Tim, The Teenage MC
Part I - 1: The Beginning

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Ma/mt, mt/mt, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Mind Control, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, MaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Part I - 1: The Beginning - The epic story of a boy who discovers his power to control minds as he and his friends reach sexual maturity. Same space as 'The Book'. In the same symbols world.

My mother recruited my father into her household due to the fact my mother's gift had been much stronger than my father's. Several months later, another man, whose power was stronger than my mother's, took both my father and mother back to the headquarters of an organization of telepaths. My father had been a member, but that actually hadn't been the reason my mother had been busted. She had been tampering with the local government, and that was a no-no.

The organization handed my mother over to my father to be his own slave, and it was during that time my mother became pregnant with me. But before anyone realized my conception, the organization had a change of heart and made my father release her.

Since the organization was against meddling in the affairs of others with the gift unless they attracted undo attention, they simply made her believe that using the gift on others, especially others with the gift, was morally wrong, and was not to be used unless her life was in danger. They released her, expecting her to probably slip into a deep depression and later kill herself over the mixture of losing the gift and the personal moral sins she had committed. They never knew about me, and they never checked up on us later.

Fortunately, my mother replaced the loss of the gift with something... me. And as far as the "sins" she had committed, as all good Christians do, she confessed and went on with her life. These two things allowed my mother to cope and go back to a more or less normal life.

My mother had obtained enough wealth that she wouldn't have had to work for the rest of her life. But to have kept anything more than what she needed to live on was morally wrong to her. She did keep some, but she later repaid a more than compensating amount. She had been a successful business woman before her gift surfaced, and with the help of several old business associates, she was able to support the two of us fairly well.

I was born with the gift switched on. As a matter of fact, I learned how to talk to people's minds before I leaned how to talk with my mouth. Whenever I was hungry, didn't feel good, soiled my diaper, or any of the other reasons a baby cries, the people who were near me knew exactly what was wrong. In fact, the only time I cried was when I didn't have a real reason for crying but did it anyway. The people around me would generally get very upset then, anyone except my mother, that is. She shielded herself from what she called my "emotional noise". She hadn't lost her gift, just couldn't use it on anyone.

When I was starting to learn how to talk, I also learned how to transmit my thoughts to others. I have heard so many stories about how I had caused so-and- so to poop in their pants from my mental gibberish, or how many people my mother had to use her gift on to unscramble their minds. It was a very hard time for my mother. She couldn't allow innocent people to become vegetables because her son was just learning how to "talk". She went to confession every day during my early years. I can't imagine how the Fathers she confessed to took her daily accounts of mental sin, but they never said a word to anyone.

Once I reached four or five, I was disciplined enough not to use my gift. In fact, I forgot about it for several years. Well, I say forgot about it, but it was more like I grew out of it. I believed it was just one of those things that I had believed in when I was little, like my invisible friend. It wasn't until I was in eighth grade that I accidentally rediscovered it...

"Mr. Brandton! Pay attention!" Mrs. Patterson bellowed.

As my overweight English teacher finally lifted her accusing gaze from my face, I let the air out that I had been holding. I had been day dreaming about Suzi Aster again. I had tried to appear as if I was listening to what the old battle boat was saying, but my mind had switched off while my dick had turned on. Now I was sporting a hardon, and the bell was about to ring.

"Shit," I breathed. I tried to imagine old blubber butt naked, and that shrunk it real fast. I noticed Joey Connor glancing over to me, and he smiled a knowing look.

Joey and I were pretty close. We had been good friends since first grade, and we lived on the same street. A couple of months ago, he invited me over to his house and shared his stash of pornos with me. Last week we started jerking off together, but our hands stayed on our own property. I definitely wanted girls, but some part of me wanted to mess around with Joey too.

The bell finally rung, and I noticed Joey staying seated while Suzi got up and walked across the classroom. We both watched her ass while it went through the door. I looked back at Joey while he got up, skillfully hiding the boner he had, and we walked out together.

"Who was it this time?" Joey asked while ogling Shannon Trist's well developed bust as she stood talking to her locker neighbor.

"Ms Ass_ter, who else." I replied.

"Heh, thought so. I was too. I think John and Brad must have been too, cause they both jumped when Patterson caught ya. Shit, so did I. And I noticed they were lookin' at her with _that_ look."

"What look?"

