Their Stories
Chapter 1: The Beginning

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Bestiality, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Beginning - A story about how a man and his wife see her degradation into bizarre sex from different views.

Aline's Story

It was springtime here in Palm Beach County and I realized that it was not spring fever that was bothering me it was the lack of sex. This afternoon had been a real turn-on yet I still didn't really feel satisfied. Maybe it was because I had had more to drink than usual. That was not to say I hadn't liked having sex with another woman, just that it was strange and something else, until today, This brought back memories of experimenting with my cousin when I was 14 and we had gotten a little bit involved in this type of play.

Here it was Wednesday and Allan was not due home until late Saturday, or early Sunday depending on what time his research ended. It was always a problem being home on weekends when many of his clients companies worked seven days a week. Here I was in this big house on 5 acres of property in the estate area of Palm Beach County. All the homes were on either 5 or 10 acres of property and many of them had stables for one or two horses and there were dogs all over the place. The roads were mostly dirt and gravel. This house had a long driveway winding through trees and bushes; the house couldn't be seen from the road. I sometimes mused about how I had come to be here.

It had all started when I had been working for my first husband Bernie about a year. His wife had died just after I started working there as his personal secretary. She and I had become quite good friends. He was a very successful business man who was trying to raise a family consisting of two boys, one of which was 13 and the other 14. We had worked very well together and had developed a very close relationship. Then he had asked me to marry him. I knew that marriage would mean a whole new life style, then there were the boys. How would they adjust to me?

I consented and our marriage had been comfortable, and with enough sex to keep us both content, for two years.

Bernie had died of a heart attack at work after two years, and I had been left with the house and the boys and the business. I had spent several weeks getting back my knowledge of the business and then according to the terms of Bernie's will I had sold it to the employees.

He had left me with a comfortable income for the rest of my life but the bulk of the estate was in trust for the boys with me as their guardian. The house was placed in usufruct gauranteeing that I could live in it for the rest of my life, but then it would be turned over to the boys. For the last five years I had cared for the boys. Three years ago I had met and married Allan. He had moved into the house together with the three of us. They accepted him into their lives and now at the ages of 18 and 19 they were in college in Gainesville, Florida. As a consequence the house seemed lonely at times with the boys at school and Allan travelling on business.

My two boys had been friendly with the kids from the family living behind us. So much so that they had worn a path through the bushes and the hedge between the two properties. It was a convenient way to move between houses, so convenient that even the adults used it instead of the half mile walk via road. Our backdoor neighbors, Tom and Rita, had moved in about two years ago and Allan and I had been the first to greet them and invite them to a backyard barbecue. Now they were steadfast friends, even though Rita was outright sexy on the other hand, I was a little slower in the social graces.

Yesterday had been a unusually warm day for May, and feeling a little down I had walked through the shrubbery to see Rita. Rita was sunning on the patio next to the pool wearing only the bottom of a Bikini.

I said hello and then sat on one of the two seater outdoor seats. Rita looked up and greeted me. I could see her front down to her waist and I noted to myself that she had nice, large, breasts.

Rita was not the least bit discomfited by my seeing her half naked and rose up to sit and look at me. She was quiet for a moment and then she said, "Let me mix us a drink, you look like you could use one. Gin and Tonic OK?"

"Yes," I replied, "that would be nice."

She walked over to the outdoor bar and mixed two drinks, and brought them back.

"Now, tell me what's bothering you."

"Oh, it's just that with Allan's travelling I get so lonely and confused about myself."

"Hey lady, that's what friends are for. Tell me what's bothering you."

She noticed that I had finished my drink rather quickly so she got up and went and mixed me another.

With that I began to tell her about my frustrations over sex and Allan's traveling. Then I began to regale her with a story about how Bernie and I had had such a delightful sex life. After a third drink I finished by telling her the story of when his cousin had come to visit us only weeks before he died, and what a couple of nights that had been.

That story began with Bernie's, cousin, Sam, arriving in Florida and calling us up to let us know he was in town and at the airport. Bernie then insisted that he come to stay with us for the weekend.

