So He Wants to Be a Millionair

by Icemaiden

Copyright© 2000 by Icemaiden

Sex Story: A novel plan to become a millionair, doing something he likes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   First   Pregnancy   .

It was a rainy dark evening in south Arkansas along highway 71 as the dark sports car thundered along the highway. Suddenly there was flashing lights behind the sports car, which pulled off the highway down a dirt side road. Watching the side mirror it was as he had hoped, as there was a glimpses of blonde hair in the cruisers head lights. He had watched his prey for several weeks and knew she worked this stretch of road. She was around 23 or 24, 5'10", 120lbs, long blonde hair, shapely, good body and she would do just fine for his plans. Taking her would be risky as he knew she was trained in the arts of self-defense and looked forward to breaking her.

He knew she had run his tags, which he had stolen from a like kind of auto, poor sucker was he in for a hassle. She showed a nice hour glass shape outlined by the cruisers headlights behind her as she approached his window he noticed how tight her tan uniform was over her ample breast. Cooly she said "license and registration". What a bitch he thought, this was going to be fun! As she reached for his drivers license, which he held, where she would have to reach for it which threw her balance off slightly it presented a small window of opportunity.

That was all he needed, and with a cat like movement he grabbed her long blonde hair pulling her head into his cab, while he rolled up the power window. This wasn't just any window but a very special window, which was made of bullet proof glass and had a half circle cut out on the top which he pulled her neck into. Then before she knew what was happening her head was locked in the half circle, putting her into light shock.

Taking a spray bottle of mace he sprayed her face which would distract the bitch causing her to try and get her hands to her face rather than her gun. He moved quickly out the passenger side door. She was recovering quickly and he knocked the gun from her hand taking it and putting it on the back floorboard. Calmly he walked back to her cruiser, taking the video camera, flipping off the lights. Walking back he brought some handcuffs and leg irons he found in her cruiser. She was struggling like mad as he cuffed her hands behind her back in the shinny silver cuffs. She had regained her bearings and was trying to negotiate with him, as he looked at her back side, nice and round in her pleated tan trousers. For good measure he kicked her with a booted foot in the rump and quickly kicked her legs apart. taking a special tool that was a curved blade that he hooked through the material just below her zipper and with one swift movement sliced, trousers, panties all the way between her legs and up to her belt, The tight pants split open like an over ripe peach revealing a warm female vulva. Without ceremony he unzipped his pants and pulled his penis free which was quite hard and holding her legs apart with his as she was bent forward with her neck in the special window he rubbed her sex with his weapon. She could hardly move as she was held and cuffed. Then rudely shoved the head of his penis into her dry vulva, bringing a squeal from her... Then he started to pork the sow pig bitch, with an ever deepening in and out movement that grew ever deeper. Her nice soft rump felt good to him as he took her pig style from the rear. He had moved his hands under her and was mauling her breast through her top, twisting her nipples. They were large and full feeling in his massive hands. He had fucked her deep enough to break her will and she was only grunting as he porked her deep. As his speed increased he felt the seed start to rise in his balls, ready for its new home. Then he could hold it no longer as he flooded her soft defenseless body with fertile seed. She could only moan in utter defeat. Finished, he rudely pulled his babymaker from her and put it back into his pants. Smiling he said, I love porking pigs. She was trapped in place with her sex gapping open and his seed leaking from her core down the inside of her legs. Working quickly taking more cuffs he cuffed her at the ankles, knees. and elbows. Then taking a remote from his pocket rolled down the window.

With a hand in her hair he jerked her head back and roughly jammed a red rubber ball between her teeth, jerking it tight with straps behind her head.

Then as she faced him with terror in her eyes he cruelly kneed her in the belly. "You shouldn't be playing policeman, I am going to show you what women's work is all about bitch" he told her. Taking a small amount of the date rape drug he introduced it into her nose as she gasped for air. Scooping her up he deposited her in his sound proof trunk... Smiling he looked down at his prize who was out like a light closing the trunk. Pulling back down the dirt road and onto the highway taking his cell phone he called a person that was in the chop shop business and told him where he could find an abandoned almost new State Police cruiser. He headed his car towards Mississippi smiling. Several hours later he arrived home, a surplus government missile base he had bought at auction. It was on 100 ac of pine trees in the middle of national forest, with no one for miles. As the large silver door opened and he drove his car inside he thought what a addition she would make to his collection. Then he carried her into the elevator and headed down.

His special lower floors could only be reached by a secret code from his remote. there was no indication on the elevator controls than the lower floors were even there. On his special floor there was a long hallway with 30 stainless steel doors fitted with triple locks. Only a few were in use but he was slowly working on it. Inside was a small sound proof room, which even, had a TV. It was maybe 20'x20', carpeted with a small shower, a comfortable chair, small table, and roomy bed. He deposited his prize onto the bed and removed all the cuffs but the set holding her wrist behind her back. He also left her gagged. Then he slowly cut the clothing from her body, and what a body it was, round, soft and very female. Taking a silver choker out he snapped it around the policewoman's neck. This would ad security as it worked as a shock collar if a foolish girl neared the opening of her cell.

He was a businessman and his business was providing the adoption industry with healthy newborn babies. A newborn would fetch him 50k at wholesale. When he had his baby factory fully staffed it could produce $1.5 million+ a year tax free, and over the next 12 years - he could produce perhaps $20 million in income. At the end of that time he would take his stable and release them in various locations around the country, then take his $20m and move out of the country. They would not have a clue to the location where they had been held, it would take months for the police in various states to put together the scope of his operation. Each girl would not know who else was being held or how many others he had captured as they would not leave their sound proof apartment for 12 years. He might pipe in the screaming of a girl he had to discipline to keep in line the other inmates brooding cells.

Even the tv stations that he piped in for them came from a distant city via satellite to give them the impression they were being held close to that metro area. Part of his cover was that he raised large dogs so no one thought anything of him buying 100lb sacks of hound chow. He did supplement that with vitamins and occasional treats. He wanted to be sure that his captives produced healthy babies. He also might have to replace a girl should she die in childbirth while birthing in her apartment. Though he hoped not, but such was nature's price for being born female. She was still out as he slowly rubbed her flat tummy, smiling he said, soon to be a mama. He wondered if his first breeding had taken.

When Lynn awoke from her drugged sleep she hurt all over, and found herself still handcuffed and gagged. As she twisted her wrist in the cruel cuffs she remembered the horrible rape and attack. She wasn't allowed to contemplate her fate for long, the silver door slid open and she saw the same rat that had beaten and raped her. Thinking that she might catch him with a round kick she attacked fast but being handcuffed made it difficult, and he caught her foot and gave her a savage kick to the privates, then tossed her onto the bed. He was on her in a flash. Biting into the rubber ball in her mouth she moaned in defeat as he raped her again. His attack was swift and brutal. The only sound was the squeaking of the bedsprings as he porked her. She laid on her cuffed hands with her eyes screwed closed biting on the ball in her mouth as he bred her. Then shoving his weapon deep he filled her with his disgusting sperm. She could hardly move as he ground his pelvis hard into her's. He just laid atop the sobbing beauty for a few minutes.

It would take a couple of months to insure she was pregnant and by that time he could have her broken. He would keep her cuffed until her spirit was broken, she is much too dangerous otherwise. He would simply keep up his daily rapes and his policy of swift punishment for any attempt to do anything except what he told her. He left her still cuffed and gagged softly crying on the bed as she slowly leaked his seed.

Looking down at her he said "I bet they never told you police work would be like this' welcome to your new job sow pig..." oink oink"

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