"This look." He was staring directly at Suzi's ass again while she was getting things out of her locker. Joey looked like he was trying to will it to do something sexy. Like getting naked or something.

"You mean this look," I said as I gazed at her butt while imagining my hands touching, then squeezing her two cheeks.

Right then, Suzi jumped, turned around with her hand out to strike, and found no one to hit. Her eyes met mine, and I felt wave of... familiarity pass between us. I quickly broke eye contact, and I hurried through the lunch room doors.

"Man, what was that all about?" Joey asked once we were in line for food.

"I don't know," I responded. "I was imagining touchin' her bottom, and then it was like I was. It was weird."

"Wow. Maybe you're, like, psychic or something. Hey, tell me what I am thinking right now."

"Your thinking about getting YOUR hands on Suzi's ass," I automatically said.

"Holy Shit!" Joey said with his eyes wide open.

"What? There wasn't anything magical about that!" I grinned at my friend. "I know you too well, you bonerhead."

"Heh... Yeah I guess so," Joey replied. But I could tell he wasn't really convinced completely. And at that point I wasn't so sure myself.

After getting our slop, we went to our table and sat down with John, Brad, and Lex. As usual, we talked about girls and last night's ball game, with Joey being a little quieter than usual.

As we were about to get up and go wait for the bell, Joey blurted out I had felt Suzi's ass.

"I did not!" I said when the other three looked at me. "I imagined it, and it just so happened she turned around like she was going to hit someone. But I never laid a finger on her, and she was ten feet away from me!"

"OKAY, okay, but what about that look you two gave each other? It looked... intense. I tell you guys, he's psychic."

Getting a little tired of the conversation, I just shrugged my shoulders, and joined the other three as they had lost interest and were dumping their trash.

While Joey was checking out Suzi again while dumping his trash, John mentioned that he had been thinking about Suzi in a bathing suit during English class when I had gotten busted. That got both Brad's and my attention. We both said "You too?" at the same time. Then all three of us were looking at each other with surprise when Joey walked up and saw our faces.

"What?" Joey asked.

John looked at me, then at Joey. To Joey he asked "What were you thinking of when Tim got busted by Mrs. Patterson? What was it exactly?"

Joey had a confused look on his face, but then he grinned, leaned up against the wall and stared out across the lunch room at Suzi's back. He said in a sports commentator's voice, "Ms Suzi Aster, in a blue bikini, stretching her arms so her tits stand out. She gets up, bends over, and, oh! look at that! Her bikini bottom string breaks, and the crowd goes wild over her full moon... "

The bell rang just at that moment, and Joey never saw the shock on our faces. He had just described in a slightly different style what apparently all four of us had been thinking of at the same time in class. The thing that Brad and John didn't know was that particular fantasy was my latest jerking off fantasy, and I was sure that I had somehow shared it with them.

Brad and John were both looking at me, apparently remembering Joey's psychic remark earlier. I said, "Not a word of this to Joey. You got that? I don't want him going off again... Like the time he thought John had made it with Lori Johnson. There has to be a explanation for all this."

John quickly agreed, and while Brad and I headed for gym class, Brad agreed also after I reminded him I had kept his secret about his crush on Joey's mom. We switched to talking about normal things, mostly baseball.

After an awesome game of basketball in gym, the coach announced that we all stank and we had to take one of those mandatory showers today. Practically everyone groaned, but knew the faster we got in, the faster we got out. I actually didn't have a problem with taking a shower with everyone else. I knew I was a little more mature than everyone else and I got a kick out of everyone checking me out. With everyone watching me, I don't really have to worry about getting a hardon.

But this time, things happened a little differently than in the past.

I was doing the basics, getting enough soap on everything so I would smell clean, without doing any real scrubbing. Then all of a sudden I feel my dick rising straight up. But when I looked down, I saw it was only then starting to get a little hard. I look around, and my eyes got drawn to Brad who was facing the other way. His face was flushed, and I could tell he was hiding a hardon.

Before I could stop it, my dick started rising up too. Feeling a little embarrassed myself, I try to hide it also. But I had picked the spot that had the least amount of cover, and pretty soon every guy in the shower knew I has hard. After they had gone through the surprise then amusement bit, they found that none of them could keep their own from getting hard.