Bernie drove to the airport to pick him up and before they arrived I decided to get myself fixed up. I don't know why I did that but I remembered having seen him at our wedding and noted how handsome and sexy he was. Later Bernie introduced us and we chatted for a few minutes. Even before the first words were out of his mouth I knew he was going to come on to me. He did. But it was nice and smooth, so smooth that even a new bride could not take offense. When I later mentioned him to Bernie his only comment was that Sam was a great "cocksman" and was forever after the ladies although Bernie thought he was more talk than performance. I could see that as smooth as Sam was he was probably not overstating his affairs.

When they arrived back at the house I was in the middle of preparing a light dinner. As soon as they were in the house Sam asked what I was doing and when I said that I was preparing dinner for the three of us, he replied that there was no way I was going to feed him that night, that we were going out to dinner at the grandest place in town. Since it was only 4:30 in the afternoon he got himself settled in the guest room rather quickly. When he came out he suggested in his jovial manner that he would really like a drink. So Bernie mixed us Gin and Tonics and we sat on the patio sipping them. Then we had another drink. I was beginning to feel good and was glad that the kids were staying over the weekend with friends in Gainesville so that I could relax and enjoy the meal and the evening.

We must have had three drinks before leaving the house and when we arrived at the restaurant we had another drink while waiting for a table which was not a very long time. Sam ordered wine with dinner and we finished that bottle and started on a second before we were finished. It was a pleasant evening even though there was a touch of sex in the conversation. When we were about to leave the Maitre de came over and asked us if we would like an aperitif' with our coffee. I said no and then Bernie whispered that's not nice when he offers a after dinner drink on the house. So we had the brandy and then proceeded to drive home.

It was a comfortably warm evening so we sat on the patio behind the house and Benie suggested we have another drink. While he got up and fixed the drinks I walked into the den and put on several tapes in the multi-disc player and clicked the switches to take the music onto the patio.

I went out and sat on one of the lounges and relaxed as we sipped out drinks. Then a tape dropped in and they were playing nice dance music. Sam asked me to dance. I got up slowly, being slightly hazy, and we danced on the patio. Then Bernie danced with me and he was a more sexy dancer than Sam which began to make me a little horny. Then Sam got up and went into the house and came out with a CD and put it into the CD player. When our song finished he started the CD. It was very passionate latin music. Sam asked me to dance again so I joined him and before you knew it we were dancing very close and I was getting quite aroused. When the song we were dancing to finished he left me there on the dance floor and said you really dig that latin tempo, why don't you dance for us and let us see how sexy you can dance by yourself. I protested a bit and then Bernie said I should do it. So I started dancing to the very sexual latin rhythm. Before I knew it I was moving my body in very langorous but inviting motions. The men began to notice the change and they kept telling me to dance sexier and again sexier. My mind was a little muddled when I heard Sam tell me to take off my blouse and show us how sexy you are. I was very pleased to hear that he thought I was sexy so I slowly unbuttoned by blouse and dropped it to the floor. I then danced with a little more abandon than I had been and they both called out for me to take off my bra. Since Bernie was telling me to do it I felt OK if that's what you want, that's what you get. I unhooked the snaps in the front of the bra and slowly parted the bra exposing my breasts. When I dropped it too to the floor they murmured their appreciation about how great my breasts looked. With that I resumed my dancing and slowly moved my hands up my body until they cupped my breasts which I lifted slightly and made a gesture like offering them to them. I looked at them and saw that they were lying back in their lounges with obvious bulges in their pants. I felt extremely proud that I could generate that kind of response so I held my breasts high and began to gyrate my hips in circles.

Sam got up and moved behind me and placing his hands on my hips began to move in concert with me. Then I could feel him pressed close behind me and the bulge in his pants was planted firmly between my buttocks as we moved together to the rhythm of the music. I was feeling really turned on by everything and relaxed my body so that I pressed more tightly against him. I laid my head back against his shoulder and I could hear him whispering to me "That's a girl, Jesus you are so sexy, Oh yes, can I feel your tits?" and I felt myself nodding yes. His hands went slowly up my sides until they nestled under my breasts, or tits, and he began to stroke me while he rubbed his cock against my buttocks. I felt his fingers find my nipples and he began to slowly pinch and squeeze them. I could practically feel my juices running down my legs. I had never felt so desired in my life and that aroused me to a fever pitch. I looked over and saw Bernie laying back stroking the front of his pants where this huge tenting could be seen.

