparing to complete this chapter, finally.

Everyday we talked, we found the limit of our hopes, anecdotes, and knowledge. I fell into contented sleep each night, knowing that we had discussed every memory, every feeling, and every thought. Every day I was amazed to discover that I had new thoughts and feelings to share with her. We explored memories together that had been long forgotten. We investigated new ideas and fantasies. One or the other of us always had a new question to ask, a new story to tell, a new idea to discuss.

Our telephone conversations began to serve as our bedroom. We explored each other's sexuality through telephone lines. She was mine. Mine. I took her with my voice. We hadn't actually touched each other's bodies yet, but had shared the most intense, passionate, satisfying lovemaking of my life. She was my dream, my fantasy, and my heart's desire. She was the piece of my soul that I'd never realized was missing. I finally knew her, understood what it was to be complete, and she was Mine. I had never even dreamed of finding her. I had never really believed that she existed, and here she was, a living fantasy, and she belonged to Me.

Her deepest fantasy broke my heart. Her virginity had been taken from her, very indelicately, and at a very tender age. What should have been a sweet, sensuous event had been frightening and painful. From that time, she had imagined what it must feel like to be opened gently, lovingly, and to be invited and welcomed into the adult world of erotic intimacy. The night she confided her fantasy to me, I looked at the many photos she'd had taken and sent to me. I looked into those glittering, smiling, inquisitive eyes. I studied her pouty smile, and imagined the softness of her long, coppery hair. When I closed my eyes, I could see the confusion and fear reflected in her golden-green eyes, and a frown of pain and conflict drawn on her young, freckled face. An ache grew in my chest, and the shame and disappointment she must have felt sat in my gut like a stone. I felt a protective anger building up inside my chest then. Knowing I could not change her past for her filled me with a frustration and fury that seared. In that moment I knew. She was a virgin for me. And I would show her how a man loves a woman... His woman.

People jostled and shuffled their way off the plane. I was tempted to climb over all of them, anxious to claim my love, but after all the waiting we'd already endured; I calmly waited for my turn to disembark. I anticipated searching a sea of faces for hers. I was certain that I would know her smile, recognize those sparkling green eyes. As I stepped from the ramp, into the terminal, I saw only her. Her long auburn hair shone, her sweet face glowed, and her soulful eyes shimmered with tears of relief and joy. I vaguely felt people moving around me as I went to her, seeing nothing but my sweet lady, hearing nothing but my heart pounding in my chest. In an instant she was in my arms, held tightly against me. For those few incredible moments, the world faded around us. Our life had begun, and the world moved around us once again. She looked up into my face, and I softly stroked her hair back from her face, and brushed the tears from her cheeks. She reached up to touch my face with her little hand, and to my surprise, wiped away a tear. Together we collected my luggage, and took our time walking to her car, stopping frequently to share tender little kisses. I laid my hand over hers on the gearshift as she drove the short distance to the hotel where we would spend our first night together, marveling at how delicate and soft her hand felt under mine.

Time passed in a happy blur as we checked in, and got settled into our room. I closed myself into the bathroom, and adjusted the temperature of the bath water. As the tub filled with hot water and scented bubbles, I opened the door, and spoke her name. "Lily, your bath is almost ready."

Mild confusion crossed her face. "But Taylor, I thought you were... "

"Taking care of you, Lily," I interrupted, "from now on." Her puzzled expression melted into a contented smile. I took her hand, and led her into the bathroom, and tested the water level and temperature before turning off the tap. I had laid out a thick white towel for her, and I lightly kissed the tip of her nose before backing out of the room, and closing the door. While she bathed, I gathered my razor and fresh clothes, made a quick phone call, and set a large box wrapped in pink tissue paper and white ribbon at the foot of the bed. I sat in front of the television, not watching a local news program, while I waited for her to finish with her bath. She emerged from the bathroom wrapped in the soft white towel and a veil of steam. She had pinned her hair up, off her neck, and one long curl had escaped, and tickled her shoulder. I caressed her damp arm as I passed her, on my way to take a shower. "Get dressed, Lily." I saw her gaze fall on the gift-wrapped box. "I think you'll look lovely in it." I whispered before closing the door behind me.

I finished getting dressed, and stepped from the bathroom. She was positively radiant in the pale blue cotton sundress I'd chosen for her. The hem fell just above the shimmering sterling chain that graced her right ankle. I shivered in anticipation. She beamed a proud smile, seeing approval in my eyes. "Room service delivered dinner while you were in the shower." She told me, with an amused smile, and a graceful gesture toward the collection of plates and covered trays on the table. It must have been apparent that I was feeling a bit smug that all my arrangements had run smoothly. She laughed lightly, "You've taken care of everything, haven't you?"

I stepped close to her, and gently caressed her cheek, "Not quite everything," my love burned in my eyes as I drank in her pretty face, delicate smile, and intoxicating scent, "not yet."

Her voice quavered, "Should we eat?"

My heart pounded. "Dinner can wait. I've waited for this all my life. Dinner can wait a while longer." I leaned down and brushed my lips over hers in a whisper soft kiss. "Lily, you're a virgin, aren't you?" I asked as gently as I'd kissed her a moment before. She searched my face questioningly for a moment. Understanding flickered in her eyes.

Her answer was barely audible. "Yes." She breathed.

I cupped her face in my hands, and gently kissed her lips. She trembled as our lips touched, and our kiss became stronger. The tip of my tongue caressed her lips, and she gradually opened to my kiss. Tentatively at first, her tongue touched mine, inviting a deeper kiss. Our kisses became more passionate, still tender and gentle, but more intense than anything I'd ever known. My hands slipped to her shoulders, pulling her close into me. We stood in that embrace, our kisses deepening and binding our souls, for several long minutes. My fingers trailed over her shoulders, to the back of her neck, finding the zipper tab at the top of her dress. I felt her body tense against mine as I slowly pulled down the zipper, opening the back of her soft blue dress. I slipped my hand inside the back of her dress, softly stroking the warm skin from the small of her back, up her spine, to the bottom edge of her bra strap. My fingers slid over the silk strap of her bra, and traced lightly up to her neck. I ran my thumbs across the back of her shoulders, easing the straps of her dress off her shoulders. I took a step back to look at her as I let her dress slide down her body. Once the dress had reached her waist, I let it drop, puddling around her feet. I felt my pulse race and my excitement rise as she stood before me, wearing only the ivory silk bra and panties I'd provided her. The lingerie fit her perfectly. "Lily, you're magnificent!" The ivory silk hugged her ample breasts closely. Below her soft belly, the silk panties concealed her softest flesh. I walked around behind her, admiring the curve of her back, and the gentle swell of her ass caressed by the pale silk. I stood close, bending to kiss the back of her neck, inhaling her scent deeply, and running my fingertips down her arms, feeling goosebumps prickling her skin. Her entire body trembled as my palms smoothed over her hips, and back up over her stomach, finally cupping her heavy breasts. Her nipples strained against the thin silk, teasing my palms with their excitement. My voice had a growling quality, "You're so perfect, my little angel." My words sent another tremor of excitement through her. Brushing my fingertips over her nipples drew a small moan from her. She melted back against my chest, and her nipples stiffened under the fine fabric.

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