Finding myself even more turned on, I figured I would show these guys what they had to look forward to. I started strokin' my meat, making sure everyone in there noticed. Brad by this time had managed to had gotten himself soft, only to find himself getting hard again when he had turned back around.

I started to imagine what it would be like if everyone in the showers would cum at the same time. I started to stroke in earnest then, feeling my dick go to full size to the amazement of my audience. When I noticed everybody had started beating their meats too, I felt myself getting close. The idea that everyone there was jerkin off with me put me into overdrive, and within another 30 seconds, I released my load with a groan that was amplified 22 times. I fell down from the intensity of my orgasm. It nearly knocked me out. It took me about a minute before I realized that everyone had done the same thing. They all were sitting on the floor with their dicks in their hands, some of them with cum dripping off their hand.

I got real scared right then. Something I did had made everybody share in a mutual orgasm. And then I realized that not only everyone in the shower, but the coach as well!

He was sitting at the entrance of the showers with his back to us like usual. But even from here I could tell he had jerked off sitting there, and was right now starting to regain his senses. Everyone was then coming out of their stupor, and I heard a "Shit!" from someone when they had realized what they had done.

No one seemed aware that I had caused it though. Everyone was real quiet as they finished their shower as fast as they could, and the coach had disappeared.

Actually there was one person that had put two and two together. Brad was giving me these real weird looks, but before I could talk to him, the bell rang and he didn't wait to talk to me.

I was getting real worried about my new-found powers. I didn't seem to have any control over them. I always prided myself on how self-disciplined I was. But now my urges were taking over not just me, but others as well.

I sat through my advanced math class not paying attention to a single word Mr. Benson said. I really didn't socialize that much with anyone in this class, and Benson was cool. He didn't pick on ya if you weren't hanging on every word he said. As long as you did your homework and did well on the tests, he pretty well left you alone. Math was one thing I could always do without sweating about it. So I basically went into my own little world to think.

I was remembering things back when I was little, how I had imagined hearing others thinking, and talking to my mother without making a sound. I focused on these things, trying to remember what I did. I started to have a familiar feeling. Sorta like remembering what something tastes like after a very long time. I kept getting bits and pieces.

After about a half an hour, I noticed the room was a bit noisier than normal. I brought myself out of my daze and realized that no-one but Mr. Benson was talking. But I was "hearing" several conversations all at once. In fact, I was hearing two voices from Mr. Benson. I realized I had turned on another part of my power, and got real excited about this new discovery.

I started to listen in on the others around me. Most of them were basically following what Mr. Benson was saying. A couple of people were daydreaming, one about Mr. Benson. I checked out the looker in the class, Betsy Heite. Her thoughts were going back and forth between the stuff Mr. Benson was going over, and what she wanted to wear to the party at Jimmy's house that weekend.

I spent the rest of the class listening in on everyone's thoughts, finding out some surprising things about a few of them, and basically getting a kick out of it all. By the time the bell rang, I was getting a little tired of listening to math, and had just realized that I could hear a few people outside of this room.

All hell broke loose when I tried to go out into the hall. Too many people. I was overwhelmed by the "noise". I struggled to get to my last class, but ended up falling over my own feet and knocking myself and two others to the ground.

It just so happened that one of the two unfortunate bystanders had been Suzi. The other was a guy had never seen before. They were pretty pissed at first, but once they realized I hadn't responded to their insults and saw my face twisted with the agony of 200 people's thoughts being thrown at me, they quickly lost their anger and in a few minutes I was in the nurse's office.

Thankfully, the bell rang and everyone had gone to their last class. I was starting to recover, and discovered that I was still hearing more and more people, but they were not as loud. I also found out that the nurse was about to call my mother, and was seriously considering sending me to the hospital.

I didn't want to go to the hospital, and I didn't really want my mom getting upset over this. I tried to say something, but it only came out as a groan. The nurse looked over at me, and our eyes met. It happened again. A strong feeling of familiarity, and that time I felt something else. Something passed from me to the nurse, and the nurse suddenly decided that I would be okay after a little rest.

After we broke eye contact, the nurse made me comfortable and told me to just to lie there until I felt better. I could only nod and close my eyes.

I felt an ocean of minds around me. At first all of this was pretty cool, having switched on this mental radio. But now I couldn't turn it off. I couldn't even tell what any specific person was thinking anymore. It all was a low roar in my mind. A part of my mind started to ache that never had before.