I heard Sam tell Bernie to join us, and then there was Bernie dancing from the front holding me close and Sam behind me dancing very close and playing with my tits. Sam told Bernie to suck my tits and as Bernie's head moved down to my tits Sam's hands held them up until Bernie captured one with his mouth and the other one with his hand and then Sam's hands moved down and I felt them unbutton and drop his pants. Then the next thing I felt was his hands opening the zipper on my skirt which fell to the floor as well. Then there I was naked from the waist up and with only my panties on which were slowly being slid down over my hips. Then I stepped out of everything and I was completely naked with a naked man at my back and his cock pressed between my buttocks and my husband sucking and playing with my tits. I had never been more aroused in my life. I turned my head and my mouth found Sam's and then our tongues were meshed and twirling around each other. That's when I heard Sam tell me to lean forward and put his cock in my cunt. I was so hot and wanted a cock so badly that I did dislodging Bernie from my tits. Sam told Bernie to strip and sit on the lounge. Then Sam told me to get on my knees and suck Bernie's cock.

When I moved forward and onto my knees Sam pressed his thick cock against my sopping wet lips and began to enter me. I felt myself being opened, wider than ever before. 'My god, ' I thought to myself, 'his cock is huge." I couldn't help myself, as I slowly sucked on Bernie's cock taking him deeper into my mouth I began to move my hips in circles the better to ease his cock inside me. It seemed to go on forever and then it was pressing against my cervix and he stopped trying to go deeper, just moving slightly back and forth. The initial discomfort slowly disappeared and having that huge thing inside me felt ever so good. I felt my lust growing and I took my head up from Bernie's cock for a moment and said to him, "For Gods sake if you're going to fuck then do it, don't play around." My lips returned to Bernie's cock and I took it deeper and deeper sucking and licking around the head as he murmured his pleasure. Now Sam increased his speed and then he was slamming that pole into me harder and harder with each stroke. Then I felt Bernie begin to cumm and it triggered my own climax and I groaned from deep inside as I sucked Bernie's cock trying to get all of his cumm juice in my mouth. I felt some running down my chin when I couldn't swallow fast enough. Now Sam was fucking me slower, but harder and deeper and his cock began to thicken even more and I could actually feel it begin to pulse with each spasm as he shot his cumm deep into my cunt.

I paused, recollecting that night.

"Was that the end of it?"

"No, it went on and on all night the three of us in one bed. At one point I was on the bed facing down with Sam's cock inside me and then felt Bernie slide his cock into my ass. We must have fucked like that for at least fifteen or twenty minutes, maybe even longer, until we each came. We fell asleep on our sides with their two cocks still inside me. The next day we never even dressed and we fucked everywhere and on everything and in every conceivable position and combination. I guess the next night we were all sexually exhausted because we were not anywhere that sexually active. Then Sam had to leave on Sunday and the boys were due to come home that afternoon. It took a long time airing out the house, straigthening things up and removing the stains from the "public" areas of the house."

"And what did you think afterwards?"

"For awhile I just revelled in the memory and then wondered if it would ever happen again. But it hasn't."

"So, deep down inside you would really like to relive that experience. Am I right." She asked as she moved closer to me and placed her arm across my shoulders.

"I guess so, I don't think that Allan is up to something like that though."

She moved her head closer and then was whispering in my ear. The warmth of her breath making my stomach tingle.

"You must really have strong sexual feelings inside you if you remember that weekend in such detail."

"I guess so," I replied as her hand urged my head to her shoulder.

Her hand stroked the side of my face and then I felt her warm breath blowing into my ear.

"What are you doing," I whispered, tremulously.

"Shhh, just relax and let me help you." she murmured.

I felt her hand move on my body and then my blouse was open and her hand was inside carressing my breast. I felt the nipple harden under her carress. I knew I should move, but the feelings in me refused to let my body do what I thought I wanted. Then I realized that I really wanted her to continue.

Her head moved down and I tilted mine up to her and our lips met in such a gentle kiss that when it ended I could only sigh. Then her mouth found mine again and our mouths opened and our tongues found each other. I could feel her tongue exploring every bit of my mouth and then our tongues were circling each other and I felt her close her lips on mine and begin to suck on it.

Her body guided mine from that moment. I felt her shift us and her hand slide my blouse down over my shoulder, and then the other side. The blouse slipped off my arms and I was as naked as she from the waist up. It felt so good. She shifted her body and then she was straddling my lap and her hands brought my head to her tits. I suckled on one and then the other and then she was urging me to suck hard on the nipples. Her hands found my tits and they gently squeezed them and then she found my nipples and as I sucked on hers she squeezed and pulled and pinched mine. I could feel myself beginning to breath very deeply and very rapidly. I could feel the moisture gathering in my groin and then she told me to stand up.

We both stood and she told me to push her panties down which I did, then her hands found the waist of my shorts and she hooked her thumbs in them and then I could feel both shorts and panties sliding down my legs and I stepped out of them without thought. We slid into each others arms and our bodies pressed together. I could feel the wetness at the tops of my thighs now and then her knee spread my legs slightly and she eased her leg between mine and moved it so that it was pressing against my vagina. Without thinking I began to move my hips rubbing myself on her muscular thigh. My pussy lips began to swell with my lust and her thigh became slick with my pussy juices. We were now so tightly pressed together that our mouths again found each other and then I felt her hands on my ass cheeks and she began to rhythmically squeeze and then release them. I could feel that her motions were causing my pussy to open so that more of me was pressed against her leg and then my clit made contact and I whimpered with the glory of the feelings ripping through my belly. I felt like I would climax any minute. Then she abruptly moved away from me and taking my hand led us into her bedroom. She took me in her arms and then we collapsed onto her bed. Her head moved and then she was suckling my tits again and my hips were moving in a demonstration of my need and, I guess, lust.

We shifted so that I was head and shoulders on a pile of pillows and my legs were spread as she knelt between them. Then she began to lave my body with her tongue as her head moved lower and lower. She paused at my navel and her tongue made small circles finally entering it and she made it pulse in and out briefly and my hips began to move without any instructions from my brain. I could watch as her head moved lower and then her hot breath was moving through my pubic hair and I could feel it gently blowing over my now wide open pussy lips. My hands moved and found her head and I positioned her mouth at my open cunt. Her eyes looked up at me and she saw the look of hunger on my face and the sweat on my lips and the blush on my breasts and throat and knew what I wanted. I watched as she extended her tongue, all the while watching my face, until it brushed against my swollen labia. Then it began to, lick around and her breathing increased as her tongue circled closer and closer to my pussy hole. Then her tongue teased me by moving into me slightly and then out. My hands grasped her head and I said "Do it. For god's sake do it." My hips lunged up seeking her mouth and tongue and then she moved her head and her tongue stroked over my clit and I couldn't help it, a small scream uttered from my mouth expressing how good it felt. Then my hips were slamming up against her face and my hands held her close as my cunt rubbed against her mouth and nose and her tongue played music with my pussy. The next thing I felt was her mouth take my engorged clit and her lips circled it and she began to suck on it with occassional nips of her teeth. I screamed out loud.

"Ohhhmmmyyygoooddd ddoooittt suck me suck me suck my clit, bite me please please please." I couldn't control my hips or my body now which had moved into an ancient rhythm and literally pulsed with desire and with my approaching orgasm and then it hit me. My stomach spasmed and my body twitched and I pulled her face in so tight that if I had thought about it would have realized that I was probably suffocating her.


And I couldn't stop as she continued her ministrations it seemed only a moment or two but then another cumm hit me and it almost felt like it was continuous until she finally pulled away from me and lay down beside me her hand gently caressing my breasts and stomach and moving tenderly over my pussy until she found my clit and began to scratch her fingernail over it in such a wonderful way that I had another sudden and fantastic climax.