I put my arm over my forehead like I sometimes do when I have a headache. My arm partially blocked some of it out, so I put both arms up to block the incoming noise. I felt much better then, and the ache started to fade. I laid there for about ten minutes, then the nurse came over to me to see if I was feeling better.

I was able to speak a few words to her to let her know I was better, then the nurse got up and closed the blinds. The afternoon sun had made its way to the window and was starting to heat up the room.

The blinds gave me an idea. I imagined closing some blinds between me and all those minds. It instantly shut them out. Relief washed over me, and I must have sighed or something because the nurse looked over at me and asked me if I was okay. I gave her the standard sorta better line. I didn't really feel like going to class now.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew the bell was ringing and the hall outside the door got noisy. I got up, told the nurse I was okay. She said she wanted to talk to me tomorrow morning, but I could go home now.

I hurried to get my stuff from my locker, and barely made it to the bus. Joey as usual had saved me a seat, and I plopped down next to him.

"What happened to you?" Joey asked. "Suzi came in late to seventh hour, and passed me a note saying you had like passed out in the hall or something."

"Yeah, well I didn't pass out, I just tripped and fell on her and some dude, and, uh, his elbow got me in the balls," I lied. "I was in serious pain, man."

"Ha! That's what you get for staring too long at her ass while walking behind her. 'Course I would have done the same thing, but I wouldn't have tripped!" Joey said with a grin.

"Yeah, but you wouldn't have gotten to feel her butt for real, either!" I said with a even bigger grin. That part wasn't a lie, but at the time it happened, I hadn't really cared.

As we talked about more normal things, I started wondering what Joey was really thinking. I imagined looking through a crack in the blinds and peered out at Joey. At first I only got bits and pieces, but then I imagined the crack a little wider and started to get his thoughts pretty much whole. All of a sudden our eyes met and I found myself in two places at once.

I could feel Joey's body like I could feel my own. He was saying something to me about the test we would have in English, and I heard myself respond. That was cool. I was like talking automatically without having to concentrate about what I was talking about. And I could see his questions before he actually asked them.

And a few questions that he didn't ask. He was dying to have another jerk off session, and had a hardon because of it. But he couldn't ask me because he didn't want to scare me off.

I found out that Joey wanted to do more than just jerk off with me, and I felt inside him the same frustrations I had been feeling about wanting to do more. I had no doubt that he was straight, but he wanted to experiment before doing it with a girl. He had jerked off a couple of times thinking about our jerk off sessions, and wanted to jerk me off while I did the same to him.

We only had made eye contact for a split second, but I didn't need eye contact to listen in on his thoughts. I sensed we were approaching our bus stop, and figured I had peeked enough so I closed my gap in my mental blind. We got off the bus talking about some of tonight's homework, and I found myself with a woody that wouldn't stop.

I peeked inside his head again to make sure he was still hard, and he was. I got his attention with a grin, which got the expected reaction.

"What?" he asked.

"You know, we both seem to have a problem today." I said.

"Huh? What are you talking about" Joey said totally confused.

"We seem to have something very large in our underpants," I said in a hushed voice.

As his eyes flickered from my face to my crotch, then back to my face. His mind flickered from confusion, to enlightenment, then went straight to horny. I felt his dick jump in his pants, and started to get real hard from the idea.

We stopped by his house to get the "reading material", then went to my place where we wouldn't be disturbed until my mom got home around six.

As we pored over the newest addition to his collection, I could feel his doubts and fears holding him back. We were just laying on my bed on our stomachs looking through the Playboy. Neither one of us were concentrating on the pictures though. We were both real horny by then, and I saw him make a decision to get started one way or another.

"Fuck this," Joey said as rolled onto his side. Joey opened his jeans and took his dick out of his underpants. In a few moments, I did the same.

Our eyes were locked on the centerfold, but my mind's eye was looking in his mind. He wanted to reach over and touch my dick so badly, but he couldn't make himself do it.

And I wanted him to touch me more than anything else in the world at that moment. He felt my eyes on his face, and we made eye contact again. I felt my mind touching his in a different way, and saw his doubts disappear as he understood I felt the same way. We both reached out to each others meat and the moment we made physical contact, our mental link disappeared, replaced by a more physical one.