We must have fallen asleep in each others arms because the next thing I knew the room had darkened slightly showing that dusk was falling.

"Come my love. Time to rise and dress and get out of here before Tom gets home. We don't want to have him see us together in bed, do we?"

I walked out with her and recovered my clothes from where they were scattered around. Peculiarly I did not feel the slightest bit embarrased parading around her house in the nude. However, I saw the wisdom of ending this afternoon but with the earnest hope that it would be repeated and soon.

She walked me to the back hedge and to the opening between the two houses while she was still nude. As we were about to part she turned me around and her arms encircled me and her mouth found mine. We kissed softly and then passionately with our tongues circling each other until she finally separated us.

"If we keep this up any more right now I am going to strip you naked and make love to you right here in the bushes." she said with a smile that had a hint of lust in it.

"Ohhh you, Promises, promises." I said with a big broad smile on my face and the juices beginning to run down my thighs again.

"Aline, when is Tom, due home?" she asked me.

"Sunday sometime", I replied.

"If you care to join us, we are going to have some people in for drinks and a light dinner on Friday night. I'd love to have you with us. There will be some interesting people there."

"Ohhh, I'd love that." I replied.

"Good, I'll expect you then. Just remember to wear something light and casual. Sandals will do fine."

I awakened the next morning with a feeling of total relaxation, much like when the night has been filled with very fulfilling sex. My mind dwelled on what had happened yesterday and I felt myself stretch and almost purr like a contented kitten. The day was filled with the usual mundane household tasks. It was one of those days where you wished that you had a maid or a housekeeper to do all the work while you stretched out comfortably on a chaise on the patio and relived yesterdays experience. Every time I thought about yesterday I could feel myself moisten and my nipples begin to stiffen. The feel of my T-shirt was so erotic that I had to take it off and work half naked otherwise I would have spent the day masturbating.

I ate dinner alone and then watched some TV.

About ten o'clock I went to the bedroom and stripped naked and looked at myself in the mirrors on the closet doors. I stood their and my hands began to move over my body and they moved to my breasts and lifted them and then my fingers found my nipples and I squeezed them and pulled at them and felt myself becoming aroused. I stopped my self pleasuring and made a decision. I went into the bathroom and found Allan's razor and shaving cream. I lathered up my crotch and then sitting on the toilet with a hand mirror slowly and carefully shaved my whole crotch. I stood up and went into the bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror and for the first time since I was 13 could see the shape of my pussy. I gently fingered myself and watched as my fingers spread my pussy wide. The lips spread in a most provocative manner and I saw myself for the first time as an adult with a naked cunt.

"My god," I said outloud, "It's beautiful."

My fingers spread me wider as I slowly backed up to the bed and when my legs touched the bed I kept my eyes trained on the mirror wall and slowly laid back on the bed. I spread my legs wide and watched myself as my fingers fondled this most private of areas. Then they spread my pussy wide and I saw the pink lips and there at the top my clit. Without touching it I watched it stiffen and then the wetness begin to gather on my vaginal lips. It almost seemed to seep out of me. My fingers spread the wetness over my cunt lips and then I slowly inserted a finger inside me and then another and I slowly began to finger fuck myself. I saw myself in the mirror. I looked like a wanton slut; my legs spread, the tension in my body shown in the taut tendons of my legs and crotch. I couldn't help myself I groaned with the self pleasure and then began to move my fingers faster and faster driving them as deep as I could. The sweat stood out on my brow; my face, shoulders and breasts blushed a deep pink and my nipples stood out like pencil erasers. I could feel the pressure building inside me and then it was there, my body began to convulse and the spasms hit my stomach as I came, a wild hurricane sweeping through my body. My legs swung up and wide and I watched as my fingers dove deep inside and liquid began to seep out of my cunt. My fully swollen cunt lips stood out like ripe fruit and the muscles inside clasped around my fingers and I felt them pulse, grasping and milking my fingers.

I fell asleep with my fingers still inside and the next thing I knew it was morning. I awakened and stretched my whole body and purred like a kitten.