His hand felt ten times better than my own. And his dick, while not as developed as mine, was in itself a whole new sensation that I had never imagined feeling that good. After a few minutes we had gotten the hang of it, and Joey had started to thrust into my hand a bit. I felt his lust overwhelming him and I started to concentrate on pleasing him. I had him stop stroking me, and had him roll over with his back to me. I pushed our underwear and pants down to our knees, then took his dick in my hand again and started to pound his meat as if I was pounding my own.

When I pressed my dick up against his bare back side, and we both gasped at the same time. I hadn't thought of this when I had pulled our pants down like that. I had done it to get them out of the way.

I could feel he was getting close, and while he was thrusting his dick forward into my hand, he also was getting me close when his butt came back against my dick. We were both breathing hard, and I was inhaling his clean shampooy scent from the back of his head. All of a sudden, he lurched forward as he started to cream, and my dick flopped straight out and slipped between his legs when he went back a moment later. The intense feeling of his thighs around my dick sent me over the edge, and I humped him with more energy than I thought I had. I sent five huge streams across the room, while Joey tightened his grip making the feeling even more intense.

As we both came down off the ceiling, I felt my dick shrinking between his legs. His dick on the other hand, had stayed hard, and my hand was still wrapped around it as we laid there for what seemed like forever.

I gently stroked Joey's dick a few more times before letting go, then brought my hand up to my face and examined Joey's cum before wiping it off on one of my socks I had taken off.

Joey rolled over onto his back, his hardon finally deflating, and kept his head turned so I couldn't see his face. I looked inside his head, and found he was filled with a rapidly shrinking feeling of happiness, guilt and fear growing in its place.

"Hey," I said softly as I took my hand and started rubbing his chest through his shirt. "Joey... I... I... " words started to fail me when I felt his guilt turn to grief.

I just took a hold of his jaw and turned his head to face me. As I leaned partially over him, our eyes met again for a moment, but this time the only thing I did was to smile to let him know I didn't hate him.

His eyes had teared up, but now he smiled back and started to recover.

After wiping the tears away and sniffing a few times, he said softly, "Timmy, do you think we... " He couldn't finish, but I knew what he was saying.

"I've read that some guys do this at our age, but most of them grow out of it and never really mess around with guys later. Its... Its... _normal_ Joey... "

Joey let out a whoosh of air that he had been holding in. "Good. Cause I really do like girls, but I really wanted to do what you and I... You know... "

Feeling the bond had grown between us, I wanted to know even more about him, and to reveal some things about myself.

Joey was starting to pull his pants back up, and I noticed it was a bit chilly down there for me too. But I was starting to get hard again thinking about what I wanted to do next.

"Joey, stop," I said when he was about to snap shut his pants.

He looked at me, then saw my rising dick, smiled and said, "Man, sometimes you're hornier than I am." Then with a serious face, "I don't really think I want to do anything else today. I gotta... think about this shit."

"OK, no more horny stuff, but I do need to talk to you about some other stuff," I finally said as I got off the bed to finish my own fixing of my pants.

"You thirsty?" I asked when I finished.

"Yeah, let's grab something, then head over to the fort," Joey replied.

"OK, but I really need to tell you some stuff without anyone around."

We grabbed some soda, and headed out to the group of trees in the nearby woods that we called our fort.

We hardly spoke a word while we walked side by side to the fort. When we got within sight of it, I was glad to see no one else was there. I followed him up into one of the trees that held the platform we and five others had built last year.

We sat up there swinging our legs back and forth hanging over the edge of the platform drinking our sodas, not saying a word. I peeked into his thoughts and was surprised to find he was horny again, but the guilt had returned a bit and was troubling him.

I chugged the rest of my root beer and tossed it off the platform. Then I laid my arm across his shoulders in the buddy style kind of way, and began with, "Do you remember me in Kindergarten?"

"Huh? Yeah, I guess" Joey replied.

"What do you remember about me?"

"Um, kinda quiet. Didn't really say much, and you didn't seem to want to play with anyone. Why are ya asking?"

"Before I tell you, tell me one more thing. What did you think about me back then. I mean why do you think I was like that then?"

"Uhm... I don't know... " he said frowning.

I could see he did remember, but he didn't want to say. So I said it instead. "I was weird. Everyone always felt strange when I was around. They like knew what I was going to say before I would say it, and vice versa... "

Joey looked at me with his eyebrows up and said, "Yeah... But it was like everyone got used to it, and then it didn't happen anymore... Then we became good friends in first grade, and I hadn't really thought about it since."