All through the day I thought about what I would wear that would appear casual but at the same time sexy to Rita. Just thinking about her made me grow wet and I could hardly constrain myself from returning to the bedroom and giving myself some relief. I decided NO, you can't keep doing that you wont have any senses left for the party tonight.

I searched through my wardrobe and finally selected a lightweight white cotton dress with a pattern of blue flowers on it. It had a semi deep cleavage and no sleeves just a kind of small covering over the ends of my shoulders. It came down to mid-thigh. I could not wear any kind of slip and I would forego a bra. I lifted my tits and reconfirmed that they were still firm and had no, or maybe a slight, sag to them. With my dark and fairly large aureola there would be a slight shadow under the dress but nothing really obvious. The fabric was such that seen with a light behind me the outline of my legs could be discerned. I chose a pair of sheer thong panties to wear.

Late in the afternoon Rita called and asked if I would come over about 6:30 to help her setup the buffet. The guests would arrive between 7 and 7:30. I agreed and dressing I realized that wearing my only sandals, which were JC's with a strap that went over the big toe I would not be able to wear stockings or panty hose. Oh well, Cest la Vie, I thought.

I was dressed early and had a mild Vodka on the Rocks to relax myself and then made my way over to Rita's taking care in going through the woods not to snag the dress. I arrived and Rita was dressed and Tom appeared shortly thereafter. Now Tom is a fairly husky, not fat, big man. He stands over 6' tall and weighs in at about 200lbs. He is a very good looking man with broad shoulders, narrow hips and thick, wavy, black hair. At one time he sported a mustache but had recently shaved it off. He looked a perfect companion for Rita who was about 5'10 and weighed about 130 which gave her a very voluptuous figure, the kind men drooled over. With her large C cup breasts and slim hips and waist she was very sexy.

Tom was wearing a pair of tennis shorts which fit him rather tightly, and a sport shirt that showed his trim but muscular torso to advantage. Rita had on a mini skirt and blouse and it was very apparent, no bra. She too wore sandals with bare legs.

She and I set up the buffet table leaving the perishable items in the refrigerator until later. Tom set up the bar and fixed Rita and I a drink. He explained that they were his very special Margaritas and we should drink them up before the guests began to arrive because he did not want to have to mix them all night long for them. Rita and I finished ours quite quickly and then Tom poured the leftovers into my glass while Rita excused herself to straighten herself up for the arrival of the guests.

In only a few minutes I began to feel very relaxed and at the same time quite adventurous. Here I was out for the evening without Allan. I guess it was the originality of the situation, but as the guests began to arrive I felt myself feeling sexier and sexier. There were nine guests in all, five men and four women. Tom introduced us and one very suave latin type began to pay special atention to me. Everybody had several drinks, regular ones, and while in most cases the womens companions for the evening refreshed their drinks, Tom always prepared mine for me. The latin man whose name was Carlos stayed fairly close to me all evening and when the lights were adjusted somewhat to dim the area around the center of the room, Tom put on some CD's and dance music began to play. Carlos asked me to dance and shortly thereafter the other men began 'courting' me. I felt like the Belle of the Ball. Most of the dances were taken by Carlos and after the first two or three together he began to dance very close with some very hot tempo latin music. I could feel him getting hard and he pressed very close against me. I felt my body respond very quickly. I felt no qualms whatsoever. Soon he was murmuring in my ear and his hands were stroking up and down my back. I felt lust beginning to build inside me and then all of a sudden while we were dancing to a very sexy beat, he stepped back and said:

"Dance for me, You are so beautiful, Go ahead dance for me alone."

I stood there and hesitated momentarily and then I began to dance for him alone. My body moved in very seductive ways and my head was in the clouds. My eyes were on him alone and he talked to me as I danced. I found myself unwilling to resist his voice.

"My God you are so beautiful, so sexy, you are inflaming my passions. The only thing that would be better would be if you moved your hands over your body to show me how sexy you are."

I began to stroke my body. I ran my hands through my hair and shook my head as I did so. My hips began to move of themselves. I felt my hands move down to my hips and then slowly rise up my body and cup my breasts holding them out to him as an offering. Then they moved down and stroked across my body and then up again. It was then I sensed a body close behind me and then it moved in close and it was a man and his movements followed mine until he was pressed close against my back and his hands swept around me and covered mine as they moved over my body. When I cupped my breasts his hands were there and I felt his erection pressing between my buttocks. I leaned back against him and turned my head to the side and up and his lips met mine. All the while his hands followed mine over my body and then my hands reached up and held his head as we kissed. Our mouths opened and our tongues met. His hands now swept over my body by themselves and he ground his cock hard between my buttocks and I felt myself getting wet. His hands found my breasts all by themselves and they cupped me and then his fingers found my nipples and played a symphony on them. I heard myself groaning with desire.

I moved my head and found Carlos and now he had removed his shirt and stood before me in tennis shorts. His hands rose and his fingers beckoned me to him. I relaxed my hold on the man behind me and moved to him. Now Carlos pulled me close and his lips met mine as he murmured to me about how beautiful I was and how sexy I was and that he couldn't get enough of the sight of me. He held me tight around the waist and ground his hard cock into me and I felt waves of desire washing over me. Hands were on my shoulders and I felt the fabric of my dress as it was pulled out and over my shoulders and then as it slid down my arms. Carlos lifted my arms out of the dress and now I showed my tits in all their glory. I watched as he bent down and his lips found my breasts and he began to suckle on them His lips sucked and I felt my engorged nipples enter his mouth and then he began to give them small bites with his teeth. As my hands found his head and pulled him close I felt the man behind me work at my waist and then my dress fell to the floor and I stepped out of it. He stepped close to me and his hard cock pressed between the cheeks of my now almost naked body. Carlos mouth and hands continued to work on my tits and I found my hips begin to move back and forth and side to side. I felt hands at my hips, and now almost delerious with desire, I knew that the hands were now going to take away my thong. I felt the light touch of them sliding down my legs and then they too were off me and I stepped out of them. I couldn't help myself. I wanted whatever was going to happen to happen. I needed something to happen to fill this big need in my body. I could feel the great wetness between my legs and the swelling of my vaginal lips and I wanted them touched or licked or something, I just wanted satisfaction to come. I knew at this point I was a prisoner of my emotions; I had no control over my body whatsoever. Whoever was behind me had a big hard naked cock pressed against my ass and I felt his hands move around and move to my tits. My eyes opened slightly in time to see Carlos drop to his knees and his face move towards my crotch. I was so pleased I had shaved my cunt earlier I wanted to feel his tongue and his mouth on my hot pussy.

One of the hands left my tits and moved down my body and between my legs. I felt them spread my cunt open and then heard Carlos mutter:

"Shit, she's leaking like a sieve, she's ready to fuck right now. Juan bend her over and stick your cock in her cunt and get it good and wet. It won't take much to get you ready."

"What did they mean by that", I wondered.

"Aline," I heard Tom say, "open your eyes. Look there see Carlos cock. All you have to do now is bend over and suck on his cock a little bit and then he'll fuck you."

"I thought Juan was going to fuck me," I mumbled.

"He is", he answered me, "but just for a minute or so then They're both going to fuck you do you understand me. They're both going to fuck you. Do you want that, for both of them to fuck you."

"Ohhhyesss I want to be fucked twice or more I just want to be fucked good and hard."

"Go ahead, bend over and suck him while Juan puts his cock in you, Go ahead and then they'll both fuck you. That's what you want isn't it. You want both of them to stick their cocks in you, don't you.You want them both at the same time isn't that right? Two cocks at once."

"Anything, I just want to be fucked, Just fuck me, both of them fuck me."

"Ok, bend over and suck him now."

I felt myself bend over and my hand reached out and grasped Carlos cock over his own hand and then I was far enough over that I could kiss it and then I opened my mouth and just as I slid my mouth over the head of his cock I felt Juan slide his beautiful cock into my cunt and begin to pump into me. I gave a cry of pleasure and ground my ass back at him to get all of his cock. He was big but it filled me nicely. And he began to fuck me deep. I could feel it when his whole cock filled me up and his hips slammed against my ass. Then I felt fingers pressing against my asshole and first one and then two slid into me and then I felt something awesome, I had something in both my ass and my cunt and it was so different and wonderful that I couldn't help sobbing in sheer joy at the feeling.