I sat silently while watching his mind make connections between then and now. He sat there staring at me while I stared straight ahead.

Finally he said, "So, what... What are you getting at? I mean, are you like telepathic? Or an alien or something?"

I looked at him, smiled, and for the first time since I was five years old, I spoke without using my voice. 'I'm not an alien, you bonerhead.'

Joey's jaw dropped, and for a few moments I didn't know what he was going to do. But finally, he closed his mouth with a grin, then said, "I was RIGHT!"

He got up, pranced around yelling "I WAS RIGHT!" and screaming his head off. When he nearly knocked me off the platform I sent him the message 'SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" If he had been any closer to the edge when his legs just went out underneath him, he would have fallen butt first to the ground himself.

My face must have been as surprised as his, but his started to show fear when he realized he couldn't get up or say anything.

I quickly sent him another command canceling my accidental one, and verbally asked him to come back and sit next to me again.

With a little hesitation, he did so, but I could tell he was still a little afraid.

"Joey, you're my best friend... You're like my brother, you know? I need your help figuring this stuff out. I promise I will never do that to you again. I didn't even know that would happen."

He still sat there real quiet, not looking at me. I didn't peek into his thoughts, partly because I didn't want to invade his privacy again, and partly I was afraid what I would find. So I just grinned at him and said, "I guess you were right... "

With that, he looked up at me and gave me a weak grin. I looked deep into his eyes, and without realizing it I, made a connection with Joey. I calmed his panic as it started to rise, then found myself sweeping into Joey's mind and removing all his fears and bad feelings he had about me. His face softened and I pulled out, feeling a little guilty myself about it.

Now it was my turn to be disturbed while we sat there. Joey recovered pretty quickly, and he seemed to get excited again, but sat quietly waiting me out.

Finally, I decided I might as well tell him the rest. "Until today, I always thought I had imagined other people's thoughts. I remember in kindergarten, knowing that everybody disliked being around me because of it. I was so lonely, that I guess I started to ignore the voices, and after a while, I didn't hear them anymore.

"But today, I was sitting in fourth hour, thinking of my favorite jerk-off fantasy. Suzi was at the pool sunbathing in a blue string bikini. Then she gets up, stretches, and I can see her nipples through her top as she pushes her chest forward, making her tits look even bigger. Then she is bending over to get the sun tan lotion out of her bag, and her bikini bottom is stretched too far, and the string breaks. Her bikini bottom falls off without her knowing it, and I get to see her perfect ass. Just as she was about to turn around to ask me to put the suntan lotion on, Mrs. Patterson yelled at me."

Joey's gaze had never moved from my face, but his hand had moved to his crotch and was pushing on his hardon through his pants. I wasn't sure how he was going to take this, but he finally whispered "Cool... "

I felt really close the Joey right then. I reached out and gave him a hug like I give my mother, and said "Thanks man. I really needed you to be with me on this."

Joey returned the hug, and then I noticed his scent again like I had when we were messing around. I felt I had to do something more, something to let him know how much he meant to me now. So I pressed my lips against his cheek, and kissed him there.

His body kinda went rigid for a second, but then he relaxed and said, "Tim, I think I... Umm, I mean, I guess... Shit." He pulled us back so we were laying on our backs, then scooted his body away from the edge so his legs could lay flat. I followed his example, and we were laying on our backs next to each other.

He looked at me, and I looked back at him. Without saying a word, mentally or verbally, we turned on our sides towards each other and gave each other another hug sorta. This time he kissed my cheek, then I kissed his again. After four or five more kisses like that, our lips met and we kissed for real.

I felt his hardon pushing through our clothes against mine, and then felt his mouth open slightly. I made my move and slipped my tongue in, seeing the surprised look on his face, then watched his eyes close as he started to explore my mouth with his tongue.

Suddenly he became aggressive and rolled me onto my back with him on top. His hardon pushed heavily into mine, and I was feeling really great. He broke our kiss to get up on his hands so he could rub his lower body against mine. We started to hump each others dick through the clothes. I felt my third cum for the day starting to boil, and I gasped to Joey, "I'm gettin' close!... Man this feels good!... Faster Joey, faster!"