"Ok, your cock good and wet," I heard Carlos ask.

"Oh yess, she is so hot and wet, she's dripping."

"Pull out and straighten her up and I'll get her legs around my waist."

I felt Juan slide his cock out and I complained in a lust thickened voice, But he told me it was only for a minute. Then his hands were on my tits and he pulled my mouth away from Carlos cock and he held me straight up amd then Carlos was lifting my legs and I clasped them around his waist as he pressed his big cockhead against my waiting pussy and then he was driving it into me, deep into me, and I began to cry out to him to really fuck me now, fuck me hard.

He moved his cock in and out several time and then he shifted his position. I felt him lean back while he kept his cock deep inside me and then there was pressure on my anus and then I felt my asshole spreading and then this hard thick thing pressed in and past the muscle of my sphinctre and then I knew what he meant by being fucked by both at once.

I was up in the air with a cock in my cunt and one in my ass and I was being held by two men as they both began to fuck me and then they reached a rhythm and I felt their cocks driving in together and then out and the feeling was so overwhelming that I was screaming out for them to "Fuck me, really fuck me, Ohhyesss, fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, ohhh yesss ohhhyess ohhhmyyygoooddd, how good, how good, fuck me you bastards, go deeper, go deeper, fuck me harder you wimps, fuck me harder."

I felt them begin to really drive their cocks deep impaling me, going deeper inside than ever before. I could only think that Juan had gotten my asshole cherry. No one had ever been there before and it felt sooo goooddd ooohhh yyyeeesss

"That's right fuck me... I'mmm gooiinnnggg tooocummm Immm gooinnnggg tooocummm, Immm cccuuummmiiinnnggg. Dooonttt ssstttooopppkeep fffuuuccckkkiiinnggg meee. Immm cummmiiinnng aaagggaaaiiinnn."

Then I felt their cocks grow bigger and then they were pulsing and I felt their cummm spurting into my cunt and ass and I felt their cocks moving in and out really slippery now and even though they had cumm they kept fucking me and then I heard voices.

"OK, Juan... Nows the time to pull out and let me have some of that." one of the other guests said and I felt Juan slip his cock out and then I felt another cock, a thicker one slip into my ass and begin to fuck me, He fucked me a couple of strokes and then I felt Carlos pull out and some other man replaced him. I didn't know who it was all I know was that it was a different cock and then both cocks were fucking me at the same time like before and ohhhitttfeeelltttsooogoooddd and another cumm was building and then it was upon me and again I felt the men pumping their juices into me and then again they were replaced by two more men and then they were fucking me also. And I was coming again and again and it wouldn't stop and it was soo goood and I didn't want it too stop and they kept on until their cocks got soft and then they laid me down on something and then one of the women climbed on top of me and I saw that she had a big black cock strapped to her body and then she was shoving this huge cock inside me and it spread me so wide that I whimpered at first but it slid in like it had been greased and then I was full like never before and then with her big cock she began to fuck me hard and I felt two heads at my tits sucking on them and squeezing them hard and I couldn't help myself I was telling them not to stop to keep doing it to keep doing it.

At some point I must have passed out because the next thing I knew was that I was laying on the couch, my legs spread wide and leaking fluids from both my ass and my cunt and they felt like they were spread so wide open that they would never close. I moved a hand down first to my cunt and then to my ass and I could slide two or three fingers into either one of them without even having to press them in.

I looked around and that big black cock was just laying there on the cocktail table beside me and my eyes opened wide. I could see that it had to be at least twelve inches long and it was a good three inches across, and the evidence that it had been in both my cunt and my ass was spread over its full length. My god, those women buried that thing inside both my ass and my cunt. I remembered vaguely that I had screamed at them to fill me up to really fuck me and they had gone deeper and spread me wider than any of the men and now I knew how they had done it and I had wanted it, pleaded for them to do it.

Now it was over and I had never felt so sexually fulfilled in my life. I wondered if it would ever happen again and I hoped it would. I fell back to sleep too tired to get up and go home.

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