His eyes opened wide as he began shootin' his wad in his pants, then shut them as he groaned. His humping changed to jerks, then he ground to a stop and collapsed on top of me, panting and sweating all over me.

Desperate to get off as good as last time, I was kissing, then licking his face while taking his ass in my hands and manually getting him to hump while I humped back. He tried to help, but was too tired to do much. So I rolled him off me and onto his stomach, then got on top of him and started humping his butt.

I felt myself getting close, but Joey complained it was starting to hurt from the wood rubbing too much.

"Joey, I'm close man, just, a, little, bit more!" I grunted out. But then I started to lose the feeling. After cumming really hard twice already today, I knew that I wasn't going to get off that time.

"Fuck! I give up." I said a minute later. I rolled off Joey and laid on my back staring up into the trees.

After about ten minutes of silence, I found myself really tired of the platform, and a little tired of Joey too. He had rolled over and had been waiting for me to speak.

He finally couldn't wait any longer, so he asked me, "Tim, what exactly can you do? I mean, can you read minds? Can you make things move?" He paused, then said real soft, "Have you... done something to me?"

I looked at him in surprise. "No!... Well I don't think so... I mean, I did peek into your head earlier, but I haven't since we left my house. And I guess I somehow made you stop being afraid of me. But I wouldn't do anything... "

My eyes started blur with tears as I felt my guilt catch up with me. "I gotta go... " I said as I choked up. I felt so tired, and all I wanted was to go home in case I had to cry.

"Timmy, wait up!" as Joey followed me down the rope to the ground.

I didn't stop, but I didn't hurry up either. Joey caught up with me, and made me tell him everything. By the time we walked into my yard, I was feeling a little better, and Joey was getting all excited about the possibilities.

I realized right then that I didn't want anyone else to know about this. Joey was a pretty big blabber mouth, and I was sure he wouldn't be able to keep this to himself.

"My mom won't be home for another half hour." I started. "Will you come in for a while? I need to ask you something real important."

Joey looked at me funny. He had expected to go inside with me anyway. Something in my voice told him he wouldn't like what I had to ask.

"Please?" I said. "I won't do anything you don't agree to first, okay?"

That scared him a little, but then he got a hold of himself, swallowed hard, and whispered, "Okay."

I opened the door and led him into the living room where we sat down on the couch. Joey looked scared, and that made it too hard for me to look at him as I talked.

"Joey, I gotta have time to figure things out. I don't know what will happen, but if people find out... Well, I don't want people to find out... "

After a few moments of an uncomfortable silence, I went on.

"Do you remember when you caught Dave cheating? Remember how he had begged you not to tell anyone? He said he had never done it before, and he wouldn't do it again. You didn't tell anyone for a whole week, then you accidentally let it slip to Margaret. She went right to Mrs. Mollen, and she made you spill your guts.

"Joey, you're my bestest friend, and I had to tell you about this stuff. But now... I... I... " I stuttered. He had a tear rolling down his face as he stared at the blank TV.

"You don't trust me," he said in a even voice. "Nobody trusts me. I can't keep a secret, and everyone knows that. I can't even keep my own secrets." Another tear traveled down his cheek. His eyes had not moved from the TV. He hadn't even blinked.

"Hey," I said as I forced him to look me in the face. "You are the most honest person I know. Your conscience never let you keep a secret because every secret you ever had was something bad. I do trust you. I just had to make you see that telling anyone, ANYONE, would be bad. This secret is a good secret. A secret that the only good thing to do is to keep it."

I then said mentally to him, "I need to know, Joey. Can you keep my secret?"

"I don't know," he said softly.

In his mind I said, "Joey, I am going to give you a choice. You understand that I have to do this to protect myself, and you are not scared about it."

As these suggestions sunk in, I knew they had worked. So I continued to say in his mind, "I can either let you forget everything I have told you today, or I can fix it so you wouldn't be able to tell anyone, accidentally or purposely."

I let his thoughts be his own while I waited for his answer. It didn't take long.

"Fix it so I can keep your secret, and others too, please? Please don't make me forget. I think I would die if I forgot today."

Well, Joey never did let another secret out. The funny thing was that I never did a thing to him. When I went back into his mind, I found that he already believed he could never reveal another secret, and I knew he was right. Okay, I did do one thing. After I left his mind, I smiled at him and said, "Done."

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